Saturday, November 19, 2016

Millennials Are Leaving Los Angeles

...We may be seeing the start of a new movement away from big government, the Nanny State and a return of reason. The Trump Administration hopefully will indeed make America great again—led by enlightened millennials....

Friday, November 18, 2016

Kellyanne Conway; First Woman Ever to Run a Victorious Presidential Campaign

Undoing The Iran Deal? Easy.

The election of Donald Trump signals bad news for the Iran nuclear deal, Barack Obama's signature foreign policy initiative. Calling it "the worst deal ever negotiated," the author of The Art of the Deal has threatened to tear up the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on day one of his presidency....

All that needs to happen for the deal to fall apart is for the Trump White House to do what the Obama administration has refused to do—enforce its provisions.

Iraqis have endured years of Islam being used to justify mass killing, and some see Mr. Trump as a truth-teller in calling out Islam — or a certain brand of it — as the problem.

...In Mr. Trump’s vow to defeat terrorism many Iraqis say they have hope that decisive American power will be marshaled to eradicate the Islamic State, the extremist group also known as ISIS, which has occupied parts of Iraq and Syria for the past two years.

“We have no concerns about the policy of Trump because he is against extremism,” said Saad al-Hadithi, the spokesman for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. “We think we are facing one enemy, and that is fighting ISIS. Therefore, I do not think there are fears or concerns about a new American policy.”...


Watch Chris Matthews Tell Rachel Maddow That Trump Was Right About Immigration, the Border and the Wall

Some Senate Democrats Are Singing A Different Tune Now...

NOT KIDDING: Erdogan AKP wants to free thousands of RAPISTS who agree to MARRY THEIR VICTIMS

Trump taps: Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Flynn, Romney?

Trump could have lost Florida and still won

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Republican's First Test: A Spending Bill Free Of Taxpayer Giveaways

The Paris treaty has NEVER been popular, which is why Obama refused to submit it to the Senate

Facebook and Google Google plan to attack "fake" news. What is that? The Rolling Stone rape hoax? Huffington Post claiming 98% win chance for Hillary?


In an attempt to distinguish fake or misleading news sites from legit sources, Melissa Zimdars, Assistant Professor of Communication at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, created a list of, “false, misleading, clickbait-y and satirical ‘news’ sources.” The LA Times published the list.

Sites like the The Onion and Clickhole, satirical news sites made the cut, and rightly so, but also included were The Blaze, Independent Journal Review (IJR), Project Veritas (James O’Keefe), Twitchy, and RedState. None of the latter are fake nor misleading, nor clickbait-y, nor satirical, and most of them engage in original reporting from time to time.

One person’s opinion on the matter wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) make much of a difference. But by publishing the (mostly) bogus list, the LA Times gave it legitimacy. It’s now being circulated through social media channels as the authoritative list on “real” news....

...It’s a wonder people don’t trust the media…

Clinton may have won California – but Trump carried its rural north

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Donald Trump And Mike Pence Remove All Lobbyists From Transition Team

An Obamacare repeal could be ready for Donald Trump to sign the moment he takes office

Moore: Having a pro-business president will be "a psychological lift for this battered and bruised economy."

Craigslist Ad Offers Money To Protest Dakota Access Pipeline

The poster of the ad offers $1,000 to “anyone who proves they quit their job to protest full time” with the ad poster. Additionally the poster offers to cover travel and food expenses, and any adult who shows up on the first night will be given $50 in cash and $20 for each child brought with any protester to the demonstration.

Obama to award Medal of Freedom to celebrities

Mark Warner replaces Dianne Feinstein on Senate Intel Committee

Since the left is now the equivalent of a madman in a straitjacket trying to chew off his own toes...

Because yes, the left is utterly bonkers cracked up crazy.

Majority Of Anti-Trump Protesters Arrested In Portland Weren't Registered Or Didn't Vote.

Most of the 112 protesters arrested in Portland last week didn’t vote in Oregon, according to state election records. Approximately 30 percent did cast a ballot in Oregon or in another state.

At least seventy-nine demonstrators either didn’t turn in a ballot or weren’t registered to vote in the state.

Following Tuesday's presidential election of Donald Trump, thousands of people took to the streets in downtown Portland for five straight nights. The activity included at least one night that the police declared to be a riot, with more than $1 million in property damage.

"It is false to claim that the world is more dangerous than it has ever been, especially for Americans."

Washington’s Minimum Wage Increase Causes Spike in Childcare Costs

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Finally---MSM FOX now covering who is behind the astro-turf protests:

Sooooo - 60 Minutes held this for two days. Think about that.

Donald Trump pledges to immediately deport 2 to 3 million criminal illegal immigrants

Trump picks Reince Priebus as chief of staff...Stephen Bannon as Chief Strategist

George Bush to release a book of wounded veteran portraits

Trump Wins, Parents Panic. What do we tell the children? (bumped)

Victor Davis Hanson: Why Trump Won (and was the only Republican who could)

...By the end of the third debate, it seemed as if Trump had carjacked the Republican limousine and driven it off a cliff. His campaign seemed indifferent to the usual stuff of an election run—high-paid handlers, a ground game, polling, oppositional research, fundraising, social media, establishment endorsements, and celebrity guest appearances at campaign rallies. Pundits ridiculed his supposedly “shallow bench” of advisors, a liability that would necessitate him crawling back to the Republican elite for guidance at some point.

What was forgotten in all this hysteria was that Trump had brought to the race unique advantages, some of his own making, some from finessing naturally occurring phenomena. His advocacy for fair rather than free trade, his insistence on enforcement of federal immigration law, and promises to bring back jobs to the United States brought back formerly disaffected Reagan Democrats, white working-class union members, and blue-dog Democrats—the “missing Romney voters”—into the party. Because of that, the formidable wall of rich electoral blue states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and North Carolina crumbled.

Beyond that, even Trump’s admitted crudity was seen by many as evidence of a street-fighting spirit sorely lacking in Republican candidates that had lost too magnanimously in 1992, 2008, and 2016 to vicious Democratic hit machines. Whatever Trump was, he would not lose nobly, but perhaps pull down the rotten walls of the Philistines with him. That Hillary Clinton never got beyond her email scandals, the pay-for-play Clinton Foundation wrongdoing, and the Wikileaks and Guccifer hackings reminded the electorate that whatever Trump was or had done, he at least had not brazenly broken federal law as a public servant, or colluded with the media and the Republican National Committee to undermine the integrity of the primaries and sabotage his Republican rivals.

Finally, the more Clinton Inc. talked about the Latino vote, the black vote, the gay vote, the woman vote, the more Americans tired of the same old identity politics pandering....

MAG: Hillary Celebrity Feminism Fail..

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