Friday, April 1, 2005

President’s Message April 2005

“Act… to do something; exert energy or force; carry out an action; to produce an effect” “React… to act in response to an agent, influence or stimulus; to act in a reverse direction or manner; to act in opposition, as against some force ”
(Source… Webster‟s American Family Dictionary, copyright 1998)

In recent weeks, example after example has demonstrated the major contrast between the Republican camp and the Democrat one. Republicans ACT and Democrats REACT.

I‟ll share three current examples, although I could fill the whole newsletter without even trying.
1. President Bush and the Republican-led Congress are trying to seat some outstanding judges who actually KNOW and CARE what the U.S. Constitution says, yet Democrats block their efforts, intent on seating judges who MAKE UP the law as they go.
2. Republicans recognize that Social Security is a train running out of control on dilapidated rails, yet Democrats argue that we don‟t need to be concerned until we reach the canyon where the bridge is out.
3. Republicans tend to recognize that life is God-given and although we can assemble it
in a Petri dish, we can not actually CREATE life. Ending it is a very serious and gutwrenching ordeal. On the other hand, many (but not all) Democrats and most liberal news commentators view ending life as a right when it is an inconvenience, whether deemed “a woman‟s right to
choose” or euthanasia for the in firm. While Democrats often trash traditional marriage as discriminatory against “alternate life styles”, they did a 180 degree flip in the Terri Schiavo case, arguing that because her„ husband‟ wants her dead, everyone else, including her family who loves her, should just back off and respect “the sanctity of marriage”! Can you believe the hypocrisy? Marriage is sanctioned only when it serves a liberal agenda.

It is a strange world we are trying to navigate. After having sat in many history classes and rightly hearing the evils and injustices of slavery, I can‟t help but wonder how our descendants (if our civilization lasts another 150 years) will vie w our 21st century hypocrisy. We wised up and recognized slavery as the barbaric institution it was. Why don‟t Democrats recognize the injustices of our time?

I am proud of all of you ladies and our men who support our shared cause. Don‟t give up. Keep talking the talk and wa lking the walk to spread our legitimate and worthy Republican principles. Others are watching and depending on us, because the alternative is unthinkable! bSheryl Fearrien