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CALIFORNIA: Government campaigns for tax hikes, calls it "education"

In a political campaign, city officials can spend your own money against you. They call it 'education'

Californians going to the polls on Nov. 8 will find more than 300 measures to raise taxes. And despite multiple legal decisions limiting the practice, municipal officials in California may be paying outside consultants to run the campaign to sell you on your local tax measure.

In short, government officials use the public’s money to persuade the public to give government officials more money.

James O’Keefe Posts Warning: Part III Is Coming Monday – Hillary and Donna Brazile Will Be Implicated

Leak early, leak often: If WikiLeaks had obtained Clinton emails earlier, US voters could have chosen Sanders v Trump. So do it. Do it now.


Now, new WikiLeaks emails reveal additional details behind the the man, Eric Braverman, who was brought in as CEO by Chelsea to change the controversial practices of the Foundation but abruptly resigned a short time later after being pushed out by long-time Clinton loyalists who had apparently grown very comfortable with the status quo.

Below is the new email exchange which begins when Neera Tanden warns John Podesta to "keep tabs on Doug Band" who she assumed was the insider who told NBC to "follow the money and find the real HRC scandal." Interestingly, John Podesta writes back quickly to identify the real source as former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman which seems to be shocking to Tanden who replies simply, "Holy Moses."

Friday, October 21, 2016

Woman (hired by Hillary's ppl) who accused Trump supporter of punching her at rally, changed story after being implicated in #Veritas tape!

Trump: Three Rallies Today, Three More Tomorrow, begins with GREAT news -- leading in 3 national polls: Rasmussen, LA Times, and Investor's Business Daily!


Another great Trump shirt:

Twitter's down: Cyberattack causes major problems for Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, Vox Media sites, Airbnb and numerous other sites.

Sites across the internet suffer outage after cyberattack - Mashable

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rasmussen poll has Trump up by 3

Rasmussen had the two candidates tied the day of the debate.

“Clinton held a seven-point lead at the beginning of last week just after the airing of an 11-year-old video showing Trump making graphic sexual remarks, but she began losing ground after the second presidential debate,” the report said.

“Among the 87 percent of voters who say they are now sure how they will vote, it’s Trump 48 percent, Clinton 46 percent. Four percent of these voters choose Johnson, two percent Stein. Among the voters who say they still could change their minds between now and election day, it’s Trump 36 percent, Clinton 30 percent, Johnson 34 percent and Stein 11 percent.”

O’Keefe: ‘Why the hell isn’t the press covering this?’

Trump Eviscerated Hillary in Debate #3. What Difference, at This Point, Does It Make?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WIKILEAKS: #PodestaEmails12

Podesta Says: OK for Illegals to Vote With Driver's License...
Emails Reveal Cozy Relationship With Hollywood, Iger, ABCNEWS Chief...
Soros Mentioned Over 50 Times...
She Tested 85 Slogans!


*Was most accurate in 2012...


New Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Accuser Goes Public for First Time...




Hillary Clinton is a secret sex freak who paid fixers to set up illicit romps with both men AND women!

That’s the blockbuster revelation from a former Clinton family operative who is sensationally breaking ranks with his one-time bosses to speak to The National ENQUIRER in a bombshell 9-page cover story — on newsstands Wednesday.

“I arranged a meeting for Hillary and a woman in an exclusive Beverly Hills hotel,” the man, who was hired by the Clintons, via a Hollywood executive, to cover up their scandals, told The ENQUIRER....

Hillary’s former bagman finally confessed to The ENQUIRER just how he helped her to cover up her affair with married lover Vince Foster, too!

The shadowy figure — who provided PROOF of his employment for the Clintons — also revealed 12 fixes he covered up, including:

+ How Hillary secretly plotted to a counter-attack on Bill’s mistress Monica Lewinsky — via a document buried for two decades!

PHOTOS: Leaked Emails Detail Hillary Clinton’s Desperate Health Crisis Cover-Ups

+ What crooked reporters were on the take from the Clinton camp!

+ How he covered up Bill’s seedy romp with hookers!

+ Which A-list celebrity had a secret affair with Bill during his presidency!

Join local Republicans at Rita's today to watch the 3rd Presidential debate

Operative Who Oversaw Trump Rally Agitators Visited White House 342 Times.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Clinton Foundation left a toxic legacy in Colombia

Trump: Clinton's "home sleeping, and I'm working. That's the way it's going to be in the White House, too"

‘How to Commit Voter Fraud on a Massive Scale’: Part II of Project Veritas Investigation into Clinton Network

A head shot (figurative) to the Clinton Campaign courtesy of James O’Keefe. Give the kid credit. Big kudos. He has exposed in graphic detail illegal activities by the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee. He punches above his weight and is a very smart investigator. His latest work is being shunned by the media like a leper with AIDs. But he has a message that must get out there–the system is rigged and there are dark forces engaged in promoting and carrying out violence against Trump supporters.

'TREASON Sells Out w/in 48Hrs On Amazon'

Dr. Jill Stein: #PodestaEmails10 show Hillary kept 55K emails from Congress. How much more evidence does the govt need to press charges?

NY Mayor Bill de Blasio campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Ohio and only 40 people showed up

Monday, October 17, 2016

WIKILEAKS: #PodestaEmails10 ...


A new trove of interview summaries and notes from the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails lays out a series of allegations...

One revelation in the documents came from an interview with an unidentified person who suggested that Freedom of Information Act requests related to Clinton went through a group sometimes called "the Shadow Government."

"There was a powerful group of very high-ranking STATE officials that some referred to as 'The 7th Floor Group' or 'The Shadow Government.' This group met every Wednesday afternoon to discuss the FOIA process, Congressional records, and everything CLINTON-related to FOIA/Congressional inquiries," the FBI's interview summary said.

That group, according to the summary, argued for a Clinton document release to be conducted all at once "for coordination purposes" instead of on a rolling basis as would normally be the case. But the "Shadow Government" did not get its way, and the agency in charge decided for a rolling release, the FBI summary said.

O'KEEFE: Clinton Campaign Incites Violence at Trump Rallies.


WikiLeaks announced via Twitter Monday that it had launched “contingency plans” after unnamed state hackers severed the internet link used by Assange, who is under siege in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, taking pain pills for infirmities and with no access to sunlight or outdoor space....

The silencing of Assange came with a bit of drama. Hours before the announcement that his internet connection had been cut, WikiLeaks posted three tweets that appeared to contain encrypted code, and rumors began to swirl that it was a “dead man’s switch,” a code revealing highly classified information that would ensure publication upon his death.

Wikileaks: Julian Assange's internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingency plans.

pre-commitment 1: John Kerry 4bb96075acadc3d80b5ac872874c3037a386f4f595fe99e687439aabd0219809

pre-commitment 2: Ecuador

pre-commitment 3: UK FCO f33a6de5c627e3270ed3e02f62cd0c857467a780cf6123d2172d

Donald Trump Sets The All Time Republican Party Record for Most Individual Donors Ever:

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Don't miss the third and final 2016 presidential debate Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Calling all Humboldt Republicans: During the last debate, Donald Trump did a great job! Let's unite and gather at Rita's at 5th and L streets Wednesday, October 19, at 5:30. Debate starts at 6:00 p.m.

We had a dozen at our first debate, 70 at the second debate (long story). Let's blow the roof off of Rita's for the third debate!

See you there! Please let me know if you will be attending, as I will need to give them an approximate number of attendees.


LOCAL MEASURES on Your Nov. 8th Ballot


Measure H - PARCEL TAX
Submitted by: Arcata School District

Submitted by: Arcata School District

Submitted by: Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community College District

Submitted by: Jacoby Creek School District

Submitted by: Ferndale Unified School District

Submitted by: Mattole Unified School District

Submitted by: South Bay Union School District

For full text of a measure, contact the Humboldt County Office of Elections at 707-445-7481.


Submitted by: City of Fortuna

Submitted by: City of Arcata

Submitted by: City of Trinidad

Submitted by: City of Eureka

Submitted by: City of Eureka

Submitted by: City of Rio Dell

For full text of a measure, contact the appropriate city.


Submitted by: County of Humboldt

Submitted by: County of Humboldt

Submitted by: County of Humboldt

Submitted by: Humboldt County Association of Governments

An Initiative

For full text of a measure, contact the Humboldt County Office of Elections at 707-445-7481.

Note: State propositions, and state and federal candidate information is available at the Secretary of State website:

LOCAL CANDIDATES on your Nov. 8th Ballot


Arcata City Council

  • Daniel Murphy, Chef / Father
  • Susan Ornelas, Incumbent
  • Paul Pitino, Landscaper / Council Member
  • Michael Winkler, Incumbent
  • Valerie Rose-Campbell, Play Group Facilitator
Blue Lake City Council

  • Adelene Jones, Retired Educator (Incumbent)
Eureka City Council, Ward 2

  • Heidi S. Messner, Lead Pastor
Eureka City Council, Ward 4

  • Austin Allison, Healthcare Professional
  • John B. Fullerton
Ferndale City Mayor

  • Don Hindley, Consultant
  • Steve Nunes, Retired
Ferndale City Council

  • Daniel Brown, Incumbent
  • Patrick O’Rourke, Educator/Board Director
Fortuna City Council

  • Dean J. Glaser, Retired Grocery Clerk
  • Tami Trent, Incumbent
Rio Dell City Council

  • Bryan K. Richter, General Contractor
  • Susan Strahan, Business Owner
  • Frank Wilson, Incumbent

Trinidad City Council

  • Steve Ladwig, Education
  • John West, Retired Teacher (Incumbent)


Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, Division 1

  • Neal Latt, Appointed Incumbent

Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, Division 2

  • Sheri Woo, Incumbent

Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, Division 3

  • Barbara Hecathorn, Incumbent

Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District

  • David Ordonez, Incumbent
  • Corinne Stromstad, Incumbent

Note: State propositions, and state and federal candidate information is available at the Secretary of State website:

Clinton ahead of Trump in 13 key battleground states in new poll

Get out and VOTE!

Wikileaks Releases Another 1,054 Podesta Emails In Part 9 Of Data Dump; Total Is Now 12,073

In a now familiar daily routine, one which forces the Clinton campaign to bring up ever starker sexual scandals involving Trump to provide a media distraction, moments ago Wikileaks released yet another roughly 1,054 emails in Part 9 of its ongoing Podesta Email dump, which brings the total number of released emails to 12,073.

As a reminder among yesterday's releases were the three much anticiapted transcripts from Hillary Clinton's speeches delivered to Goldman Sachs, first profiled here, and which as the WSJ explained "Reveal Hillary Clinton’s Sympathy for Wall Street"

With another 38,000 or so emails left until election day, we expect the emergence of another Trump "sexual assault" accuser to emerge momentarily, just as we predicted yesterday and were proven right not once but twice. After all the public must be distracted from what truly matters....

The collapse of Obamacare in North Carolina has been nothing short of spectacular

We've all wondered how Hillary avoided prosecution for her email scheme. Wikileaks may have found the answer. Obama!

With the president’s knowledge — and involvement — in Hillary’s private e-mail scheme, it’s clear there was never going to be a prosecution. Among the most noteworthy of the hacked e-mails from John Podesta’s accounts is an exchange in which Podesta consults Clinton consigliere Cheryl Mills about the private e-mail exchanges between President Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As readers may recall, I have long maintained... that the principal reason why Mrs. Clinton was not prosecuted, despite a mountain of evidence that she committed felony mishandling of classified information, is the fact that Obama engaged in the same kind of misconduct. The president’s use of a private, non-secure channel to discuss sensitive matters with high level officials may not have been systematic, as Mrs. Clinton’s was. (Obama’s disturbing use of an alias, however, suggests that Clinton was not the only one he was privately e-mailing.) Nevertheless, the fact that the president was e-mailing Clinton means he not only participated in her misconduct but also that the Obama-Clinton e-mails would have been admissible evidence in any criminal trial of Clinton....

Local GOP office in North Carolina firebombed

CFRW On The Ballot Propositions: (51-61 updating)

With 17 propositions on the ballot, education is the key. Our government relies on the misinformation, apathy, and lack of education of voters. We must educate so that Californians understand exactly what they are REALLY voting on!


Prop 51: K-12 School Bond $17.6 billion: NEUTRAL
Prop 52: Medical Hospital Fee Program: SUPPORT
Prop 53: Voter Approval for Revenue Bonds: SUPPORT
Prop 54: Legislative Transparency: SUPPORT
Prop 55: Prop 30 Tax Extension: OPPOSE
Prop 56: Cigarette Tax: OPPOSE
Prop 57: Civil and Criminal Proceedings: OPPOSE
Prop 58: Bilingual Education Requirement: OPPOSE
Prop 59: Citizens United Statement: OPPOSE
Prop 60: Industry Condom Requirement: SUPPORT
Prop 61: State Prescription Drug Purchases: OPPOSE
Prop 62: Death Penalty Repeal: OPPOSE
Prop 63: Gun Control Omnibus: OPPOSE
Prop 64: Legalizes Marijuana: OPPOSE
Prop 65: Plastic Bag Revenue to Wildlife Fund: OPPOSE
Prop 66: Death Penalty Reform and Streamline: SUPPORT
Prop 67: Plastic Bag Ban Referendum: OPPOSE

 Prop 51: State School Bond: Neutral Position

The CFRW decided to take a neutral position on Prop 51. This means that we recommend you, the voter, decide how this proposition will affect you and your community.

In California, the state has not passed a school bond in ten years. Wealthy school districts are able to pass local bonds to pay for upgrades and construction, but our rural or low income school districts who can’t afford upgrades have been left behind. So how you vote should reflect how this bond may affect you.

As a whole, the state will be on the hook for $17.6 billion; $9 billion paid and $8.6 billion in interest over 35 years. Here it is by the numbers:
  • $3 billion for the construction of new school facilities;
  • $500 million for providing school facilities for charter schools;
  • $3 billion for the modernization of school facilities;
  • $500 million for providing facilities for career technical education programs; and
  • -$2 billion for acquiring, constructing, renovating, and equipping community college facilities
This is the first citizen driven school bond initiative in history. Every other school bond has been placed on the ballot by the legislature.

The California Republican Party and CALTAX support Prop 51.
Tom McClintock says NO

◼ Prop 52: Hospital Fee Program: SUPPORT

This prop extends a fee program whereby hospitals can pay a fee to help the state of California obtain Medic-aid matching federal funds. That program awarded hospitals in California over $2 billion annually for 7 years. If passed, it would mandate that the legislature cannot use these funds for anything other than supporting hospital care unless changed with voter approval.

Fiscal Impact: Uncertain fiscal effect, ranging from relatively little impact to annual state General Fund savings of around $1 billion and increased funding for public hospitals in the low hundreds of millions of dollars annually

Extends the current Medi-Cal hospital fee program that generates more than $3 billion a year in federal matching funds that would not be available otherwise. This money helps provide Medi-Cal health care services to over 13 million Californians, including: children, seniors, and people with disabilities

Proposition 52 strictly prohibits the Legislature from using these funds for any other purpose without a vote of the people

◼ Prop 53: Voter Approval for Revenue Bonds: SUPPORT

Requires statewide voter approval before any revenue bonds can be issued or sold by the state for certain projects if the bond amount exceeds $2 billion

Applies to any projects that are financed, owned, operated, or managed by the state, or by a joint agency formed between the state and a federal government agency, another state, and/or a local government

Prohibits dividing projects into multiple separate projects to avoid statewide voter approval requirement

Typically some bonds do appear on California ballots for voter approval, BUT bonds paid for out of state revenue are not required to be voter-approved. This is a loophole that we should close! Our governments, whether city, county, or state, should be accountable to voters.

California has issued over $50 billion in revenue bond debt over the last 20 years and our state's current total debt is $157 billion, including principal and interest. It's time voters have more of a say on when and how bonds are issued.

◼ Prop 54: Legislative Transparency: SUPPORT

Requires every bill to be posted online and distributed to lawmakers at least 72 hours before each house of the Legislature is permitted to vote on it (except when the Governor declares an emergency).
Prohibits any bill passed in violation of this 72-hour requirement from becoming law.

Makes audiovisual recordings of ALL public legislative meetings and posts those recordings online within 24 hours, to remain online for at least 20 years.

Guarantees the right of every person to also record and broadcast any open legislative meetings.
Requires NO new taxpayer money. The Legislature's existing budget will cover this measure's minor costs.

Republicans in the legislature have been trying to pass bills that do what Prop 54 will do for decades. Each time, the Democrats in power kill these bills, often times before they even clear their first committee. What are Democrats trying to hide from Californians if they do not support increased government transparency?

As we continue to go through all 17 propositions on the November general election ballot, please remember to SHARE THIS INFORMATION! As Republican Women Federated, we are among some of the most educated voters in the state. With 17 ballot measures, our voting populous is going to be more tragically uniformed than they usually are. The legislature knows this, they depend on an uninformed constituency, they thrive on it. It is up to the Republican Women to let the voters know what they are truly voting on, what their vote truly means for their future, and for the future of our state. Please talk to voters EVERYDAY.

◼ Prop 55: Prop 30 Tax Extension: OPPOSE

Remember Prop 30? The “temporary” tax increase touted by Governor Brown and the Democrats? Well, the legislature and Governor Brown want to extend the personal income tax portion of Prop 30 for 12 more years.

This means that income taxes for single earners of $250,000 a year, joint filers of $500,00 a year, and heads of household filers of $340,000 a year

This INCLUDES small business whose owners file their small business earners within their personal income taxes

Prop 55 spells out yet another broken promise made by Governor Brown and legislative Democrats to our taxpayers

Prop 55 extends taxes while higher taxes are not necessary. California takes in more tax dollars than we need each year — we currently have a $2.7 billion surplus. Let’s use the revenue we have wisely, not tax and spend more than we need.

-California’s critical spending- healthcare, education- can be funded without this tax unnecessary tax extension. Unsurprisingly, education and healthcare spending skyrocketed since the original passage of Prop 30. Education spending has soared by $24.6 billion since 2012 — a 52% increase. Medi-Cal spending has increased by $2.9 billion a 13% increase. Let’s get back to 2012 spending instead of extending Prop 30.

◼ Prop 56: Cigarette Tax Increase: OPPOSE

Increases cigarette tax by $2.00 per pack, with equivalent increase on other tobacco products and electronic cigarettes containing nicotine.

Prop. 56 allocates just 13% of new tobacco tax money to treat smokers or for school education to prevent smoking.

The authors of Prop 56 purposefully wrote in a loophole so that revenue will fill their pockets and not go to school funding. California's Constitution (through Proposition 98), requires that schools get at least 43% of any new tax increase. Prop. 56 was written to undermine our Constitution's minimum school funding guarantee, allowing the authors to deceptively divert at least $600 million a year from schools to health insurance companies and other wealthy special interests.

$147 million a year from the higher cigarette tax revenue will go towards just overhead and bureaucracy alone.

This is an intentionally deceptive and regressive tax on a small (generally poor and less educated) population of Californians that will pay the increase because of an addiction. The higher tax does nothing to help prevent or decrease smoking or tobacco usage. It is a farce.

◼ Prop 57: Releasing Criminals: OPPOSE

Prop 57 is another one of Governor Brown’s terrible ideas to keep our prison population down by releasing violent criminals back into our communities. Under Prop 57, certain “nonviolent” felons would be eligible for early release and parole and can gain credit towards early release for good behavior. It also allows judges, not prosecutors, to decide whether or not to try juveniles as adults in certain cases.

Governor Brown has been the worst Governor in our state’s history for crime and public safety. We are much less safe today than we were when he took office. Across our state, crime rates continue to rise, and Governor Brown has little to say about it. Instead, he began with implementing AB 109 (2011), in which tens of thousands of felons were shifted from state prisons and parole to county jail and probation. Many of their crimes were redefined to misdemeanors and/or as “time served”. Then when these felons violate their parole, they don’t go back to prison. Instead, they can serve up to six months in a county jail. As if that wasn’t enough, in 2014 Governor Brown lobbied for and successfully passed Prop 47, which reclassified many felonies as misdemeanors, retroactively applying to felons currently serving time, and allowing many to become eligible for early parole. Doubling-down on his lack of public safety concerns, now Governor Brown is supporting Prop 57, which would allow “nonviolent” felons to petition for early release. As many as 25,000 convicted felons would be eligible for early release under Prop 57, which essentially redefines “nonviolent.”

Here is a partial list of what would classify as “nonviolent” for early release under Prop 57:

  • Rape by intoxication
  • Rape of an unconscious person
  • Human trafficking involving sex act with minors
  • Drive-by shooting
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Taking a hostage
  • Domestic violence involving trauma
  • Supplying a firearm to a gang member
  • Lewd acts upon a child
  • Hate crime causing physical injury
  • Failing to register as a sex offender
  • Arson causing great bodily injury
  • Felon obtaining a firearm
  • Discharging a firearm on school grounds
  • False imprisonment of an elder

Violent crime rates rose in 2012 after AB 109 was implemented. Again they rose in 2015 by 8.4% according to the nonpartisan California Public Policy Institute. But when Governor Brown wants to essentially redefine “nonviolent” as the crimes listed above, violent crime rates are sure to decrease, though the crimes committed will surely rise. Prop 57 will effectively overturn laws that voters have passed over the years that have kept our communities safe, such as Marsy’s Law, “3 Strikes”, the Victim’s Bill of Rights, and the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act.

Prop 57 is opposed by every county District Attorney as well as opposed by the California Peace Officers Association and the California Police Chiefs Association. They know better than any other group the problems our state face. Prop 57 will tie one hand behind the backs of our law enforcement agencies. Visit for more information and ways you can help defeat this terrible ballot measure. It’s time for Californians to tell Governor Brown enough is enough. Vote NO on Prop 57!

◼ Prop 58: English Proficiency. Multilingual Education. Initiative Statute: Oppose

If Prop 58 passes, it will repeal most of Prop 227 and allow non-English languages to be used for public K-12 instruction. Prop 227 was passed in 1998 and it established the sheltered English immersion program for English language learners in our schools. They were required to be taught in an English-only intensive course for one year before transitioning into English classes. This was aimed to help English language learners before they are thrown into public school classes taught in exclusively English. Prop 227 passed with overwhelming support and parents across the state, immigrant or not, were still able to decide which direction their child could be taught. Now, Prop 58 seeks to overturn much of Prop 227, and would be a giant step backwards for our English language learners in our public schools. Schools would be able to teach in multi-languages in the classroom, and in some cases, no English at all. English language learners would be at a disadvantage, since they will no longer be as challenged to learn English. These students will be behind in English when they graduate, making applying for jobs and higher education even more difficult than it already is. This should, once again, be an issue of local control and not another statewide mandate handed down from Sacramento. The Legislature placed Prop 58 on the ballot, it was not citizen driven. California parents need to be made aware of Prop 58 and ask them to Vote NO!

◼ Prop 59: Corporations. Political Spending. Federal Constitutional Protections. Legislative Advisory Question: OPPOSE

Pass or fail, this proposition does absolutely nothing. There is no legal authority, no legislative authority, literally nothing. It is a complete waste of taxpayer time and money. Prop 59 asks our legislative body to use all of its constitutional authority to overturn the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC. That’s it. Our California legislature has NO constitutional authority in this or any Supreme Court case, except to propose amendments to the U.S. constitution and hope that other states jump on the bandwagon.

As you will recall, Citizens United v. FEC was a 2010 Supreme Court decision which held that corporation’s political spending rights are protected under the First Amendment as free speech. It should come as no surprise that this is another measure placed on the ballot by the legislature and not citizen driven. It is heavily supported by Tom Steyer, the California Teachers Association and the California Democrat Party. It is costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars just to be on the ballot. It does nothing to actually curb political spending by corporations, but instead asks our legislature to consider changing the First Amendment. Our ballots should not be clogged with useless measures that are non-binding advisory questions that do NOTHING. VOTE NO.

◼ Prop 60: Adult Films. Condoms. Health Requirements. Initiative Statute: SUPPORT

First of all, you may be asking yourself, why are we even voting on this issue? That is a valid question, and one we cannot answer. We wish we knew. There is already a law on the books that requires porn actors to wear condoms while filming sexual intercourse scenes. Prop 60 aims to strengthen the current law which is rarely enforced. What this comes down to is basic health and safety standards. Every industry has health and safety standards that are and should be regulated, such as restaurants, offices, and even your dry cleaners. Shouldn’t men and women in the porn industry also be protected from STDs and unplanned pregnancies by simply wearing a condom during sexual intercourse scenes?

Opponents of Prop 60 claim that this requirement will drive the porn industry out of the state and more government intrusion in private business is not a good thing. And the CFRW understands that position. But ultimately the Republican Women Federated decided to support women in this industry who are not able to protect themselves from STDs. Prop 60 would require adult film companies to obtain health licenses and provide vaccinations and health tests for their performers. Many businesses and industries in California are also required to do the same, so why not also the porn industry?

Ultimately, the CFRW supports the use of condoms in adult films. This probably is not a ballot measure that will affect your day to day life. There are more important measures on the ballot.

◼ Prop 61: State Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing Standards. Initiative Statute: OPPOSE

This is an intentionally deceptive measure. Do not be fooled! Prop 61 claims that it will bring our state drug prescription prices down because they will be bought at the lowest price paid for the same drug by the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs. But the fact is that the drug companies give a very large discount to the U.S. Veteran’s Affairs, and they will no longer give the Veterans those low prices if Prop 61 passes. Proponents of Prop 61 act like this will help seniors and help veterans, but it will do the opposite. Drug prices will soar for vets and for those whose prescription programs Prop 61 will include.

Prop 61 will not apply to all Californians, only to about 12%, but for those who do have state prescription drug purchasing programs. And for those who do have state drug prescription purchasing programs, Prop 61 will increase prices for them.

Over a dozen Veterans groups oppose Prop 61. They know that their drug prices will increase if Prop 61 passes. Opponents include, but are not limited to, Veterans of Foreign Wars (CA), Vietnam Veterans of American (California Council), American Legion of California, and the Military Officers Association of America (California Chapters).

Congressman Tom McClintock on the Ballot Propositions