Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year!
I trust all of you had a joyous holiday season. The Humboldt County Republican Party is starting fast and furious. As Chairman, I have laid out the following four building blocks for 2009:

◼ Voter Registration, voter registration, voter registration: Voter registration amongst both political parties has been declining. We must reach out to those voters who may have switched party affiliations or who have yet to register and effectively communicate our message of less government and no new taxes.

◼ Fundraising within Humboldt County: a strategy that is aggressive at providing the necessary donations to our party to sustain our programs and goal of achieving a majority.

◼ Committee organization: this includes the establishment of bylaws and other regulations that will govern the central committee and its effectiveness within Humboldt County.

◼ Candidate Recruitment: We have several events on the horizon; the most important is our
Republican of the Year Dinner which will be held on Tuesday, February 17. This year, Joy Finley will be our honoree. Joy has worked tirelessly for Republicans for many years, serving most recently as president of Eureka Republican Women, and also Chairman of the Humboldt County Republican Party. Please plan to join us as we celebrate Joy’s enthusiastic volunteerism! This event will be held at the Fortuna River Lodge and the catering will be provided by Avalon; lease watch your mailbox and your inbox for more information.

We are also working on a special event in April- Peter Foy; Chairman of Americans for Prosperity will be our guest. Americans for Prosperity is the premier tax fighting organization in the state. Mr. Foy has been traveling the state holding press conferences with a giant ATM—
“already taxed to the max.” Learn more at by Patricia Welch, Chairman

President’s Message - January 2009

Typically we think of election years as most significant periods for Eureka Republican Women Federated as we work in support of Republican campaigns. Starting this month with the installation of President Obama who presented his candidacy as the very essence of change we are looking at a real need for change in our thinking. Contrasts between his administration’s purposes and our convictions indicates that this needs to be a hard working year for us. There is need to be vigilant in watching legislation and to react as best serves our conservative principles. There’s a bill introduced to recycle The Fairness Doctrine (which is anything but fair) and Obama comes to office with a huge commitment to Planned Parenthood. Watch for pandering to ACORN, a supposed community action organization that functions on the taxpayers’ dime mostly as a radical extension of the Democrat party. We will need to write, fax, telephone, and be as visible as possible if we are to best represent and defend our core beliefs.

More immediately we have a change in time and place for our January meeting. Meeting date is Thurs. January 22 at the Elk Lodge at noon . Members, guests and the public are encouraged to bring cans or plastic containers of food to contribute to Food for People. BY COLLEEN HEDRICK


CFRW Northern Division will be holding a Leadership Workshop on Saturday, February 17th in Fairfield.

The cost is $50 per person which includes a Leadership Guide and lunch. Accommodations are at the Courtyard by Marriott for $119. I encourage everyone to attend this informative workshop.
by Patricia Welch, Chairman, Regional Director, CFRW Northern Division


Happy New Year – 2009 is going to be a good year. I am so pleased to have Terry Roberts and Kathy Rodriguez as co-chairs of Membership. Kathy has several new ideas for ERWF and has agreed to head up this year’s membership drive. We hope to increase membership this year so we will be looking to everyone for support to grow and keep our views alive in this community. If you have ideas for improvement, please share them.

Statements for 2009 dues are in the mail and you should receive them in the next day or so. Your early response is appreciated. If you wish to pay dues at the Luncheon, Kathy, Terry or I will be set up to take them. For those who have already paid your dues, thank you. BY BARBARA HECATHORN


January 17 Northern Division Leadership Seminar Courtyard by Marriot in Fairfield

January 22 ERWF Luncheon, Elks Lodge, Eureka

Feb. 6-8 CFRW Winter Conference, San Luis Obispo
Reservations are still being accepted: Courtyard Marriott at 805-786-4200 Conference package is $150, due by January 23rd. Please call Colleen Hedrick 268-0101 or email at if you want additional information.

Feb. 17 CFRW Northern Leadership Workshop, Fairfield

Feb. 17 Humboldt County Republican of the Year Dinner, honoring Joy Finley - River Lodge, Fortuna

Mar. 13-14 Northern Division Spring Conference, Redding

May 3-5 CFRW 34th Advocacy Workshop and Spring 2009 Board Meeting Hyatt Regency at Capitol Park, Sacramento

Joy Finley will be honored as the Humboldt County Republican of the Year

February 17, 2009
River Lodge, Fortuna
6:00pm Cocktails - 8:00pm Dinner
For more information, Call Patricia Welch at 227-6562.