Wednesday, May 5, 2010


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Local Candidates Panel at Elks Lodge Reception after meeting
Loren Hanks Reception - Veteran‘s Hall Fortuna A meet-your-candidate evening will be held Thursday, May 20, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Fortuna Veterans‘ Hall. Loren Hanks, candidate for the House of Representatives for the First District, will be there to speak and to answer your questions. Dinner will be available after Hanks speaks for $10 per person or beverage and dessert for $5 for those who want to stay. An auction will be held after dinner and dessert.
Memorial Day Central Committee Meeting at Stanton‘s Primary Election General Meeting Republican Picnic at Rohner Park, Fortuna NFRW Biennial Convention Kansas City, Missouri

California Legislation

by Vee Sorenson
I am glad I belong to the Humboldt County Taxpayers‘ League. Through this tax-watchdog organization, I learn a lot about how are taxes are being spent. A recent e-mail sent by Jon Coupal, who represents the state‘s Howard Jarvis Tax Association, revealed some frightening statistics.

He began the article by asking: How would you like to go to work at 9 AM, wave to your boss and say ―Hi, I‘m here. Bye, and then immediately turn around, walk out the door and go home or play a round of golf...and here is the best part, still get a paycheck instead of being fired?
What is so startling is this describes the work of 120 lucky people who routinely assure themselves of $567.843 in additional pay for five minutes of work. If you do the math, that works out to $6,814.08 for a full hour of work. Who are these people? They are none other than elected members of the state Legislature and that includes Wesley Chesbro. Of course, they make their own rules. These people are the highest paid legis- lators in all 50 states.
In addition to their nearly six figure salaries, they receive a tax-free allotment of $141.86 per day that is intended to compensate for the cost of living in Sacramento for performing their jobs.

With so many businesses and families hurting financially, it is disgusting that all of these recycled members of the Assembly and Senate are checking in at work to do nothing but greedily gather to themselves more of our hard-earned tax dollars.

President’s Message - May 2010

Ladies we are looking at a summer with a number of projects needing our attention and our time. A top priority has to be from now to the ballot boxes; first in June and then in November That means the need to staff the office, work as needed on phone calling, helping on candidate fund raisers as individuals, registering voters, and helping to get out the vote. Please call me at 268-0101 or Debbie Walker at 441-1126 and tell us what you would like to do and what times suit you best We have kicked off our Big Ticket Sale. This event drew a lot of interest last year when we offered for the first time a gas grill as a Grand Prize. Again this year we have exceptional prizes offered in first, second, and third places. First Prize is an overnight stay at Benbow Inn and two rounds of golf, Second Prize is a gift basket from Blue Lake Casino, and Third Prize is a gift basket from Cher ae Heights Casino. Tickets sell for $15 and the funds are targeted for our scholarship fund and for community outreach projects. Drawing will be held at our June 17 gen- eral meeting.

Consider the possibility of giving our cookbook as a thoughtful gift for summer birthdays. This is a gift with a long life. Books will be avail- able at the May20 meeting Call if you need copies: Kathy Rodriguez @839-8105, Lynda Pozel@ 442-1283 or Colleen Hedrick @268-0101.

Our coupon collecting for military families is an ongoing project that is booming. Please bring your coupons to the next meeting and give them to Chris Wennerholm, our Americanism Chairman. She not only sends them to military bases but does a tally on the dollar amount the coupons offer to families that in some cases function below poverty level. Lend a hand if you can please. You are sure to like yourself better for the ef- fort.

Our business directory project and the care home project will be getting underway in the near future. If there are jobs you would be willing to lend a hand please do call me. We will be much pleased to have your help.

Republican Volunteer of the Year Promotes Membership Drive

The April Republican of the Year event at the Ingomar Club brought recognition to Colleen Hedrick, President of Humboldt Republican Women Federated (HRWF) when she was named Republican Volunteer of the Year.

Hedrick, currently in her second term of office, cited the strength, capabilities, and ―drop of a hat support of the club‘s membership as essential to the success of the organization. She said the organization is in initial stages of membership enrollment and aiming to maintain its position as one of the top two clubs in California in its member count which typically exceeds 250 members.

The club ̳s emphasis on members ̳ consistent pursuit of functioning as activists by contacting those in government to question, protest, and sometimes to praise goes along with the organization ̳s primary purpose to keep members informed, Hedrick said. Educational purposes extended to the community through the purchase of books for fifth and eighth grade classrooms and for school libraries. Further community services include food drives, collections for local women‘s shelters, donations to the military, phone banks to get out the vote, informative programs, and presentation of candidates. Hedrick said ,―These actions were among those that brought the club the Diamond Award which is the highest award given to a Republican Women‘s Club.

Club goals named by Hedrick include the establishment of a scholarship program, a visitation project for care homes, helping the formation of a Southern Humboldt Republican Women‘s Club, and continuing community outreach. She added that the club will welcome registered Republicans and those who wish to be registered as new members of the club. Annual dues are $30. Interested persons may call Terry Roberts, 599-3255. Debbie Walker, 441-1126. or Colleen Hedrick, 268-0101.

From the May Issue of the Redwood Alert