Sunday, October 16, 2016

LOCAL CANDIDATES on your Nov. 8th Ballot


Arcata City Council

  • Daniel Murphy, Chef / Father
  • Susan Ornelas, Incumbent
  • Paul Pitino, Landscaper / Council Member
  • Michael Winkler, Incumbent
  • Valerie Rose-Campbell, Play Group Facilitator
Blue Lake City Council

  • Adelene Jones, Retired Educator (Incumbent)
Eureka City Council, Ward 2

  • Heidi S. Messner, Lead Pastor
Eureka City Council, Ward 4

  • Austin Allison, Healthcare Professional
  • John B. Fullerton
Ferndale City Mayor

  • Don Hindley, Consultant
  • Steve Nunes, Retired
Ferndale City Council

  • Daniel Brown, Incumbent
  • Patrick O’Rourke, Educator/Board Director
Fortuna City Council

  • Dean J. Glaser, Retired Grocery Clerk
  • Tami Trent, Incumbent
Rio Dell City Council

  • Bryan K. Richter, General Contractor
  • Susan Strahan, Business Owner
  • Frank Wilson, Incumbent

Trinidad City Council

  • Steve Ladwig, Education
  • John West, Retired Teacher (Incumbent)


Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, Division 1

  • Neal Latt, Appointed Incumbent

Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, Division 2

  • Sheri Woo, Incumbent

Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, Division 3

  • Barbara Hecathorn, Incumbent

Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District

  • David Ordonez, Incumbent
  • Corinne Stromstad, Incumbent

Note: State propositions, and state and federal candidate information is available at the Secretary of State website: