Saturday, March 19, 2016

Heads up, Washington, We're not listening to you anymore because we're fed up.

Cruz has massive 42-point lead over Trump in Utah


Yet, the woman who has the blood of four Americans on her hands (those who died in Benghazi on her watch) and state with a straight face that Donald Trump is reckless and dangerous? Last time I checked Trump’s actions have not resulted in the deaths of Americans or hundreds of thousands of foreigners. Hillary and her policies have wreaked death and destruction.

What Kind of Mental Illness? Romney-Clintonitis - Larry Johnson/No Quarter

Facebook is watching and tracking you more than you probably realize.

...Scammers have found a simple way to fly under the radar during the early phases of their operation. The story they originally post to Facebook has nothing dangerous about it. It's just a regular story that anyone might post. That was the warning from one local Better Business Bureau last year.

Only after the post gets a certain number of likes and shares does the scammer edit it and add something malicious. They might start promoting products or sell the page information in an attempt to get credit card data. In fact, if you go back through your history of liked posts, you might find that some of them have changed to something you wouldn't have liked in a million years....

Posts that should give you pause

One popular type of story is the emotional one. You've definitely seen the posts showing rescue animals and asking you to like if you think they're cute....

What about brain-teaser posts, such as the ones that have you like or share if you can read the words backwards or solve a tricky math problem? Yep, those are often like-farm posts, too.

It isn't just posts either; it can also be pages. A scammer might set up a page for "I love puppies" or what appears to be a worthy company or organization. It puts up enough content to get a lot of likes, then switches the content to spam and scams. Once you've liked the page, everything new the scammers put up goes on your News Feed and, in some cases, your friends' feeds as well.

How to avoid like-farming

Your best bet to avoid like-farming is to be very judicious about what you like and share on Facebook. Don't just reflexively click "like" on everything. Take a look at where the post is coming from. If it's from someone you don't recognize, it could be a friend of a friend or it could be a complete stranger. It would be good to find out....

Laura Bush's mission of hope for Afghan women

Friday, March 18, 2016


Chicago Police told Trump 70% of police supported him, but after the rally 90% of police officers support Trump

Powerful Texas congressman endorses Cruz

Obama currently golfing at Andrews Air Force Base; NationalDebt: $19,188,228,962,810.34 (+)

Fugitive From Paris Terrorist Attack Arrested in Belgium

Mitt Romney announces he'll be voting for Ted Cruz in Utah

An increasing share of tax dollars now go to government employee pensions, creating new pressure to raise taxes or cut services.

"The reasons behind Trump's rise"

Many voters, Democrats and Republicans alike, feel abandoned by their respective parties. As it relates to the GOP in particular, many see the party elites as manipulators, willing to discredit anyone who attempts to critique them. From some voters' perspective, no sufficient efforts have been made to assess those individuals critically; at least, not until Trump came along. And to no surprise, the establishment is vehemently resisting Trump's presence.

Trump deems it his duty to correct a system perceived as flawed. He says that it is critical for America do things differently in order to be "great again." Trump claims that the political class is beholden to special interests and lobbyists, and in part, he is correct. As Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page noted in the journal "Perspective on Politics" in 2014, the influence of ordinary registered voters is "minuscule, near-zero, and non-significant." To his supporters, Trump has made it his incumbent duty as a leader to dwell upon and critique the political class, which is exactly what those voters want. He has positioned himself as a necessary product that the consumer — the voter — must have in order to feel complete.

Anger is not enough to explain the disillusionment voters feel toward the party establishment and its abandonment of conservatism. It is more than that; it is pain, it is disappointment, and those feelings are far deeper than the surface may reveal.

Sarah Palin Shares a Detailed Update on Her Husband's Condition After Snowmobiling Accident

Todd Palin’s frightful snowmobiling accident Sunday night left him with severe injuries over his entire body. At the time of the accident, Sarah Palin had been away from Alaska campaigning for Trump. She left quickly to be by her husband’s side.

The Palins’ daughter, Willow, provided her Instagram followers with an update on his condition Wednesday, highlighting his 14 fractured ribs and a collapsed lung.

On Thursday, Sarah Palin shared on Facebook a new, much more detailed update on his condition.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cleveland ready for riots at Republican National Convention...

Conservatives plot to stop Trump at the convention


March 17
11:15 - 12:45 (new time, to give you time to get back to work)
445 Herrick Avenue, Eureka, near the golf course

Full lunch: $15
Beverage, no lunch $4
Tax and tip included

Our speaker today is Captain Steve Watson from the Eureka Police Department

Steve is a Humboldt County native, born and raised in Fortuna. He joined the Army at 18 and left home to "see the world." The Army sent him to Kansas. After an honorable discharge from active duty, Steve attended college while also serving as a military police sergeant in the Army Reserves. He graduated from Bethany University in 1996 with a B.A. in Church Leadership and completed the 5th Year teacher education certification program. He holds a current California teaching credential. While in school, Steve participated in outreach programs to several countries including Romania, India, Guatemala, and Mexico where he worked with underprivileged children and orphans.

Steve joined the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office in 1997 where he served as a Deputy Sheriff for 7 years. His assignments there included Patrol Deputy, Patrol Sergeant, SWAT team, School Resource Officer, Field Training Officer, Coast Patrol, firearms instructor, Court Security Bailiff. In 2005, Steve and his wife of 16 years, Sarah, moved their young family back home to Humboldt after he accepted a position with the Eureka Police Department. Steve has had the privilege of serving his community with EPD for the past 10 1/2 years. He was promoted to sergeant in 2007 and to Captain in November 2014. He established and headed EPD's Problem Oriented Policing Unit from Jan. 2010 - January 2013. Steve is a 2013 graduate of the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute.

Steve and Sarah are the proud parents of 5 energetic children and two spirited terriers. There is never a dull (or quiet) moment in the Watson household.

Gov. Nikki Haley Endorses Ted Cruz

NASA testing whether Potatoes can Grow on Mars

I can skate here ONLY b/c @realdonaldtrump fixed this rink after NYC gov’t spent $13M, but FAILED! Good for Trump!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Megyn Kelly on the cover of MORE magazine

There Will Be No GOP Unification in Cleveland.

Wolf Blitzer Calls Out Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on Dems. Hypocrisy Regarding Supreme Court Picks

'It begins': Trump video mocks Hillary, asks 'is this what we want for a president?'

California: That's trillion, with a "T."

The Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIFER) estimated that California’s pension and retiree health care unfunded liabilities exceeded $1.2 trillion in 2013–significantly higher than all previous reports, according to preliminary figures obtained from SIFEF by Insolvent Film.

The Stanford study the estimated total unfunded liabilities for pension and retiree health care (aka “other post employment benefits” or OPEB) for all California state and local public agencies and found that liabilities are estimated to exceed $1.2 trillion for 2013 – several times what previous estimates pegged the figure at, according to professor Joe Nation.

State and local taxpayers are on the hook for the entire debt, which would take an estimated 10 years of California General Fund spending to retire, assuming all tax dollars were dedicated to debt repayment, Nation said.

Fox News cancels GOP debate after Trump (and Kasich) bail

Europe Emasculated: Feminism and multiculturalism held the victim down while Islam wielded the knife

A world where Angela Merkel feels compelled to accept millions of migrants for Europe even to the detriment of Germany and where president Obama feels he can sign major international treaties with Iran without reference to Congress is an unstable world locked in a game that is no longer transparent. Who do politicians work for? It creates a world of dubious loyalties and unpredictable coalitions. If the obvious conflict of interest has been ignored by the politicians, it has not been lost on the voters. Many plainly sense what economists call an principal-agent problem, which may be the source of the current voter revolt....

Obama's reluctance to recognize a threat to his country represents an unnatural state of affairs. The efficient cause of the current crisis lay in breaking the former chain of political accountability without replacing it with another. If there is any truth to Anne Applebaum's belief that "we are two or three bad elections away from the end of NATO, the end of the European Union and maybe the end of the liberal world order as we know it," it must be that the fuse was lit before Trump; perhaps in 2008 or earlier....

Cruz courts Rubio voters: "We welcome you with open arms"

Rifle Found at El Chapo Hideout Tied to Fast and Furious

One of the guns that Mexican officials say was found at the hideout of drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera has been found to be associated with Fast and Furious, a failed "gun-walking" operation, according to the Justice Department.

The department said in a letter to members of Congress that a .50-caliber rifle that Mexican officials sent for tracing after Guzman's arrest in January has been connected to Fast and Furious....

Who is Merrick Garland?

The Anger Election? Not quite.

Donald Trump improved his status in the Republican delegate race on Tuesday.

And as he has pressed forward on his path to the GOP nomination, one narrative has been near-constant: The American electorate has gotten angry, and Trump is their mode of expressing that anger. He is their anger, personified.

The problem is, even as Trump has played up the idea of the angry voter sticking it to the Republican establishment, the numbers don't suggest any substantial increase in Republican anger. In fact, Republican anger isn't that far off from where it was in 2012, when a decidedly non-angry candidate won the GOP nomination.

Immigration turf war prevented Homeland Security from arresting San Bernardino accomplice

Missouri: Trump 41%, (381,720) Cruz 41% (380,084)

In deep blue CA last statewide Field Poll had @tedcruz up by 2 over Trump. Claims Cruz can't win blue states is bogus spin.

Dear ‘Men’ Who Vote Bernie Sanders:

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Trump Bump continues. Republicans way up. Dems down.

The Republican voter turnout blowout continues. Florida is the only state, so far, where the numbers for the Democrats are comparable to 2008. But think about that. Population has grown since then and Hillary is only treading water. In fact, the Dems are down about 50,000 votes while the Republicans are up over 400,000. Math don’t lie.

Trump Wins Florida, Illinois and North Carolina: Marco Rubio has withdrawn from the Republican race after a big loss in his home state of Florida

CBS News projects @JohnKasich wins OH

"California has lost roughly 9,000 companies over the last decade, with most of them moving to Texas, Florida, and Tennessee."

BREAKING: First polls close in Florida. Track live results

Hillary Clinton: "We didn’t lose a single person" in Libya

Florida context: Trump has led in every single public poll since August 2015

REPORTS: Trump Left Off FL Ballots; 'Dozens of Complaints'... Polling place runs out of Republican ballots...

CNN political contributor Jeffrey Lord says @MoveOn is "the new KKK"

Hillary Clinton's answer to crime is always to just crack down on law-abiding gun owners - not law breakers.

But the American public is seeing through her gun control lies for what they really are: meaningless rhetoric.

Sanders says he ran as a Democrat for 'media coverage'

Cruz: Wins for Rubio, Kasich 'mathematically impossible'

Monday, March 14, 2016

Anti-Semitism Spikes at Top U.S. Colleges

Soros against candidate Donald J Trump

SALON: She'll (Hillary Clinton) never survive Trump onslaught...

Jenner Political Stance Opens Door For Conservative Segment Of Trans Community.

"The state has routinely frittered away transportation money by spending it on other projects. During the last recession, the Legislature moved $1 billion per year in truck weight fees from funding road maintenance to the General Fund."

California doesn’t need new taxes to pave its roads:

Let’s imagine that members of the Tea Party went to a Bernie Sanders rally to do just one thing: disrupt it.

Airport bomb-sniffing dog finds Hellfire missiles bound for Portland...

President Obama’s hometown of Chicago has been controlled by his political party since at least 1931. For most of us, the Windy City is a cautionary tale of what America could look like if Barack Obama and his cronies (and their political philosophy) were allowed to reign unopposed and unchecked.

Fortunately, America is a lot a bigger than Chicago, but we’ve already seen the effects of seven years of Chicago-style politics emanating from the White House. That can be stopped this November, but only if freedom-loving Americans make their voices heard at the polls.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Locally: Candidates vie for congressional, county seats

While candidates have lined up to fill two seats on the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors and California’s 2nd District congressional seat, 1st District Supervisor Rex Bohn and 2nd District Assemblyman Jim Wood will both breeze into their second terms, unchallenged by Friday’s candidacy filing deadline. - Will Houston/Times-Standard

...Redway resident Glen “Bud” Rogers entered the supervisorial race to challenge incumbent 2nd District Supervisor Estelle Fennell.

This is not Rogers’ first attempt at the 2nd District seat, having unsuccessfully campaigned for the position back in 2004, according to

...The filing period for the 3rd District supervisor seat will remain open until 5 p.m. on March 16 due to Supervisor Mark Lovelace not seeking reelection this year. Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District Commissioner Mike Wilson and Fickle Hill resident Uri Driscoll have both filed candidacy papers for the position....

...Second District California Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) is seeking another term, but will again be challenged by Garberville resident Dale Mensing who had run against him in 2014.

Huffman said he is also facing two other candidates — Sonoma County teacher Matthew Wookey and Marin County activist Erin Schrode....

Estelle Fennel versus Glenn "Bud" Rogers? - John Chiv/Words Worth

...Rogers ran in 2004 unsuccessfully against Supervisor Roger Rodoni who won over Rogers and two other candidates with a majority of 57% plus. Rogers got the least amount of votes....

Humboldt: Supes to use Measure Z funds to cover fire, airport security gaps

The allocations will be paid for using the nearly $198,000 of Measure Z tax revenues that went unspent this fiscal year. - Will Houston/Times-Standard

About $63,000 is being recommended by county staff to pay for a “critical emergency services gap” along the State Route 299 corridor area, which is not covered by the nearby fire districts in Blue Lake, Kneeland and Willow Creek. These three fire districts have been responding to this large area on a “goodwill” basis for several years, but are unable to collect any fees from them.

“These three fire districts are currently called upon to provide this service, funded only by revenue generated from within their districts,” a Feb. 26 letter from the Humboldt County Fire Chiefs Association to the board states. “This is not a sustainable or equitable system and a new structure needs to be put in place. These three fire districts have communicated to the county that they are no longer in a financial position to continue to provide this service without funding.”

The proposed $63,000 would only cover fire services for the remainder of the fiscal year, which ends on June 30.

Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg, who serves on the board’s Fire Services Committee with Fennell, said the majority of the service calls that districts receive in these uncovered areas are vehicle collisions and medical aid calls on SR 299.

“This is kind of bridge funding between now and the time we get the whole issue solved for Humboldt County for rural fire departments responding outside their district,” Sundberg said.

Playing politics, Obama donors fill Supreme Court short list

Polls for 3/15 primaries

Angela Merkel suffers dramatic setback in regional elections

Obama at #SXSW: 'You're phones shouldn't be off limits...'

Blue Cross Parent Company Lost $1.5 Billion On Obamacare Plans

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