Thursday, September 1, 2005


PROBLEM: We are watching a concentrated effort by the Democrat State legislature, the press, and the Public Employees Union to discredit Governor Schwarzenegger before the special November election.

Legislation acted on by the Democrat-controlled body seems not interested in solving the serious problems facing our state. We are running out of electricity, water and gasoline, although we have a bloated bureaucracy to handle those needs. Instead of problem solving, our highly paid regulators and elected representatives make it more difficult to build roads, houses, and refineries and solve our water problems. They concentrate on taking land off of the tax rolls and prohibiting accessibility, and spend time fighting to legalize gay marriage and micro-chip bullets.

The Governor is making a gigantic effort to begin changing our state back to a place where common sense prevails in its governance. His initiatives are reasonable approaches to get things moving forward as they address protecting paychecks against union dues being spent for political purposes without the approval of the worker, taking redistricting away from those who benefit from drawing unfair boundaries, and giving parents the assurance of parental notification when a
minor seeks an abortion.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Let's help the Governor by writing letters to the editor. Letters to our elected officials would no doubt fall on deaf ears, but letters appearing in newspapers get the attention of those who vote. You will notice that our local papers are filled with inaccurate letters criticizing our President and Governor. We need to counteract those with true facts and support what we believe in. If you are hesitant about writing, or feel you do not have enough facts to write a letter, just contact me and I will provide you with necessary information. The County Central Committee will need help to get the vote out by working precincts and making phone calls. Volunteer your time. It is necessary to get involved and make a difference.