Saturday, April 16, 2016

California minimum wage hike hits L.A. apparel industry: 'The exodus has begun'

Sen. Ted Cruz takes all 14 delegates available at today's Wyoming Republican Convention

Trump’s vision of the world — and his conception of statecraft — isn’t one I much like, but it reflects a fairly coherent theory of international relations. It’s realist, transactional, and Machiavellian — and it demands a serious, thoughtful, and nondefensive response.

Though it pains me to say it, Donald Trump is crazy like a fox. Despite the braggadocio, the bullying, and the bluster — despite the contradictions, misstatements, and near-total absence of actual facts — Trump is, to a great extent, nonetheless articulating a coherent vision of international relations and America’s role in the world....

...To those who criticize his apparent contradictions, his vagueness about his ultimate strategic objectives, or his willingness to make public threats, he offers a simple and Machiavellian response: “We need unpredictability.” To Trump, an effective negotiator plays his cards close to his chest: He doesn’t let anyone know his true bottom line, and he always preserves his ability to make a credible bluff. (Here it is, from the transcript of his conversation with the New York Times: “You know, if I win, I don’t want to be in a position where I’ve said I would or I wouldn’t [use force to resolve a particular dispute].… I wouldn’t want to say. I wouldn’t want them to know what my real thinking is.”)

Trump has little time for either neoconservatives or liberal interventionists; he thinks they allow their belief in American virtue to blind them to both America’s core interests and the limits of American power. He has even less time for multilateralist diplomats: They’re too willing to compromise, trading away American interests in exchange for platitudes about friendship and cooperation. And he has no time at all for those who consider long-standing U.S. alliances sacrosanct. To Trump, U.S. alliances, like potential business partners in a real-estate transaction, should always be asked: “What have you done for me lately?”...

The path of destruction from Japan's earthquake

Grim new details of ISIS destruction in Syria's Palmyra museum

...The museum was trashed and some of its best-known artifacts and statues were smashed by the militants, who cut off the heads and hands of statues and demolished others before being driven out last month.

Bartosz Markowski, from the Polish Archaeological Center at the University of Warsaw, told The Associated Press that most of the 200 objects which were exhibited on the ground floor of the Palmyra museum were destroyed, many of them apparently with hard tools like hammers. Many artifacts have been stolen, he added, thought it was not possible to know how many.

He and his colleagues were the first specialists to visit Palmyra after it was taken over by the Syrian army, and spent a week working and assessing the damage.

"We collected everything we could. The fragments were spread around the whole museum among broken glass and furniture ... It is a catastrophe," he said, speaking to the AP in the garden of the National Museum in Damascus.

During their rule of Palmyra, the extremists demolished some of the most famous Roman-era monuments that stand just outside the town, including two large temples dating back more than 1,800 years and a Roman triumphal archway, filming the destruction themselves for the world to see....

Global Warming Forces Cancellation Of Almost 700 Flights At Denver Airport

Friday, April 15, 2016

How Hillary Clinton’s Misuse Of Classified Documents Alters U.S. Law

In the short run, President Obama’s suggestion that mishandling classified documents is not necessarily a criminal offense merely signals his intention to keep a prominent Democrat out of jail. But him pointing to the complexity of U.S. law regarding secrets, after his administration has brought more prosecutions for disclosures of classified information under the Espionage Act of 1917 than all presidencies combined, points to how well that complexity lends itself to political game-playing.

ABSOLUTE MUST VIEW VIDEO Local Anchor exposes "Partnership for a New American Economy" - Soros and refugees

A hard lesson in hashtag activism. Yet another #ObamaFail

Here's a horrifying recap: The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapped 276 schoolgirls in Chibok, Nigeria, on April 14, 2014. Some escaped, but 219 vanished, prompting the #BringBackOurGirls campaign that captured international attention and accomplished nothing. Since #BringBackOurGirls, Boko Haram has grown stronger. Thousands of innocent people are dead; millions have been displaced. At least 2,000 more women and girls have been kidnapped and likely sold into sex slavery. If they're alive, the Chibok girls are a symbol of Boko Haram's evil devastation. But it's unlikely we'll ever bring them back.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Russia slams America's "painful reaction" to its jets buzzing Navy destroyer

Troubling Turnout Numbers for Democrats

Hillary Clinton blames President Obama for Libya, Syria messes

Sanders: If I'm elected, I'll ask Obama to withdraw Merrick Garland's nomination

The New York Post endorses Donald Trump

Democrats debate: 'It's Not About the Republicans'

Powerful earthquake hits south Japan: Scientists fear 'the Big One' is COMING as FOUR major earthquakes strike in 48 hours

Hanson: Obama admin's use & censorship of language is eerily reminiscent of Orwell's Big Brother & Stalin.

Fournier: Obama Admin ‘The Least Transparent,’ Probably In This Nation’s History,’ ‘Clearly Lying’ About Fast and Furious

National Journal Senior Political Columnist Ron Fournier declared that the Obama administration has been “the least transparent administration, probably in this nation’s history, certainly in modern time” and that “the administration is clearly lying, it’s clearly hiding documents that belong to us” regarding the Fast and Furious program...


On Tuesday at 9p.m. — almost 3 years to the day that it was founded — Al Jazeera America aired its final broadcast, closed its doors, and said goodbye:

In April of 2013, Qatar-based news agency Al Jazeera embarked on an ambitious project — to break into the U.S. news scene, a realm dominated by major players like CNN and Fox News. Since then, Al Jazeera America has indeed made a name for itself, though it wasn’t always in the most flattering light. So it was in January, after a tough string of controversies, that the announcement was made that the network would be shutting down. On Tuesday at 9p.m. — almost 3 years to the day that it was founded — Al Jazeera America aired its final broadcast, closed its doors, and said goodbye

The fallout from Mizzou’s campus cry bullies continues: Mizzou closes two dorms due to lack of students

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Obama Administration has let it be known that the White House and the regulatory agencies will be issuing a blizzard of new rules and decrees in the waning months of his miserable regime

The borrowers won’t have to go through the typical application process for receiving a disability discharge, which requires sending in documented proof of their disability

The Department of Education will send letters to 387,000 people they’ve identified as being eligible for a total and permanent disability discharge, a designation that allows federal student loan borrowers who can’t work because of a disability to have their loans forgiven. The borrowers identified by the Department won’t have to go through the typical application process for receiving a disability discharge, which requires sending in documented proof of their disability. Instead, the borrower will simply have to sign and return the completed application enclosed in the letter.

If every borrower identified by the Department decides to have his or her debt forgiven, the government will end up discharging more than $7.7 billion in debt, according to the Department.

“Americans with disabilities have a right to student loan relief,” Ted Mitchell, the undersecretary of education, said in a statement. “And we need to make it easier, not harder, for them to receive the benefits they are due.”

...Eligible borrowers who do decide to take advantage of the discharge option should be aware that the forgiven debt may be considered taxable income. The Obama administration asked Congress in its 2017 budget proposal to get rid of the tax penalties for disability discharges, but meanwhile borrowers may find themselves paying taxes on the forgiven loans.

Hillary: Why Yes My Proposals Require a $1 Trillion Tax Hike

San Fernando Valley residents say high speed rail would devastate community, harm endangered species & cause blight

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Spanish Inquisition ended 200 years ago—and the American Climate Change Inquisition is just getting started.

Beginning in 1478, the Spanish Inquisition systematically silenced any citizen who held views that did not align with the king’s. Using the powerful arm of the government, the grand inquisitor, Tomas de Torquemada, and his henchmen sought out all those who held religious, scientific, or moral views that conflicted with the monarch’s, punishing the “heretics” with jail sentences; property confiscation; fines; and in severe cases, torture and execution.

One of the lasting results of the Spanish Inquisition was a stifling of speech, thought, and scientific debate throughout Spain. By treating one set of scientific views as absolute, infallible, and above critique, Spain silenced many brilliant individuals and stopped the development of new ideas and technological innovations. Spain became a scientific backwater.

As an old adage says, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. So we now have a new inquisition underway in America in the 21st century—something that would have seemed unimaginable not too long ago.

Treating climate change as an absolute, unassailable fact, instead of what it is—an unproven, controversial scientific theory—a group of state attorneys general have announced that they will be targeting any companies that challenge the catastrophic climate change religion.....


Saudis say this man's haircut is a violation of Sharia Law. Cause ....why not?

“Count me out.” Paul Ryan affirms he will not accept GOP nomination in a contested convention

The IRS is encouraging illegal immigrants to steal Social Security numbers and file taxes

Paul Ryan: Americans are rightfully skeptical of an agency that systematically abused its power to target political opponents.

Imagine if politics was about actually about uniting Americans, not dividing us.

Oops: 'Disenfranchised' Colorado Trump 'Delegate' Who Burned Voter Card...Was Neither

Monday, April 11, 2016

Former White House Gardener Selling Hillary Clinton’s ‘Old Lady’ Car

Hillary supporter mishears question, rants against young women



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And in Virginia:

7 IN A ROW! Sanders scores WY victory... But rigged race means Hillary takes more delegates...

7 IN A ROW! Sanders scores WY victory...

But rigged race means Hillary takes more delegates...

PAPER: 'She talks a lot, but says little'...

Canadian Newspaper Censors Article On Refugee Abuse Of Elementary Students

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Glenn Beck: It will be "end of GOP" if Cruz, Trump denied nomination

Feminists Need To Know — Islam Kills Women

...Islam Kills Women is a joint effort between Sharia Watch UK and It aims to do one thing and one thing only, show the world just why it is that women are treated so utterly appallingly in every Muslim society on earth....

Islam kills women not only physically – although of course it does – but it kills the spirit of far greater numbers. From birth, girls are degraded and humiliated, most often by their own mothers. These girls accept their status and then pass it on to their own daughters in an endless cycle of what can only be described as evil.

Often forced in to marriage, forced to live with domestic violence, and enslaved under a system of ‘honour’, life can be sheer misery for girls unfortunate enough to have been born in to Islam. To top it off, many will have their clitoris cut off so that sex will be painful and they can suffer the further humiliation of incontinence and other side-effects.

All of this, but all of it, is maintained and sustained and justified by Islam. That is a matter of fact....

Stoning to death sounds just too terrible to be true. It sounds like something from pre-history that couldn’t possibly be happening today, but it is – in one kind of society only, Islamic society. It is a punishment used almost exclusively on women accused of committing adultery. I say ‘accused’ because that is all it takes, she has no defence.....

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