Thursday, March 29, 2018

“It’s good to finally meet you... I heard that you’re actually the devil incarnate and I wanted to meet you.”

How to download your data from Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat

Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal has raised awareness of the data it gathers on its users, and what's done with it.

Of course, Facebook is not alone. All social networks that turn their users' activity into money retain lots of information - some of it posted by those users, others generated by behavior.

And many give you the opportunity to download and view it. As I wrote last week, Facebook has a data-download feature. So do many of the major online services, including Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

Want to see what these networks have on you? Here's a guide to downloading your data from them.

RESIST! Democrats Continue Their Hysterical March Toward Midterms

DOJ IG asks the right questions but this review should be in addition to, rather than in lieu of, a special counsel investigation.

"This has effectively boomeranged on them.”

'SOUTH PARK' Creators Come Out: We're Republicans!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

‘Secret Empires’ to Debut at #1 on New York Times Best-Seller List

...New eye-opening revelations about George Soros, Tom Steyer, Penny Pritzker, Dick Durbin, Jared Kushner, and myriad other members of the Washington elite

The author’s past investigative books have led to federal investigations, congressional resignations, or the launch of Capitol Hill ethics probes.

Schweizer’s 2015 book, Clinton Cash, broke the Uranium One scandal and sparked an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.


Trump unveils "great" first trade deal with South Korea



Trump to replace VA Secretary David Shulkin with White House physician Ronny Jackson

Where's the repeal #SB54 effort?#California #SANCTUARYSTATE

Paying government employees too much can push a state to the brink of insolvency - just ask Illinois.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The First Lady's Roundtable Discussion on Cyber Safety & Technology

Supreme Court Keeps Tax Code From Becoming a Dragnet

...Here, the government stretched the obstruction law to reach any act “that has the natural tendency to obstruct or impede the IRS in an unlawful manner to obtain an unlawful benefit.”

For example, the government argued that if you pay someone $100 in cash for a service—say, to clean the gutters—and “that is then not reported to the IRS or is falsely reported to the IRS,” that could be obstruction.

Breyer aptly noted that such a dragnet carries a “lack of fair warning and related kinds of unfairness” that have led the court in prior cases to “‘exercise’ interpretive ‘restraint.’” That line of cases is long indeed (including Aguilar, Arthur Andersen, Bond, McDonnell, McNally, McCormick, Sun-Diamond Growers, Skilling, and Yates).

According to the National Federation of Independent Business, if the court had bucked that trend and upheld the government’s position in Marinello, “that would have greatly complicated tax compliance for small businesses, who already spend inordinate time, energy, and money on tax issues,” the federation argued. “And worse, it would have opened the doors for prosecutions against businesses for engaging in completely legitimate practices simply because the government alleges that business might have had some improper motive”—namely, cheating the tax man....

Do you think older homeowners should be able to transfer some or all of their #Prop13 tax benefits to new homes in order to help free up some much-needed housing supply in California?

Monday, March 26, 2018

What is Kim Jong-un doing in Beijing?

Even the High Speed Rail Authority's chair now says he would accept another vote on the plan. Do you agree the high speed train should go back on the ballot?

Scandal Questions Never Asked, Much Less Answered

CNN Poll: Trump Gets Highest Approval in Nearly a Year

Our current politics punishes legislators who, you know, try to legislate.

What was in the budget bill that made conservatives so upset?

'Depressing' interview...

Saudi Patriot missiles intercepting missiles fired by #Iran-backed #Houthi militia from #Yemen toward Riyadh on Sunday night

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

CAUGHT RED HANDED! #MarchForOurLives organizers paid protestors as much as $300 each!