Monday, February 1, 2010


February 14 Remember a cookbook for your Valentine
February 18 General Meeting at Elks Lodge (445 Herrick Ave.)
Panel: Vee Sorenson, Mike Harvey, Dennis Hunter
Topic: Supporting Campaigns & Running Elections
March 18 General Meeting at Elks Lodge (445 Herrick Ave.)
Dr. William Wagoner, How Islam Plans To Change The World.
April 20-21 Advocacy Days in Sacramento
Sept 20 - Oct 2 NFRW Biennial Convention, Kansas City, Missouri

President’s Message - February 2010

Our first effort at a buffet lunch as a fundraiser worked well, thanks to outstanding support in the donation and helping hands departments. HRWF members’ efforts netted between $800 - $900 before all minor bills are accounted for in the expense column. It would appear that the event would be well worth considering as worth a repeat at some future time. The event was also certainly a success in the culinary selections with at least a half dozen choices for filling soup bowls, many salads and side dishes, and desserts aplenty. Kay Backer was an outstanding speaker on our swampy county planning department.

Humboldt County citizens are encouraged to complete the form provided on the back cover of this newsletter and send it to Kay Backer, 2524 San Marin Lane, Sacramento 95835, go online at biusa@aol. com, or turn the form in to Colleen Hedrick.

This month’s general meeting will offer a repeat of last year’s drive for the Eureka Food Bank. Winter months are particularly difficult for many Humboldt families and the Food Bank needs help in keeping a stock of groceries to meet their needs. The food service will bring containers to the lobby at the Elks Club and pick up the containers after our meeting. This project was a huge success last year. Let’s put it over the top again. Bring metal and plastic containers, please. Protein food choices are particularly needed. If you get to the meeting and realize you forgot the food you intended to bring, please consider writing a check payable to Food for People, Inc.

Continuing efforts on cookbook sales have resulted in the placement of the books at the Eureka Chamber, the Morris Graves Art Gallery, and Bella Baskets in Eureka. The Fortuna Chamber and Green’s Pharmacy in Fortuna are selling copies. The books are available in Ferndale at the Like Nobody Else Day Spa, Lentz Department Store, and G.B. Farm Girl. CC Market in Rio Dell is a distributor and the Rio Dell Library has posted a flyer about our book. Carolyn Eisner is checking for placement in Trinidad stores. Call Kathy Rodriguez at 839-8105 for
copies. By Colleen Hedrick

HUMBOLDT REPUBLICAN WOMEN, FEDERATED presents “Supporting Campaigns and Running Elections”

Thursday, February 18th, 2010
Elks Lodge, Eureka, CA

Welcome to our panel:
Vee Sorenson Vee Sorenson’s devotion to the Republican Party and its principles propelled her into an active commitment when she joined Eureka Republican Women Federated 40 years ago. She began the Republican of the Year celebration which became an annual event. She served as Chaplain, 2nd VP, 1st VP & President. Membership with Humboldt County Central Committee began in 1987. She was a delegate to the State California Republican Party from 1988-2009. Vee was Congressional aide during Congressman Frank Riggs’ first term in office and Northern District Director in his final two terms. An Advertizing Director of numerous campaigns and a community supporter, her career before politics was as a television graphic artist. As a business woman, she created her own successful advertising agency. Vee is a published author of a children's book, an accomplished violinist in the Eureka Symphony. A widow, she is the mother of five children and proud grandmother of five.

Dennis Hunter Dennis Hunter joined Coast Central Credit Union in 1995 as VP of Marketing, after owning and running his ad agency in N. CA for 22 years. He was Promotion Director for KCRA-TV, Sacramento, CA and KBTV, Denver, CO and news anchor for KVIQ-TV in Eureka. Dennis was elected as a Commissioner on the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation & Conversation District in 1989 and reelected to 4 terms, serving as President, V. P. and Sec. of the Board, retiring in 2009. He twice chaired the Redwood Region Economic Development Comm. (RREDC). He serves as President of Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce, was president of both state and local chapters of Easter Seals of N. CA, earning a 2008 Outstanding Advocate Award Nomination by the National Society, Civil Air Patrol, with American Cancer Society, Humboldt Conv. & Visitors Bureau, and Eureka Rotary. He and his wife Karen have 4 children and 8 grandchildren.

Rose Welsh Rose Welsh began in 1978 in advertising, illustration and marketing, starting with Daly's Dept. Store, Miraj and more businesses, primarily in fashion. Owning an ad agency from 1985-1991, she added partners Judy Hodgson and Carolyn Fernandez in 1989. They bought The North Coast Journal in 1990 and in 1991 split the company, with partners keeping newspaper and she moved to MTC Associates in Arcata, retiring in 1994 from ad biz. She has kept a hand in with Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation, The Journal, and volunteering for local political campaigns for Jill Geist (Duffy), Worth Dikeman, Johanna Rodoni and others. Currently she volunteers for the botanical gardens and some political campaigns. Local bloggers know her as Rose. A talented artist with great graphic arts experience, she has a strong and highly valued reputation in Humboldt County as a Republican activist. Rose, a new member of HRWF, is married with 4 children.

Buffet Lunch & Speaker ~ $14.50 ~ Beverage & Speaker ~ $4.00
Please RSVP to Colleen Hedrick at 268-0101
***Early lunch reservations appreciated and to be honored. Cancellation notice is a necessity


The race for the 5th District Supervisor has just heated up with the entrance of Ryan Sundberg. Joining the fray are Pat Higgins and Patrick Cleary. Sundberg is my personal pick.

In the race for Sheriff, being vacated by Gary Philp, Mike Downey is running against Mike Hislop. Downey is the current Under-Sheriff.

Probably the most polarizing race is the 4th District Supervisor’s race. Long, long time incumbent Bonnie Neely faces a serious challenge after news leaked out that an out of town developer ontributed money ($10,000.00) for an alleged vote supporting a 30-acre Del Mar development overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Bonnie currently is the Chair of the California Coastal Commission.

Meanwhile, the Humboldt County Central Committee has been recently revived by the elections in New Jersey and, most importantly, Massachusetts. The Country has seen revival, sparked by the energy of the Tea Party Patriots. BY JOY FINLEY


We are currently facing the loss of pulp mills, 50-year old infrastructure, challenges to water rights, operating cost increases and customer rate increases.

In order to address these issues, we developed our “Water Resource Planning,” an innovative process in which an Advisory Committee was formed, individuals were selected from various segments of the community to learn about the issues, help educate the public, develop options and make recommendations to the HBMWD Board.

The District is looking for input to help answer how our community wants us to protect and use our water resource while addressing the issues of our water rights and water rates.

We have held several public workshops and there will be more in the coming months. The district’s Web page covers these workshops and goes into detail about the issues. If you would like more information, go to and click on the blue Water Resource Planning box at the bottom of the page and go with the FLOW. by Barbara Hecathorn


Do you have an hour or an afternoon??? New and seasoned members have so much talent and imagination and are invited to help with a variety of great projects, large and small. When we offer time, we get to help with the goals of supporting our values and principles, plus we have fun. The “Diamond Award” is the result of many members participating. We are starting a list of people to call when things come along and we would love to hear the types of things you may choose to help with. May we include you????

Some ideas: Greeting guests at meetings and events, rides for members, putting on parties or organizing them, finding fun locations for events, baking, decorations, posters, registering voters, hostess ideas, helping with fair booths, the Spring Tea, or on various committees, writing, reading, calls to members, extra help at our tables such as membership, cookbooks, selling tickets, “Ways and Means” prize donations or ticket sale (this is our monthly fundraiser), helping with a “big ticket” event, newsletter mailings (once a month for about 2 hours), or your ideas for the club—let us know! Get excited and take part! Fun is contagious!

Please call or email questions and information.
Debbie Walker – 441-1126 – ◼ E-MAIL or
Chris Wennerholm - 725-2020 – ◼ E-MAIL


Persons interested in serving on the Humboldt County Republican Central Committee should register at the Elections Office at 3033 H Street, Eureka after March 16, 2010