Saturday, May 23, 2015

After returning the Churchill bust to England, Obama gives Ramadi back to Islamic terrorists.

Boston Herald Front Page:

“Prospect of Hillary Clinton-Marco Rubio Matchup Unnerves Democrats”

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Senate has refused to reauthorize NSA bulk data collection

The Bill of Rights is worth losing sleep over.

Obama agrees to submit Iran deal to Congress

Russia warns Google, Facebook & Twitter: Hand over bloggers or be banned

Matt Drudge: Disrespect for voters is staggering. Boehner will not make public 'most important' trade deal in history? Hides behind 'classified' status..

It's the Night of The Republican Suicide... Memorial Day weekend takes on new meaning...

Myanmar rescued more than 200 refugees packed into a small fishing boat

Photos taken while the ship came ashore depict a chilling scene as the refugees reach out and wait to be pulled from their cramped sailing quarters.

“There are 208 people onboard the vessel, of them 10 is the age of about 14 years and the remaining are aged between 30 and 40,” government spokesman Ye Htut posted on his Facebook page. “They are from Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong and north of Dhaka. They are altogether 219 people including nine crew members and two Bengalis interpreters.”

The “floating coffin” was discovered after Myanmar’s military commander-in-chief announced that some migrants landing in Malaysia and Indonesia were likely pretending to be Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar to receive U.N. assistance and were likely from Bangladesh.

But according to the United Nations, tiny vessels such as these are being filled to the brim with weak, hungry and dehydrated migrants — who are attempting to reach Indonesia and Malaysia. Countless numbers of people have been fleeing persecution recently in the Southwest Asian countries of Myanmar and Bangladesh, citing apartheid-like conditions.

Not only are these Hillary emails dropping on Friday before Memorial Day weekend, but the format makes it incredibly slow to read them.

Fantastic piece by @michellemalkin on Obama's efforts to radically transform America's patent system

Clinton likely did not know when she requested a copy of the movie — in a 6 a.m. email to Philippe Reines and Huma Abedin, two of her top aides — that her Libyan legacy was about to go south.

“Can you get us a copy of Bernard Henri-Levi’s film about Libya?” asked in the email to Reines and Abedin. “I think Harvey made it and it showed at Cannes last spring.”

On Day Of Benghazi Attack, Hillary Sent Email Requesting Copy Of Libya Documentary She Starred In - Chuck Ross/Daily Callerµ

But she wasn’t thinking about “The Innocence of Muslims,” the short YouTube film that the Obama administration erroneously blamed for the Benghazi attack. Instead, Clinton sought a copy of “The Oath of Tobruk,” a documentary about the Libyan civil war directed by French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy and brought to America by her friend, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

LEVIN: Ted Cruz hit it OUT OF THE PARK on gay ‘animosity’ question

Baltimore cops are ‘looking to leave’ after Freddie Gray arrests

Rand Paul was right: Rifles, RPGs and missiles flowed from Benghazi to ISIS ports

The U.S. watched as rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, and missiles flowed from Benghazi to Syrian ports where they would become part of the Islamic State's arsenal of weapons, a Defense Intelligence Agency memo reveals.

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denied any knowledge of this when Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky asked her about it during a Benghazi hearing in January 2013. Think Progress said Paul's questions were "pushing a conspiracy theory."