Saturday, September 3, 2011

For Sarah Palin, the game is still on

Sarah Palin gives a rousing non-campaign campaign speech in Iowa - LA Times
Today, Saturday, Sept. 3, is three years to the day from Palin's rousing speech at the 2008 Republican National Convention, which launched her into national prominence. As on that night, Palin opted for a light-colored top. But in Iowa, it was not an oyster-colored silk designer jacket, but a rib-knit cream sweater. And if you didn't know Palin hadn't yet announced, you'd be forgiven for thinking she's knee-deep in the race.
Sarah Palin Talks About Her ‘Plan’ but Does Not Announce in Iowa - ABC
Palin says ‘room for more’ in GOP race
For Sarah Palin, the game is still on - Politico (image source)
Sarah Palin’s Appearance in Iowa Leaves Supporters Exhorting Her to Run - Bloomberg
Sarah Palin Rallies Tea Party Supporters - C-SPAN (video starts automatically)
Sarah Palin Fires Up Crowd At Tea Party Rally: ‘Polls Are For Strippers And Cross-Country Skiiers’ - Mediaite
Sarah Palin Lays Out Her Views in Tea Party Speech, Without Formally Announcing 2012 Candidacy - International Business Times

The threat of her candidacy, itself, is something which conservatives should relax and enjoy fully, until such time as she declares that phase concluded - Smitty at The Other McCain

Transcript: Sarah Palin's Iowa speech - Charlie Spiering/Washington Examiner

The Obama administration has turned out to be a bitter disappointment, and Democrats aren’t taking it well.

An ardent Obama supporter said yesterday, “why doesn’t he just fight” and that about says it all. The latest kerfuffle over the timing of what is supposed to be a major speech on jobs broke down into a sandbox spat.
The idea that Obama isn’t “fighting” is the current meme on the Left. In fact, he has been furiously jamming a left-wing agenda down the throats of the American people for the last 2 1/2 years, and is now starting to back off only because he hopes to have some chance of being re-elected by an increasingly hostile electorate. conclude, let’s just focus on CBS News’s claim that Obama’s new proposals–whatever they may turn out to be–are “too important to wait another day.” If those proposals are so important, where have they been for the last 2 1/2 years? Or, to be more cruel, where were they last week when Obama was vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard? “Too important to wait another day?” Tell that to the president.

Memo to Dems: Dump Obama before it’s too late - Daily Caller

Perry’s ‘loser pays’ is an economic winner

New Texas law expected to reduce unjustified lawsuits - Washington Times

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sadly, the fact that zero jobs were created last month is only fitting for this administration, which is led by a President with zero leadership, zero plans, zero results and zero understanding of basic economics. And the American people are worse off because of it.”

Herman Cain Responds to August Job Numbers

“We learned today that not a single job was created during the month of August in the United States of America. In the land of endless opportunity and abundant freedom, the very promise that has inspired generations of industrious and innovative people seems to be dwindling away.

After trillions in government spending and empty promises, 14 million American workers are unemployed, with millions more underemployed. These are people, not statistics. They are families struggling to put food on the table, send their kids to school and keep the lights on. They are our family members, friends and neighbors.

Sadly, the fact that zero jobs were created last month is only fitting for this administration, which is led by a President with zero leadership, zero plans, zero results and zero understanding of basic economics. And the American people are worse off because of it.”

Herman Cain

Other responses:
Marco Rubio
Rick Perry

What a difference four years makes:

‘Lots of Talk, No Action’ - Ed Driscoll at Pajamas Media

Inquiring minds want to know: Why did green-jobs bust Solyndra get a gigantic federal loan?

The White House insists it didn’t intervene with DOE on Solyndra’s behalf, but - HotAir

House investigators said they have uncovered evidence that White House officials became personally involved in an Energy Department review of a hot-button $535 million loan guarantee to the now-failed California solar company Solyndra…

“We have learned from our investigation that White House officials monitored Solyndra’s application and communicated with [Department of Energy] and Office of Management and Budget officials during the course of their review,” the letter says… ◼ More at National Review
Teapot Solyndra - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

Welcome Eureka's new City Attorney, Cyndy Day-Wilson.

Cyndy Day-Wilson, an attorney out of Bonita in San Diego County, penned the contract with the city earlier today, a hire which will be confirmed by the City Council next Tuesday. - Humboldt Sentinel

White House already lowering expectations for the big speech on Thursday

Everyone’s going to be watching as he finally rolls out the big plan! Except … he isn’t, it turns out. He’s only going to roll out part of it. - HorAIR

Aides say Thursday’s speech will be part of a bigger plan the White House will roll out throughout the fall with the president hitting the road for speeches and town hall appearances. Aides have already confirmed that Obama will be traveling to California, Colorado, and Washington state for one three-day swing later this month that will include economic events as well as some fundraising.

What'a happening with Chicago Republicans...'s a fun site.

Job Growth: ZERO

Economy Gains No Jobs in August, Rate Holds at 9.1% - CNBC via Drudge
US economy created no job growth in August, data show - First time since 1945 that government has reported net monthly job change of zero - MSNBC
Job growth grinds to a halt in August - Yahoo
Employers Add No Net Jobs in Aug.; Rate Unchanged - ABC
Obama: No comment, off to presidential retreat... - Politisite
Dow Drops 200, Led by BofA, After Jobs News - CNBC

‘Missed It By That Much, Chief’ - The Other McCain
Herman Cain Slams Obama on Jobs: ‘Zero Leadership, Zero Plans, Zero Results and Zero Understanding of Basic Economics’ - The Other McCain
Santelli blasts Obama on weak jobs report: ‘Shame on him’ - Daily Caller has put forth a plan to avert the referendum to overturn a new tax law that is ready to qualify for the next election.

Despite Amazon’s Move, History Says We’re in for a Ballot Brawl - Fox&Hounds

RedState: The Horserace for September 2, 2011

Let’s go through all the candidates today. All of them.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"It's not going to be a 'Morning in America' campaign, it's going to be a darkness at midnight campaign about the Republicans."

Fineman: Dems Tell Me Campaign Will Be A "Down And Dirty" Attack (Video) - Real Clear Politics

"It's not going to be a 'Morning in America' campaign, it's going to be a darkness at midnight campaign about the Republicans. it's going to be about the fact that the Republicans in Congress pushed Paul Ryan's bill Medicare, about how they pushed Cut, Cap and Balance. It's about how Republicans wanted to dismantle Wall Street reform. It's going to be about how the Republican presidential candidates have embraced the Tea Party."

"Those are going to be the two central messages of a campaign that's mostly going to be about attack. I think this is -- just like 2008 was in some respects an uplifting campaign, from both sides, this one is going to be down and dirty from the beginning from both sides."

Shocking: Secret Document: Only 4% of NEA Dues Dollars Dedicated to ‘Improve Teaching’

(A) secret union document reveals that the NEA’s commitment to “improv(ing) teaching and learning” works out to a paltry $7.44 per member every year. - Kyle Olson at Breitbart's Big Government

‘Obama Clock’ climbs iPhone reference app chart

An “Obama Clock” app is jockeying for position with National Geographic’s World Atlas atop the iTunes app store’s reference best-seller list, partly because conservatives are eager to monitor President Barack Obama’s skidding approval numbers and shrinking calendar, says the app’s designer. - Yahoo
Get The App (No Android version yet)

Poll: 65% Give Obama Thumbs Down On Economy

Just 28% Of Americans Polled Say Things Are Going Well - CNN Political Unit

"...Two-thirds of Democrats continue to approve of Obama's economic record, but seven out of 10 independents disapprove. Not surprisingly, more than nine out of 10 Republicans also disapprove of how Obama is handling the economy..."

NBC News to Huntsman: Are Perry and Bachmann ‘Too Far Right to Beat Obama?’

After indulging Huntsmann in his usual cookie-cutter “I’m the moderate choice” responses Guthrie decided to cut to the chase and ask one of those biased questions that don’t actually require a response, because the actual intent of the journalist is to communicate a message to the audience - Larry O'Connor at Big Journalism

Top Huntsman aide departs during N.H. trip - Politico

Democrats Distancing Themselves From Obama

they are increasingly calculating how close is too close to an unpopular President Obama - National Journal

The president’s dismal poll ratings, should they continue into next year, could sink Democratic hopes for reclaiming ground in the House and retaining control of the Senate -- especially in battleground states and swing districts.

The Important Stuff: White House working to avoid clash with NFL's opening game

The Associated Press reported that White House officials were working on the precise timing of the speech in hopes of avoiding a conflict. -

Carney: Obama Recognizes "There Are Things He Can Do Without Congress And He Will Do Them"

with video - Real Clear Politics

Carney: Obama's New Jobs Plan Would Put Unemployment Below 9% - Real Clear Politics

New White House analysis: Unemployment should stay above 9% all next year - HotAir

Discover The Networks: Identifying George Soros’s Agendas


Each year, George Soros’s Open Society Institute donates scores of millions of dollars to left-wing advocacy groups. Discover The Networks has identified, with specificity, the major agendas that Soros and these organizations together promote.

Organizations Funded Directly by George Soros and his Open Society Institute

In addition to those organizations that are funded directly by George Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI), there are also numerous "secondary" or "indirect" affiliates of the Soros network. These include organizations which do not receive direct funding from Soros and OSI, but which are funded by one or more organizations that do.

Herman Cain: Recent Democratic Attacks on Tea Party 'Desperate,' Take Race Card to a 'New Low'

It was despicable. It was disgusting. And it was desperate. You see, the Democrats have no results to run on. They have no plans that are working. The president doesn't have any plans that working. He's broken a lot of promises. Herman Cain talks to Greta on FOX

Perry 44% Obama 41%; President Leads Other GOP Hopefuls

For the first time this year, Texas Governor Rick Perry leads President Obama in a national Election 2012 survey. Other Republican candidates trail the president by single digits. - Rasmussen

Sarah Palin’s Gift

It’s one of the reasons why the Republic primary campaign, which has the better part of a year to run, would be richer and more exciting were the Alert Alaskan to enter the fray, pressing for an approach to the issues on the basis of what she calls commonsense constitutional conservatism. - Editorial of The New York Sun

In our long newspaper life, we have covered a lot of brands of conservative — paleo-conservatism, neo-conservatism, supply-side-conservatism, Christian-conservatism, social conservatism, libertarian conservatism, compassionate conservatism. Even as we've been more enthusiastic about some than others, all of them have made important contributions. At the end of the day, though, we have yet to sense a more open and civil way for resolving our differences than in the idea of repairing for guidance to the constitutional contract that established our republic.

This is what we sometimes call Sarah Palin’s gift to the GOP. By branding as her own the phrase constitutional conservatism, the former governor of Alaska has opened up an approach to a host of issues facing our country in a way that pays homage to our deepest and noblest traditions. And in ways that may yet lead to adjustments by both sides, on questions as diverse as, say, immigration, monetary policy, gay marriage, the deficit, the war, education, regulation, and crime, to name but a few of the issues on which the country is divided and on which the constitution contains language that may steer us to tranquil shores.

No doubt other Republicans can also bow this violin, meaning they have either marked some of the constitutional points or are capable of doing so. We comprehend that some — Governors Perry and Romney, among them — have greater governmental experience than Mrs. Palin. But it has been Mrs. Palin who has brought the idea of constitutional conservative to the fore. She has done this through the Tea Party, through her bus tour, through her speeches, and her postings at Facebook. We are not making an endorsement here, merely saying that the race — our country’s politics — would be enriched were she to throw her hat into the ring as a candidate.

‘There is no secret, brilliant strategy. This White House is in a bubble.’

We’ll see what Obama offers on Thursday night, but many of us feel like we’ve heard it all before - Jim Geraghty/National Review Online

We’ll see what Obama offers on Thursday night, but many of us feel like we’ve heard it all before: “I inherited this,” “prevented another Great Depression,” “saved or created,” “green jobs,” “repair our crumbling roads and bridges,” “winning the future,” “we can’t afford not to invest in” blah, blah, blah. Never mind that just weeks ago, Obama was promising a “very specific plan.”

Gov. Jon Huntsman's jobs plan: 'Straightforward and common sense'

Republican former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman jumped to the front of the line and issued his jobs plan. - LA Times

Another former governor, Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, will soon be issuing his. And after some fumbled negotiations in public, House Speaker John Boehner and the Obama White House agreed last evening that 137 weeks into his administration, the president will speak to a joint session of Congress with his latest plan to create jobs.

If the past nearly 32 months are any indication, none of them will pass, work or matter. Unemployment, which was supposed to stay beneath 8% if we threw $787 billion in stimnulus money at it, is now 9.1%. Consumer confidence has tanked. Economic growth is virtually stagnant.

Except for jobs plan speechwriters. They are in huge demand. This morning we have here first some excerpts from Huntsman's speech Wednesday.

Minutes after his Sept. 8 address to Congress is set, Obama bashes both houses

Within minutes of agreeing with congressional leaders Wednesday night on an address to a joint session next week, President Obama flashed out an email to millions of supporters criticizing the chambers, their members and vowing to pressure them to enact his as yet unspecified job creation ideas. - LA Times (photo source)
"It's been a long time since Congress was focused on what the American people need them to be focused on," the Democrat charged in an email with the subject line: "Frustrated."

It's not exactly clear how long "a long time" Obama was thinking of. But until midterm voters produced a historic House turnover to Republicans last November, Obama's Democratic Party controlled both houses with substantial majorities and gave him vast spending, reform and healthcare programs.

It was, at least in part, voter reaction to such legislation that produced the divided government in D.C. now.

Valerie Jarrett, Slumlord's Grove Parc Gets Fed $

Bailing out past mistakes with more of our dwindling taxpayer dollars. - Anne at Backyard Conservative

Jobs are not a commodity that can be manufactured by the government, to be showered upon a deserving populace as gifts. The Obama Administration always speaks of them in such terms, discussing “job creation” as if the government need only add a bit more water and fertilizer to make the American garden bloom with lush and vital employment.

Why Would You Hire Someone? Jobs are a relationship, not a commodity. - John Hayward at Human Events

Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown's Bizarre Take on Taxes

The frustration with the lack of success is pushing Brown to make more bizarre statements and propose more unfeasible ideas, and California continues to struggle with its ongoing bad policies. - Jarrett Stepman at Human Events

The fall of California and the breakdown of both its government and economy have been well-documented over time. The failed policies continue, and these days California Gov. Jerry Brown is using strange insults to get his high-tax agenda through the state legislature.

In an appearance he made in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Brown stated that he believes the Republican Party’s resistance to infrastructure projects and taxes is ridiculous.

Brown said, “It's dangerous, it's shortsighted. But it's a product of this notion that taxes are like some kind of a sexually transmitted disease, and government is all the problem.”

Obama and the Burden of Exceptionalism

Post-'60s liberals, with the president as their standard bearer, seek to make a virtue of decline. - Shelby Steele for The Wall St. Journal

This is the piece Rush was talking about.
America seems to be facing a pivotal moment: Do we move ahead by advancing or by receding—by reaffirming the values that made us exceptional or by letting go of those values, so that a creeping mediocrity begins to spare us the burdens of greatness?

As a president, Barack Obama has been a force for mediocrity. He has banked more on the hopeless interventions of government than on the exceptionalism of the people. His greatest weakness as a president is a limp confidence in his countrymen.

Gibson Guitars CEO on DOJ bullies: “[S]macks of something from an Orwell novel”

Gibson Guitars CEO on DOJ bullies: “[S]macks of something from an Orwell novel” - Michelle Malkin
One last detail of note: The article opens by observing that Gibson’s past alliances with left-wing enviro groups like Greenpeace didn’t stop the eco-nitwits from going after the company.

There’ an object lesson here for other businesses small and large: Don’t delude yourself into thinking you can buy permanent immunity from Big Green or Big Government. You can’t.

Don’t think of it as the federal government but as your “federal family.”

FEMA'S use of term 'federal family' for government expands under Obama - PalmBeachPost
“Under the direction of President Obama and Secretary Janet Napolitano, the entire federal family is leaning forward to support our state, tribal and territorial partners along the East Coast,” a FEMA news release declared Friday as Irene churned toward landfall.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Panic Nation

...Hurricane Irene is just another entry in the non-stop shriek of media driven panic. - SultanKnish

The news cycle is fed by three main types of stories, salacious gossip, horrible tragedies and panic stories. All three are culturally destructive, but the third is the most insidious because it contains a germ of truth that is inflated to spread panic. Hurricanes are dangerous, so are child molesters and the swine flu-- but they are also elements in a news cycle that is intended to induce a state of permanent panic...

Media driven panics agitate the public and encourage politicians to cluelessly leap on the bandwagon with bad policies. Then when the policies fail, the media blasts the politicians, feeding a backlash to a mess that it created. And when the politicians go back to ignoring the problem, they run alarmist stories and the cycle repeats itself...

One-child policy a surprising boon for China girls

Since 1979, China's family planning rules have barred nearly all urban families from having a second child in a bid to stem population growth. With no male heir competing for resources, parents have spent more on their daughters' education and well-being, a groundbreaking shift after centuries of discrimination. - AP

...Still, 43 million girls have "disappeared" in China due to gender-selective abortion as well as neglect and inadequate access to health care and nutrition, the United Nations estimated in a report last year. Read the whole thing

Report: Palin headed to New Hampshire after tea-party speech in Iowa this weekend

Report: Palin headed to New Hampshire after tea-party speech in Iowa this weekend - HotAir

via Lucianne

"I used to be a Democrat," said a quiet older gentleman who declined to give his name, sitting with his wife outside Wilson's home. "I come from a long line of Democrats. I have to say I couldn't be more disappointed in this president's job so far."

Battlegrounds of resentment - PittsburghLive

What White House strategists don't get: As Americans struggle with uncertainty, they believe Obama is not providing real solutions -- and that he is part of the partisan bickering, or using his "bully pulpit" to instigate it.

What both sides' strategists don't get about the 2012 election: It is not the same as the 2010 midterms.

That cycle was a collective outcry to lessen one party's power and halt Obama's policies. The next is personal, about home, pocketbook and family, and ensuring a less uncertain future.

Gallup: Obama’s Approval Hits All-Time Low of 41 Percent Among Women

Obama’s approval has dropped 11 points among women over the past three months. In the last week of May, according to the Gallup poll, the president’s approval among females was at 52 percent. - CNS News

...Gallup polling last week showed that only 41 percent of women now say they approve of the way Obama is handling his job as president. That is an all-time low--down from the previous low of 43 percent, which is what Obama’s approval had been among women in each of the previous three weeks.

...Obama’s approval among women peaked at 70 percent in the week of Jan. 26-Feb. 1, 2009, his first full week in office.


Hillbuzz: Why calling the Left out on its hypocrisy matters, whenever hypocrisy happens

I can’t repeat this enough to all of you out there: it really is time to stop being afraid, because while the Left can and will come after us on individual levels for taking on these assorted horcruxes, the Left cannot destroy us all. Fear of these reprisals keep millions of people quiet…which means no one ever really knows just how many of us are out there who see the Left for what it really is. - Hillbuzz

ACTION ITEM: Identify the horcurxes the Left relies on to maintain power

...I’ve written for a while about how much the Left relies on identity-based goon squads to attack conservatives and Christians along ethnic, cultural, and religious lines…to distract from substantive arguments at hand and instead degenerate things into bullying shouting matches.

It reminds me of the horcruxes in the Harry Potter books, which the evil Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters relied upon to keep Voldemort alive and his power flowing. The horcruxes were cursed objects containing bits of Voldemort’s soul, hidden throughout the Potterverse, many of them prestigious items with historical meaning.

I really see the Left in these terms — and believe the Left’s power is vested in certain things that have never been addressed simultaneously for what they really are....

Obama has sent a request for a Joint Session of Congress appearance, this time to deliver his jobs speech. And guess what, he asked for it the night of a previously scheduled Republican primary debate

Just say No to Obama Joint Session of Congress campaign speech - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
President Obama has requested a joint session of Congress next week to deliver his jobs speech directly to lawmakers. - The Hill
Asked whether the speech was purposefully scheduled the same night as the Republican debate, White House press secretary Jay Carney said "of course not." ..."It is coincidental," said Carney, who explained that a number of considerations were taken into account when Obama settled on Sept. 7.

CRP Fall Convention 2011 - September 16-18

at the JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. LIVE (details at the link)

Dear Fellow Republican,

On behalf of the California Republican Party, I would like to invite you to join us in reshaping the political landscape at our upcoming Fall Convention, held at L.A. Live at the JW Marriott, September 16-18. It's a new day in California politics, and you can be a part of it.

We're ushering in a new era, broadening our communications strategy and reaching out to previously ignored voters in order to spread our message and inspiring a new generation of Republicans. We're leaving our comfort zones and moving forward to success.

As part of this exciting new initiative, the CRP will feature a number of workshops and events the Fall Convention tailored toward building our party for a stronger future. One event I'm especially looking forward to is our partnership with Univision, the world’s largest Spanish-language network, to host a Spanish-language version of our "California Speaks Out" town hall meetings at the convention.

Come to L.A. this September and be part of the excitement. You can access all the important deadlines, sign up forms and hotel registration information from the panel on the right, and bear in mind that all convention related materials will be accessible online only.

This convention is also an excellent opportunity to help identify the leaders of the future. You will be able to network with like-minded individuals, attend workshops designed to hone your political skills, and say goodbye to “politics as usual.” Thank you for helping us to welcome the future of the Republican Party in California – we look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles.

Tom Del Beccaro
Chairman California Republican Party

Video: Dems accuse Tea Party of wanting minorities “hanging on a tree,” “at war” with a black President

◼ Inciting race war: A top lawmaker in the Congressional Black Caucus says tea partiers on Capitol Hill would like to see African Americans hanging from trees and accuses the movement of wishing for a return to the Jim Crow era. - HotAir

“Some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me…hanging on a tree.” - Althouse
PICKET: Rep. West 'reconsiders' Congressional Black Caucus membership - Washington Times
Racist Congressional Black Caucus member shouts RAAACISM! some more — but, is anyone still listening to this garbage? - Hillbuzz

Obama administration sues to block AT&T – T-Mobile merger

The U.S. government sued to block AT&T’s proposed $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA Inc., saying the deal would “substantially lessen competition” in the wireless market.

The Justice Department complaint was filed today in federal court in Washington. The U.S. is seeking a declaration that Dallas-based AT&T’s takeover of T-Mobile, a unit of Deutsche Telekom AG (DTE), would violate U.S. antitrust law and a court order blocking any arrangement implementing the deal.
- HotAir
U.S. Files Antitrust Complaint to Block AT&T, T-Mobile Merger

The case is U.S. v. AT&T Inc., 11-01560, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (Washington).

Despite reports: Palin’s Saturday Speech Still On

Sarah Palin has not canceled her keynote speech for the Tea Party of America’s Saturday rally in Indianola, Iowa, according to the event’s organizers. - ABC
Sarah Palin Appearance at Tea Party Rally in Iowa ‘No Longer Confirmed’ (This post has been since been corrected.) - WSJ

Brutal: Consumer confidence plunges almost 15 points in August, back to April 2009 levels

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index®, which had improved slightly in July, plummeted in August. The Index now stands at 44.5 (1985=100), down from 59.2 in July. - HotAir

Obama: Republicans Are Not Responsive to Public Opinion – That’s Why They’re Unpopular

Barack Obama was on with radio host Tom Joyner today. During the interview Obama explined to Joyner that the reason Republicans are unpopular is because they “have not been very responsive to public opinion” and “that is the reason they are unpopular today.” - Gateway Pundit

For the record… Republicans currently hold a nine point lead over democrats on the generic Congressional ballot.

Transcript: Obama on ‘The Tom Joyner Morning Show’ - Washington Post
Obama Appears on Radio Show, Blames Bush, Tells Audience to 'Mobilize' - FOX

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ironic, isn’t it? When Warren Buffett penned that op-ed demanding he be taxed more, we assumed that meant he had actually paid his taxes.


Perry on Obama: How “smart” do you have to be to let the economy get this bad?

What makes this reply so effective, of course, isn’t merely that it puts O on the defensive about his greatest vulnerability; it’s that it plays into a broader public contempt for all things D.C. - HotAir

Observing 9/11 Without God

◼ Besides what's happening with Bloomberg: Earlier this month, the ACLU managed to scare off a Florida panhandle community town from providing insurance for a rally honoring the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Why? Because God is in the mix. - Townhall

Elections expert who’s called every presidential race since ’84: Obama will win

“Even if I am being conservative, I don’t see how Obama can lose,” says Lichtman, the brains behind The Keys to the White House… - HotAir

Despite Keys, Obama Is No Lock - Nate Silver/New York Times

Meeting this Thursday

Humboldt County Republican Central Committee Meeting
Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 6 p.m. *
*Executive Committee meets at 5:30 p.m.

Next Central Committee meeting: 6 p.m., Thursday, October 6, 2011
at the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District

Obama’s proposed regulations would cost at least $38 billion per year and could cost as much as $100 billion annually

President Obama told Speaker John A. Boehner in a letter Tuesday that his administration is considering seven regulations that would each cost the U.S. economy more than $1 billion per year, although he added that these rules are “merely proposed.” - Dave Boyer-The Washington Times

All told, the seven proposed rules cited by Mr. Obama would cost companies at least $38 billion per year and could cost as much as $100 billion annually....

Mr. Boehner wrote to the president last Friday, asking for an accounting of proposed rules that would cost more than $1 billion annually. “The economy cannot withstand the barrage of major new federal regulations planned by the administration,” Mr. Boehner said.

When they return to work in Washington next week, House Republicans plan to focus on cutting government red tape as a way to promote job creation.

Tip of the ‘Jobs Plan’ Iceberg Arrives: More Regulations - Michelle Malkin

GOP Challenges White House on Planned Spike in Costly New Job-Crushing Regulations -

Pelosi: The Rich Wont Pay Taxes Because They Want To Be Immortal

◼ Ironic: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's net worth skyrocketed 62% last year, to a jaw-dropping $35.2 million - NY Daily News
Nancy Pelosi Reported Net Up 50% in One Year = Pelosi, who ranks among the 50 richest Members of Congress, reported $43.45 million in minimum assets, according to financial disclosure reports released Wednesday. That marks an increase of more than $13 million in assets from 2009. - bluegrasspundit

Poll: Obamacare support at all time low

A plurality of Americans, 47%, believe the law "won't make much difference" in their own lives while 31% believe it will help and 14% say it will hurt.- Conn Carroll/Washington Examiner

Americans' opinion of Obamacare has reached an all-time post-passage low according to the Kaiser Health Tracking poll. Only 39% of those surveyed have a favorable view of the law, two points below the previous nadir of 41% first set in May 2010. Forty-four percent of Americans have an unfavorable view.

While there continues to be a sharp partisan divide over the law, the Kaiser poll shows Americans' views converging.


ATF head removed by DOJ after 'Fast and Furious' controversy - The Hill
The head of the ATF has been removed after months of speculation about his role in a botched gun-tracking operation that could have contributed to the death of a Border Patrol agent.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on Tuesday that acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Kenneth Melson was being replaced. Melson is being transferred to the Office of Legal Policy, where he will be a senior adviser.

U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota Todd Jones will take over as acting ATF director, according to the Department of Justice.

In a simultaneous move, the U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke announced his resignation on Tuesday. Burke oversaw the legal aspects of the "Fast and Furious" operation, providing advice to agents involved....

Melson's reassignment and Burke's resignation represent the first major investigative victory for Issa, who said he would continue to probe Justice and its botched gun-tracking operation.

“While the reckless disregard for safety that took place in Operation Fast and Furious certainly merits changes within the Department of Justice, the Oversight and Government Reform Committee will continue its investigation to ensure that blame isn’t offloaded on just a few individuals for a matter that involved much higher levels of the Justice Department,” Issa said in a statement.
Kenneth Melson, acting ATF chief, steps down - Politico
That Was Fast & Furious: U.S. Attorney For Arizona, Dennis Burke Resigns -
Key "Gun Walker" Figure Loses Top ATF Job - John Hayward at Human Events
Melson is well-known to students of the massive “Gun Walker” scandal, in which the ATF pushed American guns across the border into the hands of Mexican gangs. He was long viewed as the designated fall guy for the Administration, and was widely expected to resign and contain the damage when the scandal broke.

Instead, Melson wound up testifying before congressional investigators, in a surprise Fourth of July appearance. He went on to complain that the Justice Department had misled him about right to testify without DOJ supervision.

Rep. Darrell Issa and Senator Charles Grassley, the lead investigators of the Gun Walker case, were not happy that “Justice Department officials sought to limit and control [Melson’s] communications with Congress.” They went on to warn Attorney General Eric Holder against attempting to retaliate against Melson, or other Gun Walker witnesses.

It's not clear how enthusiastic Melson might be for his new job. The Politico report notes that despite his cooperation, the House Oversight investigation into Gun Walker didn't make him look good... read the rest

Ron Paul Interview On Fox News Sunday

No one has made more money from climate change hype than Gore

Perry Vs. Gore - IBD Editorials

Financial disclosure documents released before the 2000 election put the Gore family's net worth at $1 million to $2 million. A mere decade later, estimates are that he is worth $100 million. He's been touted in the press as one day becoming the first "carbon billionaire."

Monday, August 29, 2011

A green jobs program in one of America's greenest cities is being called a bust 16 months after a $20 million federal grant to weatherize homes in Seattle ended up putting just 14 people to work in mostly administrative jobs and upgrading only three homes in the area.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says it's too early to declare the program a failure. - FOX

...Myers and others say the biggest problem with the program is government is trying to create a market that consumers don't want. The average homeowner in the U.S. pays about $2,000 a year for energy.

The weatherization upgrades are aimed at saving 15 percent on energy consumption. If the retrofit costs $10,000 even with all the government incentives, it will take over 30 years to pay off through lower energy bills.

"The problem is the policies the politicians choose, whether green jobs or retrofits, are based on appearance," Myers said. "They choose things that look good, rather than what's best for the environment." read the rest

One in four Democrats wants to dump Obama

link - Byron York/Washington Examiner

A new poll by CNN and ORC International finds that 27 percent of Democrats would like to see their party nominate a candidate other than Barack Obama for president in 2012.

In response to the question, "Do you think the Democratic party should renominate Barack Obama as the party's candidate for president in 2012, or do you think the Democratic party should nominate a different candidate for president in 2012?" -- 72 percent said they wanted to see Obama renominated. But 27 percent, slightly more than one in every four, said they wanted to see Democrats nominate a different candidate. One percent had no opinion.

Organizers of Wausau's Labor Day parade say Republican lawmakers aren't welcome in this year's event.

NEW INFO: Wausau Mayor: Labor Day Organizers Should Include Republicans -

Wausau Mayor Jim Tipple Releases Statement:

August 29, 2011- The City is a co-sponsor of the Labor Day parade event, because we provided the payment for the insurance premium for the event, and we agreed to erect a stage and provide city services at no cost to the Marathon County Central Labor Council.

The banning of a political party from participation at any event co-sponsored by the City is against public policy and not in the best interest of all the citizens of the City of Wausau. And therefore, we encourage the event organizer to invite all interested parties, or reimburse the city for other costs.

Perry’s ease on the stump rivals Bill Clinton’s

While some wonder whether Gov. Rick Perry’s red-hot rise in the polls may cool as quickly as the fortunes of Fred Thompson and Wes Clark before him, others see a more apt comparison to a different late-starting candidate. - San Antonio Express-News

He was a governor and natural politician with a knack for working the crowds. He was late to join what was seen as a less-than-stirring field, and he had a laser focus on the economy. Perry might not appreciate his politics, but he’d sure like to emulate how Bill Clinton changed his address in 1992.

“Perry wouldn’t necessarily like the comparison, but he may turn out to be the Republican Bill Clinton for ’12,” said Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia.

Is Barack buddy Buffett betting on bank bailout?

If you're looking for proof that Too Big to Fail is still alive, and that Washington won't leave large financial institutions to the mercies of capitalism, consider billionaire Obama fundraiser Warren Buffett's $5 billion bet on struggling Bank of America. - Timothy P. Carney/Washington Examiner

Buffett, who recently won plaudits for advocating higher taxes, has spent four years betting on bailouts and big government -- and tilting the playing field in that direction by putting his money and prestige at the service of Barack Obama....

By putting $5 billion in B of A, Buffett seems to be following his mantra: "Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful." But does the Oracle of Omaha, as he did in 2008, find his courage in the promise of a bailout? And does he have good reason to expect one?

Last week, when Buffett spoke with Obama and decided to invest in Bank of America, we learned that he is hosting another Obama fundraiser. This all sounds familiar.

It's beginning to look a lot like 2008, which is bad news economically -- unless you know how to profit off bailouts.

Warren Buffett, hypocrite - NY Post via Drudge

This one’s truly, uh ... rich: Billionaire Warren Buffett says folks like him should have to pay more taxes -- but it turns out his firm, Berkshire Hathaway, hasn’t paid what it’s already owed for years.

Romney: Obama a DDD Presidency for Debt, Downgrade, Delay

“You’ve got 25 million people out of work right now Mr. President, out of work or in part time jobs needing full time work or the stopped looking for work,” Romney said. “You shouldn’t be on the vineyard playing golf. You should be doing your job putting Americans back to work.” - CNS News

Times-Standard Toasts Republican Assemblyman Stephen Knight

* A great big toast to Republican Assemblyman Stephen Knight of Lancaster and the state Senate for passing his bill that requires all public colleges and universities in California to reimburse students who have to drop out when they are placed on active military duty. Question is: Why was a bill necessary to begin with?

Huntsman scores another South Carolina endorsement

Jon Huntsman will appear at the South Carolina Statehouse Monday to announce an endorsement from the state’s Attorney General, Alan Wilson, CNN reported. - Daily Caller

Bush Recalls Morning of 9-11

President Bush Looks Back - National Geographic

Herman Cain Wins Georgia GOP straw poll

Georgia native and tea party favorite Herman Cain edged out libertarian Ron Paul at the GOP annual fish fry down in Perry on Saturday. - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney finished a surprisingly distant fifth, behind Texas Gov. Rick Perry and another Georgia favorite, former U.S. House speaker Newt Gingrich. Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann also had a weak showing.

California’s Gardasil mandate moves forward

◼ Michelle Malkin: The California legislature is quietly pushing forward with a sweeping proposal to mandate that Gardasil — the vaccine marketed as a shield against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) — can be dispensed by the state to children as young as 12 without the permission of their parents.

...the legislation had been voted out of the state Senate Appropriations Committee by 6-3. There were no witnesses or testimony at the hearing. The bill, AB 499, had previously been suspended over cost concerns. Now, it is expected to head quickly to the Senate floor for a full vote this week and supporters believe Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown will sign it.

Time for a “Gee, aren’t Republicans dumb” meme

It’s like clockwork. As soon as a Republican primary season starts to heat up, the national media likes to uncase its three narratives about presidential contenders. They’re either weird (Romney), scary (Bachmann), or idiots. Guess who gets the idiot treatment this time? - HotAir

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The hope and change hangover

link - Hugh Hewitt/Washington Examiner

National excess, like individual overindulgence, leads to uncomfortable aftereffects and even deeply painful ones.
The "hope and change hangover" the country is experiencing is 100 percent the consequence of the policies adopted in 2007 and 2008 by President Obama in concert with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Even the recession bequeathed to this trio of massive spenders combined with the dire consequences of the Panic of 2008 did not oblige the country to struggle through the dreariest recovery in modern times.

This is an Obama-made becalming of the economic waters, an inevitability when Obamacare, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reforms, an out-of-control federal regulatory blob consisting of the Environmental Protection Agency, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Department of Interior and more, combined with massive deficits to create the perfect storm for the private sector.

Discussion at Lucianne

Eighteen (18) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry (Update)

Since he’s been Governor of Texas for over ten years, folks from the other “56 states” are asking Texans what kind of governor he’s been and what we think. - Redstate

While researching Perry’s pros and cons, I’ve read every article and blog post that I could find – over several weeks. Many of those posts had 2-300 comments associated with them – I read them all.

After reading literally thousands of comments, it’s become apparent that there are quite a lot of anti-Perry activists out there throwing all sorts of disparaging rhetorical crap against the wall in hopes that some will stick and they can influence someone, anyone, to become anti-Perry too. The unfortunate thing is that most of their negative statements are either completely false, at worst, or misleading, at best. They’re simply parroting something they saw on another hater’s blog. Yet they maintain that they are the knowledgeable ones and those supporting Perry are ignorant clods who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time – “ignorant” is an adjective that they like to use a lot. read the whole thing...

Rick Perry's surge may force Mitt Romney to shift gears - LA Times
Rick Perry has distanced himself from George W. Bush’s brand of conservatism - Washington Post

Obama Job Approval Down to 38% - Disapprove 55%

Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval

Survey: Women, youth drift away from Obama

Republicans advocates say they’re winning over women, youth and blue-collar voters partly because Obama’s government-focused economic policies have failed to reduce the unemployment rate. - Daily Caller

A critical bloc of Democratic-aligned voters has lurched away from President Barack Obama’s campaign and won’t come back until Democrats develop a new “narrative,” warns a new survey by a Democratic polling firm.

The bloc of “unmarried women, people of color, and younger voters — comprises a rapidly growing majority of the eligible voting population in this country … [but they] are not hearing an economic narrative that speaks to their problems and concerns or convinces them that their leaders have the ability to solve those problems,” says the Aug. 24 report titled “Creating a New Economic Narrative; Engaging the Rising American Electorate for 2012.”...

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign’s Project Vote effort says it will work to ”engage key demographic groups, such as African Americans, Women, Youth, Latinos, LGBT, Veterans, Asian Americans and others.”

Obama Losing More of His Base Going Into 2012 - Lou Dobbs
Obama’s targeted groups are not enthused … -

The ugly protest at Wisconsin’s Messmer Catholic School over Walker visit

It got ugly on the street outside the facility, which is no surprise, since Messmer is a “choice school” — an alternative to the union-gripped public school system. - HotAir

It’s an alternative that sends 85% of its high-school graduates to college. It’s also no surprise that “choice schools” threaten the union’s power in the state, which gave them extra added incentive to protest Walker’s visit … and to attempt to intimidate Messmer staff while doing so. The video provides a jarring disconnect between the well-behaved students on the inside and Brother Bob’s explanation of teaching positive discipline and self-control to the self-indulgent nastiness taking place on the sidewalk outside.