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Party Endorsements - California Republican Party

Vote by mail ballots started arriving in homes this week! Are you ready? Check out the list of CRP endorsements with links to candidate and initiative pages. - CAGOP.ORG

Statewide Office
Governor – Neel Kashkari**
Lieutenant Governor – Ron Nehring**
Secretary of State – Pete Peterson**
Controller – Ashley Swearengin**
Treasurer – Greg Conlon*
Attorney General – Ronald Gold**
Insurance Commissioner – Ted Gaines*
Board of Equalization District 1 – George Runner*
Board of Equalization District 2 – James E. Theis*
Board of Equalization District 3 – G. Rick Marshall**
Board of Equalization District 4 – Diane L. Harkey**

House of Representatives
CD 1 – Doug LaMalfa**
CD 2 – Dale K. Mensing*
CD 3 – Dan Logue*
CD 4 – Tom McClintock
...more at the link

State Senate
SD 2 – Lawrence R. Wiesner*
SD 4 – Jim Nielsen*
...more at the link

State Assembly
AD 1 – Brian Dahle*
AD 2 – Matt Heath*
AD 3 – James Gallagher**
AD 4 – Charlie Schaupp**
...more at the link


Proposition 1 – Yes
Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014

Proposition 2 – Yes
State Budget. Budget Stabilization Account. Legislative Constitutional Amendment

Proposition 45 – No
Healthcare Insurance. Rate Changes. Initiative Statute

Proposition 46 – No
Drug and Alcohol Testing of Doctors. Medical Negligence Lawsuits. Initiative Statute

Proposition 47 – No
Criminal Sentences. Misdemeanor Penalties. Initiative Statute

*deemed endorsed pursuant to CRP Bylaw Section 3.02.02 on 3/27/14
**deemed endorsed pursuant to CRP Bylaw Section 3.02.02 on 7/11/14

Our complete bylaws, including those governing our endorsement policy, can be found ◼ HERE.

CFRW Ballot Recommendations

Tom McClintock November Ballot Recommendations

NOTE: The County's web address has changed

◼ It's now

◼ And the elections office has a new address as a result:

◼ SmartVoter has updated their page: Check it out... (and keep checking back, they're likely to update the Props and Measures with info)

CBS Buries Results of Own Poll Showing Poor Ratings for Obama, Democrats Ahead of Midterms

On Wednesday night, the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley made no mention of the results from the latest CBS News poll that gave President Obama and Democrats poor marks ahead of the November 4 midterm elections on issues ranging from the economy to ISIS to terrorism to who voters are most likely to vote for. - Newsbusters

Regarding the midterm elections, Republicans find themselves ahead of Democrats on both a generic ballot and specific issues. Republicans have a six point lead against Democrats overall (49 percent to 43 percent with those leaning left or right, 46 percent to 40 percent without) and a five point lead who voters would like most to see takeover the Senate (47 percent to 42 percent). Independents sided with the GOP by a full 30 points over Democrats (57 percent to 27 percent).

When it came to who voters trust to do a better job on the economy, foreign policy, and terrorism, the picture is the same. On the topic of terrorism, the GOP holds an massive lead of 21 points over Democrats at 52 percent to 32 percent and then advantages of 9 and 11 percentage points on the economy and foreign policy, respectively.

For President Obama, voters are not giving him high remarks either....

CBS NEWS POLL: ISIS, Midterm Elections and the President

Watch The Amazing Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech From 17-Year-Old Malala Yousafzai

Youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Malala Yousafzai, the 17-year-old Pakistani girl who spent the last five years advocating for human rights and specifically the rights of women in Pakistan. - uproxx

In 2012, Yousafzai survived an assassination attempt when she was shot three times at point blank range by the Taliban, who didn’t agree with the message she was sending to Muslim women around the world.

After her release from the hospital, Yousafzai continued to spread her message, albeit in a different country (death threats kept her out of Pakistan). Needless to say, she is truly one of the more remarkable women of our time.

Her decision to jettison any notion of running a clean and positive campaign, and instead import attack dogs from the likes of Harry Reid, has scraped off any shine that her campaign could ever have had

Wendy Davis Unveils ‘One of the Nastiest Campaign Ads You Will Ever See’ - Washington Free Beacon

Abbott Camp Fury After Wendy Davis Crosses the Line, Again - Bryan Preston/PJ Media

Davis’ tactics and choices, and her inevitable defeat, will leave nothing for the Texas Democrats to build on.

Pete Peterson: The Debate at Cal! It was so encouraging to have 2 Democrats approach me after this debate, saying I'd be the first Republican they've voted for.

More videos from Pete Peterson

"Hotel restaurants may soon be a thing of the past here in San Francisco. I’ve had more than one manager tell me the city’s continuously rising minimum wage and union rules are making it impossible to make money anymore."

“We take in a million a year at our restaurant, but it’s costing us $1.6 million a year to operate,” one hotel manager told me. - (Former Mayor of San Francisco) Willie Brown/San Francisco Chronicle (H/T: Fred)

CFRW Ballot Recommendations
CAGOP Ballot Recommendations
Tom McClintock Ballot Recommendations
Unofficial Guide to Judges on the Ballot

The U.S.-led air war in Syria has gotten off to a rocky start, with even the Syrian rebel groups closest to the United States turning against it, U.S. ally Turkey refusing to contribute and the plight of a beleaguered Kurdish town exposing the limitations of the strategy.


...The main beneficiary of the strikes so far appears to be President Bashar al-Assad, whose forces have taken advantage of the shift in the military balance to step up attacks against the moderate rebels designated by President Obama as partners of the United States in the war against extremists.

The U.S. targets have included oil facilities, a granary and an electricity plant under Islamic State control. The damage to those facilities has caused shortages and price hikes across the rebel-held north that are harming ordinary Syrians more than the well-funded militants, residents and activists say....

Humboldt County Ballot Measures

Updating: (WEBMASTER'S NOTE: We are trying to add links to the pro/con sides of the Measures, as well as links to the candidate's pages, please send any such links to Email:

Look what’s on the Ballot locally. You may not see it when you get your individual ballot, but here you can see the big picture - individual towns wanting to add sales taxes, & the County wanting to add a sales tax on top of that.


EUREKA SALES TAX EXTENSION. (Measure O voted in November 2010, was set to expire)

EUREKA FAIR WAGE ACT (Seeks to raise the minimum wage in Eureka to $12 an hour)
Measure R







Shall County of Humboldt pursuant to County Ordinance No. 2517 enact a 1/2% (0.5%) sales tax, for five years, all revenue for the County, none for the State of California, with annual audits and public review?

Measure Z
The County is pushing Measure Z but it's very difficult to find any information about WHAT IT IS on the page. Follow this link ◼ What is Measure Z? which says: On July 22, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to place Measure Z on the November 4, 2014, ballot to maintain and improve essential Humboldt County services, including public safety. If adopted by voters, Measure Z will, by law, expire in five years.

◼ PRO Z Page:


Council Member; City of Arcata: 4 Year Term (Vote for 2)
◼ Sofia Pereira
◼ Juan Daniel Fernandez
◼ Jason Carr
◼ Mark E. Wheetley
◼ Patrick Hyland
Council Member; City of Arcata: 2 Year Term
◼ Ryan Kaplan
◼ Paul Pitino
Council Member; City of Blue Lake: (Vote for 2)
◼ John Sawatzky
◼ Jean S. Lynch
Mayor; City of Eureka: 4 Year Term
◼ Frank J. Jager - Unopposed
Council Member; City of Eureka;
Ward 1
◼ Marian Brady - Unopposed
Council Member; City of Eureka; Ward 3
◼ Mike L. Newman
◼ Kim Bergel
Council Member; City of Eureka; Ward 5
◼ Chet Albin
◼ Natalie Arroyo
City Mayor; City of Ferndale
◼ Daniel Brown
◼ Don Hindley
Council Member; City of Ferndale (Vote for 2)
◼ Doug Brower
◼ Michael Sweeney
◼ Jorgen Von Frausing-Borch
Council Member; City of Fortuna (Vote for 3)
◼ Sue Long
◼ Tiara Brown
◼ Joshua M. Brown
◼ Linda Gardner
Council Member; City of Rio Dell (3 Elected)
◼ Timothy R. Marks
◼ Debra L. Garnes
◼ Gordon Johnson
Council Member; City of Trinidad (3 Elected)
◼ James H. Baker

CFRW Ballot Recommendations
CAGOP Ballot Recommendations
Tom McClintock Ballot Recommendations
Unofficial Guide to Judges on the Ballot

Measure Z: Countywide ballot measure would add half-percent sales tax

County cites public safety needs, taxpayer's league questions timing - Will Houston/Times-Standard

Humboldt County officials are calling Measure Z — a proposed countywide half-percent general sales tax on the November ballot — crucial to improving public safety services....

If passed, Measure Z, also known as the Humboldt County Public Safety/Essential Services Measure, is estimated to generate $6 million annually until it sunsets in 2020. The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in July to place the measure on the ballot after an outcry from the public concerning the lack of law enforcement presence and an increase in crime in the county's outlying areas.

The tax is proposed to raise funds for a broad spectrum of public safety services such as fire departments, the county sheriff's office, probation department and district attorney's office. Spending is proposed to be overseen by a citizen's advisory committee, which would also include annual independent audits.

But with four similar municipal measures on the ballot, some question whether taxpayers should bear the costs for both the county and city where they live....

With four other local cities — Fortuna, Eureka, Rio Dell and Blue Lake — also having tax measures on the ballot in addition to some school bonds, Humboldt Taxpayer's League Executive Director Cliff Chapman said the combination has created a "perfect storm of taxes" due to a lack of communication between the county and the municipalities.

"There needs to be some coordination," he said. "I don't doubt there is a need for additional taxes, but this is not the approach to take in my mind and the taxpayers' mind either."

Chapman said the latest tax measure is "cherry picking off the backs of the cities" by pulling in about $4 million from Eureka and $700,000 from Fortuna each year.

"It's our opinion that the redundant tax rakes over $6 million out of the local economy, mostly from the incorporated cities with very little return to those cities, which also have their own concerns," he said. "The cities get some services from the DA's office and the jail and a few other county services, but they certainly don't get a proportionate share."

The Yes on Measure Z campaign states that sales tax revenue would also be generated from tourism. As the money would go to county services, Lovelace said the benefits would be felt countywide.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Capitol Update Friday, October 10, 2014


President's Message

More talking points for you and your club on the difference between Republicans and Democrats.
Taxes and Government Spending : REPUBLICAN
Republicans work tirelessly to cut government spending and to eliminate government waste.
Republicans believe and support making it easier for families to make ends meet by reducing taxes on income, savings and on purchasing every day goods families need. Lower taxes helps to improve the economy and stimulate growth. Republicans are fiscally responsible!
Taxes and Government Spending: DEMOCRATS
Democrats believe that government knows what is best for the people. They argue that bureaucrats better understand the needs of a community than a locally elected council.
Democrats believe the federal government should define the amount of taxes needed to meet its obligations and they feel this is too complicated for the people to understand .
Democrats believe that if their entitlement programs become too costly it is better to rather raise taxes then cut spending. They feel the citizens can always pay higher taxes to fund their programs. Democrats are constantly looking for ways to raise taxes.
Immigration: REPUBLICANS
Republicans understand that America was build by immigrants hoping for a better life. Many fled from violence and oppression searching for peace and freedom. I am proud to be the grandchild of immigrants seeking a better future for their children and grandchildren. Republicans agree that the lack of border security contributes to the flow of narcotics trafficking,gang violence and human smugglers. Republicans believe that while America has been enriched by the determination, energy and diversity of immigrants,that in this nation of laws, immigration policies must be followed and that securing our borders is vital to ensuring the safety of our citizens.
Immigration: DEMOCRATS
Democrats believe that as the world superpower, it is a fundamental right for the United States to provide unconditional aid and comfort to the citizens of other nations.
Democrats believe in open borders , unconditional amnesty, and that the laws of America be curtailed to provide non- emergency assistance and legal forms of identification to foreign nationals. The Democrats see no necessity to close the borders to ensure the safety of our citizens.
Republicans support policies that recognize people are responsible for their own actions.Republicans hold criminals responsible for the crimes they commit and support tough measures to keep those who are criminals off our streets and away from schools.
Democrats look for ways to blame “society” for the actions of those who commit crimes and are constantly looking for ways to reduce the tough measures that have brought crime numbers down and protected hundreds of thousands of citizens from crime.

Be sure to send in your registration for our Fall Board of Directors Meeting /Conference in Bakersfield, October 24 -26. October 13 is the deadline, don’t miss hearing great speakers including House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, Candidate for Governor Neel Kashkari, informative worships on Working with the Media, a very important presentation on the new NFRW Data Base, plus lots more. Come to Bakersfield and be inspired, empowered and emboldened to GOTV!

Thanks so much,
Working Together To Make A Difference

NFRW Postcard Contest
Thanks to our very successful Woman2Woman GOTV fundraising campaign, we can reach out to woman in key states. But...

We just can't decide which of these two great postcards is better so we're leaving it up to YOU.
Your donation is your vote! We will mail the design that brings in the most in contributions over the next two weeks to help get out the women's vote in the important midterm elections.

One hundred percent of the funds we raise from this campaign will go to mail the GOTV postcard. So please give generously. A generous donor has agreed to match every contribution we receive between now and October 20 - dollar for dollar.
That will allow our message to reach twice as many women.

Reminds women of the history of our hard-won right to vote, and then asks if they will vote this year. The reverse notes your vote matters; this election matters and then focuses on the real women's issues of increasing job opportunities; decreasing debt and tax burden; and protecting Americans at home and abroad.

Vote for 1918 by donating HERE

Asks what is pro-women about not voting and then urges recipient to vote this year. The reverse notes your vote matters; this election matters and then focuses on the real women's issues of increasing job opportunities; decreasing debt and tax burden; and protecting Americans at home and abroad.

Vote for Pro-Women by donating HERE

Paltrow Gushes to Obama: 'You're So Handsome, I Can't Speak Properly'...Would Be Wonderful To Give This Man All Power He Needs...

President Obama at Gwyneth Paltrow Fundraiser: Democrats Should Feel "Sense of Urgency" Over Midterms - Hollywood Reporter

Boy, does this Gwyneth Paltrow photo capture creepy Obama cultism - Twitchy

Business trip: President to designate new national monument between fundraisers - Twitchy

‘Unring that bell’: Obama’s fundraiser speech missing line that made Dems cringe - Twitchy

The way Allen West puts it, Hollywood dimwit Gwyneth Paltrow has a "crush on dictatorship". - Doug Ross/Director Blue

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Watch: Reporter Lowers the Boom On Islamic Spokesman Trying To Weasel Out Of ISIS Question

Alberici gave Doureihi several opportunities to answer her question and condemn the tactics being used by the Islamic State, such as beheading journalists and aid workers and mass murdering women and children.


There’s no future for salmon in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. - Peter Hannaford/American Spectator 10/9/14

On California’s northern coast are three counties that marijuana aficionados call the Emerald Triangle. In their view, the growers there have perfected a strain of cannabis that has high potency and consistently high quality. Result: There are many growers, most tending their crops in remote corners of these mountainous, heavily wooded counties.

This produces serious environmental damage. In Humboldt County where the largest amount of Emerald Triangle marijuana is grown, the sheriff’s office conducted an aerial survey and counted 4,000 visible outdoor grows, nearly all of them illegal. (California was the first of 22 states to permit medical use of marijuana, so some grows were established to serve users who have permit cards.)

The illegal grows are usually carved out of forest land (often national forests or acreage owned by timber companies). Typically, the growers clear-cut the trees on the land they want to use, then bulldoze it to their specifications. Next, they divert a nearby stream to provide the one to six gallons required daily by each plant. They then fertilize the plants, causing runoff. This is followed by a generous dose of rat poison.

The upshot: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service a week ago declared that stream diversion by marijuana plantations was robbing the rivers that the streams feed of enough cool water for Coho salmon to breed, thus threatening their survival. California’s north coast is big salmon country, for both sport and commercial fishing. The declaration earned banner headlines in the local press.

This week the USFWS said that it was considering seeking a “Threatened” status for the fisher, a native cousin to the weasel. Many fishers have been dying after ingesting the rat poison put out by marijuana planters.

Disruption of the soil for planting the crop and for cutting roads to some of the remote locations causes runoff that silts the area’s rivers—another preventable threat to the already endangered native salmon and steelhead.

In the area, a multi-agency task force has raided, on average, one marijuana plantation a week since January 2013. The biggest one, in August this year, yielded 10,000 plants; most have had several hundred. The plants are destroyed. The “harvest” often yields cash, weapons, and, sometimes other drugs (although multi-drug hauls tend to found in in-town dealer houses).

In addition to the cost of the raids, “grows” on public land require public resources to clean up and restore the affected area.

Environmentalists in the three counties are quick to run to the battlements and declare all-out war any time the state Transportation Department sets out to widen a highway. With the regular pot plantation raids, however, they are as silent as mice. Occasionally, one will opine in an interview that the problem would go away if marijuana were made legal. This outcome seems unlikely. Large companies might buy up some tracts for growing (along with getting the necessary permits and paying taxes); however, not every small grower will be able to compete; hence, the likelihood they would feed a black market, selling to heavy users at below-market prices. Thus, one problem would yield to another.

Peter Hannaford was closely associated with the late President Reagan for a number of years. His latest book is ◼ “Presidential Retreats.”


HHS: THERE MAY BE MORE - Philip Klein/Washington Examiner @philipklein
Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell said that despite the best efforts of health officials, Americans have to prepare for the reality that there may be more cases of Ebola in the United States.
CDC Director: We Have To Work Now So Ebola ‘Is Not The World’s Next AIDS’ - CBS DC

Customs Agent: We're Not Prepared - Breitbart

Now EPA chief messages missing -- just like IRS!

‘Doing an IRS’? EPA can’t find top official’s text messages - Washington Times

The EPA is poised to “do an IRS” — similar to what the tax agency had to do with dismissed top official Lois G. Lerner — and officially notify the National Archives that it may have lost key electronic records, according to a think tank that’s suing to get text messages under an open-records request.

Justice Department lawyers told a federal court on Tuesday that the alert will be coming soon, in a case that’s shaping up as a significant battle over whether government agencies are required to keep cellphone text messages as “official” records.

“We were directed at the time . . . to delay the report of the investigation until after the 2012 election,”

Aides knew of possible White House link to Cartagena, Colombia, prostitution scandal - Washington Post

Nieland added that his superiors told him “to withhold and alter certain information in the report of investigation because it was potentially embarrassing to the administration.”

White House spokesman Eric Schultz said Wednesday that President Obama and his advisers did not interfere with the inspector general’s investigation. “As was reported more than two years ago, the White House conducted an internal review that did not identify any inappropriate behavior on the part of the White House advance team,” Schultz said. He cited a Senate report on the inspector general’s office from this April that said an inquiry was unable to verify Nieland’s contention that he was ordered to change the IG report over political concerns.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

When Kobane falls, it will be like World War III

Ebola Scare Sends Dallas Co Sheriff’s Deputy To Hospital

Report: Man who may or may not have had contact with Dallas Ebola patient now exhibiting similar symptons; Update: Wasn’t being monitored - HotAir

Update: Frisco officials say risk is low that sheriff’s deputy who visited Duncan’s apartment has Ebola - Dallas News
Frisco officials say the chances are small that the sheriff’s deputy who fell ill after visiting Thomas Eric Duncan’s apartment last week has Ebola.

“The risk is minimal,” said Frisco’s Mayor Maher Maso, but they are proceeding “with an abundance of caution.”

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also said that this does not appear to be a case of Ebola. He isn’t showing typical symptoms and never came in direct contact with Duncan.

Frisco Fire Chief Mark Piland says the deputy is not among the 48 direct and indirect contacts being monitored closely, and health officials are treating this “as a low-risk event.” He says the patient told workers at CareNow, the Frisco urgent care facility where he went Wednesday, that he had been in Duncan’s apartment.

Piland said the patient was “minus a few” symptoms of Ebola, but he exhibited enough to trigger the preliminary screening process. As a result, he’ll be monitored for 48 hours.
“We were told by federal officials, county officials that you would have to come in direct contact with Duncan or direct contact with bodily fluids, and he did not,” said Monnig’s son, Logan, about the possibility of his dad contracting Ebola. Logan said it’s a very scary time for his family, but they do not expect that his dad will test positive for the virus. - CBS DFW
Breaking: New Ebola patient near Dallas? Update: Patient says he had contact with ‘patient zero'; Update: Patient is ‘exhibiting signs and symptoms of Ebola'; Update: Patient is reportedly being transported to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas; Update: Urgent Care clinic spokesman says patient did NOT come into contact with Thomas Duncan; Update: Photo of patient exiting Urgent Care clinic; Update: Local news outlet says patient is a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy who went inside Duncan’s apartment - Twitchy

The deputy had been ordered to go inside the unit with officials to get a quarantine order signed on October 1. No one who entered the apartment that day wore protective gear. - ABC/wfaa

It will take up to 48 hours to get test results back to determine if Monnig tests positive for the Ebola virus.

#CA52: Still flip opportunity as DeMaio leads in the polls

The openly gay “New Generation” Republican Carl DeMaio is now polling three points above incumbent Democrat Scott Peters in California’s evenly split 52nd district. - Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion

DeMaio, meanwhile, has been delicately balancing the various sects of the GOP to his advantage. So far he has successfully branded himself as an independently-minded fiscal conservative and social liberal, which seems like the type of candidate who can win in southern California.

Oddly enough, it seems DeMaio is doing better at appealing to the GOP Establishment. The National Republican Congressional Committee and John Boehner have poured $3.2 million into DeMaio’s campaign and have ignored calls from some conservative groups to abandon gay GOP candidates with other socially liberal views.

Meanwhile, DeMaio recently took further steps to distance himself from the Tea Party by releasing a new campaign ad where he says, “As a proud gay American, I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but a Tea Party extremist? Nothing could be farther from the truth.”

As DeMaio treads on in the last four weeks, it seems the only way he can lose this election is if the GOP implodes, as it so often does, and fails to rally around him.

Who Will Deliver Our Babies: OB Care In Humboldt County Nears Breaking Point

Waves of change are coming in how babies will be delivered. And in rural America, in particular, they are already being acutely felt. - MICHAEL JOYCE/Jefferson Public Radio

According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, a county the size of Humboldt should have at least 13 Obstetrician/Gynecologists (OB/GYN’s). But it has only five, and four of them are age 65 or older. Only two of them work full time.

“I’m 65 this year and I had a heart attack three years ago,” says Dr. Deepak Stokes, who is one of those full-time obstetricians. “What would happen if I have a heart attack again tomorrow? Then all of a sudden [there] is a major crisis and you just can’t fill it overnight.”

More than likely, finding a replacement physician would take months. The United States is facing a shortage of OB/GYN’s of nearly 25-percent over the next 15 years. Nationally, the number of OB/GYN training programs—and the number of medical students entering them—has been dropping. The shortage will likely be most acutely felt in rural counties, half of which do not have an OB/GYN....KEEP READING...

OB-GYN In California And Oregon By The Numbers:


. ‑480 OB-GYN’s serving 1.6 million women.

. ‑2.99 OB-GYN’s per 10,000 women or 6.32 per 10,000 women of childbearing age (15–45) [National Average = 2.65 & 5.42 respectively]

. ‑Oregon’s female population expected to increase by 28% by 2030

. ‑1 out of 3 Oregon counties do NOT have an OB-GYN.

. ‑Oregon has one OB-GYN residency training program graduating 7 physicians each year.

. ‑45% of Oregon births are financed by Medicaid [National Average is 45%]


. ‑3,711 OB-GYN’s serving 15.2 million women.

. ‑2.44 OB-GYN’s per 10,000 women or 4.69 per 10,000 women of childbearing age (15–45)

. ‑California’s female population expected to increase by 22% by 2030

. ‑9 of 58 California counties do NOT have an OB-GYN.

. ‑California has 9 OB-GYN residency training programs graduating 98 physicians each year.

. ‑48% of California births are financed by Medicaid (aka Medi-Cal).

Source: American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology 2014 Workforce Fact Sheet (

New Edition of Rolls Out — and It Contains a Mistake the AP Said Can Suggest the Site Doesn’t Meet ‘Professional Standards’

The Obama administration unveiled its latest version of Wednesday, aiming to improve the website which has been plagued with a series of technical glitches since its conception. - The BLAZE

Wednesdays’s rollout was no different.


MATTHEW IN THE MIDDLE: The Unfair Wage Act - Lost Coast Outpost

...This coming November we are voting on Measure R, AKA the “Eureka Fair Wage Act,” a citizens’ initiative to raise the current minimum wage by 33% to $12 per hour for any Eureka employer with 25 or more (full-time, part-time or seasonal – as low as 2 hours per week) employees, beginning 90 days from passage. Besides raising the minimum wage, it would institute an annual Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) increase based on the Consumer Price Index each year.

This initiative is being brought forth by former Occupy regulars - an anarchist, a homeless activist and the homeless - as a vendetta against Wal-Mart. What else do these people have in common? Not one of them owns a business, nor has to meet payroll. I know because I sat in on one of their Wednesday night meetings where I was about as welcome as Michael Moore showing up at an NRA rally....

Mystery Donors Fight ‘Fair Wage Ordinance,’ Plus Eureka Candidates’ Fundraising Totals - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost

Letter: Measure R is bad medicine for Eureka's economy - Fred Mangels/Times-Standard
Measure R is bad medicine for Eureka's economy Raising Eureka's minimum wage to $12 an hour is a bad idea. The state just raised the minimum wage to $10 July 1 and will raise it again next year to $11.
Measure R puts Eureka at unfair disadvantage: Vote no - Don Smullin/Times-Standard

Measure R: An overview of Eureka's Fair Wage Act - Will Houston/Times-Standard
This is the first story in a four-part series looking at Eureka's Fair Wage Act, known as Measure R, which will be on the city's Nov. 4 General Election ballot.

'Fair Wage Folks' seek $12 minimum wage in Eureka - Clay McGlaughlin/Times-Standard
This is the second story in a four-part series looking at Eureka's Fair Wage Act, known as Measure R, which will be on the city's Nov. 4 General Election ballot.

Measure R: Business weighs in on $12 minimum wage - Jillian Singh and Will Houston/Times-Standard
This is the third story in a four-part series looking at Eureka's Fair Wage Act, known as Measure R, which will be on the city's Nov. 4 General Election ballot.

Measure R: Comparing wage hikes in California cities - Will Houston/Times-Standard
Editor's note: This is the last story in a four-part series looking at Eureka's Fair Wage Act, known as Measure R, which will be on the city's Nov. 4 General Election ballot.


We need Measure R: Support the Eureka Fair Wage Act - Verbena Lea aka Kim Starr/Times-Standard
"Poverty level wages are not a gamble, they're a guaranteed loss for the community" — Working Families Party. Working people are ripped off by misguided public policy which claims that giving more money to the already-wealthy creates jobs.
For more information, visit the group's website at ◼, email or call 707-442-7465.

Times-Standard Editorial: Fair Wage Act unfair to city — vote no on R - Times-Standard EDITORIAL

What you're up against...

Who is Joe Biden? - Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard

Kimmel Asks To Identify Biden -- No One Has A Clue

It's uncanny how the former CIA/Pentagon chief's memoir and book-tour interviews channel the frustrations of Democrats who want the president to succeed but consider him a near-failure

Why Obama Won't Listen to Leon Panetta - RON FOURNIER/NATIONAL JOURNAL

...I agree with ◼ Washington Post columnist Dan Balz who considers the book a public service, rather than an act of disloyalty.
Panetta comes to this memoir with a perspective that is almost unmatched in public life. He was born in California, the son of Italian immigrants, and began his public service as an aide to Republican Sen. Thomas Kuchel of California during Lyndon Johnson's administration. He later worked as an assistant to Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare Robert Finch in the Nixon administration.

He became a Democrat in the early 1970s and was elected to the House from California in 1976. He rose through the ranks to become chairman of the House Budget Committee. He then served as director of the Office of Management and Budget during the first two years of Bill Clinton's presidency and was elevated to chief of staff in 1994 to bring order to the chaotic Clinton White House. He left government at the beginning of Clinton's second term.

Obama recruited him to run the Central Intelligence Agency at the start of his presidency. It was in that role that Panetta recommended and oversaw the mission that killed Osama bin Laden, which Obama approved over the initial objection of then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates. When Gates left the Pentagon, Obama moved Panetta into that position.

Anyone who knows Panetta cannot be surprised that he has written a candid and incisive memoir. He has called things the way he's seen them in Washington for decades, combining wit, laughter and a zeal for political rough-and-tumble with the tough-mindedness of someone who came to get things done.
Panetta Blasts Obama on Foreign Policy - Dan Riehl/Breitbart

Barack Obama's former former defense secretary and CIA director Leon Penetta is an author now and he may be writing an obituary for any notion that Obama is capable of managing a solid foreign policy.


Others in Dallas still are being monitored as health officials try to contain the virus that has ravaged West Africa, with more than 3,400 people reported dead. They also are trying to tamp down anxiety among residents frightened of contracting Ebola, though the disease can be spread only through direct contact with the bodily fluids of an already sick person.

Health officials have identified 10 people, including seven health workers, who had direct contact with Duncan while he was contagious. Another 38 people also may have come into contact with him. The four people living in the northeast Dallas apartment where Duncan stayed have been isolated in a private residence.

"The past week has been an enormous test of our health system, but for one family it has been far more personal ... They have our sincere condolences, and we are keeping them in our thoughts," Dr. David Lakey, commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services, said in statement. "We'll continue every effort to contain the spread of the virus and protect people from this threat."
Remains Still Infectious - CBS DFW
Family members kept under quarantine - ABC WFAA
Officials monitoring 48 people - NATIONAL JOURNAL
IN SPAIN: Protesters clash with police over Ebola dog - TELEGRAPH UK
Uganda President: Don't Shake Hands! - AFP
World Bank issues dire warning - CBS

Liberals storm California's bedrooms

I have a slightly different take on California's recent decision to regulate college sex. Don't get me wrong, it's beyond idiotic, unworkable, even borderline Orwellian. We'll get to all that. - Jonah Goldberg/LA Times

But I also think it's incredibly useful. You see, for years I've been railing and ranting about the ridiculous myth that liberalism is socially libertarian; that liberals are "live and let live" types simply defending themselves against judgmental conservatives, the real aggressors in the culture war.

...The incredible overreach of the law has been discussed at great length. The Times editorial board expressed its own sensible misgivings in an editorial before Brown signed the bill into law. "It seems extremely difficult and extraordinarily intrusive to micromanage sex so closely as to tell young people what steps they must take in the privacy of their own dorm rooms."

No on Prop. 48, Indian gaming

It pains us to urge a No vote on Prop. 48, which would ratify gaming compacts between California and the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians and the Wiyot Tribe. - Orange County Register Editorial

The North Fork tribe proposes a casino in Madera County, with a portion of the revenue going to the Wiyot Tribe.

We would have no problem whatsoever if these compacts were similar to those the state entered into with other gaming tribes. In every case, they stipulated that the casino would be built on reservation land.

The North Fork compact departs from long-established precedent. It would allow the tribe to build its proposed casino on nontribal land. The North Fork reservation is located in the Sierra National Forest, while the North Fork Rancheria Resort Hotel and Casino would be nearly 40 miles away, near the city of Madera, on Highway 99.

Prop. 48 not only would give the North Fork tribe the green light, it also would incentivize other as-yet-nongaming tribes to acquire land far from their reservations for purposes of building casinos....

Rival tribes raise $4M to block North Fork Rancheria casino bid -
(Rival) California tribe fighting casino makes $5.4 million campaign the campaign opposing Proposition 48, the referendum on a 2013 casino deal between the state and the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians that would allow the tribe to build a casino off Highway 99 in Madera. The tribe’s contribution, an in-kind donation of TV and internet advertising, brings its no-on-48 investment to more than $8 million. - Sacramento Bee

Tom McClintock says VOTE YES. This ratifies Indian Gaming compacts for two tribes in economically depressed regions of the state that will be an economic boon to the struggling local communities there. It also cuts through environmental red tape that would otherwise delay these projects for years.
CFRW takes a Neutral or No PositionGET MORE INFO: VOTER GUIDE 2014

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Unofficial Guide to Judges on the Ballot

No on Prop. 46, malpractice awards

Trial lawyers aren’t behind Prop. 46 simply because they want to prevent the deaths of other children at the hands of drivers intoxicated with alcohol and prescription meds. - Orange County Register Editorial

They are bankrolling the measure because the want to rewrite the state’s Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act, which was enacted by the Legislature in response to well-founded concerns that high malpractice costs would limit the number of doctors practicing medicine in California.


CFRW Ballot Recommendations
CAGOP Ballot Recommendations
Tom McClintock Ballot Recommendations
Unofficial Guide to Judges on the Ballot

Monday, October 6, 2014

“Someone in the audience made a good point,” she said. “Michelle Obama put these things into play, but her children go to private school and they don’t have to follow these standards.”

The backlash against federal nutrition guidelines affecting public schools across the U.S. has increased precipitously in recent months. Not only do mandates endorsed by Michelle Obama result in cafeteria meals students find unpalatable, compliance with such regulations has been cost-prohibitive in many districts.

For these reasons, more and more schools are dropping the federal mandate despite the fact that doing so could result in the loss of significant government funding. Some of the most vehement opposition to the program came recently from school administrators in a western New York community.

Obama Czar Van Jones: Dems Should Use Ebola As Campaign Talking Point Against GOP

During a panel discussion on the upcoming midterm elections, Jones suggested that Democrats should point out that the “Ebola thing is the best argument you can make for the kind of government that we believe in.” - Newsbusters
Shame. Shame. Shame. - Discussion at Lucianne

After we have bombed Syria, what comes next?

Two weeks of almost daily airstrikes against Syrian bases of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have had an impact. - Washington Examiner

The U.S.-led strikes have disrupted the Islamist extremist group’s ability to make money from selling oil, interfered with command and control, and forced its fighters to be more careful when moving around.

But the success of the strikes, which Pentagon officials describe as “strategic” in their aims, have exposed a weak spot in U.S. plans for Syria: What comes next?

LA Times Endorsement: No on Proposition 46

The healthcare issues Proposition 46 aims to solve should be addressed, but not the way the measure proposes - LA Times

...The most familiar element of Proposition 46 is the proposal to raise the cap on "pain and suffering" damages in medical malpractice cases. California imposed a $250,000 cap 39 years ago as part of a broader effort to limit malpractice insurance premiums, which doctors said were discouraging physicians from working in the state. Proposition 46 would raise the cap to roughly $1.1 million — what $250,000 in 1975 would be worth in today's dollars — and require it to keep pace with inflation.

...The right approach would be to raise the cap gradually and see if any problems emerge — for example, if lawsuits increase but clinics shut down and access to care shrinks, or if hordes of patients shift from clinics to hospital emergency rooms. But that's not the path Proposition 46 takes.

...The proposition's second major provision would require doctors and pharmacists to check CURES, a state database of prescriptions that have been filled, before prescribing or dispensing abuse-prone drugs to a patient for the first time. This provision would eliminate a glaring hole in CURES, which has been online since 2009: Pharmacists are required to report what they dispense, but no one is required to check those listings before doling out more drugs. Yet it would take the state weeks or months to register the roughly 170,000 healthcare providers who dole out dangerous drugs but haven't yet signed up for CURES. Proposition 46 ignores this reality, and would expose those who fail to check CURES to stiff penalties even if they weren't able to sign in.

...The Legislature can and should be faulted for not adjusting the cap on damages for pain and suffering, not requiring healthcare providers to check the CURES database and failing to improve the state Medical Board's troubled monitoring program for substance-abusing physicians. But the methods proposed by Proposition 46 to solve those problems have too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk.

Massive explosion & fire reported in Parchin, in Iran's secretive nuclear base south of Tehran, at least 1 dead multiple wounded.

◼ UPDATE: Explosion at Iran Nuke Site Kills Two, Iran Says - /Washington Free Beacon

A large explosion at a suspected nuclear site in Iran has reportedly killed two people and prompted speculation of sabotage at a military site long suspected of housing Tehran’s clandestine nuclear activities, according Iran’s Defense Industries Organization (DIO), which operates under the country’s Ministry of Defense....
Other thinly sourced reports, such as one from London’s Manoto TV, claimed that as many as 35 were killed in the explosion, though no such number has been confirmed.

Other reports referred to a “strong” and “tremendous explosion” that “shook Eastern Tehran” and blew out the windows of a nearby building and impacted about a 10-mile area, according to Saham News.

The report also cites the explosion as taking place near the “Parchin military site,” which has been known to house “high explosives” and other work related to Iran’s nuclear program, according to the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS).

“The Parchin site is among the military sites of Tehran which produce solid fuel for ballistic missiles without any safety rules and precautions,” Saham reported, according to a translation provided by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Iranian security forces blocked off local streets and assumed a presence near the facility following the explosion, according to the report.

Other Persian reports indicate that Iranian authorities are trying to contain details of the explosion. BBC’s Persian language website, for instance, reported that the Iranian Defense Ministry has not announced the exact name of the place where the explosion took place.


...Those familiar with Iran’s nuclear program have long believed Iran’s nuclear scientists have been conducting top secret experiments involving "high-explosive shaped charges with an inert core of depleted uranium" to test the characteristics of an implosion style nuclear device. An opposition group, The National Council of Resistance provided documentation to international inspectors that it claimed showed that Iran was developing a highly sophisticated network of underground tunnels at the Parchin site in order to advance its nuclear research away from prying eyes.

VIDEO: 'She's just got to do what she's got to do to get elected'...

Grimes’ campaign workers caught on hidden camera: "It's a lying game”/Washington Free Beacon
The video, produced by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe, shows five employees of the Grimes campaign and local Democratic Party affiliates speculating that the Democratic challenger to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) is only professing her support for the industry out of political expediency....

She’s saying something positive about coal because she wants to be elected,” said Ros Hines, a staffer in Grimes’ Lexington campaign office. “And in the state of Kentucky, if you are anti-coal, you will not get elected, period, end of conversation.”

Some Grimes supporters captured in the hidden-camera video likewise suggest that Grimes is lying about her support for the industry in order to get elected.

“She has to say that,” remarked Juanita Rodriguez of the Warren County Democratic Party. “But you know what? Politics is a game. You do what you have to do to get [elected]. … It’s a lying game unfortunately.”
HIDDEN CAM: Alison Grimes campaign caught in 'lying game' - IJ Review

Will 'wipe out that coal industry'


ALLISON GRIMES AND THE LYING GAME - John Hayward/Human Events @Doc_o

...Grimes is one of the most hilariously phony candidates in this election cycle – there’s no Democrat who does a less convincing job of pretending to be a maverick who barely even heard of this Obama guy, and doesn’t like what little she’s heard. It doesn’t speak well of McConnell that he can’t close the deal against such a challenger in Kentucky. Maybe it will help that a new undercover video from James O’Keefe and Project Veritas makes it clear just how phony Allison Grimes is. Behind the scenes, her staffers and local Democrat Party big shots think it’s pretty funny that the rube voters of Kentucky are falling for her act...

O’Keefe and his crew long ago mastered the art of releasing their exposes in stages, with some of the best stuff bottled up for the later chapters, making it tough for the mainstream media to bury their stories. Sure enough, there’s a Part 2, in which Project Veritas goes undercover at a Grimes fundraiser, in which one of her rich supporters chirps that if she can trick Kentucky voters into sending her to the Senate, she’ll wipe out the coal industry without delay: “She’s going to f**k them as soon as she gets elected.” He makes a shushing gesture to emphasize the importance of Grimes supporters keeping quiet about this until the idiot voters have been successfully bamboozled.

There’s not much Grimes can do about this, except distance herself from her own campaign staff and supporters, just like she pretends to be the mortal enemy of President Obama. As NewsBussters notes, this bombshell hit right as Grimes was pumping out a deceptive ad trying to make McConnell look like the enemy of coal in the race.

VIDEO: Grimes responds to undercover videos of her campaign workers calling her a liar: "I speak for myself." Grimes dismisses undercover videos as 'act of desperation' - WDRB

WDRB 41 Louisville News

Instapundit: "I predict that it will do as much for general employment in L.A. as the L.A. condom-requirement ordinance did for the porn industry."


The Scariest Thing About Ebola

What's more alarming than the disease is what the crisis says about our lack of trust in U.S. institutions and leaders. - Ron Fournier/National Journal

...Steadily, over the past four decades, the nation has lost faith in virtually every American institution: banks, schools, colleges, charities, unions, police departments, organized religion, big businesses, small businesses and, of course, politics and government. A Pew Research Center survey in October 2013 found trust in government at a near-record low. While specific federal agencies received generally high marks (including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Americans continued to lose faith in the presidency, Congress, and the two major parties.

In short, the United States faces crises of leadership and trust. Which, to me, is the scariest thing about the Ebola outbreak. I'm far less worried about the disease striking me or my loved ones than I am about what this incident says about the nation's ability to survive a true cataclysm. Whether the next existential event is Ebola or ISIS or any of the countless 21st-century horrors, we are only as strong as our institutions—and our trust in them....

Trust. There's that word again. How much faith can the public summon toward an administration that used incompetence as a defense in scandals involving the IRS, Benghazi, and Obamacare; that lied about its surveillance of Americans; and that just recently acknowledged dangerous misjudgments regarding the Secret Service and ISIS?

...Ebola is a serious threat, but it's not the disease that scares me. What scares me is that fact that we can't trust the institutions that are supposed to deal with such threats, and we can't trust the men or women who lead them. Which means they can't help us.

Obama Sends Special Note of Thanks to Oklahoma Beheader’s Terror Mosque

Obama Official Praises Mosque Of Oklahoma Beheader Alton Nolen - Daily Caller
An Obama administration official traveled to Oklahoma City Saturday to offer words of praise to congregants at the mosque attended by Alton Nolen, the recent Muslim convert who beheaded a co-worker last month.
link - Pamela Gellar

Fresh on the heels of the brutal beheading of a non-Muslim woman by a devout Muslim co-worker in Oklahoma comes this outrage from the jihad-in-chief.

For those you who might have missed that is going on in the beheader’s terror mosque, ◼ read this (Oklahoma beheader’s mosque taught caliphate, destruction of US and Israel) and ◼ watch that (Robert Spencer interviews former member of Oklahoma beheader’s mosque @megynkelly) — Robert Spencer has the 411 on the jihad recruitment center, ISGOC.

The mosque taught/supported the caliphate, hatred of the United States and Israel. Members were that taught that according to Islam, three choices are to be given to non-Muslims: convert, pay the jizyah tax and live under Islamic rule, or jihad.

Gallup: Voter opposition to Obama at 16-year high, worse than Bush, Clinton

Axelrod: Obama ballot line a 'mistake' - Politico
Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Axelrod said that if he were still an Obama adviser he would not have included the line in the president’s speech last week in which Obama said: “I’m not on the ballot this fall ... but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot — every single one of them.”

“It was a mistake,” Axelrod said.
Angry and frustrated voters are planning to use the midterm elections in one month to tell President Obama they oppose his agenda, the highest “no vote” percentage in the last 16 years measured by Gallup. - Paul Bedard/Washington Examiner
The polling outfit found that 32 percent of voters want to send a message of opposition with their vote, compared to just 20 percent who are sending a signal of support.

That is 13 points higher than in 1998 when former President Clinton was headed to impeachment for lying about his sex affair with a former White House intern and even a smidge higher — 2 points — than in 2008, when Americans were tired of President Bush’s military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The unusual question was first asked by Gallup in 1998. It reads: “Will your vote for a candidate be made in order to send a message that you SUPPORT [Barack Obama], be made in order to send a message that you OPPOSE [Barack Obama], or will you NOT be sending a message about [Barack Obama] with your vote?”
Southern Democrats Walk a Tightrope With Black Voters - Wall St. Journal
Senate Hopefuls Try to Appeal to Key Constituency While Keeping President at Arm’s Length

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pope Francis: 'I believe in guardian angels...and everyone should listen to their advice'

Stressing they were not imaginary, he said it was only pride stopping people hearing their voices. - Independent UK

Prop. 46: Medical Lawsuits

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association - Proposition 46 would increase the maximum amount of money patients are able to collect from doctors in malpractice lawsuits to $1 million from a current cap of $250,000. The proposal also requires periodic drug and alcohol testing of doctors with disciplinary action if the doctor is found to have been impaired while working. In addition, the measure institutes a prescription drug database to help prevent prescription drug abuse by doctors. Proposition 46 is backed financially by trial lawyers’ associations.

SUPPORTERS say the measure would help reduce medical negligence, which is the country’s third leading cause of death. They say the measure’s drug and alcohol testing and prescription drug database provisions would protect patient safety by cracking down on doctors who practice medicine while under the influence.

OPPONENTS say trial lawyers wrote Prop. 46 to benefit themselves and if passed costs to doctors associated with medical lawsuits would skyrocket. The costly lawsuits that would result from Prop. 46 would lead to higher costs to patients and possible reductions in services. Furthermore, opponents say the measure creates a new bureaucracy and jeopardizes privacy by putting bureaucrats in charge of a new database of confidential patient records.


Congressman Tom McClintock says – If You Thought Prop 45 Was Bad: NO. Another trial lawyers measure that quadruples the amount they can get for pain and suffering awards. Prop. 45 means lower provider reimbursements and Prop. 46 means higher provider costs. It also requires drug testing for doctors, which is a stupid idea but I appreciate the poetic justice in making THEM pee into little cups for a change. Anyway, it won’t matter because your doctor will be out of state.

CFRW Recommends a NO Vote
Prop 46 Drug and Alcohol Testing of Doctors. Medical Negligence Lawsuits.

Summary: Requires drug and alcohol testing of doctors and reporting of positive test to the California Medical Board. Requires Board to suspend doctor pending investigation of positive test and take disciplinary action if doctor was impaired while on duty. Requires doctors to report any other doctor suspected of drug or alcohol impairment or medical negligence. Requires health care practitioners to consult state prescription drug history database before prescribing certain controlled substances. Increases $250,000 cap on pain and suffering damages in medical negligence lawsuits to account for inflation.

Fiscal Impact: Increased state and local government health care costs from raising the cap on medical malpractice damages, likely ranging from the tens of millions of dollars to several hundred million dollars annually.

Talking Points:

- It is no secret this measure was drafted by trial lawyers who stand to make millions with an increase on the “emotional pain and suffering” cap for medical negligence lawsuits

- This measure forces doctors and pharmacists to use a massive statewide database filled with Californians’ personal medical prescription information. A mandate government will find impossible to implement, and a database with no increased security standards to protect your personal prescription information from hacking and theft – none.

- If California’s medical liability cap goes up, you could also lose your trusted doctor. It’s true. Many doctors will be forced to leave California to practice in states where medical liability insurance is more affordable.

- A recent study found that this initiative will increase health care costs by $9.9 billion annually – or more than $1,000/year in higher health costs for a family of four

- It is deceptive. The drug testing of doctors portion of this measure was only added as an illusion to the real goal of this prop- to raise the cap on emotional pain and suffering

LA Times Endorsement: No on Proposition 46 - LA Times


White House to Media: Sit Down and Don’t Interview

Even though Barack Obama rode into office in 2008 on a wave of media adulation, the Obama administration has exhibited a fiercely hostile attitude towards reporters. - John Fund/National Review

...It has vigorously prosecuted low-level national-security leakers — while it ignores friendly leakers from the White House who puff up its image. This has led former Washington Post editor Leonard Downie to observe, “In the Obama administration’s Washington, government officials are increasingly afraid to talk to the press.” Last year, the Committee to Protect Journalists concluded that Obama “will surely pass President Richard Nixon as the worst president ever on issues of national security and press freedom.”

The White House’s contempt for the news-gathering process extends to the most petty incidents. On Monday, Michelle Obama came to Milwaukee to campaign for Democrat Mary Burke, who is challenging Governor Scott Walker. To the astonishment of reporter Meg Kissinger of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, aides to Obama and Burke told her she could not talk to the crowd at a Burke event in Milwaukee.

“Assigned to cover Michelle Obama’s speech today and was told by a Mary Burke aide and one for the White House that I could not speak to the people in the crowd,” she recounted on her Facebook page.

“To say that I was creeped out is an understatement. This is what reporters do in America: we speak to people. At least that’s how I’ve been doing things — at all kinds of political events — since 1979....”

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