Saturday, May 20, 2017

GREAT AGAIN: Unlike Obama, Trump doesn't bow...

#ArmedForcesDay is a reminder that every day we should thank our men & women in uniform for their service in support of our country.

Our Constitution is incapable of enforcing itself. It is just words on paper unless we assert our rights

Camille Paglia: Hillary Clinton "is a completely hollow woman"

Friday, May 19, 2017

President Trump's Mid-East Peace Coalition Prepares for Historic Summit....

It is difficult to imagine overseas what we are going though in Venezuela these days.

ACTION ALERT! PLEASE CALL the Senate Appropriations Committee Members and ask them to VOTE NO on SB 562!

SB 562 (Lara, D)- Or universal, single-payer healthcare for California- is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee this upcoming Monday, May 22nd, at 11am.

Time to get to work! PLEASE CALL the Senate Appropriations Committee Members and ask them to VOTE NO on SB 562! By clicking on their names, you will be directed to their websites where you can email the members directly. OR you can call their Capitol office with the number provided.

Senate Appropriations Committee Members

Senator Ricardo Lara (Chair)- D (916) 651-4033
Senator Patricia Bates (Vice Chair)- R (916) 651-4036
Senator Jim Beall- D (916) 651-4015
Senator Steven Bradford- D (916) 651-4035
Senator Jerry Hill- D (916) 651-4013
Senator Jim Nielsen-R (916) 651-4004
Senator Scott Wiener-D (916) 651-4011

This bill has no specified funding for providing healthcare for all 38 million Californians (including illegal immigrants). Instead, it states it will use a "robust funding mechanism". Californians cannot sustain another hefty tax burden after the Gas Tax was passed. This bill must be stopped!

Journalists drink too much, are bad at managing emotions, and operate at a lower level than average, according to a new study

Journalists' brains show a lower-than-average level of executive functioning, according to a new study, which means they have a below-average ability to regulate their emotions, suppress biases, solve complex problems, switch between tasks, and show creative and flexible thinking.

The study, led by Tara Swart, a neuroscientist and leadership coach, analysed 40 journalists from newspapers, magazines, broadcast, and online platforms over seven months. The participants took part in tests related to their lifestyle, health, and behaviour....

He's Off: President Trump Boards Air Force One For First Foreign Trip

Drain the Health Care Swamp That's Awash in Other Peoples’ Money

Sweden Drops Rape Investigation Against Julian Assange

Weiner pleads guilty, Abedin divorces

BREAKING: Investigators produce evidence of collusion with Russia on hot-mic tape!

Study: Media’s Trump Coverage Negative on Every Outlet, Every Issue

Experts: No Case Against Trump

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes has died

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Gov. Jerry Brown Calls California Taxpayers “Freeloaders”

If you live in California, have a job and pay taxes Governor Jerry Brown would like you to know that you’re a freeloader and he’s tired of your complaining.

In a speech in Orange County last week Brown responded to criticism over a new $52 billion tax hike that was hastily rammed through Sacramento by the Democrat supermajority over the objections of taxpayers across the state....

The new taxes include a 12 cent increase in the gas tax (which is already one of the highest in the nation) and an increase in car registration fees averaging $50 per car owner. Some will see their annual registration increase by as much as $180....
“The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them,” Brown said, adding that the approved tax and fee hikes bring those charges to the level they were 30 years ago if adjusted for inflation. “They have a president that doesn’t tell the truth and they’re following suit.”
Let’s review this statement, in case you’re having trouble interpreting his meaning. If you work and pay taxes, if you struggle to pay your most basic bills while “owing” the California government a third of your paycheck (or more), Jerry Brown thinks you’re a freeloader....

Camille Paglia says the Democrats are colluding with the media to create chaos in America

Join the Campaign to Repeal the Car Tax

With virtually no notice to the public, Democratic politicians in the California State Legislature crammed through a massive hike to the Car Tax and Gax Tax.

Fortunately, former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio has unveiled a strategy for getting citizens involved in overturning these tax hikes! More on that in a bit, but first you need to understand how these tax hikes will cost YOU!

Car Tax: Pay More, Get Less!

Depending on the value of your car, miles driven, and your MPG, the typical California family will end up paying $350-700 more per year under the Car Tax and Gas Tax hike!


Why Some Can’t Wait for a Repeal of Obamacare

@wikileaks exposes GOOGLE helped terrorists in SYRIA while CENSORING CONSERVATIVES in USA

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy #MothersDay

Official confirms emergency WH meetings Friday and Saturday to assess global cyber attack

‘Let’s Put The Blame Where It Belongs,’ On Bill Clinton

"The Resistance."