Saturday, March 11, 2017

#FBI Extensively Used BEST BUY 'Geek Squad' For #Secret #Surveillance...

Recently unsealed records reveal a much more extensive secret relationship than previously known between the FBI and Best Buy's Geek Squad, including evidence the agency trained company technicians on law-enforcement operational tactics, shared lists of targeted citizens and, to covertly increase surveillance of the public, encouraged searches of computers even when unrelated to a customer's request for repairs....

Aslan then politely accepted and ate human brain that was offered to him by these cannibals.

Reza Aslan has spent a career defending Islam as a talking head over at CNN. He works toward painting anyone who may be alarmed with radicalized Islamists and many of the ways mainstream Islam treats women and minorities, as intolerant bigots....

Aslan ate another person’s brain because he was afraid of offending the threatening and violent man who sat in front of him. That isn’t tolerance. That’s cowardice. That’s conforming and bowing to fear. Next time I hear Aslan lecturing Americans on religious tolerance, be sure to remember that Aslan believes that tolerance extends to experimenting with cannibalism.

Sessions considering special prosecutor to investigate Obama Justice Department

Big diff betw Trump & Obama..when inviting guests to dinner, Obama invited Athletes & Hollywood celebrities..Trump invites ppl of influence.

Friday, March 10, 2017

'Time Has Come to Make a Deal': Trump Invites Abbas to White House

America's Labor Market Is Getting Better by Almost Any Measure

American Bar Association Gives Gorsuch Top Rating, Says He’s ‘Well-Qualified’

Q: Do we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it? A: No.

USDA Threatens To Shut Down Farm For Conservative Article In Break Room

Even the mainstream media skewered ‘A Day Without a Woman’ strike

In the end, even the New York Times admitted the strike’s failure on multiple fronts....

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times ran an op-ed calling the protest “A Day Without a Privileged Woman,” and predicting that few will actually join this “party.” It foresaw that the strike would “mostly be a day without women who can afford to skip work, shuffle childcare and household duties to someone else, and shop at stores that are likely to open at 10 and close at 5.”
The article concluded that women “are too essential to play hooky,” and that “the idea that women should take a day off en masse to make a political point is both self-defeating and vaguely insulting.”

Likewise, the New York Daily News encouraged women to “screw the Day Without a Woman” protest, which would “only end up with wealthy ladies taking the day off to protest while the women who work their asses off cleaning their houses, caring for their kids and every other by-the-hour day work, won’t be able to do the same because their bosses will be out protesting.” The article recommends the protest be scrapped and replaced with a “good old-fashioned sex strike.”

Wednesday, March 8, 2017



U.S. companies added a whopping 298,000 new jobs in February, beating economists' expectations by more than 100,000.

The report from ADP, a global human resources and payroll firm, provides the first hard economic numbers from Donald Trump's first full month as president.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The audience is surveyed before and after, and pretty much everyone is stunned to discover that gender bias did not work at all as they thought it did. What if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Had Swapped Genders?

Fantastic theater experiment: A male Hillary and a female Trump. - Althouse

Report: GOP’s Obamacare replacement helps millennials

The FBI/DOJ/CIA's Global hacking program...

President #Trump signs new immigration order

Monday, March 6, 2017

JUDICIAL WATCH Sues CIA, DOJ For Intel Leak Records...

Sunday, March 5, 2017

President Trump’s early Saturday morning tweeting has exploded to the forefront an uncovered scandal I’ve been talking about since early January (including in this weekend’s column): The fact that the Obama Justice Department and the FBI investigated associates of Donald Trump, and likely Trump himself, in the heat of the presidential campaign.

...Whatever President Trump’s intentions were in using Twitter to touch off this firestorm, one of the immediate effects has been letting the gas out of all those speculative Trump stories. The Democratic media is now furiously working to prove all of its own previous coverage of the Trump-Russia allegations was little more than idle speculation, every bit as lacking in hard evidence as Trump’s accusation that Obama was tapping his phones.

After months of unfounded allegations and badly sourced speculation intended to cripple his administration, maybe Trump wanted to prove that only one side of the partisan divide is permitted to make “wild allegations.” Obama’s plants in the Deep State can leak whatever they please, law and truth be damned. They can get an avalanche of hostile coverage moving with a few phone calls or emails. The media feels no contrition when the story turns out to be exaggerated or completely false, eagerly turning to the same Obama holdovers as sources for the next big phony scoop.

No one on Trump’s team, including the president himself, is allowed to reciprocate in kind. We are meant to feel bottomless outrage that Trump would level unsubstantiated allegations against Obama, but apparently, Obama’s minions can launch a constant barrage of unsubstantiated allegations against Trump.

Intentionally or accidentally, Trump just forced the press to admit how weak the bulk of those allegations were. The wiretapping timeline that has drawn so much attention since Saturday night was largely based on mainstream media reporting. The media is effectively saying, “Hey, wait, we were just blowing smoke. We didn’t think anyone would take those reports seriously and build a case that Obama was wiretapping Trump. We just wanted to make Trump look bad by pumping up vague rumors that he and his campaign might have been under observation!”...

“The evidence is overwhelming,” Levin said. Using public records and mainstream media reporting, he showed how the Obama administration obtained a FISA court warrant to surveil Donald Trump’s presidential campaign last year. The question is, to what extent did the Obama administration spy on Donald Trump’s campaign? - See more at:

Levin took pains to reiterate that the evidence of spying by the Obama administration is not his own speculation. The mainstream media has presented the case in the course of a year of reports on the Obama administration. Levin just connected the dots. - See more at:


Bad news for Dems: Just 22% of #ObamaCare enrollees rate their plan as good or better, down from 77% last year.

The Basic Formula For Every Shocking Russia/Trump Revelation

The basic formula for every breaking Trump/Russia story is essentially as follows:

  1. The New York Times or Washington Post releases an article that at first blush appears extremely damning.
  2. Anti-Trump pundits and Democrats react reflexively to the news, express shrieking outrage, and proclaim that this finally proves untoward collusion between Trump and Russia — a smoking gun, at last.
  3. Aggrieved former Clinton apparatchiks *connect the dots* in a manner eerily reminiscent of right-wing Glenn Beck-esque prognostication circa 2009.
  4. Self-proclaimed legal experts rashly opine as to whether the new revelation entails some kind of criminally actionable offense. (Recall the now-laughable certitude that felled National Security Advisor Mike Flynn violated the 200+ year old Logan Act.) This latest version is the certitude that Jeff Sessions committed perjury, when that at the very least is highly questionable.

...7. People who’d spent the past 12 hours frothing at the mouth gradually come to realize that their initial furor was probably overblown, and that a more sober look at the actual facts at hand reveal that the anti-Trump chorus probably got ahead of itself…again.

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