Saturday, November 26, 2016

Jill Stein is nothing more than a Clinton scam artist. Her strategy is obvious given she doesn't contest any states won by Hillary.

Scourge of Cuba finally gone at 90: Fidel Castro dead

Australia just suspended grants to the Clinton Foundation--nothing there worth buying anymore

Protected forests in Europe felled to meet EU renewable targets – report

...Protected forests are being indiscriminately felled across Europe to meet the EU’s renewable energy targets, according to an investigation by the conservation group Birdlife.

Up to 65% of Europe’s renewable output currently comes from bioenergy, involving fuels such as wood pellets and chips, rather than wind and solar power.

Bioenergy fuel is supposed to be harvested from residue such as forest waste but, under current legislation, European bioenergy plants do not have to produce evidence that their wood products have been sustainably sourced.

Birdlife found logging taking place in conservation zones such as Poloniny national park in eastern Slovakia and in Italian riverside forests around Emilia-Romagna, where it said it had been falsely presented as flood-risk mitigation....

The GOP’s Future Is as the Party of Industry

“Were the full #StandingRock story to be heard, much, if not all, of that sympathy would vanish.” What the DAPL protesters aren't telling you

With the help of celebrities and professional activists, protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota attracted international attention. The shouting and violence have drawn sympathy from people who are hearing only one side of the story — the one told by activists.

Were the full story to be heard, much, if not all, of that sympathy would vanish.

The activists tell an emotionally charged tale of greed, racism and misbehavior by corporate and government officials. But the real story of the Dakota Access Pipeline was revealed in court documents in September, and it is nothing like the activists' tale. In fact, it is the complete opposite.....

Friday, November 25, 2016

HM Treasury warned of 500,000 jobs lost if Britain voted for Brexit. Hammond has just admitted reverse is true: forecasts 500,000 MORE jobs.

Donald Trump just crossed over 300 votes in the Electoral College

Two weeks after Election Day, Donald Trump has won Michigan, the Detroit Free Press declared Wednesday night.

President-elect Donald Trump has named former Federal Election Commission Chairman Don McGahn as his White House Counsel.

Former Henry Kissinger aide K.T. McFarland to be Trump's deputy national security adviser

In the statement sent out by Trump's transition team, McFarland said she is "honored and humbled" to join his White House.

“The American people chose Donald J. Trump to lead them for a reason. He has the courage, brilliance and energy to Make America Great Again, and nobody has called foreign policy right more than President-elect Trump, and he gets no credit for it,” McFarland said.

If segregation were the answer to diversity and inclusion, millions of Americans had it wrong during the Civil Rights movement.

You would think that not many would conclude that the best way to increase diversity and inclusion on college campuses would be to facilitate and promote segregation in student housing. Yet, that conclusion has been reached by university administrators and segregated campus housing already exists or is coming to a California university near you.

While emphasizing diversity and inclusion on campus, segregated housing is being facilitated and promoted throughout the University of California and California State University systems.

The game plan for creation of segregated housing on campus is follows: The Black Student Union demands alternative housing for black students because of racially insensitive remarks and micro-aggressions on campus; a university committee is formed and agrees to provide the requested segregated housing; the segregated housing is made available by the university in the following semester; the segregated housing unit is given a non-multi-cultural welcoming name such as the Black Scholars Hall at UCI, the Afro House at Berkeley or the Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community at CSULA; a necessary pledge to live in this segregated housing requires each student to agree to participate in a multitude of cultural activities involving a single race and having nothing to do with their academic regimen; finding a university administrator to state “This community is open to all students. This living-learning community focuses on academic excellence and learning experiences that are inclusive and non-discriminatory”; and university administrators insuring that the university will refuse to collect and/or provide the racial makeup of any of the segregated housing units....

Segregation in campus housing is no more right today when demanded by minority groups than it was right in 1963 when demanded by a white majority. Shame on our universities....

Obama urged Clinton to concede on election night

...Obama’s call left a sour taste in the mouths of some Clinton allies who believe she should have waited longer, and there’s now a fight playing out between the Obama and Clinton camps over whether to support an effort to force the Rust Belt states to recount their votes...

At the time, campaign Chairman John Podesta, a former Obama White House official, had been dispatched to Clinton’s victory party at the Jacob Javits Center to deliver an anodyne statement leaving the result of the election unaddressed.

Before he returned, Clinton put an end to the debate among her inner circle by asking to talk to Trump.

“Just give me the phone,” she said in frustration. “I’m calling him.”

Trump Wants NASA Focused On Mars, Not Climate Change

Thursday, November 24, 2016

"When America is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach."

“We are very blessed to call this nation our home. And that is what America is: it is our home. It’s where we raise our families, care for our loved ones, look out for our neighbors, and live out our dreams.

It is my prayer, that on this Thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by a shared purpose and very, very common resolve.

In declaring this national holiday, President Lincoln called upon Americans to speak with ‘one voice and one heart. That’s just what we have to do.

We have just finished a long and bruising political campaign. Emotions are raw and tensions just don’t heal overnight. It doesn’t go quickly, unfortunately, but we have before us the chance now to make history together to bring real change to Washington, real safety to our cities, and real prosperity to our communities, including our inner cities. So important to me, and so important to our country. But to succeed, we must enlist the effort of our entire nation.

This historic political campaign is now over. Now begins a great national campaign to rebuild our country and to restore the full promise of America for all of our people. I am asking you to join me in this effort. It is time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. Because when America is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach, and I mean absolutely nothing.

Let us give thanks for all that we have, and let us boldly face the exciting new frontiers that lie ahead,” he said. “Thank you. God Bless You and God Bless America.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Leave Thanksgiving dinner alone! New York Times election discussion guide overlooks most important fact

Donald Trump Selects Nikki Haley as U.N. Ambassador…

Donald Trump Selects Betsy Devos as Education Secretary…

5 ways for the Trump White House to get tough on China trade without causing a trade war

Ben Carson HUD Chief...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

They're protesting against a hallucination they call "Trump" that has almost nothing to do with the man who is now the president-elect.

...Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip. Adams, at his blog, has been providing some of the most original and most penetrating commentary on the whole Trump phenomenon.

I was, I admit, a little taken aback when I first encountered his description of Trump as a "Master Persuader" (see here, for example, or here), but the more I think about it, the more right I think he is. Trump on the stump was not articulate in any traditional sense. He was repetitious, digressive, given to stumbling about in sentence fragments. But he honed a message that resonated deeply with the voters.

Adams noted the following in a column posted yesterday:
If you believe Trump’s skill for persuasion wasn’t the key variable in his win, you have to imagine some other candidate beating Clinton with the same set of policies as Trump. Personally, I can’t imagine it.
I commend Adams' blog to you: among other things, he shows that the people who are protesting against Trump are not really protesting against Trump.

They're protesting against a hallucination they call "Trump" that has almost nothing to do with the man who is now the president-elect....

Welcome to Trump Territory - Robert Stacy McCain

...Somebody needs to tell these young kids the truth, i.e., your Republican grandma is not a Nazi, and Trump is not Hitler. Also, while we’re speaking truth, capitalism works and socialism fails, and maybe if you kids would stop moping and whining about how “oppressed” you are, you could get a real job, save your money, and 40 or 50 years from now, you’ll be living in sunny Florida, rich enough to vote Republican.

Pelosi challenger worried Democrats will ‘cease being a national party’

Bernie Sanders: "It is not good enough for somebody to say, 'I'm a woman, vote for me."'

"We are putting the American people first again."

Monday, November 21, 2016

Donald Trump's approval rating soars

...Trump's approval numbers have also seen a 24 point swing since the election... "Trump's favorability among voters has reached new highs since he became president-elect," said Morning Consult Cofounder and Chief Research Officer Kyle Dropp. "This honeymoon phase is common for new presidents. For example, Obama saw about a 20 point swing in his favor following the 2008 election."

President-Elect Trump Releases Transition Message Directly to American People…

If there was any doubt that Donald Trump was going to usher in a new American era of communication where the main stream corporate media were made irrelevant, well, this should answer the question.

Using Facebook –HERE– and social media (Dan Schavino and Jason Miller), President Elect Donald Trump releases a video message (directly to the American electorate) updating everyone on the Transition Team objectives and reaffirming the already announced goals for the first 100 days....

Trump announces Department of Justice landing team

"We will work to make America the best place to live, to work, to build things, to raise a family."

The Queen to invite Donald Trump to UK

Obama set a new record for new government regulations imposed in one day

Norway Slashes Clinton Foundation Donations By 87% As Political Clout Dries Up

Sunday, November 20, 2016

“What President-elect Donald Trump said on election night, he absolutely meant from the bottom of his heart."

“I know this is a very anxious time for some people,” he added. “I just want to reassure people that what President-elect Donald Trump said on election night, he absolutely meant from the bottom of his heart. He is preparing to be the president of all of the people of the United Satates of America, and to watch him bringing together people of diverse views, bringing together people that differed with him strongly, seeing him talk to leaders around the world, I just want to reassure every American that in the days ahead, I’m very confident that they’re going to see President-elect Donald Trump be a president for all of the people, and we embrace that principle and we’re going to work hard to make that principle every day that we serve.”

Twenty-five California counties chose Donald J. Trump for President of the United States, while 33 went for Clinton. And seventeen of the 21 California counties proposed for the “State of Jefferson” went for Trump, most by more than 10 percent.

The Mainstream Media Has Only Itself to Blame for the ‘Fake News’ Epidemic

An industry that reveres Jon Stewart, and seeks analysis from Dan Rather and Brian Williams, is part of the problem.

...The Democrat party seems to think people with Facebook accounts are to blame for Hillary’s decision to ignore crucial swing states in the final weeks of the campaign, that likely cost her the election.

But the media hasn’t bothered to ask why such sites gained traction. Our media has cultivated false news for years. Understandably, people stopped caring about the “journalistic ethics” the media claim to possess....

When false narratives and comedians are championed, the public at large stops relying on publications and networks who attempt to pass themselves off as “real news” but who in fact either ignore or simply don’t care about information they put out because of an ideological bias.

On his way out, Obama cedes Arctic energy control to Russia

Egyptian President Sisi praises Trump


America's first independent president...

...Trump took the elements of an independent candidacy — the lack of clear ideology, the name recognition of a national celebrity and the personal fortune needed to fund a presidential campaign — and then did what no one seemed to have thought of before. He staged a hostile takeover of an existing major party. He had the best of both worlds, an outsider candidacy with crosscutting ideological appeal and the platform of a major party to wage the general election. By the time he had finished, he had taken down two political dynasties: the Bush dynasty in the primaries and the Clinton dynasty in the general election....

The Two Americas Of 2016: Barbara Boxer calls for ending Electoral College. The last thing America needs is city people deciding the fate of the rest of America

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