Sunday, January 22, 2017

“Progressive Tea Party” Dream Already In Tatters

...I scanned the Internet for any participant able to tell me very clearly what the Women’s March is supposed to be all about. The answer: Angry people who are mad that Trump got elected. The best way they felt they could vent that frustration? Wear vagina hats and carry placards of uteri. That’s right: If you want to throw the biggest temper-tantrum in American history, you just need to be a really big pussy....

I’m not sure whether to be pleased or amused that we were so successful that the progressive left is now trying to recreate and manufacture a progressive version of our truly grassroots Tea Party movement.

One aspect of their inchoate “resist we much” campaign to recreate our powerful movement is the left’s new-found respect for all things related to the Constitution and their adoption of things like our use of “we the people.” I find this amusing. Less amusing is their own unique twist, one that includes being purposefully offensive and violent....

The problem for them is not only that they seem incapable of gathering in groups of more than three without throwing a brick through a window or setting something on fire; it’s that they have no rhyme or reason for being. The Tea Party, by contrast, had a very clear message and a very clear raison d’être.

We were horrified by the fiscal irresponsibility and vast expansion of government under President Bush (43), and when we saw what Obama had in mind, we just couldn’t take it. We wanted fewer and lower taxes (“Taxed Enough Already”), and we fought against ObamaCare. There were other issues that drew people in, many of which are off-shoots of these two: limited government, greater individual liberty, a freer free market, protection of our Second Amendment rights, etc.

What we did not do was conduct “women’s marches” or other random-sounding protests based in identity politics. We knew exactly what we were protesting and why. This isn’t to explain the left’s irredeemable behavior; after all, we never threw bricks, set things on fire, or in any other way required the police to break out the tear gas, smoke bombs, and full SWAT riot gear to keep us in line. What it does show is that we can expect a lot more cognitive dissonance from this lawless, rudderless, and embarrassing rabble.

A second glaring example is the wearing of the American flag as a hijab by many in the “Women’s March.” And no, it’s not because they ran out of pussy hats....

As outrageous as all of this is, I take heart in seeing that the radical left intends to stay the course. Americans just rejected them. Again. Yet they’ll keep being violent, disruptive, deeply offensive, and cartoonishly tin-eared.

Keep it up, Progressives! Resist you much! Don’t just replicate the failures of Occupy and Black Lives Matter; double-down on them. Break windows, set cars on fire, wipe your bum with the American flag, wear it as a hijab, poop on police cars . . . you reveal yourselves while simultaneously elevating (and yes, normalizing) every single Trump voter and alienating anyone who might be on the fence about supporting a Democrat for office in the near future.