Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Bad news for Dems: Trump’s rating is rising where it counts, in California

All that talk of a Democratic blue wave sweeping congressional races in California could be for naught if a new poll is on target: It shows President Trump’s approval rating surging to 50 percent in Orange County, site of four tight races that could determine if Republicans hold the House.

A more popular Trump is bad news for Democrats, who are trying to grab seven GOP-held congressional districts statewide that Hillary Clinton won in 2016, including the four in Orange County. That would give Democrats a big jump on their goal of flipping 23 seats nationally to regain the House.

Lawmakers propose limits on University of California power


Reuters Poll: GOP Surges to 6 Point Lead in 2018 Generic Ballot

For the week ending May 20, Republicans are at 40.7 percent while Democrats have slipped down to 34.5 percent. The survey was of 1,139 respondents and is the first time in the 2018 cycle, dating back to the end of May last year, that Republicans have taken a lead ahead of Democrats in the Reuters tracking poll.

Pompeo is right: You can’t separate a rogue regime from its roguery.

Yet another Calif. city rebels against sanctuary city law. Will this rebellion elect more Republicans in California?

5 Things to Watch in Tuesday’s Primaries: Outside of Texas runoffs, this week’s action is mostly on the Democratic side

Donald Trump: Meeting with Kim Jong-Un ‘May Not Work Out’: We Will ‘Guarantee’ Kim Jong Un’s Safety at Summit Meeting

A century ago, no matter how rich you were, you wouldn't be able to enjoy air conditioning, TV, smart phones, Internet, timely transportation, contact lenses, international food, antibiotics, effective dental care, or a high likelihood of surviving infancy

The world has forgotten the Ladies in White.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Mark Penn, the Former Clinton Aide, Dismisses the Mueller Investigation — and the Clintons Along With It

36 local candidates have been assassinated in Mexico. And the election is still 2 months away.

Obama’s FBI let their Trump campaign spy put his name forward for a job in the administration.

Trump quietly signs resolution ending Obama-era regulation of auto lending

The measure struck down 2013 guidance from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau informing financial firms they would be held liable for fair lending laws if they arrange financing with auto dealers. The Obama administration presented the rule as necessary for counteracting discrimination.

Congress’ use of the Congressional Review Act to cancel the guidance is unprecedented, given that it was informal guidance and not an official agency rule....

Republican chairman of the House Financial Services Committee Jeb Hensarling commended the decision after attending the closed-door ceremony.

“Gone are the days of a rogue Bureau using its unchecked powers to sidestep due process and harm the very consumers it is charged with protecting,” he said in a statement.

Sacramento's high taxes and extreme regulations are making the state unaffordable for anyone but the very rich.