Saturday, June 30, 2018

Billionaire Soros was a big loser in California vote

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Thousands await President Trump's arrival at a rally in Fargo, North Dakota.

Republicans' giant bet on Donald Trump just paid off. Bigly. "For anybody who is right of center, this entire week has been five straight Super Bowls."

Anthony Kennedy announces retirement from Supreme Court... an epic nomination battle about to begin with President Trump at the helm ...

The Supreme Court's freedom summer

Sky-High Deductibles Broke the U.S. Health Insurance System

Supreme Court delivers big blow to government unions, strikes a blow for freedom. Union membership is now a choice for government employees

California Statewide Direct Primary Election Results

Primaries bring good news for Trump and Republicans, bad news for divided Democrats

Make sure this RNC ad gets hundreds of thousands of views. Heck, let's go for 1M

Eric Holder's Law Firm Launches Investigation into Facebook's Anti-Conservative Bias. What could possibly go wrong?

Democrats Are Wrong About Republicans. Republicans Are Wrong About Democrats.

The defining divide in American politics is probably between Republicans and Democrats. It encapsulates all our other divides — by race, education, religion and more — and it’s growing.

This partisan divide is such a big part of people’s political identities, in fact, that it’s reinforced simply by “negative partisanship,” or loyalty to a party because you don’t like the other party. A Pew Research Center poll from last year found that about 40 percent of both Democrats and Republicans belong to their party because they oppose the other party’s values, rather than because they are particularly aligned with their own party.

But what if Americans’ views of the parties, particularly whichever one they don’t belong to, are, well, kind of wrong?

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Exceptionally brave. She tears off her hijab and leads the protest. That’s real courage. To reporters everywhere: Please pay attention to what is happening in Iran now.

ANOTHER WIN! 7th Circuit gives Trump temporary win on ‘sanctuary’ policy

Saudi Women Drivers Rejoice at New Freedom: “I Feel Like I’m Making History”

California Has 48 Hours to Pass This Privacy Bill or Else

Recent headlines have suggested that California lawmakers are considering a bill that would give Californians “unprecedented control over their data.” This is true but that is not the whole story.

What’s really happening is that California lawmakers have 48 hours to pass such a bill or the policy shit is going to hit the direct democracy fan. Because if lawmakers in the California Senate and House don’t pass this bill Thursday morning, and if California governor Jerry Brown doesn’t sign this bill into law Thursday afternoon, a stronger version of it will be on the state ballot in November. Then the 17 million or so people who actually vote in California would decide for themselves whether they should have the right to force companies to stop selling their data out the back door. Polls predict they would vote yes, despite the claims of tech companies that passage of the law would lead to businesses fleeing California. And laws passed via the ballot initiative process, rather than the legislative process, are almost impossible to change, so California would likely have this one on its books for a very long time....

Congratulations Mark Levin!

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What to Watch in Tuesday’s Primaries

Incumbents will be on defense and challengers in key House races will face their first tests in Tuesday’s primaries, as voters in seven states head to the polls.

Five states are holding their regularly scheduled primaries, while Republicans in Mississippi and South Carolina will weigh in on House primary runoffs. Tuesday will also determine whether 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney and former Rep. Michael G. Grimm, a convicted felon, can jump-start their political comebacks....

New York, Maryland, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma... Runoffs: Mississippi, South Carolina

73 cents per gallon of gas goes towards state & federal taxes. That’s $12.41 a week, $49.64 a month and $595.68 a year, hard-earned money


...Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. In each of these cities, The Intercept has identified an AT&T facility containing networking equipment that transports large quantities of internet traffic across the United States and the world. A body of evidence – including classified NSA documents, public records, and interviews with several former AT&T employees – indicates that the buildings are central to an NSA spying initiative that has for years monitored billions of emails, phone calls, and online chats passing across U.S. territory.

The NSA considers AT&T to be one of its most trusted partners and has lauded the company’s “extreme willingness to help.” It is a collaboration that dates back decades. Little known, however, is that its scope is not restricted to AT&T’s customers. According to the NSA’s documents, it values AT&T not only because it “has access to information that transits the nation,” but also because it maintains unique relationships with other phone and internet providers. The NSA exploits these relationships for surveillance purposes, commandeering AT&T’s massive infrastructure and using it as a platform to covertly tap into communications processed by other companies....

Anti-Trump Rhetoric Increasingly Violent... Maxine Waters Incites Mob Violence...

Huge day for the the right. We won on travel ban, pro-life free speech and beat back the bogus climate change lawsuits against oil companies.

Queen Elizabeth approves Brexit law that will end membership of EU

Once Again, Obamacare’s Constitutionality Comes Into Question

Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban

Oklahoma Democrat caught removing congressional opponent's campaign signs ahead of primary

The Constitution is not a suicide pact

Sunday, June 24, 2018

ONE Dem lawmaker says restaurant was wrong for booting Sanders

FBI agents are ready to revolt over the cozy Clinton probe

... the problems we are confronting reflect deeper dangers than the professional corruption of some functionaries of corrupt executive agencies armed with the coercive power of the state. The true moral of the story is the dangers to freedom of centralized and concentrated power––the very dangers consensual governments, including our own, were created to minimize.

The issue of political bias, which the IG report scanted, has to be understood in the larger nature of the large-scale bureaucratic public institutions that comprise the Deep State. In other words, the structure and functioning of the institution itself creates a bias that selects progressive employees. The bias insidiously becomes a second nature of which they often are no more conscious than a fish is that it’s wet....

Why the Left Is Having a Nervous Breakdown

...Trump is what the shrinks call the 'presenting complaint." The real problem, as is often the case in psychotherapy, is something entirely different. And it is this: the left is dead. It's not only dead, it's decomposed with no there there or anywhere.

Only dopes or con artists believe in socialism anymore (hello, Venezuela!) and identity politics has been exposed as the racist shell game it is with blacks and Latinos actually doing better than they have in decades under the current pro-capitalist administration.

So the left has nothing to say, only most of them don't quite realize it yet. But this blockage, this reluctance and even inability to deal with what is actually happening shuts down the brain and emerges as anger, the hamster wheel of constant rage against Trump....

Once you see the strings on the marionettes you can never watch the pantomime the same way you did before you noticed them... Each illegal alien child is worth about $56,000 in grant money. The system is full of fraud.