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Emken Gains 6 Point Swing in New Poll

New CBRT Poll Shows U.S. Senate Race Tightening

The latest California Business Round Table/Pepperdine Policy poll shows that the U.S. Senate race has tightened up as Dianne Feinstein is back below 50% and the number of undecideds is still a surprising 21%. Feinstein now stands at 48% with Elizabeth Emken at 31% — that’s a 6 point swing in the past two weeks.

October 13, 2012… 97 days since Elizabeth Emken challenged Dianne Feinstein to debate.

Elizabeth Emken is endorsed by the California Republican Party and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee, ◼ More
Elizabeth Emken

Malala Yousafzai, Wounded Pakistan teen is now face of girls education movement

Malala Yousafzai, who publicly demanded an education and was shot by Taliban militants, becomes a potent symbol for the global push to improve developing countries by educating their girls. - Scott Gold/Los Angeles Times

Malala Yousafzai did not trade in her modest head scarf for a pair of skinny jeans. She wanted to go to school.

For that, the Taliban tried to kill her. When her attackers learned that the freckled 14-year-old Pakistani might survive, they promised to finish the job. Malala, they explained, had been "promoting Western culture."

The Taliban has committed all manner of atrocities over the years, many of them aimed at women. This time, the militants created an icon for a global movement — for the notion that the most efficient way to propel developing countries is to educate their girls. The idea has been flourishing in some of the world's most destitute and volatile places. Today, courtesy of the Pakistani Taliban, it has a face.

"People think 'Western values' is wearing jeans and sipping pop. Malala was doing none of that," said Murtaza Haider, a Pakistan native and the associate dean of research and graduate programs at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto's Ryerson University. "All she said was: 'Would you be kind enough to reopen my school?' This is what the Taliban thinks is a 'Western value.' This is not a Western value. This is a universal value."

Outrage in Pakistan over girl, but change unlikely - AFP/Sunday Nation (image source)


Malala Yousufzai Comes Out of Her Coma - Dashiell Bennett/The Atlantic

There are more reports out England today that 14-year-old Taliban shooting victim Malala Yousufzai is responding well to treatment and has a good chance of fully recovering without any brain damage. Adam Elick of The New York Times reports on Facebook that she has come out of her coma (though she is not fully concious) and appears to have feelings in all her limbs, suggesting that she hasn't suffered any permanent physical damage as result of her attack. Malala was flown to the United Kingdom this weekend after having a bullet removed from her skull by doctors in Pakistan.

Whoa! Ohio Coal miners Fight Back Against Obama’s and Complicit Media’s “Absolute Lies” – Ask Him to Immediately Stop His False Ads (Video)

It has come to this. Coal Miners in Ohio had to hold a press conference in order to combat the lies that are coming from the Obama campaign and his minions in the media about a rally they took part in back in August for the Romney Campaign. - Nice Deb

Coal miners tell Obama to stop the absolute lies in TV ad accusing miners of being props at rally for Romney. Miners held a press conference to release a letter signed by over 500 miners saying they were not forced to attend Romney event. They wanted to attend because their is a war on coal and Obama is leading it. If Obama is re-elected he will put us all out of work permanently.

WOW!… Ohio Coal Miners to Obama: Quit Lying About Us! - Jim Hoft/Gateway Pundit
Coal miners ask Obama to stop ‘absolute lies’ - CASEY JUNKINS - Special to the Herald-Star

The miners said Obama’s campaign team is running ads filled with “blatantly false” statements about the miners regarding their participation in Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s August campaign stop at the Century Mine. These ads assert that the miners were forced to attend the event by the mine’s owner, Robert Murray.

“There are numerous false statements and absolute lies concerning our participation in this event, mostly started by a local ‘shock jock’ radio host,” the miners’ letter to Obama states. “Why would you (Obama) lie about the 500 working miners who have signed this letter? We, the employees of the Century Mine would request you immediately stop these false ads.”


The coal miners of Ohio, unlike some workers who are intimidated by their unions, are unafraid of standing tall and confronting the Obama Administration head-on. Last Wednesday, more than 500 coal miners who work at the Beallsville, Ohio Century Mine, operated by Murray Energy, held a rally to condemn the Obama Administration’s despicable ad claiming the miners were coerced into attending a rally for Mitt Romney on August 14. They also charged Obama with waging a war on coal.

"There's only one candidate in this race who is going to continue to fight for Big Bird and Elmo, and he is riding on this plane."

Obama Hits Romney For 'Politicizing' White House Failure - Mark Steyn/IBD

'The entire reason that this has become the political topic it is is because of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan."

So said Stephanie Cutter, President Obama's deputy campaign manager, speaking on CNN about an armed attack on the 9/11 anniversary that left a U.S. Consulate a smoking ruin and killed four diplomatic staff, including the first American ambassador to be murdered in a third of a century.

To discuss this event is apparently to "politicize" it and to distract from the real issues the American people are concerned about. For example, Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki, speaking on board Air Force One on Thursday:
"There's only one candidate in this race who is going to continue to fight for Big Bird and Elmo, and he is riding on this plane."
She's right! The U.S. is the first nation in history whose democracy has evolved to the point where its leader is provided with a wide-body, trans-Atlantic jet in order to campaign on the vital issue of public funding for sock puppets. Sure, Caligula put his horse in the Senate, but it was a real horse....

Obviously, Miss Cutter is right: A healthy, mature democracy should spend its quadrennial election on critical issues like the Republican Party's war on puppets rather than attempting to "politicize" the debate by dragging in stuff like foreign policy, national security, the economy and other obscure, peripheral subjects....

You want "politicization"? Secretary Clinton linked the YouTube video to the murder of her colleagues even as the four caskets lay alongside her at Andrews Air Force Base — even though she had known for days that it had nothing to do with it.

It's weird enough that politicians now give campaign speeches to returning coffins. But to conscript your "friend's" corpse as a straight man for some third-rate electoral opportunism is surely as shriveled and worthless as "politicization" gets.

MItt Romney with Rob Portman at Campaign Stop in Lebanon Ohio

Mitt Romney focused his talk about the middle-class, telling a crowd of 10,000 that a Romney/Ryan administration would be better for average Americans than four more years of President Barack Obama. Points in Romney's speech talked about standing up to China for their cheating and how it has to stop and how he is dedicated to creating jobs, saying cheap Chinese products were driving American companies out of business.

GOP weekly address: Mitt Romney ‘gets it’ on small biz, regulations - The Hill

“If we’re serious about keeping jobs here and bringing jobs home, we need to stop burdening small businesses with excessive and unnecessary regulations. We need to get government out of the way,” said Markwayne Mullin in the GOP's weekly address.

“Mitt Romney gets it; he’s made supporting small businesses a key plank of his jobs plan. And the Republican majority in the House has passed several bipartisan, common-sense proposals to address excessive regulations that impose unnecessary costs and hurt jobs,” added Mullin.

More than 500 economists, 5 Nobel laureates back Romney’s economic strategy - Caroline May/Daily Caller

The terrifying world of child brides: Devastating images show girls young enough to be in pre-school who are married off to older men

In an effort to start a global conversation about the devastating effects of early marriages, which are currently practiced in more than 50 developing countries, the United Nations designated October 11 as International Day of the Girl Child this year. - SNEJANA FARBEROV/Daily Mail (Image source)

To mark the occasion and draw attention to the problem of child brides, photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair teamed up with National Geographic to create a series of heart-breaking photos depicting girls as young as five years old being married off to middle-aged men in countries like India, Yemen and Ethiopia.

Why Dems Loved Biden’s Boorish Behavior

The morning after the vice presidential debate, Democrats are delighted. Vice President Joe Biden’s obnoxious display was exactly what was needed to cheer them up after a week of morose speculation about why President Obama was so passive and uninspired at last week’s first presidential debate with Mitt Romney. - Jonathan S. Tobin/Commentary Magazine @tobincommentary

Indeed, the more Biden giggled, smirked and interrupted Paul Ryan, the better they liked it. While his condescending and bullying behavior contradicted liberal doctrine about conservatives being the ones guilty of polluting the public square with political incivility, it embodied their complete contempt for both Republicans and their ideas. Biden’s nastiness may have re-invigorated a Democratic base that wanted nothing so much as to tell their opponents to shut up, even if it may have also alienated a great many independents. But with the main focus of the election still on the remaining two presidential debates, it’s not clear that President Obama can profit from Biden’s example.

The reason for this is not very complicated. The Democrats cheering on Biden’s bullying, while ignoring the fact that he had nothing to offer on the future of entitlements and his disgraceful alibis about Libya, did so because at bottom they really do not feel Republicans or conservatives are worthy of respect or decency. Though they rarely own up to it, they don’t think Republicans are so much wrong as they are bad. By contrast, most Republicans think Democrats are wrong, not evil. Ryan, whose polite behavior was entirely proper but was made to appear passive and even weak when compared to his bloviating opponent, demonstrated this paradigm by patiently trying to explain his positions even when he was constantly interrupted.

...The problem here is not just that presidents and would-be commanders-in-chief must appear presidential. It is that the liberal base of the president’s party is so filled with anger and contempt for Republicans that they can’t abide even a show of civility from their champions.

Understanding Biden’s Debate Rudeness: Marxist Rebels Undermine Manners, Too - Kelly OConnell/Canada Free Press

How might one explain what happened on October 11, 2012 when sitting Vice President Joseph Biden debated Paul Ryan? It was nothing short of extraordinary. Regardless the topic at hand, Biden repeatedly laughed, interrupted, and rolled his eyes, openly scoffing at Ryan. As Michael Medved wrote,

Why, then, did Biden decide to snicker, chuckle, grin, smirk and shake his head at the one GOP nominee for national office in the last 50 years that even partisan Democrats acknowledge as a serious, substantive, and formidable guy? The oddest aspect of his patronizing performance involved the complete disconnect between his derisive laughter and anything that Paul Ryan actually said. The debate became queasy, unpleasant, uncomfortable to watch, not because Biden overpowered his opponent on substance (he emphatically did not), but because the normal, reassuring, ritualized sense of congeniality and decorum seemed altogether lacking.

Medved well captures the anti-authority spirit of crazy Joe’s stunt. This posture illuminates the Heart of Darkness at the center of all socialist movements. Leftists do not accept humans as special because people are neither made in the image of God, nor have they souls. Therefore, being rude to a mere animal because of bad behavior is perfectly acceptable.

The Benghazi Scandal

Three hours before the vice presidential debate here on October 11, Stephanie Cutter, a top spokesman and deputy campaign manager for Barack Obama, previewed Joe Biden’s explanation for the administration’s ever-changing narrative on the deadly 9/11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. In short: The intelligence made us do it. The reason administration officials repeatedly told the country a story that was untrue—in virtually all its particulars—is that they got bad information from the intelligence community. Or so they say. - Stephen F. Hayes/Weekly Standard

Hillary Clinton: Accomplice to Liars - Dr. Susan Berry/Breitbart

...There is something deviant in this Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, a woman who continues to be so attracted to power that she is willing to lie for it and willing to serve as an accomplice to other liars. Yet liberal women hold her up as the standard to be imitated, the role model who supposedly broke through the “glass ceiling.” Is it inevitable for liberals to choose as a shining example someone without moral character, someone who would first cover for themselves and fellow liars rather than protect and defend what is right and true -- even if it means admitting one’s failure, even if it means admitting the failure of one’s husband, even if it means admitting the failure of the president of the United States?

What has transpired over the past few days regarding the heinous cover-up in Libya is sickening to me and, hopefully, sickening to many Americans. It is time to kick Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, this entire administration, and the media who adore them out the door and as far down the road as we can. To say that they corrupt what is good about America is by far an understatement...

Obama’s got drama now

...Will Hillary now retaliate and protect herself by leaking word that the White House did too know? Will her husband continue to tour the country trying to pull Obama’s bacon out of the fire (as he did at the convention) even as Obama points a finger at his wife? Will they all cut some sort of deal in which Hillary agrees to take the fall and Bill soldiers on … in exchange for, what? Have they already cut a deal? Is the White House going to try to hang its hat on the idea that Obama and Biden didn’t know, but maybe their staffs knew? Will that really fly? Aren’t they responsible for their staffs? Will the staffs fight back?...

Benghazi: Osama's Revenge on Obama - James Lewis/American Thinker

Talk about chickens coming home to roost. Talk about the Mother of All Fiascos. It's the revenge of Osama bin Laden from the bottom of the ocean, and the message is plain: al-Qaeda is very much alive, and America is a paper tiger.

What Did Hillary Tell Obama on 9/11? - Rick Richman/Commentary @jpundit

On Friday, a CNN reporter asked Hillary Clinton what she was doing as the attack occurred, and Clinton responded with a 400-word answer that avoided the question.... this was not the time to describe what it seems any secretary of state would have done: inform the White House and keep it informed, in roughly the same real time as the State Department itself received the information, about an attack that was obviously not a demonstration about a video.

Romney scoffs at Biden's scrappy debate performance

"There was one person on stage last night who was thoughtful and respectful and steady and poised, the kind of person you'd want to turn to in a crisis," Romney said to cheers. "And that was the next vice president of the United States, Paul Ryan." - AP

Romney says White House is ‘doubling down on denial’ about Libya attack - Anne Gearan/Washington Post

Romney says Biden ‘doubling down on denial’ on Libya - Stephen Dinan/Washington Times

Dr. Strangelaugh - James Taranto/Wall Street Journal

"Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength," the longshoreman cum philosopher Eric Hoffer once observed. Hoffer died in 1983, so he probably wasn't referring specifically to Joe Biden's performance in last night's debate. Still, the observation is fitting. In addition to the vice president's boorishness, a lot of observers noted that he frequently smiled and chuckled at inappropriate times--even during a discussion of Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

...A smile is an instinctive gesture of submission. Often the submission is mutual, as when two friends exchange smiles or when Maestripieri's strangers break into small talk on the elevator. But when a man uncontrollably smiles at a potential or actual adversary, it is a show of weakness.

That isn't necessarily to say that Paul Ryan dominated Biden, although there is no question Ryan demonstrated self-control where Biden utterly lacked it. As some commentator or other (probably several of them) observed before the debate, Biden's assigned task was to "right the ship" after the Barack Obama disaster. Since the ship has a titanic design flaw--a gaping O-shaped hole right in the hull--that was an impossible task. Biden had ample reason to find the situation intimidating.

And so he overcompensated for his weakness by acting the bully in an attempt to dominate Ryan. His behavior was not only consistent with Hoffer's aphorism but in sharp contrast with that of Mitt Romney, who actually did dominate Obama in a coolly masterful way. If Biden's rudeness was an imitation of strength, Romney's poise was a display of the real thing....

Ryan’s Benghazi Surprise - Larry Kudlow/National Review

The irony of ironies: The Biden-Ryan debate was more about foreign policy than the economy and jobs. And yet another irony: Paul Ryan, an expert on all things fiscal, revealed a much better knowledge base of foreign policy than anyone thought existed. Shows how smart and well-rounded he really is. In fact, Ryan’s Benghazi slam, right out of the chute, won him the debate. This terrorist attack is going to be a huge presidential-race issue. Americans are furious at the Obama-Biden-Clinton stupidity and mismanagement surrounding the tragic Benghazi deaths.

Joe Biden’s laugh-filled debate wasn’t so funny on national security - NY Daily News

The veep told some tall ones about the Libya terror attack and about Iran’s nukes


The media mogul — whose company owns Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and others — said Vice President Joe Biden “threw [the] CIA under the bus“ and ”now [White House] throws State [Department]!” - The Blaze

He also came down on Mitt Romney, saying the Republican presidential nominee needs to ignore personal attacks at the next debate and focus on his jobs plan

California Grants Tesla $10 Million To Build The Model X Electric SUV

Tesla will pony up $50 million to match the California Energy Commission grant, which will be used to expand manufacturing capacity at its factory in Fremont, Calif., and to purchase equipment to make components for the Model X. - Todd Woody/Forbes

“Tesla’s Gen 3 vehicle could ultimately be a game changer for electric vehicles and air quality and public health in California,” added McCarthy, referring to Tesla’s plans to build an electric car in the $30,000 range.

Its latest car, the Model S sedan, sells between $50,000 and $100,000 and the Model X, which is based on the Model S platform, is expected to sell in that price range.

“Too often we’re portrayed in the press as only producing an electric sports car,” Mike Taylor, Tesla’s vice president of finance, told the commissioners. “I think that misses the point of what Tesla Motors is trying to do and why it’s important for California. Our mission has always been to aggressively promote electric vehicles for the masses.”

Taylor said the $10 million grant would contribute to the hiring of an expected 700 additional workers when the Model X goes into production in 2014.


The crowds tell the story. As Election Day nears, Mitt Romney is drawing large and excited throngs. - Steve Peoples/AP

Romney seems to be feeding off the energy pumping through his now-sprawling crowds, even as aides downplay the newfound momentum among the GOP base.

"I'm overwhelmed by the number of people here," he exulted while scanning the sea of supporters packed beyond the fairgrounds fences here. "There are even people out there - that's another county over there."

Romney's growing crowds come as new polls suggest he has erased Obama's advantage in voter support nationally. Races have tightened in a handful of battleground states, too.

Explaining Romney's Surge - Hugh Hewitt/Townhall

There are many reason behind the rise of Mitt Romney to the top of the polls, and for his continuing momentum. Chief among them is the country's desperate hunger for competence and for integrity, for candor as to the problems and transparency in the explanation of the choices ahead.

A turnaround is possible and we are lucky to have a turnaround specialist at hand.

Whatever the next two debates bring us, whatever Rove has cooked up, the essential dynamic of Election 2012 was, is and will remain the need to make a U-Turn.

We went down a wrong road in 2008, for a lot of very good and understandable reasons. But it was a huge mistake, a mistake we can begin to correct in four weeks.

Board of Supervisors meeting reminder! Humboldt County Draft General Plan Update

On Monday, October 15th at 1:30 pm or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, the Board of Supervisors will hold a continued public hearing on the Humboldt County General Plan Update - Planning Commission Approved Draft Plan (Draft Plan). The purpose of this meeting is to continue Board deliberation of Chapter 5 (Infrastructure) and begin deliberation on Chapter 7, Circulation, and Chapter 9, Economic Development. The hearing will be held in the Board of Supervisors' Chamber, Humboldt County Courthouse, 825 Fifth Street, Eureka, California, (wheelchair access is available from the 829 Fourth Street entrance). A sign-up list for speakers will be provided outside of the Board Chambers for those persons wishing to present public testimony on the Draft Plan. The sign-up list will be available prior to each hearing at 1:15 p.m. on the day of the hearing.

The Draft Plan, supporting documents and a schedule of the proposed hearing dates for the Draft Plan are available at the Humboldt County Planning Division’s website at ◼, the County Library located at 1313 3rd Street, Eureka, California and at the Planning and Building Department located at 3015 H Street, Eureka, California.

To be placed on the email list to receive notices of the hearings, please contact Martha Spencer at (707) 268-3704 or by Email: at

Dated: October 12, 2012
Martha Spencer, Interim Director
Humboldt County Planning and Building Department

Friday, October 12, 2012

Foreign Policy #ObamaIsntWorking

A civil-military headache from the VP debate that could linger - Foreign Policy
Where things really got dicey was when, in response to the charge that the Afghan surge withdrawal timeline was driven by political considerations, Biden tried to hide behind the military. Raddatz pressed him on the complaints she is hearing -- we all are hearing -- but Biden dismissed it as nonsense. He pretended that the withdrawal timeline was proposed by the Joint Chiefs rather than imposed by the White House.

That is not true. The Joint Chiefs and the Afghan combatant commander did go along with the White House order, but they proposed a slower, conditions-based timeline and they certainly did not want it announced at the outset.

This is a very dangerous game to play.
The administration's serial lying continued straight through to last night's vice presidential debate when Vice President Joe Biden declared twice that the administration never received requests for increased security in Benghazi. This is the moment most likely to haunt Obama for the rest of the election. According to one report, the White House has already attempting to distance itself from Biden's remarks...
Preventable tragedy: Obama administration can’t spin its way out of blame for Benghazi - Columbus Dispatch Editorial
In March and July, Nordstrom cabled his superiors in the State Department asking for more security at Benghazi, which had much less protection than the embassy in Tripoli. He got no reply.

His further comment at Wednesday’s hearing is damning: “The takeaway from that, for me and my staff: It was abundantly clear we were not going to get resources until the aftermath of an incident. And the question that we would ask is, again, ‘How thin does the ice have to get before someone falls through?’ ”

That ice broke at 9:40 p.m. on Sept. 11, when a cadre of men stormed the consulate compound. They fired guns, threw grenades and set buildings on fire.

What followed in the ensuing weeks is an astounding display either of incompetence or dishonesty, as Obama administration officials gave constantly shifting accounts of what happened....

The murder of Stevens and his colleagues raises serious questions about the administration’s priorities and competence.
Biden’s Benghazi claim: Is he lying, or is the Obama administration really this incompetent? - Jim Treacher/Daily Caller
Benghazi is the latest, most glaring example of what Mickey Kaus calls the “undernews.” Again and again, our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the mainstream media have tried to ignore stories that might hurt the Democrats. John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, Van Jones, the list goes on and on. If the New York Times and the network newscasts just pretend it’s not happening, maybe it’ll go away on its own. But bloggers and other new-media outlets keep pursuing these stories when the “real” reporters won’t, until they have no choice but to cover them.

TUNE IN TONIGHT: Dan Roberts V. Jared Huffman

Tune in Friday, October 12 @ 7:00 pm - KEET-TV Channel 13

Call in your questions for the candidates at 707.445.0811.

KEET-TV is working with the ◼ League of Women Voters of Humboldt County to produce and broadcast four live forums with Humboldt County and state candidates.

The forums can be viewed live on KEET-HD or viewed online courtesy of ◼ StreamGuys.
The forums will also be simulcast live on ◼ KHSU-FM (90.5).

These debates are just one of many local programs presented by KEET-TV, as part of its ongoing commitment to broadcast local programming, inspire community dialogue, and connect with various local organizations. The candidate debates are presented in partnership with KEET's co-sponsor, the League of Women Voters of Humboldt County. It is the League's policy to invite all candidates to participate in candidate forums. The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization that does not endorse candidates or political parties.

Krauthammer: Biden’s ‘disrespectful,’ ‘hugely condescending’ demeanor undid potential debate win

“If you read the transcript, I think it’s dead even,” Krauthammer said. ”If you heard it on radio, Biden won. If you watched on television, he lost. In the transcript, if you just look at the raw arguments I think it was even because each side had points to make and made them. I think on balance, not one side was stronger than another.” - Jeff Poor/Daily Caller

Krauthammer’s conclusion? If the televised interpretation trumps the audio and the transcript, Biden’s the loser.

“If you put them all together and you end up with television where you saw the demeanor that the Vice President had in regard to Ryan, I think that undid the advantage in rhetoric that he had in carrying the debate,” he said. “It was so disrespectful.”

Thomas Peterffy - Freedom To Succeed

Thomas Peterffy grew up in socialist Hungary. Despite the fact that he could not speak English when he immigrated to the United States in 1956, Thomas fulfilled the American dream. With hard work and dedication, he started a business that today employs thousands of people. In the 1970s, Thomas bought a seat on the American Stock Exchange. He played a key role in developing the electronic trading of securities and is the founder of Interactive Brokers, an online discount brokerage firm with offices all over the world.

He's not running for office. He's not part of a super PAC. He's not lobbying for or against any ballot measures. But billionaire Thomas Peterffy is spending millions on television ads this election season with one cautionary message: Avoid socialism. - CNN
It's one of the more personal ads of the 2012 campaign. But no presidential campaign or super PAC is behind it. Rather, a new TV ad and Web video that warns of the ills of socialism while urging America to vote Republican next month is financed by Hungarian-born billionaire Thomas Peterffy. - FOX

Peterffy recalls his childhood under socialism in Hungary, and says, "The nation became poorer and poorer. And that's what I see happening here." He warns that the United States, his adopted country, is embarking on a "slippery slope."
He continues: "America's wealth comes from the efforts of people striving for success. Take away their incentive with badmouthing success and you take away the wealth that helps us take care of the needy. Yes, in socialism the rich will be poorer -- but the poor will also be poorer. People will lose interest in really working hard and creating jobs."

Who Is Thomas Peterffy, and Why Is He Warning Us About Socialism? - Yahoo Finance

In case you missed it: Complete Vice Presidential Debate 2012: Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan

The Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan in the run up to the general election in November.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Responds To Inaccurate Statement Of Fact On HHS Mandate Made During Vice Presidential Debate - Wake Up America

Is the White House throwing Hillary under the bus on the Benghazi attack?

Hillary gets tossed under the bus to provide cover for Biden, White House - Doug Powers/Michelle Malkin
“Biden speaks only for himself and the president and neither of them knew about the requests at the time,” Rhodes said, according to Foreign policy. - Neil Munro/Daily Caller
In the span of about 18 hours, we’ve had Biden and Carney each insist that blame for Benghazi’s security failures lies outside the White House. - Allahpundit/HotAir

Throw Bill Clinton, official Obama campaign surrogate, into the mix and we’ve got the makings of a nuclear clusterfark of ego, ass-covering, presidential ambition, and Clintonian drama. ◼ Edward Klein (author of The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House,)says the chain reaction is already in motion:
In fact, since the convention, Clinton and Obama have had a serious falling-out over two issues: the president’s preparation and lamentable performance in his debate with Mitt Romney, and the question of who should be assigned blame — Obama or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — for the intelligence and security screw-up in Benghazi, Libya…

My sources tell me that Clinton is working on a strategy that will allow Hillary to avoid having Benghazi become a stain on her political fortunes should she decide to run for president in 2016.

Bill Clinton has even gone so far as to seek legal advice about Hillary’s liability in terms of cables and memos that might be subpoenaed by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which this week launched an investigation into the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. The committee will also examine the apparent Obama administration cover-up that followed the Benghazi attack.

Finally, I’m told that Bill is playing with various doomsday scenarios, up to and including the idea that Hillary should consider resigning over the issue if the Obama team tries to use her as a scapegoat.

Mamie Eisenhower Library Project Book List

NFRW's Literacy Committee has created a second addendum to this year's ◼ Mamie Eisenhower Library Project Book List. ◼ The addendum can be downloaded here.

Video From Benghazi Consulate Shows Organized Attack

Footage from the night of Sept. 11 might be the clearest evidence yet of a military-style assault on the consulate in Benghazi - Eli Lake/Daily Beast via Drudge

...Video from the compound’s cameras debunk the initial line from the Obama administration that there was a protest in front of the consulate on the night of the attacks, according to one of the U.S. intelligence officials who has seen the footage, and a senior Obama administration official familiar with what they show.... Full story at the link.

WHAT HAPPENED IN BENGHAZI - John Hinderaker/Powerline

The State Department has released a transcript of a briefing that two high-ranking department officials gave to a number of reporters via conference call on October 9 (Tuesday). I am not certain about this, but I believe the transcript was only made public today. You should read it in its entirety; it is the most detailed description I have seen of the events in Benghazi on September 11.

While this is by no means clear, it appears that the State Department may have released the transcript as part of the escalating conflict between Barack Obama and Joe Biden and the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. In their desperation to avoid responsibility for the Benghazi debacle, Obama and Biden have pointed fingers in two directions: at the intelligence community for reporting incorrectly that the incident was a protest over a YouTube video clip, and at the State Department for not providing adequate security for the Ambassador.

Get Out the Vote in the Last 25 Days Before the Election

In the final stretch before election day, there are Get Out the Vote initiatives that are easy to get involved in. The NFRW has made GOTV post cards available on our website that are easy to print out and send to your neighbors. Sending these out reminds people to vote Republican on November 6. You can put your club name in the box on the bottom left corner so the recipients can know to contact your club if they would like more information. (You need your NFRW password to sign in)

If you don't have time to visit your local Romney headquarters to participate in phone banking, the Romney campaign has launched a program that allows people to make phone calls from home, from their own phones. To set up an account to make phone calls, go to the Romney website's ◼ call from home page where you will be prompted to form a username and password. You will then be taken to your account page where you can watch a tutorial on how to use the phone from home system, and then click on the "begin calling" tab. You will enter the number of the phone you are using, which will not be shared on the caller ID of the person you are calling. One at a time, you will be given a voter name and number to call, as well as scripts for a live pickup or a voice mail. You can either dial the number yourself or click "call now" for the website to connect the call on your phone. To read a thorough description of this process, ◼ click here.

In the final weeks before the November election, it is crucial to motivate people to vote. According to The Kitchen Cabinet data, 18% of people who think they are registered to vote are not. Registration deadlines vary by state, and some deadlines are fast approaching. You can check your registration status and the status of an eligible voter you know here. If you know of someone who is eligible to vote and is not registered, you are given the option of sending them an email to encourage their registration. Check out everything you need to know about voting in your state, including registration deadlines here. Every vote counts!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Vice President Biden is laughing ... are you?"

CNN POLL: Ryan 48% Biden 44%

Biden, Ryan at each other on everything - AP via Drudge
"I know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground, but I think people would be better served if we don't interrupt each other," Ryan later scolded his rival, referring to Democratic pressure on Biden to make up for President Barack Obama's listless performance in last week's debate with Mitt Romney.
CNN POLL: R 48% B 44% - CNN
Chris Wallace: I've never seen a candidate as disrespectful as Biden - Business Insider
Borger: Came Off As Condescending
Hume: 'Cranky Old Man' - Real Clear Politics
Biden Interrupted Ryan 82 Times? - Breitbart
RNC AD: THE LAUGHTER... - Weekly Standard
Grinning Biden Fails to Throw Ryan Off Course - Newsmax
A grinning Joe Biden became the overwhelming image of Thursday’s vice presidential debate as he made a conscious effort to undermine virtually every point his rival Paul Ryan made.

“Malarky,” “bunch of stuff,” “loose talk,” “not true,” “let me translate that” “not mathematically possible,” “this is amazing,” he said of various points Ryan made during the 90-minute debate.

But Ryan refused to be bowed by the older man’s attempts to talk down to him and belittle his points, hitting Biden with a torrent of detailed figures.
Biden Claims He Voted Against Afghanistan, Iraq Wars - Washington Free Beacon
“I was there, I voted against them,” Biden continued. “I said, no, we can’t afford that.”

Then Sen. Biden voted for the Afghanistan resolution on Sept. 14, 2001 which authorized “the use of United States Armed Forces against those responsible for the recent attacks launched against the United States.”

And on Oct. 11, 2002, Biden voted for a resolution authorizing unilateral military action in Iraq, according to the Washington Post.
Post-debate thoughts - Neoneocon
Vice President Jerk: The return of Smirky Malarkey McSmirk - Michelle Malkin

Paul Ryan, Mission Accomplished - Larry Johnson/No Quarter
Paul Ryan had one job tonight–prove to the vast majority of Americans that do not know him that he could be trusted to be President. What did America see? An intelligent, measured man who treated a buffoon with respect. He was knowledgeable and articulate. He did not say anything stupid. He did not say anything ignorant. He looked at the camera and did not have to constantly glance down at notes. Not the same for Joe Biden. Biden played well with Democrat partisans. But flash polls of independent voters–the key demographic for the upcoming election–found Biden rude and bizarre.

Best Tweets of the Vice Presidential Debate

Biden was so over the top, the liberals will be cheering, but based on some liberals I follow on Twitter (below) reacted, he may have gone to far. - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

VIDEOS: CNN’s Borger and NBC’s Gregory both call Biden “condescending.” & #BidenUnhinged
— Reince Priebus (@Reince) October 12, 2012

BREAKING: CNN-ORC post-debate poll of Registered Voters: 48% said Ryan won. 44% said Biden won. Sampling error: +-5%. #CNNDebate
— Sam Feist (@SamFeistCNN) October 12, 2012

Atlas Shrugged II: Friday at Broadway Theater

Shows at 11:55, 2:40, 5:20, 8:00 every day 10/12-18

Vice Presidential Debate LIVESTREAM & More

Will be updated as links go up:

Live video streaming and blogging at WPTV

Live at CSPAN

Debate Thoughts: Lower Expectations - Ace of Spades, who will be live-blogging at ◼

Because I'm hearing a lot about how Ryan's going to "destroy" Joe Biden. Let's look at reasons why that won't be so...

Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game: Because Biden vs Ryan VP Debate Is Only Tolerable With Beer Goggles - PolicyMic
Literally the Best Debate Drinking Game In the History of Alcohol or Debates: Reason’s 2012 Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game - Reason

Format: The debate program starts at 9 p.m. ET (6 p.m. our time) and will be divided into nine timed segments of approximately 10 minutes each. The moderator will ask an opening question, after which each candidate will have two minutes to respond. The moderator will use the balance of the time in the segment for a discussion of the question.

Live-blogging the big VP debate. - Althouse
Open thread: The VP debate - Allahpundit/HotAir
Vice Presidential Debate Night - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
VP Debate Liveblog - Ace of Spades
Drunkblogging the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate - Stephen Green/Pajamas Media

FLORIDA: R 51% 0 44%...

Times/Bay News 9/Herald exclusive Florida poll: Romney 51, Obama 44 - Tampa Bay Times

Across the board, from who is better suited to improve the economy, to who will protect Medicare, to looking out for the middle-class, to handling foreign policy, likely Florida voters now favor the former Massachusetts governor over the president.

"It's a very big shift since the debate, and where the shifts are taking place are very, very interesting because they are the types of shifts you see in Florida when something starts to break one way or another," said Coker, likening it to when Ronald Reagan shot past Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Take Tampa Bay, the battleground region that invariably mirrors statewide results. A month ago, Obama had a 4 percentage point lead in Tampa Bay. This week, Romney led by 8 percent, 52 to 44. In Central Florida, Romney now leads by 6 points.

VP DEBATE TONIGHT: Where and When to Watch

TIME mag runs Ryan workout photos... (Slideshow) - TIME



The Vice Presidential Debate is on Thursday, October 11, 2012, 6:00pm–7:30pm PT.

When and where to watch - Washington Post

Where and when? 9 p.m. Eastern time at Centre College in Danville, Ky.

Who is moderating? Martha Raddatz of ABC News will be in the moderator’s seat for the first time and will be the third woman to moderate a vice presidential debate.

What is the format? The debate will cover foreign and domestic policy in nine 10-minute segments. The candidates will have two minutes to respond to the moderator’s opening question, then will use the balance of the time for follow-up discussion.

Where can I watch it? The Washington Post will live-stream the debate in its entirety on ◼ The Grid. Major broadcast and cable news networks will also carry it live.

How can I follow it on social media? The official Twitter hashtag is ◼ #debates. (Follow the Romney Response Team here ◼ @RomneyResponse, the entire team is ◼ here, follow them individually.

Tumblr will again “Live-Gif” the debate with The Guardian ◼ here. Each candidate has a page dedicated to the event, too: (Here's ◼ the Romney debate page.)


On Wednesday night, conservative commentator Michelle Malkin appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity,” where she implored Americans to watch the Congressional hearings focusing upon the September 11 terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya. - The Blaze

“You cannot vote in November without knowing just how deep, just how malicious, and just how reckless this administration has been with the truth and the lives of Americans who were murdered on September 11th,” Malkin passionately told viewers.


Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said Thursday that the “entire reason” the terrorist attack at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi that killed four Americans has “become the political topic it is” is because Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan talk about the attack.

"...the entire reason this has become the political topic it is, is because of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan." - Washington Free Beacon

Cutter’s remarks drew immediate criticism from across the political spectrum. But the Obama spox quickly doubled down on Twitter, replying to a Buzzfeed researcher, “Romney has politicized Libya w/no plans of his own. POTUS’ priorities are getting facts & bringing terrorists to justice.”

...In fact, the Obama administration has faced serious criticism for its response to the events in Libya that resulted in the murder of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. President Obama notably accused Romney of “shooting first and aiming later” in his response to the terrorist attack in Benghazi. However, yesterday, ABC News White House correspondent Jake Tapper challenged White House press secretary Jay Carney, asking, “Given the fact that so much was made out of the video that apparently had absolutely nothing to do with the attack in Benghazi, that there wasn’t even a protest outside the Benghazi post, didn’t President Obama shoot first and aim later?”

Stephanie Cutter: Benghazi is only an issue because of Romney and Ryan - Allahpundit/HotAir
Timothy P. Carney: Using Big Bird to avoid issues backfires on Obama - Timothy P. Carney/Washington Examiner tpcarney
***UPDATED: CBS REFUTES*** Stephanie Cutter: Benghazi attack only matters politically because Romney/Ryan are politicizing it - The Right Scoop
Did Stephanie Cutter Just Win The Foreign Policy Debate For Romney? - Mediaite

One of the president’s chief spokespeople has now handed a weapon for the foreign policy debate on October 22 that he could never have dreamed of having. Cutter has created a victim of Romney – a martyr, accused of politicizing an event when he is, as I expect him to say, seeking answers about a mishandled tragedy for the American people. He will cite the grieving families of the victims of that attack and the millions of Americans who are now threatened by an emboldened and resurgent Al Qaeda. Romney will be righteous and he will be justified in that righteousness.

The Libya issue has already decimated how American’s view Obama’s handling of foreign affairs — once a strong suit of the president. Two months ago, the Chicago team probably thought they could walk through the foreign policy debate. Now, less than a week and a half before the final presidential debate, Obama’s own staff may have already lost it for him.

ROMNEY RESPONDS:The American People Deserve Straight Answers

Andrea Saul, Romney Campaign National Press Secretary, made the following statement in response to the Obama campaign’s comments on the terrorist attack in Libya:

“President Obama’s campaign today said that Libya is only an issue because of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. They’re wrong. The reason it is an issue is because, for the first time since 1979, an American ambassador was assassinated and President Obama’s foreign policy strategy of ‘leading from behind’ is failing. This administration has continually misled the American public about what happened in Benghazi and, rather than be truthful about the sequence of events, has instead skirted responsibility and dodged questions. The American people deserve straight answers about this tragic event and a president who can provide leadership, not excuses.”



Poll aggregator changes 5 states from 'leans Obama' to 'toss up'...

Mitt Romney now holds a narrow advantage over Barack Obama in the race for the White House -- 46 percent to 45 percent, if the election were held today, according to a Fox News national poll of likely voters released Wednesday. - FOX
Discussion at Lucianne
Poll: Romney edges Obama in Colo, narrows gap in Wisc... - CBS News via Lucianne
CBS 5 Poll: Romney Gains 8 Points On Faltering Obama In California - CBS San Francisco
Poll aggregator changes 5 states from 'leans Obama' to 'toss up'... - Real Clear Politics
WI, MI, NH, PA, OH...

We need to call swing state voters NOW! HERE ARE 2 WAYS YOU CAN CALL VOTERS:

1. Call today from home or wherever you are using a computer and phone. To make calls for Romney, go to ◼ and move your cursor on the Get Involved Tab and click on Call From Home (or for more detailed instructions and for suggested swing states to call, go to ◼ and then click the Romney-Ryan tab). As of today, we suggest you create one or more accounts for these swing states (see our website for instructions on how to do this): Virginia, Ohio, and Florida

Krauthammer: Everything Susan Rice Said Was An Invention

It's beyond a disconnect, it is utterly damning. There are two scandals going on. The first is the coverup. We now know, and they knew earlier there was no mob, there was no demonstration, there was no incentive about the video. It was all a completely false story. This was simply an attack of our men who infiltrated and killed our people.

Krauthammer Rips Susan Rice: Rice Remarks a Convection, an Invention – “Utterly Damning” Video - Maggie's Notebook

Mother of Slain State Dept. Official, Sean Smith, Tired of Being Lied To and Stonewalled by Obama Administration

The mother of State Department official Sean Smith, who was killed September 11, 2012 in the terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, appeared on CNN (with Anderson Cooper) - Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard

COOPER: We're talking tonight with Pat Smith whose son Sean Smith was killed in the Libya terror attack. Former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty was also killed. Today his mother Barbara asked Mitt Romney to stop invoking her son's name on the campaign stump, quote, "I don't trust Romney," she says. "He shouldn't make my son's death part of his political agenda."

Pat Smith did not speak about anyone's political agenda tonight. She is, however, bitterly, bitterly disappointed with the State Department, the Defense Department and the White House tonight. You're going to hear shortly about how the State Department is going to respond to her charges.

But first, though, more of my conversation with Pat Smith starting with her as yet unfulfilled search for answers.


COOPER: Who told you that they would give you information?

SMITH: You'll love this. Obama told me. Hillary promised me. Joe Biden -- Joe Biden is a pressure. He was a real sweetheart. But he also told -- they all told me that -- they promised me. And I told them please, tell me what happened. Just tell me what happened.

COOPER: So you're still waiting to hear from somebody about what happened to your son? About what they know? Or even what they don't know.

SMITH: Right. Right. Officially yes. I told them, please don't give me any baloney that comes through with this political stuff. I don't want political stuff. You can keep your political, just tell me the truth. What happened. And I still don't know. In fact, today I just heard something more that he died of smoke inhalation.

COOPER: So you don't even know the cause of death?

SMITH: I don't even know if that's true or not. No, I don't. I don't know where. I look at TV and I see bloody hand prints on walls, thinking, my God, is that my son's? I don't know if he was shot. I don't know -- I don't know. They haven't told me anything. They are still studying it. And the things that they are telling me are just outright lies.

That Susan Rise, what -- she talked to me personally and she said, she said, this is the way it was. It was -- it was because of this film that came out.

COOPER: So she told you personally that she thought it was a result of that video of the protest?

SMITH: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. In fact all of them did. All of them did. Leon Panetta actually took my face in his hands like this and he said, trust me. I will tell you what happened. And so far, he's told me nothing. Nothing at all. And I want to know.

California legislators rarely break from party line in floor votes

How often do California state legislators break from their party line when voting on bills? - Torey Van Oot/Sacramento Bee

Hardly ever.

“A Labor Department economist said one large state didn't report additional quarterly figures as expected, accounting for a substantial part of the decrease.”

Why Jobless Claims May Not Be as Good as Market Thinks - CNBC

The Labor Department on Thursday said the number of people filing jobless claims last week dropped by a seasonally adjusted 30,000—a pretty sharp decline, and one that left the total number of filings at a four-year low of 339,000....

In other words, the drop of 30,000 last week had more to do with the lack of expected re-filings at the start of the fourth quarter than with any particular improvement in labor market conditions.

It Looks Like The Huge Drop In Jobless Claims Was All Due To One Mystery State - Business Insider

We've Gotten To The Bottom Of The Mysterious Jobless Claims Report!

...had all of California's jobless claims been processed in time to make the jobless-claims release, this jobless number would still have been better than economists were expecting--but not as much better as it appeared.

Register to vote today -- it's easier than ever

If you've already registered to vote, you may have received your sample ballot in the mail by now from the Humboldt County Office of Elections. On the back cover, you'll find an vote-by-mail application, which you can fill out and send back by 5 p.m. Oct. 30. - Times-Standard

And if you haven't registered to vote already, it's not too late: Your registration must be postmarked or submitted electronically no later than Oct. 22.

While folks from lands all over the world -- Syria, Pakistan, Pennsylvania -- are fighting over voting rights, it's never been easier to register to vote in California. The state's even set up a website this year -- ◼ -- where voters looking to register can get started.

While your application still has to be verified by county elections officials before you make it on to the voter rolls, online registration is just one more way to make sure your voice is heard in this election....

2012 Election Integrity Update: Join Judicial Watch for a panel discussion

Please join us as our expert panel provides an update on election integrity issues: current legal battles over voter IDs, legal challenges to clean voter rolls, early voting, military voting rights, and the role of the Department of Justice.

Watch live online beginning at 12:30 p.m. ET

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DNC Chair: Wrong Statements About Libya Attack Doesn't Mean False

Administration ‘Completely Wrong’ About Libya, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Admits, But ‘That Doesn’t Mean It Was False’ - The Other MCain

Obamascare: Private doctors choose Romney 2-to-1

Surprise poll: Private doctors overwhelmingly back Mitt Romney - Erika Johnsen/HotAir
America's doctors overwhelmingly back Mitt Romney for president, with sole practitioners giving the former Massachusetts governor a huge two-to-one edge over President Obama. - Paul Bedard/Washington Examiner

"I think if Obama goes through with his plan...there will be no doctors," one physician told MDLinx. "No one is going to take on that liability if they are only paid as much as their nurse."

The liberal media loved Obama to death

link - Noemie Emery/Washington Examiner

Obama had seen that his friends would protect him, and so he believed he could mail it in Wednesday, but this was the venue that could not be spun. No filter. No edits. No choosing what to put in or leave out. No shaping of the story. Just the story itself, rolled out in real time, sans narration, before 70 million American voters, undoing six years of hype and hysterics. It revealed one small, not all that keen academic, having been inflated by the narrators beyond all recognition, dissolving before everyone's eyes.

R 49% O 44%

IBD/TIPP 2012 Presidential Election Daily Tracking Poll - Investors Business daily
◼ Romney’s lead widened to 5 points from 2 points on Tuesday, as he continues to chip away at key Obama support.
◼ Romney’s edge among independents widened to 20 points from 18 just a day before.
◼ lead among women narrowed from 10 points to 8 points.
◼ also continues to make inroads among middle-class voters, moving from a 6-point lead against Obama with this group to a 10-point lead.
The current data include only polls taken after Romney’s resounding debate win over Obama on Oct. 3.

Lara Logan's Keynote Speech

Wynn On Obama: "I'll Be Damned If I Want To Have Him Lecture Me"

"I've created about 250,000 direct and indirect jobs according to the state of Nevada's measurement. If the number is 250,000, that's exactly 250,000 more than this president, who I'll be damned if I want to have him lecture me about small business and jobs. I'm a job creator. Guys like me are job creators and we don't like having a bulls-eye painted on our back." - Real Clear Politics

"The president is trying to put himself between me and my employees. By class warfare, by deprecating and calling a group that makes money 'billionaires and millionaires who don't pay their share.' I gave 120% of my salary and bonus away last year to charities, as I do most years. I can't stand the idea of being demagogued, that is put down by a president who has never created any jobs and who doesn't even understand how the economy works."

Wynn on a scrapped business plan: "I'm afraid of the president. I have no idea what goofy idea, what crazy, anti-business program this administration will come up. I have no idea. And I have to tell you Jon that every business guy I know in the country is frightened of Barack Obama and the way he thinks."

NO on 30, Sales and Income Tax Increase

In this clip that aired 9/20/12 during the 5pm hour, John and Ken give even MORE reasons why to vote NO on California's Prop 30 in November!!!!

So sit back, relax, have a drink, and learn a thing or two!!!!


All of our posts on the Propositions


Pro/Con: Proposition 30: Will measure save state or is it money down a hole? - LA Daily News

The Security Failures of Benghazi

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee leaders today sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking why requests for more protection were denied to the U.S. mission in Libya by Washington officials prior to the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack that killed U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. The denials came after repeated attacks and security threats to U.S. personnel.

“Based on information provided to the Committee by individuals with direct knowledge of events in Libya, the attack that claimed the ambassador’s life was the latest in a long line of attacks on Western diplomats and officials in Libya in the months leading up to September 11, 2012. It was clearly never, as Administration officials once insisted, the result of a popular protest,” the committee’s chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and subcommittee chairman, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, write. “In addition, multiple U.S. federal government officials have confirmed to the Committee that, prior to the September 11 attack, the U.S. mission in Libya made repeated requests for increased security in Benghazi. The mission in Libya, however, was denied these resources by officials in Washington.”

Oversight Presses for Answers: Diplomats in Libya Requested Additional Security, Washington Officials Denied the Resources -
Obama rep: All of these Republicans politicizing the Benghazi attack are just so outrageous - HotAir
Please spare us all the sanctimoniousness about getting “political,” because whether or not the president of the United States and his administration are equipped with the capabilities to deal with serious threats to our national security sure seems like kind of a big deal that voters deserve to know about.

And let’s not pretend nobody in the Obama administration got political with this by trying to portray a dishonest narrative downplaying the true motives behind the attack. Blaming the entire thing on some stupid video was an embarrassing ploy designed to depict to voters that Barack Obama’s policies in the Middle East have been more successful mitigating terrorist influences than they actually have, and the administration’s inability to keep its story even remotely straight suggests that there was perhaps a little more on their minds than only U.S. security interests. Sure, everybody wants to get to the bottom of this — but the Obama administration also has a very vested interest in misdirecting voters’ attention away from their foreign-policy failures, more so now than ever.
Botched in Benghazi - New evidence on the Libya debacle and false White House spin. - Wall St. Journal
The most immediate question concerns the Administration's response, and this is where electoral politics deserves to come in. Ms. Rice has defended her false and misleading statements by saying she was reading off a script prepared by U.S. intelligence—apparently a script not shared with the State Department she formally reports to.

It'd be instructive to know who provided her this script, and whether or not she spoke to White House political aide David Plouffe or the Chicago campaign office as she prepared for her Sunday TV show appearances on September 16.

Ms. Rice's Sunday story happened to fit the narrative offered by White House spokesman Jay Carney two days earlier that a rogue video had caused the anti-American demonstrations, which also fit the Obama campaign narrative that the President has made the U.S. more popular and that terrorism is on the wane in the world. A terror attack that killed Americans in Benghazi blows up that happy tale.

In a campaign speech Monday night, President Obama kept at it, saying that "al Qaeda is on its heels and Osama bin Laden is no more." The second half of the sentence is true. But the more we learn about what happened in Benghazi, the more the first sounds like fantasy, and the less Americans can trust this White House to tell them the truth.
Oversight and Reform is livestreaming the hearing, ◼ here.

Dan Roberts: "I would be honored to have your vote for Congress."

Washington is broken and the permanent political class - from both parties - has failed us.

I'm asking for your vote because I'm not a politician - I'm a small businessman who knows the value of a dollar, and I'm a Vietnam combat veteran who abhors war and demands we end the aimless war in Afghanistan now.

Moreover, I'm an experienced financial manager - I know how to call the bluff of the Wall Street crooks and hold them accountable for their greed and recklessness.

The country I fought for is in crisis because of endless debt, endless wars and endless Wall Street greed. Someone needs to confront them all, but we all know the political class won't challenge the status quo.

I'm not taking special interest money and I'm not running to 'play ball' in Washington. I'm running to hold Washington accountable in way that the political class won’t.

So join me - let's take our country back from the permanent political class, fix our country's problems and right the ship. It's long past time we take a stand.

Because of my 26 years as owner manager of a small financial firm I know about raising capital, business formation and job creation. Let me lead the way to economic recovery for the Second District.

I pledge to support the District’s visions toward protecting the environment at the same time putting our younger generation back to work.

Give me your vote and mandate and I will pledge to include on my staff a top democrat to politically balance our approach to legislation. My Campaign is very much a post partisan appeal to the voters. We need the best ideas forged from the crucible of debate to change directions and provide new solutions to what seems to be intractable obstacles toward economic recovery in this district.

I am a proven leader for consumer protection and fair dealing as an elected member of Financial Regulating Agency (FINRA) Small Firms Board and past president of the San Francisco Better Business Bureau.

I would be honored to have your vote for Congress.

Tune in Friday, October 12 @ 7:00 pm - KEET-TV Channel 13

Call in your questions for the candidates at 707.445.0811.

COME GET 'EM! Romney-Ryan yard signs now available at Republican headquarters in Eureka

311 Fifth St., Eureka, 10-4 Tues-Fri. (Oct. 1)



ABC News scrambles to downplay Obama’s attendance at VP debate moderator’s wedding - Josh Peterson/Daily Caller

President Barack Obama was a guest at the 1991 wedding of ABC senior foreign correspondent and vice presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz, The Daily Caller has learned. Obama and groom Julius Genachowski, whom Obama would later tap to head the Federal Communications Commission, were Harvard Law School classmates at the time and members of the Harvard Law Review.

After TheDC made preliminary inquiries Monday to confirm Obama’s attendance at the wedding, ABC leaked a pre-emptive statement to news outlets including Politico and The Daily Beast Tuesday, revealing what may have been internal network pressure felt just days before Raddatz was scheduled to moderate the one and only vice-presidential debate Thursday night.

Both Politico and The Daily Beast jumped to ABC and Raddatz’s defense. The Huffington Post, a liberal news outlet, joined them shortly thereafter, while calling “unusual” ABC’s attempt to kill the story before it gained wide circulation.

INSIDE Organizing for America headquarters

Project Veritas investigators went INSIDE Organizing for America headquarters in Houston and captured footage of paid campaign workers and other volunteers conspiring to commit election fraud in FIVE different states! (OFA: The DNC operation which serves as a de facto arm of the Obama campaign.)

This explosive new footage proves everything we've been saying all year long about the ease with which fraud can be committed - as well as the REAL reason the media is suppressing this scandal.

Thanks to our fearless investigators, they can't hide the truth anymore.

"Put your reputation on the line, journalists. Say this is an 'isolated incident.'"

Project Veritas

Organizing For America caught assisting double voting - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
O’Keefe and Project Veritas expose Obama for America/DNC voter fraud enablers - Michelle Malkin
VIDEO: Obama workers enable double-voting across state lines -
Casting more than one ballot in the same election is a violation of federal and state statutes. Experts said helping someone violate election law is also a crime....

“You can’t vote twice in a federal election,” said J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department elections lawyer and author of “Injustice,” a best-selling novel about voter fraud. “Obviously, this Stephanie Caballero doesn’t find it as offensive as I do that someone may be planning to vote twice.”

Specifically, Adams said, voting twice violates 42 U.S.C.1973i (e).

“It’s absolutely illegal to help someone double vote,” said Hans von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. He cited 42 U.S.C.1973gg-10.

“A lot of people don’t realize that, in addition to everything that everyone knows about the National Voter Registration Act — that it allowed mail-in ballots and registration through vehicle licensing departments — the last part of the statute put in criminal penalties for fraudulent registration,” said von Spakovsky, who had not yet seen the video.

Obama Official on Vote-Fraud Scheme: ‘This Is So Funny. It’s Cool Though.’ - The Other McCain

DNC Fires Employee Featured In James O’Keefe Video - TPM

Houston OFA headquarters shuts down after Project Veritas video. The news comes as a blow to supporters of the president who went to the Houston OFA office Friday and found it locked up and no one inside. -

Dan Roberts/Jared Huffman Debate on KEET this Friday

Tune in Friday, October 12 @ 7:00 pm - KEET-TV Channel 13

Call in your questions for the candidates at 707.445.0811.

KEET-TV is working with the ◼ League of Women Voters of Humboldt County to produce and broadcast four live forums with Humboldt County and state candidates.

The forums can be viewed live on KEET-HD or viewed online courtesy of ◼ StreamGuys.
The forums will also be simulcast live on ◼ KHSU-FM (90.5).

These debates are just one of many local programs presented by KEET-TV, as part of its ongoing commitment to broadcast local programming, inspire community dialogue, and connect with various local organizations. The candidate debates are presented in partnership with KEET's co-sponsor, the League of Women Voters of Humboldt County. It is the League's policy to invite all candidates to participate in candidate forums. The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization that does not endorse candidates or political parties.