Monday, June 1, 2009

President’s Message - June 2009

This month’s speaker, Northern Division President Liz Froelich, will be a most welcome guide and support to our club’s goals to become the ardent activists who make a difference. That is no easy course to chart by the time we meet our obligations to our families, jobs, communities and to ourselves.

We are all well acquainted with the adage that bad things happen because good men do nothing. Maybe we need to adopt a mantra that, “We will strive to be the good women who do something to change what we can.” If we don’t bird dog proposed legislation, advocate to the best of our principles, and work to elect those we believe will bring our conservative purposes to their office, who will?

It was wonderful at our last meeting to see the great show of hands when the question was asked, “How many picked up the phone, sent an email or a fax, signed a petition, sent a donation, or wrote a letter to the editor?” Hurrah for every one of you! You spoke up and stood up to be counted. And that, ladies, is the heart and soul of democracy. I am proud of you.

We hope you will be at the June meeting to hear Liz Froelich’s information on campaigns. WHEN WOMEN WORK, WE WIN! BY COLLEEN HEDRICK

Humboldt Republican Women Federated welcomes President of the California Federated Republican Women - Northern Division, Liz Froelich

on June 18, 2009
Elks Lodge, Eureka

Liz Froelich is serving as our CFRW Northern Division President this year. She makes her home in Concord, CA, with her husband Bob of 50 years. They have 4 children and 11 grandchildren. Liz was formerly a high school, home and hospital teacher. She is involved with her church, the Catholic Daughters of the Americans, and the Citizens for Responsible Government PAC. Liz has extensive leadership experience from several Republican Women’s Clubs throughout the entire state. Northern Division currently covers 37 counties, 62 clubs and more than 5,200 members. She will address “working campaigns” and being activists and participating in your city, state and federal issues as “Ladies of Liberty.” Republican Women is the largest volunteer women’s group in America. The theme Liz chose for her term is “God, Country and Family.”

Buffet Lunch & Speaker ~ $14.50 ~ Beverage & Speaker ~ $4.00
Please RSVP to Colleen Hedrick at 268-0101
***Lunch reservations needed and to be honored. Cancellation notice is a necessity.
**Special notes: Please notice the lunch price increase. Drawing for Grill and other prize packages on June 18th, so get your tickets!- 268-0101


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