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'DOJ has some 'splainin' to do.' Brit Hume tweets about 'missing texts' and the Left just can't DEAL

(E)mbrace the “health care wars”—because with the help of the Trump administration and free-market state lawmakers across the country, consumers have more options now than at any time since Obamacare was first imposed. the histrionics over who is to blame for today’s rising health care costs has already begun. Democrats blame Republicans for effectively getting rid of Obamacare because insurers are threatening higher premiums, but Republicans have the better argument because premiums and deductibles were rising before Obamacare started its death spiral.

As of yet, there aren’t hard and fast solutions to these problems, but there are good reasons for Americans to feel hopeful about health insurance again. They need only look in the right place. And that place is much closer to home than Washington, DC.

Reporters are doing their best to convince Americans health care should be the primary issuein the 2018 midterm elections and that Trump and Republicans deserve the blame for the system’s current woes, but many average Americans desperately looking for inexpensive health insurance should stop looking to the federal government for answers and start examining what the legislators in their own state are doing to make health care more affordable. Many states are now introducing numerous cost-saving innovations and utilizing market forces to improve health care access.

(T)he ACLU is no longer a neutral defender of everyone's civil liberties; it has morphed into a hyper-partisan, hard-left political advocacy group

The director of the American Civil Liberties Union has now acknowledged what should have been obvious to everybody over the past several years: that the ACLU is no longer a neutral defender of everyone's civil liberties; it has morphed into a hyper-partisan, hard-left political advocacy group. The final nail in its coffin was the announcement that for the first time in its history the ACLU would become involved in partisan electoral politics, supporting candidates, referenda and other agenda-driven political goals.

The headline in the June 8, 2018 edition of The New Yorker tells it all: "The ACLU is getting involved in elections – and reinventing itself for the Trump Era." The article continues:

"In this midterm year, however, as progressive groups have mushroomed and grown more active, and as liberal billionaires such as Howard Schultz and Tom Steyer have begun to imagine themselves as political heroes and eye Presidential runs, the A.C.L.U., itself newly flush, has begun to move in step with the times. For the first time in its history, the A.C.L.U. is taking an active role in elections. The group has plans to spend more than twenty-five million dollars on races and ballot initiatives by Election Day, in November."

Since its establishment nearly 100 years ago, the ACLU has been, in the words of The New Yorker, "Fastidiously nonpartisan, so prudish about any alliance with any political power that its leadership, in the 1980's and 90's, declined even to give awards to likeminded legislators for fear that it might give the wrong impression." ...

Woah! Debbie Schultz’ tech guy Imran Awan has struck a PLEA DEAL…

I’ve watched many people rise and leave the Democratic Party but in this video below, this young man is the epitome of “waking up.” But he doesn’t stop there, he’s put his thoughts in a video with a new movement called #WalkAway.

...Today I’m kicking off the #WalkAway campaign by releasing my video about why I am walking away from liberalism and the Democratic Party. It is my sincere hope that you will join me in this campaign and that we may start a movement in this country- which not only encourages others to walk away from the divisive left, but also takes back the narrative from the liberal media about what it means to be a conservative in America. It is up to all of us to make our voices heard and reclaim the truth.
The Democratic Party has taken for granted that it owns racial, sexual, and religious minorities in America. It has encouraged groupthink, hypocrisy, division, stereotyping, resentment, and the acceptance of victimhood mentality. And all the while, they have discouraged minorities from having independent thought, open dialogue, measured and informed opinion, and a motivation to succeed.
Please like and share my video, and please post your own #WalkAway video!! If you are a former liberal who has walked away from the left, please share your story, or your message, or your thoughts in a video on the WalkAway Campaign Facebook Page.
If you are a lifelong conservative or non-Democrat, please share your story, message, or thoughts on what it truly means to be a conservative. Right now, the liberal media continues to perpetuate a false narrative about the “hateful” and “bigoted” right. Use your voice to let people know who conservatives really are. Be sure to use the hashtag #WalkAway....

Dear CA GOP legislator: You put a horrible, bipartisan stamp on a terrible state budget if you cast an aye vote for the budget or ANY budget trailer bills. Can we show some unity please, in this election year?

The game theory that explains our country’s mass psychosis

...When a successful man in his 70s is screaming profanities at another septuagenarian, to wild applause, it seems safe to say the whole country has lost its bloody mind.

Two things about this bout of madness are striking. The first is that not just celebrities but ordinary adults as well have started to make public displays that would have horrified them a few years back — and yet they are still outraged when the other side throws a similar tantrum. The second is that everyone defends this behavior as having been made necessary by the appalling outbursts across the aisle.

Point out that until about three minutes ago, feminists did not think “c--t” was an acceptable term of abuse for any woman, and they retort that Trump supporters went there first. Ask Trump supporters why they voted for a man whose language can’t be accurately reported without the use of strategic dashes, and they are apt to respond that he’s necessary to combat outrageous lefty attack dogs. Public discourse is dissolving into wailing whataboutism.

It’s all awful. But the cause of this seeming outbreak of mass psychosis may not really be too mysterious. Game theory may offer an explanation — specifically, a famous strategy known as “tit-for-tat.” ...

It may seem a trifle Pollyanna-ish to hope for such mass self-reform. But the alternative is to keep escalating toward mutually assured destruction. And as we learned from “WarGames,” one of my favorite childhood movies, the only way to win a game like that is not to play.

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Justice Department announces massive bust of more than 2,300 suspected child sex offenders

North, South Korea slated to hold military talks for first time in 10 years

The FBI's Fractured Fairytale. See what you missed.

We will "ban a way of talking."

Today, we’re living in the era of “agree with me or else,” with the threats for noncompliance ranging from the intentional spread of rampant rumors to strategic attempts to destroy reputations or businesses.