Friday, November 11, 2011

CFRW Northern Division Biennial Convention

starts today... posting will be light for the next two days.

WAR DRUMS: GOOGLE releases satellite images of Iranian 'nuke' facilities

Google releases satellite images of Iranian facilities which UN says may be used to develop nuclear weapons - Daily Mail

Celebrate Veterans Day

As we traveled today, we see flags everywhere. We keep all our veterans in our hearts on this day.

Jerry Brown Starts to Get It Right

Jerry Brown Starts to Get It Right - Peter Hannaford/The American Spectator 11.11.11

Finally he's proposed a public pension reform plan that goes in the right direction.

When he was elected California's oldest governor last November, Jerry Brown wasn't the same man as "Governor Moonbeam," the state's youngest governor (1975-83). In the meanwhile he'd spent time in a Zen monastery, run for president, served as state attorney general and, most importantly, as an effective mayor of Oakland where he had to deal with the reality of everyday problems.

More than a few longtime Brown watchers among Republicans thought he might be the only person who, as governor, could get the state's largest special interest, the public employee unions, to swallow hard and accept reform of the state's deficit-laden pension system.

For most of the year he has tacked a little left, then a little right to get things done. Now, he has finally proposed a public pension reform plan that definitely goes in the right direction -- if only he can sell it to a legislature top-heavy with Democrats. Many of these Democrats are indebted to the lobbyists of the public employee unions. Brown, of course, knows this. Some of the features in Brown's 12-point plan are these:
• Increasing the retirement age from 55 to 67 (with a lower age to be spelled out for public safety workers).

• Replacing the current "defined benefit" pensions with a hybrid program that includes a defined benefit component, but also a 401(k)-like defined contribution component to which the employee would pay. This would have the effect of reducing the creation of unfunded liabilities.

• Prohibiting retroactive pension increases.

• Ending "spiking" in which an employee's salary is inflated in his/her final years in order to swell the size of the pension.

• Requiring all employees to contribute at least 50 percent of the cost of their pensions (they now pay nothing).
Unaccountably, the Brown plan omits any reference to the separate California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS), which has its own $56 billion unfunded liability. It will soon be rattling a tin cup in the capitol for a handout which, by law, must be approved by both the legislature and governor.

Democratic legislators gave the introduction of Brown's plan a tepid response, which was warmer than the wary one given by the public employee unions. The unions argue, as they long have done, that collective bargaining is the right way to deal with such matters. Translation: stand pat.

The state's nonpartisan Legislative Analyst's Office, on the other hand, praised the Brown plan, especially the 401(k)-style savings plan and the rise in the retirement age.

What are Brown's chances with the legislature? The plan will get its first review by a legislative committee on December 1. A relatively small issue such as prevention of "spiking" might pass, but resistance will be very strong against making other features apply to current employees. Chances are better for some of the more sweeping changes to apply only to new hires. Yet, if the reforms only affect new employees, it will take years for substantial savings to be felt, while the shortfall is here now -- $500 billion worth.

Brown is no stranger to maneuvering. He has raised the suggestion of asking the legislature to put on the November 2012 ballot a referendum to provide new rules for the 3,000-plus public pension plans in the state. In other words, let the people decide. To make this happen, he would need a two-thirds vote of the legislature.

Meanwhile, two groups of Republican activists are considering ballot initiatives to make more sweeping reforms than Brown has proposed. The very threat of a successful signature-gathering campaign resulting in a citizens' initiative may be enough to scare the legislature into accepting much of Brown's plan or, alternatively, his referendum idea. The unions remember Proposition 13 in 1978 and how it upended the state's property taxing, If there is anything they fear it is the possibility of a citizen initiative qualifying for the ballot and being voted on by millions of voters sick of deficits, recessions, and overly generous public employee pensions.

Peter Hannaford was closely associated with the late President Reagan, including serving as director of public affairs in the California Governor's office. His latest book, Reagan's Roots, will be published on December 1.

Blink and you'll miss it! Friday sees once-in-a-lifetime moment as time and date read 11.11.11 11.11.11

At 11.11.11 on 11.11.11, the time and date will be a perfect same-numbered palindrome, reading the same backwards as forwards, an event which can only happen on one day every 100 years. - Daily Mail

Among other things, 11.11.11 will be:
... Armistice Day, celebrated around the world.
... A day of spiritual significance for those who believe the number 11 has a mystical power.
... A very special day to get married or have a birthday (especially if it's your 11th).
... Perhaps even the end of the world, according to some 'prophecy' web forums.

The reason the date is so unusual is that 11.11.11 is the only double-figure palindromic date, since there is no 22nd month.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why Perry bombed

Of course, Perry could have had a brain-freeze moment even if he had had more practice on the stump; such moments sometimes happen to people who do a lot of public speaking. - Byron York/Washington Examiner

But a lot of Perry's problems go back to the fundamentals of his campaign. He started late, without the years of preparing that other candidates have done, and hasn't gotten himself into tip-top campaigning shape with a heavy schedule of speaking and taking questions at town halls. That's the kind of work that allows candidates to give fluid answers to almost any question. And on Wednesday night, Perry paid a high price for not doing it.

Peggy Noonan found Rick Perry's "brain freeze" "endearing." - Althouse

The Republican Unreality Show - Peggy Noonan/WSJ

It was the second shooting death at an Occupy camp today and the sixth reported death at an Obama-endorsed Occupy camp.

MAN SHOT DEAD AT OCCUPY OAKLAND PLAZA – Protesters Harass & Block Reporters From Taking Pictures (Video) - Gateway Pundit

The fight was reportedly over a bag of weed.

MSNBC Runs More Stories on Cain 'Scandal' Than it Did Obama's Ties to Ayers, Rezko and Wright Combined

At press time, the Obama-loving outlet had aired at least 30 segments involving the now growing Cain scandal since it broke late last Sunday. - Newsbusters

Yet according to LexisNexis, in the over 20 months between the time Obama announced his candidacy in February 2007 to Election Day 2008, MSNBC offered viewers seventeen stories concerning Ayers, nine involving Wright, and none dealing with Rezko.

What Else is the White House Hiding?

I truly hope the American people are taking serious notes now that they have finally seen our president's true feelings about Israel and the fact that the uneasiness that has been created since Obama's tenure is deep-seated and very personal.

Obama's dirty laundry - Armstrong Williams/The Hill

In an off-mic situation, Obama and Sarkozy are discovered not to trust Netanyahu, and Sarkozy went so far as to call him a liar. Not only did Obama refuse to defend him, but chimed in by saying he has to "deal" with the Israeli prime minister every day.

The disdain of these two world leaders for their ally was apparent. It is also apparent that the president's support of Israel publicly is only a facade.

I truly hope the American people are taking serious notes now that they have finally seen our president's true feelings about Israel and the fact that the uneasiness that has been created since Obama's tenure is deep-seated and very personal.

So Obama can continue to give hollow speeches trying to ease the concerns of his Jewish constituency, but alas the dirty laundry is out in the open for everyone to see and finally understand....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

After what feels like the 938th Republican presidential debate, it’s a high time to do the obvious and end this tedious road show now. It only benefits one person — Barack Obama.

End the David Axelrod Debating Society Now - Roger L Simon/PJM

The Cain-Gingrich tete-a-tete was already by far the most interesting debate and that could be used as the template. Besides debating each other, the three should pledge to spend a significant portion, maybe the majority, of their time attacking and dissecting Obama and his administration. He is the principal opposition and the real reason – they should always remember — that they are there. The more they forget that, the more they put our republic in jeopardy for their own ambitions. Defeating Obama is more important than any one of them as individuals.

With only three candidates (or two, if scandal overtakes Cain) there will plenty of time for actual discussion. Some of it might even be enlightening to the public and offer some genuine solutions in this extraordinarily difficult time. The current symphony of gaffes, gotchas and sound bites obviously does the reverse.

Ron Paul: Obama ‘Brings The Modern Presidency Dangerously Close To An Elective Dictatorship’

“[President Obama] was very bold about it,” he said, of Obama circumventing Congress. “That is arrogant. It is flaunting the Constitution and the whole principle of how we’re supposed to operate. The idea they can just do this and take over the legislative function and brag about it — and Congress does nothing and the courts do nothing — [it's] very, very bad.” - Mediaite

Ron Paul: The Modern Presidency Is Dangerously Close to an Elective Dictatorship -

Aftermath: Rick Perry's "oops."

Perry: And I will tell you, it is three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. Commerce, Education, and the — what's the third one there? Let's see...Okay. Commerce, Education, and the —"
Ron Paul: EPA?
Perry: EPA, there you go.
Moderator: Seriously -- is epa one you are talking about?
Perry: No, sir, no, sir. we are talking about the -- agencies of government -- EPA needs to be rebuilt. >>
Moderator: you can't -- you can't name the third one?
Perry: The third agency of government I would -- I would do away with Education, the -- >> Commerce...Commerce and, let's see. I can't. The third one, I can't. Sorry. Oops.
About 15 minutes later, Perry said "It was the Department of Energy that I was reaching for before."

How horrible is it? - Althouse
Most Brutal Debate Video and Tweets Ever - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
Video: Perry implodes; Update: Campaign is over, says top fundraiser - HotAir
PERRY DEBATE DISASTER: This Is The Moment That Officially Killed His Campaign — For Good - Zeke Miller/Business Insider
From Muskie, to Dean, to Rick Perry - White House Dossier
Michele Bachmann on Perry Gaffe: “All of Us Just Felt Very Bad For Him” (Video) - Gateway Pundit

Livestreaming the Debate

On CNBC, the first of four — count ‘em, four — debates in just 13 days. (The next is Saturday night.)

Here's a working livestream: ◼

Who's Live-Blogging the Debate?
Open thread: The “second look at Gingrich” debate - HotAir
Live Stream Video – Watch The CNBC GOP Presidential Debate Live Here - Pat Dollard
"Will GOP debate be sidetracked by Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations?" - Althouse
Of all the news stories linked at Google News, this won because its message slapped me in the face — “Republicans to Debate in Jobs-starved Michigan.” - NoQuarter (PUMA)
Live Blog Transcript: GOP presidential debate in Michigan November 9th, 2011 at Oakland University - Hillbuzz

Humboldt Republican Women Welcome Napa Valley Republican Women Federated President Gaylon Kastner

It’s always fun to hear from other Clubs, learn what they’re doing, what works, what doesn’t, and get new ideas to incorporate into our own Club.

This month is extra special as Gaylon Kastner, the two-term President of one of Napa Valley’s most successful nonprofit organizations, and president of Napa Valley Republican Women Federated, is here to swear in our 2012 officers, and to share her experiences - and how she helped to grow the Napa Valley Club, increasing membership from 125 to 325.

She’s creative, fun, and innovative, and sure to inspire us as we move into one of the biggest and most important election years of our lifetime.
And, having recently attended The National Federation of Republican Women's 36th Biennial Convention in Kansas City, she brings news from the national front...

Join us for this, our last meeting of 2011.... take time to enjoy wonderful and festive holidays. Stay in touch via our website, Facebook and Twitter, (@hrwf) and come back rejuvenated for 2012. Our January luncheon meeting will be held at Baywood Golf and Country Club in Arcata, watch for details.
11:30 a.m. Lunch 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. 445 Herrick, Eureka
Lunch & Speaker ~ $14.50 (Tax and tip included)
Beverage & Speaker ~ $4.00
THIS MONTH - Please RSVP to Laura 839-5538 by Friday November 11
Early RSVP lunch reservations URGENTLY NEEDED and to be honored

Rick Perry: Values

Tonight: "Your Money, Your Vote" Debate

Hosted by CNBC and the Michigan Republican Party, TONIGHT, November 9th at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. (CNBC: image source)

Tonight's debate will be televised on CNBC from 8-10 PM ET, (5-7 PM PT) and will focus on the nation's economic challenges including the national debt, jobs and taxes.

..................Maria Bartiromo - CNBC Anchor
..................John Harwood - Chief Washington Correspondent

CNBC Experts and On-air personalities and correspondents who will join the debate questioning:
..................Jim Cramer - Host of "Mad Money"
..................Steve Liesman - Senior Economics Reporter
..................Rick Santelli - On-Air Editor
..................Sharon Epperson - Senior Commodities Correspondent & Personal Finance Correspondent

◼ The next debate: CBS News, National Journal to host Republican debate on Nov. 12


Obama Administration to Delay New 15-Cent Christmas Tree Tax - ABC

Ex-US atty admits leaking document to smear whistleblower

Grassley: Ex-U.S. attorney admits leaking Fast and Furious document - Washington Times

“Leaking sensitive documents to the press and retaliating against whistleblowers is not good faith cooperation with Congress,” Mr. Grassley said.


Sen. Rand Paul tells radiohost Sean Hannity this afternoon, Dems on the budget super committee walk away from heated negotations... AT IMPASSE... -

November 09, 1989 The Berlin Wall Falls

On this day in 1989, the Berlin Wall ceased to be a barrier between East and West Berlin, marking the end of a near half-century struggle between the Soviet Union and the United States. ◼ Human Events
1989: Berliners celebrate the fall of the Wall - bbc

While that activism was accepted while a Republican was in the White House, such behavior simply cannot be tolerated while Obama is in the White House

FOIA reveals NASA's Hansen was a paid witness - Conn Carroll/Washington Examiner

"We're going to punish our enemies and we're gonna reward our friends," President Obama famously told Hispanics in a Univision interview before last year's midterm election. And as Dr. James Hansen has just learned, your status as Obama's "friend" or "enemy" can flip fast.

Gingrich's wonkish, unconventional campaign

Gingrich often says he is running an unconventional campaign. Republicans here in Iowa would probably agree, since they don't see him all that much at traditional stump events. But most have no idea just how unconventional the Gingrich campaign really is. - Byron York/Washington Examiner

Last Friday, at precisely the moment Herman Cain was basking in applause at a conservative activists' gathering in Washington, Newt Gingrich was in a small conference room at the Marriott Hotel here, discussing cognitive illness with three brain scientists....

Gingrich often says he is running an unconventional campaign. Republicans here in Iowa would probably agree, since they don't see him all that much at traditional stump events. But most have no idea just how unconventional the Gingrich campaign really is.

Tonight’s GOP Debate – “WATCH GINGRICH” - theulstermanreport

Why Gingrich Could Win - Wall St. Journal

Election Night 2011: A Mixed Bag for Conservatives

Election Day 2011: What to Watch For - Guy Benson/Townhall
Election Night 2011: A Mixed Bag for Conservatives - Guy Benson/Townhall

Ohio: As expected -- and lamentably -- Gov. John Kasich's landmark collective bargaining reform law has gone down in flames, thanks to a well-funded and relentless program of demagoguery by Buckeye State Democrats and public sector unions. The margin isn't close; as of this writing, it stands at 61-39 to overturn the law. This is a satisfying, but unsustainable, victory for the Left. They may have beaten back an evil conservative law, but a fiscal reckoning still awaits. The math doesn't go away, even if the law does. What liberals won't mention is that there was another significant item on the ballot today: A referendum on Obamacare's tent-pole individual mandate. Ohioans' rebuke of Obamacare is shaping up to be even more overwhelming than the Issue 2 tally. Right now the margin in favor of the anti-Obamacare measure is 66-34. This is the second major swing-state repudiation of Obamacare since it was enacted last March.

Virginia: What a bloodbath in the House of Delegates. Republicans will emerge from tonight with at least a 2/3 majority, having picked up a minimum of 6 seats, if not 7 or 8. To add insult to injury, they also knocked off the Democratic Minority Leader in District 9.

Mississippi: Republican Phil Bryant handily won the Governor's mansion, which is being vacated by the term-limited Gov. Haley Barbour. A GOP hold. A human life "personhood" referendum also failed in this solidly pro-life state. Some liberals are excited about this development, but many major pro-life groups actually opposed the measure.

Local Election results

The economy is barely growing and nine percent of the American people have no jobs. Is a new tax on Christmas trees the best President Obama can do?

Obama Couldn’t Wait: His New Christmas Tree Tax -

In the Federal Register of November 8, 2011, Acting Administrator of Agricultural Marketing David R. Shipman announced that the Secretary of Agriculture will appoint a Christmas Tree Promotion Board. The purpose of the Board is to run a “program of promotion, research, evaluation, and information designed to strengthen the Christmas tree industry’s position in the marketplace; maintain and expend existing markets for Christmas trees; and to carry out programs, plans, and projects designed to provide maximum benefits to the Christmas tree industry” (7 CFR 1214.46(n)). And the program of “information” is to include efforts to “enhance the image of Christmas trees and the Christmas tree industry in the United States” (7 CFR 1214.10).

To pay for the new Federal Christmas tree image improvement and marketing program, the Department of Agriculture imposed a 15-cent fee on all sales of fresh Christmas trees by sellers of more than 500 trees per year (7 CFR 1214.52). And, of course, the Christmas tree sellers are free to pass along the 15-cent Federal fee to consumers who buy their Christmas trees.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Annette De Modena announces bid for 1st District Supervisor in Humboldt County

Retired teacher Annette De Modena has formally announced her campaign for 1st District supervisor in Humboldt County. - Times Standard

De Modena plans to kick off her campaign on Nov. 17 at the grand opening of her Eureka office at 336 Grotto St. The catered event will go from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. More information is available online at

De Modena currently serves as a member of the Sequoia Zoo Foundation board, the League of Women Voters, Humboldt Sponsors, Humboldt Arts Docents and the KEET fundraising committee. She served on the grand jury for 2010-2011. Before retiring, she taught for 28 years, 24 of which were at Zane Junior High. She served as the language arts department chair and student government advisor and received a Humboldt Excellence in Teaching Award in 2010.

According to a press release, De Modena plans to focus on creating living-wage employment with benefits, establishing affordable housing, improving fire and police protection, improving water and wastewater infrastructure, improving county roads and trails and promoting environmental restoration and responsible land use.

”It is my promise that your voice will be heard and that I will work for you and our community, building without destroying, and strengthening without compromising the quality of life we all enjoy,” De Modena wrote in a press release. “Sadly, many families in the district are struggling to find jobs that pay a living wage and have all but given up hope of owning a home in the area. It does not have to be this way.”

VOTE LOCAL! - November 8, 7am - 8pm

Contests for all precincts in Humboldt County, CA combined. - Smart Voter
Absentee (mail) ballots may be returned to a worker at any of the polling places within your county on election day.


The press conference is over, and I think anyone who watched it will agree that it went well for Herman Cain. - The Other McCain
Herman Cain News Conference (Update – complete denial) - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
Open thread: Cain press conference - Michelle Malkin
Open Thread: Herman Cain Press Conference… - Weasel Zippers
Herman Cain Says 'Democrat Machine' Out to Get Him - ABC
Herman Cain issued his strongest denial yet of charges of sexual harassment during a 5 p.m. press conference in Phoenix, Arizona, saying that the harassment alleged by accuser Sharon Bialek "simply didn't happen, and calling Bialek "a troubled woman" put forward by "the Democrat machine" to attack him. (Video news account)
Cain Decries Latest Harassment Claims as 'False' - FOX
Cain willing to take lie detector test - CBC
"I have absolutely not acted inappropriate with this lady or anyone else in my entire career" he added, calling the accusations a "vicious, baseless" attack on his character and integrity.
Cain: 'I absolutely reject' sexual harassment accusations - Chicago Tribune
"I reject all of those charges," he said, adding that "I have never acted inappropriately with anyone"

A Conservative Alternative to 'The View'?

Gallup Poll: Conservatives 42%, Liberals 21%

Self-professed conservatives now outnumber self-professed liberals in the United States, 42 percent to 21 percent - CNS

Over the past two decades, according to Gallup, the percentage of Americans describing themselves as conservative has gradually increased, rising from 36 percent who said they were conservative in 1992.

The Republicans' Rising Satisfaction Quotient - Karl Rove/Wall Street Journal

Conventional wisdom says GOP voters are unenthusiastic with their candidates. The evidence suggests otherwise.... It's taken as received wisdom that Republicans are unenthusiastic about their candidates, but evidence suggests otherwise. In the Aug. 18-22 Associated Press poll, 64% of Republicans said they were "satisfied" with the GOP field, up from 52% in June. The Sept. 25-27 Fox News poll found 63% of Republicans "impressed" with their choices, up from 44% in April. By comparison, in a mid-October 1991 CBS/New York Times poll, only 18% of Democrats were "satisfied" with their field and 64% wanted someone else to enter the race.

Cain to hold press conference

Herman Cain will address the latest sexual harassment allegations against him at a Tuesday afternoon news conference - CNN
Cain vows to "set the record straight" - apnews
Smiling accuser makes the rounds on morning TV, says she has 'nothing to gain'... - Yahoo via Drudge
'Has history of financial troubles, legal squabbles' - Chicago Tribune
Witness: Cain accuser hugged him during Tea Party meeting a month ago - Chicago Sun-Times
The pushback against Sharon Bialek begins - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
Chicago Media Icon: Bialek Has a History - Backyard Conservative

Monday, November 7, 2011

"(T)he 99% have a better chance in the system we have than in the neo-Stalinist model they’re building in Zuccotti Park, and we have a century of experience on our side in that argument."

Inside the Orwellian machinations in Occupy Wall Street - HotAir

Last month, I wrote that the Occupy Wall Street organization looked like a child from a marriage between Animal Farm and Animal House. In an insider account written by an Occupier alarmed at the hijacking of the movement — and its funding — from the OWS “General Assembly,” it’s clear that the analogy didn’t go quite far enough. It’s Animal Farm meets Animal House, all right, but with Niedermeyer running the Deltas.

It’s impossible to do this justice through excerpts, so be sure to read it all. ◼ A Chill Descends On Occupy Wall Street; "The Leaders of the allegedly Leaderless Movement"
On Sunday, October 23, a meeting was held at 60 Wall Street. Six leaders discussed what to do with the half-million dollars that had been donated to their organization, since, in their estimation, the organization was incapable of making sound financial decisions. The proposed solution was not to spend the money educating their co-workers or stimulating more active participation by improving the organization’s structures and tactics. Instead, those present discussed how they could commandeer the $500,000 for their new, more exclusive organization. No, this was not the meeting of any traditional influence on Wall Street. These were six of the leaders of Occupy Wall Street (OWS)....

When I pointed out the contradictions these differences present to the Council’s stated principles, the leaders of Sunday’s teach-in insisted that the Spokes Council was the most participatory, democratic organization possible—the same slogan they repeated last month about the General Assembly. I felt like I was watching a local production of Animal Farm..... Read the whole account

California's budget runs chronic deficits, public pension systems are chronically underfunded and the fund that pays benefits to a million-plus unemployed workers is running huge deficits and dependent on federal loans.

Profligacy persists in California - Dan Walters/Sacramento Bee

The common thread is that politicians have endemically spent more – often much more – than underlying revenues can support.


Fourth Woman Accuses Cain of Sexual Harassment - National Journal
As he has with the prior accusations, Cain on Monday denied any wrongdoing. In a statement, his campaign highlighted the involvement of Allred, an attorney who has represented many celebrities and supported feminist causes, and called the accusations a distraction.

“All allegations of harassment against Mr. Cain are completely false. Mr. Cain has never harassed anyone,” the statement said. “Fortunately the American people will not allow Mr. Cain’s bold 9-9-9 plan, clear foreign policy vision and plans for energy independence to be overshadowed by these bogus attacks.”
New Woman Accusing Herman Cain Of Sexual Harassment Hires Gloria Allred - radaronline
No, “David Axelrod” is not “connected” to Sharon Bialek; plus Cook County court records - Michelle Malkin
“This so-called story”: Cain unloads on media in new statement - HotAir

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Humboldt County Republican committee adds three members

With the addition of three new members at its Nov. 3 meeting, Humboldt County's Republican Central Committee has come to full strength of 23, plus three ex-officio members (or their designated alternates).

New members elected at the meeting were George Benzel, Carlotta, a one-time committee chairman; Rebecca Crosby, Eureka, homemaker; and Byron (Bud) Simpson, Eureka, owner of a personnel services business.

”This is the first time in recent years that the Republican committee has been at full strength,” said Peter Hannaford, committee chairman.

Plans were also announced for the committee's first Holiday Treats sale, offering pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, pumpkin and pecan pies and cinnamon rolls for Christmas and specially developed Bella Baskets. Volunteer party bakers will provide pies and rolls. All items will be available through the party's local website,, and by direct mail. ◼ The Times-Standard

"These two were so collegial that I couldn’t help thinking they’d look great on a ticket together."

The Cain-Gingrich Debate - A substantial debate produces few disagreements, but plenty of contrast. - John Hayward/Human Events

Cain is an inspirational figure, but Gingrich’s experience and mastery of the issues would be important assets in the general election, because in the teeth of an aggressively hostile media, a command of fine detail is necessary to keep an inspirational message from becoming derailed. Where Gingrich was cordial and supportive, Obama will pounce, and the next day’s headlines will be filled with all the things Herman Cain didn’t know by heart. Cain would really profit from the continuing support of Gingrich… or vice versa. They really are quite a team.

#OccupyEureka Goons Start Defecating in Banks

Eureka Police Accuse Occupiers of Defecation, Assault - The Journal
Gross… Obama-Endorsed Occupy Goons Start Defecating in Banks - Gateway Pundit
Occupy Eureka protesters accused of assault, public defecation -

EPD Press Release: On 11-04-2011, Officers of the Eureka Police Department responded to several crimes involving subjects who appear to be affiliated with the “Occupy Eureka” group.

At about 8:09 am, Officers responded to the 5th Street branch of US Bank for a biohazard report. A US Bank representative reported that she came to work to find an unknown subject(s) had urinated and defecated in the entry way to the bank. This is the second occurrence of this type at US Bank this week.

While taking the biohazard report, the officer was also advised that a complaint had been made to US Bank by a customer concerning being surrounded and harassed by subjects from the “Occupy” group, when they attempted to use the US Bank ATM.

At about 10:04 am, the Eureka Police Department responded to the “Occupy Eureka” campsite at the Humboldt County Courthouse for an assault report. Officers contacted members of the media, who had been assaulted while interviewing members of “Occupy Eureka”. The media reported that while they were conducting an interview, an “Occupy Eureka” member stepped forward and pushed the camera man and reporter. He then fled.

Also recovered at the “Occupy Eureka” campsite was a stolen Walgreens sign which was returned to Walgreens.

The Eureka Police Department would like to warn citizens to be cautious when using the ATMs or banking in the downtown area of Eureka, due to increased aggressive behavior by this group.

Jon Huntsman Ad

Jon Huntsman

Occupy Oakland Live Blog: City says 80-plus arrested, several buildings vandalized

'Largely Peaceful March' in Oakland? Times Again Downplays Occupy's Destruction

There are more details on the riots the Times left out at the Oakland Tribune, including this gem suggesting it wasn’t just “fringe” characters responsible for property destruction: “Milani, a camper who did not want to give a last name, spoke against apologizing to businesses. She said it wasn't just outsiders committing vandalism. ‘The person I saw putting toilet paper up, they're a facilitator at the general assembly. The person spray painting, they're on the events committee.’”

‘Lord of Flies’ in Zuccotti Park

Running a protest movement apparently involves a lot of dirty work and isn’t so much fun. Imagine how hard it will be to run the world! - Michael Goodwin/NY Post

In fact, the problems the protesters face are almost enough for me to hope the police don’t break up the party. The “Lord of the Flies” descent from utopia to petty power struggles, in front of TV cameras, is a political-science lesson, not to mention deliciously ironic.

...Six weeks after turning a small park into a fetid slum and spawning ratty imitations across the country, the socialist-inspired movement with a union face and bulging bank account is at a crossroads. The insistence that there are no leaders and that everybody gets a say on everything is yielding a gridlock to make Washington proud.

Most protesters still can’t define their goals beyond ending capitalism and making life more fair, which means they want other people’s money. Meanwhile, donations of goods and cash pile up, with a reported $500,000 on deposit.

The cash marks an embarrassment for a movement supposedly railing against capitalism and wealth, especially now that a radical group called the Alliance for Global Justice is legally sponsoring the protest. By lending its tax-exempt status -- for a 7 percent cut! -- the global-justice group allows donors to deduct their contributions from federal taxes and gives its own board control over the money....

Time to throw the bums out - NY Post editorial

Afghans: Obama wasting time talking to terrorists

A group of senior Afghan lawmakers says the Obama administration is wasting its time in trying to make peace with the Haqqani Network, a Pakistan-based terrorist group U.S. officials have accused of killing Americans and attacking the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton defended the Obama administration’s strategy of “fight, talk and build” while dealing with the terrorists. She said part of the reason for the administration’s approach is to test whether the terrorist groups “have any willingness to negotiate in good faith.”

Catch the Cain/Gingrich Debate: C-Span archives

Also available at:

Ballots - Initiatives and Referenda Cleared for Circulation

The Attorney General prepares a title and summary of the chief purpose and points of an initiative. Initiatives are cleared for circulation on the day the title and summary is sent to the initiative proponent(s). No petition may be circulated for signatures before it has been cleared to do so by the Attorney General. h/t: Lia

◼ 1517. (11-0055) Referendum to Overturn Law That Prohibits the Required Use of Federal Electronic Employment-Verification Systems.
◼ 1516. (11-0039) Marijuana Legalization. Initiative Statute.
◼ 1515. (11-0038) Prohibits Abortions for Females Under 18 Without Parental Notification and Waiting Period. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
◼ 1514. (11-0037) Prohibits Abortions for Females Under 18 Without Parental Notification. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.