Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ted Cruz Wins Most Delegates in Wyoming

Senator Ted Cruz won the most delegates awarded in the Wyoming Republican conventions on Saturday, while Senator Marco Rubio narrowly beat Gov. John Kasich in Washington, D.C., on the last day of voting before Tuesday’s make-or-break primaries in five large states....

Compared with the primaries coming in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio — in what is shaping up to be a second “Super Tuesday” — these contests made for a minor Saturday, with Mr. Cruz trimming a bit from Donald J. Trump’s delegate lead.

But in Washington, where Republicans are relatively rare and tend to work as lobbyists, lawyers and Capitol Hill staffer members, Saturday amounted to what might be the establishment’s last chance to roar back at the angry anti-Washington masses who have dominated the electorate so far.

BREAKING: Rubio wins D.C.

Bernie Sanders SUPPORTER tries to ATTACK Trump

Former. State Dept. Staffer Proves To Be a ‘Devastating Witness’ In The Clinton Email Scandal

Actual terrorist Bill Ayers is protesting against trump in Chicago.

How is #Israel supposed to make #peace when #Palestinian children are raised like this?

It's time to change the clocks this Sunday.

Carson endorses Trump

Friday, March 11, 2016

5 First Ladies Together at Nancy Reagan's Funeral

The amount of #Astroturf on social media these days is astounding. @SharylAttkisson explains

Donald Trump on postponed #TrumpRally: “I don’t want to see anybody get hurt.”

National Review endorses Ted Cruz

The entertainment industry's rare conservatives (and independents) are lining up behind Trump, the real-estate mogul considered one of their own as a former TV star and producer.

Trump's former butler: "He's an incredibly generous person"

Germany teaches migrants about gay sex and how to find female G-spo

WARNING: Explicit illustrations

Thursday, March 10, 2016

#GOPdebate March 10

Ben Carson to endorse Donald Trump

Are you ready for tonight's #GOPDebate?

The #12 republican primary GOP debate is tonight at 8:30pm EST (5:30) on CNN. The stakes are high for all of the candidates.

Carly Fiorina endorses Ted Cruz in Miami

“Nobody likes #Obamacare”

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Mother of Benghazi victim 'wrong' to say I lied

Iran conducts new missile tests defying US sanctions...

PAPER: 'Sensitivity' fascists turning colleges into day-care centers

Dr. Rand Paul: We need candidates who will tell the truth. @HillaryClinton isn't one of them.

'Everyone scared'...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hillary loses Michigan. Trump wins it.

Today's Primaries

Last week CAIR released the results of a six-state “Super Tuesday” poll which found that Donald Trump received more support from Muslims than all other GOP candidates COMBINED.

Cruz wins Senate Conservatives Fund straw poll

Judge to decide if Bin Laden’s porn stash should be released to the public

API Liberty Summit: Most recent speaker announcement

Monday, March 7, 2016

Would you commit to buy a car, a house or even a jacket without knowing the price? That's why an Orange County supervisor has proposed a measure requiring a cost analysis of all county initiatives.

At the state level, the Legislative Analyst’s Office has the responsibility to provide a “fiscal impact” analysis – that is, information to voters as to the costs to taxpayers of passing a proposition.

But this isn’t currently required at the local level. And those backing attractive sounding, but costly, measures like it that way. They prefer to keep the public in the dark. If a county measure promises to create new parks in every neighborhood, it may sound great, but taxpayers should know what it will cost them before they cast a vote.

Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do deserves credit for proposing a measure that would require a cost analysis by the county’s Auditor Controller for all county initiatives, and his colleagues deserve praise for agreeing to place it on the June ballot for voter approval.

Judge Jeanine Slams Romney: 'The Establishment Is Panicked' About Trump, But 'Not For Us'

Ron Nehring: It's clear @tedcruz has the momentum

In last night's Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton misled the American people about liability for gun manufacturers.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, to his credit, didn't take the bait, saying that attempting to hold gun manufacturers responsible for the acts of criminals is really about "ending gun manufacturing in America."

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cruz Dominates The Weekend

Is it really true Sanders and Clinton haven't faced any questions on abortion yet in any debate?

Glenn Beck's Closing Speech at CPAC


R.I.P. Nancy Reagan

When Poland had biggest protest in its history (anti Muslim-immigration), Western media pretended it never happened

Cruz delivered two definitive upset victories in Kansas and Maine and held Donald trump to narrow wins in Louisiana and Kentucky – shrinking the delegate gap between them and leaving his lower-polling rivals in the dust

On Saturday, Cruz took 48.2 percent of the vote in Kansas, putting Trump in second with 23.3 percent and Rubio in third at 16.7 percent.
And in Maine, Cruz won with 45.9 percent of the vote, beating Trump's 32.6 percent. John Kasich was third at 12 percent and Rubio was locked out of any delegates by falling below 10 percent.

Trump closed the night with small wins in Louisiana and Kentucky, gaining delegates but also watching many go into Cruz’s column.

Of the seven states that have held GOP caucuses so far, Cruz has now won four, and has notched six primary victories overall. It’s a record that pales compared to Trump’s long string of wins, but the only state Rubio has won outright is Minnesota, and Kasich has yet to win a state.

On Tuesday, Cruz scored his home state of Texas, as well as Alaska and Oklahoma, and in February won the Iowa caucuses. It’s a geographically diverse list of successes that Cruz supporters will take as more reason for the senator to remain in the race for the long haul, seeing that record as evidence he can compete across the map.

“We saw on Tuesday, the Super Tuesday results that were extraordinary. And today on Super Saturday, we seem to be seeing a continuation of that very same pattern,” Cruz told supporters gathered in Idaho, which will vote March 8, and where Cruz and other candidates are already campaigning.

“What we’re seeing is conservatives coming together," he said.

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