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The wife and two sons of a New York City policeman gunned down along with his partner have been joined by hundreds of uniformed officers at his wake. - CBS NY ◼ Via Drudge

Police Again Turn Their Back on de Blasio... - ABC

Crowds Line Streets to Mourn Slain Officer... - Reuters

2014: The Year of the Imploding Narrative

Ever since the days of Watergate, at least on the level of the national media’s overculture, America has had very little pure journalism, but loads of narratives being advanced by the left. But these can only be pushed so far before they overreach. - Ed Driscoll/PJMedia

2014 was the year a lot of leftwing narratives overreached very, very badly, with occasionally exceedingly ugly results for those at the center of them. At Reason, Cathy Young describes 2014 as ◼ “The Year the Crusade Against ‘Rape Culture’ Stumbled”

Another myth of the left is also long overdue for a reassessment, when, as Heather Mac Donald writes at City Journal, ◼ “The Big Lie of the Anti-Cop Left Turns Lethal” KEEP READING

Hot Air’s top 50 posts in 2014: 31-40 - Ed Morrissey/HotAir

It was a strange year in media, and in politics, as you’ll shortly recall...

2014 was a historic year for the GOP.

Republicans now hold:
  • 54 U.S. Senate seats, the most since 2006
  • 246 House seats, the most since 1946
  • 31 governorships, the second highest GOP total since the 1920s
  • 4,100+ state legislative seats, the highest GOP total in history
  • 69 of the nation's 99 state legislative chambers, the highest total in history
  • More than half of the nation's Lieutenant Governors, Attorneys General, Secretaries of State, and State Treasurers
This victory was fueled by your contributions and driven by our grassroots leaders and volunteers. We invested over $105 million to win on the ground – including tens of millions of dollars on our data and digital efforts – to identify and turn out GOP voters.

And we're not finished....
- Reince Priebus/

We have many more historic races to win — especially the 2016 presidential election.

This is our time to continue making history, elect our country's next remarkable leader to the White House and get our country back on track.

Can GOP shatter 'Obama coalition' in 2016?

Republicans crowed in 2004 that freshly re-elected President George W. Bush had established a "permanent governing majority" for the GOP. Eight years later, Democrats were touting the enduring power of the "Obama coalition" to keep their party in the White House. - AP

But Democrats couldn't sustain that coalition for this year's midterm elections, leading to Republican gains in Congress, governorships and state legislatures nationwide.

"The notion of demographics as destiny is overblown," said Republican pollster and media strategist Wes Anderson. "Just like (Bush aide Karl) Rove was wrong with that 'permanent majority' talk, Democrats have to remember that the pendulum is always swinging."

So how will it swing in 2016? Is the path to 270 electoral votes so fixed that one side just can't win? Does Obama's unpopularity carry over into the next race for the White House? Or will an increasingly diverse electorate pick a Democrat for a third consecutive presidential election for the first time since Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman won five straight elections from 1932 to 1948? KEEP READING

JetBlue offering free flights to cops wanting to attend slain NYC officer's funeral

There are some stipulations; only two flights per police department, and the flights are subject to availability. But it's a generous gesture that will allow police departments across America to express their solidarity with their brother and sister officers in New York. - Rick Moran/American Thinker

President Obama´s Hawaii vacation:

Day 7 - AP
Day 6 - AP
Day 5 - AP
Day 4 - AP
Day 3 - AP
Day 2 - ABC
Obama in Hawaii: An Inside Look at the First Family´s Winter Vacation - ABC

The men behind Obama took a calculated gamble in 2008 that the nation was ready for the first post-American president, a man with no meaningful cultural roots in the nation he would profess to lead.

With Two Years Left, the Inflection Point of the Obama Presidency - Michael Walsh/PJmedia

They relied on the intrinsic good-heartedness of the electorate to show their lack of prejudice in voting for a man with an exotic Arabic/Muslim name only seven years after the atrocity of Sept. 11. They counted on the innate good will of the American people, judged that the time was right for a black president, and then went out and found the only half-black candidate who had absolutely nothing to do with the black American experience and ran him as an avatar of black America.

And they won, twice, both times against half-hearted Republican candidates with no skin in the game, married to interchangeable blonde wives — one a half-crazy former prisoner of war/political accommodationist and the other a Mormon whose religious faith was guaranteed to lose him some much-needed votes. If they had tried to throw both elections, they could not have done a better job, both of them refusing to go after Obama head-on, and neither of them apparently realizing the danger he posed to the republic. Neither could fathom a new kind of Democrat candidate, one who observed the surface appearances of a traditional candidacy, but who was brimming with new, extra-Constitutional ideas about how to effect his political program.

Shortly before his first election, the president promised a “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America, and it is instructive to note the tone in which he made that pledge. Listen, please; it only takes a few seconds:

Note the finger-pointing. Check out the saturnine look on his face. America was warned, early on, that beneath the smiling facade of Barack Hussein Obama was a very angry man. The smile and the shoeshine got him elected but since that day he has waged unremitting war on the country as founded, pillorying the nation, putting it in the dock, and making us all atone for its sins. Obama’s is a presidency-as-payback, and the “transformation” is meant to ensure that it is permanently hobbled. The animus positively radiates from him.

“Why?” is a question best left to shrinks and historians. But for those of us dealing with the consequences, what matters most is, “What next?” KEEP READING

California readies for 900 new laws

New Year’s Day will usher in hundreds of new laws in California, including a landmark law that allows undocumented individuals to receive a driver’s license. - SF Chronicle

In all, California will add 930 new laws, most of which will go into effect Thursday. Some of the most talked-about laws won’t take effect until July, such as a statewide ban on plastic bags, required sick leave for employees and a requirement that new smartphones come with antitheft technology.

Friday, December 26, 2014

I still remember what she said: “So all of us can be with our families on Christmas.”

At Christmastime, George W. Bush was Santa, Obama is Scrooge - Joseph Curl/Washington Times

...(H)ere’s the thing: In December, we never left Washington, D.C., until the day after Christmas. Never. Mr. Bush and his wife, Laura, would always depart the White House a few days before the holiday and hunker down at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland. After a few years, I asked a low-level White House staffer why.

I still remember what she said: “So all of us can be with our families on Christmas.”

Who was “us”? Hundreds and hundreds of people, that’s who. Sure, the reporters who covered the president, but also dozens and dozens on his staff, 100 Secret Service agents, maybe more, and all of those city cops required whenever the president’s on the move in D.C.

For me, that one-day delay was huge. My kids were 6 and 8 years old when Mr. Bush took office. When he went home to Prairie Chapel that last time in 2009, my girl was driving, the boy was 6 foot 1. But in the meantime, I was home for eight Christmas mornings, playing Santa, stoking the fire, mixing up hot chocolates.

That was President Bush. And every year for the past five, I’ve thought about what that meant to me. (By the way, some years, I got holiday duty, which meant I was off to Waco, Texas, the day after Christmas. But once again, the Bush White House had us covered: A press plane flew out with the president, and back then, reporters could pay $100 per family member for the plane ride. So sometimes, the family went along. For the kids, it was an adventure; for me, well, we were all together.)

All that has changed with President Obama. No more press plane, for one. Reporters are on their own — so taking family is, say, $1,000 a pop. Not likely. And this president would never delay his trip to his island getaway. He’s off every year well before Christmas. Hundreds and hundreds head off with him, leaving family behind.

Sony Releases "The Interview" on YouTube (FULL MOVIE) UPDATED

Trailer - Conservative Outfitters

The Interview in Fortuna - North Coast Journal

While corporations may cower before North Korean hackers, Fortuna will not yield. A revised movie schedule from CA Theatres that reached the Journal after press time for the Dec. 25 edition includes showings of The Interview at the Fortuna theater starting on Dec. 25.

'The Interview' release marked by capacity crowds - FOX

Hundreds of theaters made special arrangements for the highly-talked about comedy depicting actors James Franco and Seth Rogen assassinating the North Korean dictator to be shown in its theaters Christmas Day.

Tt turned out to be a mega hit.


No, North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony

The FBI and the President may claim that the Hermit Kingdom is to blame for the most high-profile network breach in forever. But almost all signs point in another direction. - Daily Beast

All the evidence leads me to believe that the great Sony Pictures hack of 2014 is far more likely to be the work of one disgruntled employee facing a pink slip.

I may be biased, but, as the director of security operations for DEF CON, the world’s largest hacker conference, and the principal security researcher for the world's leading mobile security company, Cloudflare, I think I am worth hearing out.

The FBI was very clear in its press release about who it believed was responsible for the attack: “The FBI now has enough information to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible for these actions,” they said in their December 19 statement, before adding, “the need to protect sensitive sources and methods precludes us from sharing all of this information”.

With that disclaimer in mind, let’s look at the evidence that the FBI are able to tell us about....KEEP READING

Four-star spymaster behind North Korean hacking; Sony’s ‘The Interview’ available online - Bill Gertz/Washington Times
U.S. intelligence agencies have identified the military officer orchestrating North Korea’s state-sponsored hacking attacks, such as the one on Sony Pictures Entertainment. He is Gen. Kim Yong-chol, director of the espionage and clandestine operations service known as the Reconnaissance General Bureau, or RGB.
North Korea was NOT behind the Sony hack according to multiple security experts who discredit FBI findings and reveal that a studio insider named 'Lena' may be responsible - Daily Mail UK
  • The FBI last week announced that they had discovered conclusive evidence proving the North Korean government was behind the Sony hack
  • President Obama then attacked the country for their behavior during a news conference, and informed them that the United States would retaliate
  • Now, the findings of the FBI are being called into question by many of the cybersecurity industry's leading experts
  • What's more, after an independent investigation, Norse has determined that they believe a woman named 'Lena' is responsible for the hack
  • Almost every expert stated that they believe the hack had to have been an inside job
  • Who Hacked Sony Becomes Internet's New Mystery - NYT
    Everyone has a theory about who really hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. Despite President Barack Obama's conclusion that North Korea was the culprit, the Internet's newest game of whodunit continues. Top theories include disgruntled Sony insiders, hired hackers, other foreign governments or Internet hooligans. Even some experts are undecided, with questions about why the communist state would steal and leak gigabytes of data, email threats to some Sony employees and their families and then threaten moviegoers who planned to watch "The Interview" on Christmas. "Somebody's done it. And right now this knowledge is known to God and whoever did it," said Martin Libicki, a cyber security expert at RAND in Arlington, Virginia, who thinks it probably was North Korea. "So we gather up a lot of evidence, and the evidence that the FBI has shown so far doesn't allow one to distinguish between somebody who is North Korea and somebody who wants to look like North Korea."
    We Spoke To A North Korean Defector Who Trained With Its Hackers — What He Said Is Pretty Scary - IBD
    How they’re trained: Mirim University produces most of the hackers that get placed in Bureau 121. It’s a highly competitive program, with each class accepting only about 100 students out of 5,000 applicants. They take six 90-minute classes every day, learning different coding languages and operating systems, from C to Linux. Jang says a lot of time was spent dissecting Microsoft programs, like the Windows operating system, and how to attack the overall computer IT systems of enemy countries like the US or South Korea. But the core principle is to develop its own hacking programs and computer viruses without having to rely on programs already built in the outside world. Jang says he believes North Korean hackers are as good as the top programmers at Google or CIA, if not already better. “Especially in terms of coding, I’m confident they’re better because they’ve invested in it for so long,” he says. What it’s like to work for Bureau 121: They’re all very sophisticated professional hackers, with almost nine years of intense training by the time they get hired. They’re split into different focus groups based on countries to attack, like the US, South Korea, and Japan. Once they’re placed in their respective groups, they spend nearly two years traveling to their assigned country, learning the language and culture. The ability to travel outside of North Korea and make US dollars is part of the reason so many North Koreans want this job. Jang estimates there are about 1,800 cyber warriors in Bureau 121.

EPA can't regulate lead bullets, says federal court

Hunters, hold your fire — the Environmental Protection Agency won't regulate your bullets. - Washington Examiner

A federal appeals court denied a lawsuit Tuesday by environmental groups that the EPA must use the Toxic Substances Control Act regulate lead used in shells and cartridges.

"We agree with EPA that it lacks statutory authority to regulate the type of spent bullets and shot identified in the environmental groups’ petition," Judge David Tatel wrote for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Environmental groups had sued the agency to do so, saying spent lead ammunition posed an "unreasonable risk of injury" to wildlife and humans who would eat the animals they kill. The groups rejected the EPA's assertion that it lacked the authority to do so.

2014 Power Rankings: 25 Most Loved and Hated Conservatives in America

Right Wing News has released its 7th Annual Poll of Conservative Websites on the Most Loved and Hated People on the Right. Let’s just say there are some unexpected results. The online survey was delivered to 230 influential conservative websites and the results tabulated. - IJ Review

The 7th Annual Poll of Conservative Websites On The Most Loved And Hated People On The Right - Right Wing News

The Most Admired Conservatives
1. Thomas Sowell (63)
1. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (63)
1. Scott Walker (63)
4. Mia Love (60)
5. Charles Krauthammer
5. Michelle Malkin (57)
5. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (57)
5. Mark Steyn (57)
9. Condi Rice (55)
9. Rush Limbaugh (55)
11. Bobby Jindal (54)
12. Megyn Kelly (53)
12. David Limbaugh (53)
12. Glenn Reynolds (53)
15. Matt Drudge (52)
15. Jonah Goldberg (52)
15. The Koch Brothers (52)
15. Allen West (52)
19. Ted Cruz (51)
20. Ben Carson (50)
20. James O’Keefe (50)
20. Tim Scott (50)
23. Dick Cheney (49)
24. Mark Levin (49)
25. George W. Bush (47)
25. Trey Gowdy (47)
25. Darrell Issa (47)
25. Dana Loesch (47)
25. Rick Perry (47)