Saturday, August 5, 2017

Democrats fear Russia probe blowback

Mattress Girl "has dined out on dubious victimhood for years, and it's high time she was discredited."

Government spends $2 million to build a tiny bathroom ... WATCH:

Republicans Are So Unpopular That They Control More Politically Today Than They Ever Have in American History

To make it easier to understand: #SinglePayer health insurance is letting a clerk at the #DMV decide whether you get heart surgery or not.

Gore’s new movie: an ‘inconvenient bomb’ at the box office

Who’s really lying on climate change? Hint: Their first names are Jerry and Arnold

Arnold Schwarzenegger really should be careful about calling people liars. Especially when he’s trying to pass off faith as scientific fact.

Maybe you saw the former governor and erstwhile action star berating conservatives the other day for refusing to accept his view that the answer to climate change is the heavy hand of government....

Friday, August 4, 2017

Republican donor sues GOP for fraud over broken promise to repeal ObamaCare

GREAT AGAIN: U.S. Created 209,000 Jobs in July, Crushing Expectations...1 Million Total in Trump’s First Six Months

Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins reveal cuts to Planned Parenthood is why they sunk Obamacare's repeal

Treasury Inspector General Outlines A Brand New (Obama) IRS Scandal

Thank you to the fearless men and women of the Coast Guard for your service. Happy birthday, @USCG!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Senate confirms 65 Trump nominees on last day before August break

Court Rules That Medical Marijuana Card Holders Can’t Buy Firearms

At Trump rally, the Governor of West Virginia just announced he's switching his party registration to Republican tomorrow.

Media Ignores Fed Lawsuit by Dems Accusing DNC, Wasserman Schultz of Fraud - Judicial Watch

The mainstream media is conspicuously ignoring a newsworthy class-action lawsuit accusing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Florida congresswoman—Debbie Wasserman Schultz—who chaired it of fraud for skewing the party’s primaries to benefit Hillary Clinton. The drama is playing out in a south Florida federal court where 150 Democratic voters and donors are also accusing their party and Wasserman Schultz of breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, unjust enrichment, and negligent misrepresentation for secretly helping Clinton get the presidential nomination over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

“Despite the requirements in the Charter, and in spite of the multiple public declarations of neutrality and impartiality with respect to the Democratic primary process, the DNC was not neutral,” a 35-page complaint states. “To the contrary, the DNC was biased in favor of one candidate – Hillary Clinton (“Clinton”) – from the beginning and throughout the process. The DNC devoted its considerable resources to supporting Clinton above any of the other Democratic candidates. Through its public claims to being neutral and impartial, the DNC actively concealed its bias from its own donors as well as donors to the campaigns of Clinton’s rivals, including Bernie Sanders (“Sanders”).

The scandal broke when leaked DNC electronic mail showed that the committee favored and backed Clinton instead of Sanders during the primary. Wasserman Schultz resigned in disgrace as DNC chair, was publicly blasted by Sanders supporters and didn’t gavel in the party convention last summer in Philadelphia....

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fixing immigration could save the nation $300B per year

Trump Signs Bill Sanctioning Russia

Trump Announces Immigration Reform With Merit-Based System for Green Cards

Australia Weather Bureau Caught Tampering With Climate Numbers

Calexit leader to Tucker: It's good that the middle class is leaving California, so we can replace them with new immigrants

Lee, who said he talks to the president "very regularly," recalled being "stirred" by Trump's insistence in his inaugural address that his election represented a moment where power would be transfered "from Washington D.C. back to the American people."


Monday, July 31, 2017

Mr. McCain Goes to Washington

Scaramucci out as White House Communications Director

Under the US sanctions, all of Maduro's assets in the US are frozen, and Americans are barred from financial transactions with him.

“Clarity,” the prime minister says, and the hope for a more decisive approach is the reason why he and other Arab leaders prefer Trump,

Russia won in Syria thanks to President Barack Obama’s inaction. The Middle East unraveling of the past decade is due in no small part to America not listening to her allies in the region. Never mind President Donald Trump’s Muslim-bashing rhetoric, he may just be a better partner.

For months, leaders of America's Arab allies in the Mideast have telegraphed this view of the world, and it helps explain why the gilded palaces of the troubled, war-torn region are the few places on the planet — outside Russia — where Trump has been more popular than the president he succeeded....

“Clarity,” the prime minister says, and the hope for a more decisive approach is the reason why he and other Arab leaders prefer Trump, despite the bombast and uncertainty the first six months of his presidency have unleashed. Unstated, but by all accounts just as significant, is the expectation that Trump will take a more hawkish approach toward Syria’s backers in Iran, and Hariri repeatedly brought up concessions Obama made toward Tehran to get his nuclear deal as an example of how the U.S. lost its way in the region....

#DNC collusion with #MuslimBrotherhood and #ObamaGate are the two most important stories in America today

U.S. Stock Market up almost 20% since Election!

61% of Americans say the Democratic Party “too often sees government as the only way to solve problems”

With OPEC Weakening, World Energy Now Pits Russia Versus U.S.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


The third annual event, held in Pasadena, California, drew in thousands of political commentators, journalists, celebrities and politics nerds from across the US.

Venezuela: 'The election was fake - but the violence was real' - 17 murdered by #Maduro mercenaries

Republicans didn’t have to vote for cap and trade

Cap and trade support gives California Republicans the losing argument that they voted for fuel cost hikes to save us from even worse taxes. What ordinary voting taxpayer is going to buy that?

Republican refusal to give in to the type of extortion reflected in the cap-and-trade bill may very well have forced the Democrats into approving a CARB-style bureaucracy with a simple majority vote — which, by the way, might still happen. The far-left of the Democratic Party may have cheered but, for Republicans, it would open up vast new demographics — working Hispanics, other ethnic groups and recent immigrants — for whom just a few more cents in a gallon of gas is a big deal.

Unfailing opposition to the deal by Republicans would have provided something else almost always absent from California politics — clarity and accountability. When gas prices go through the roof — which they surely will — there would be no doubt which party to blame.

But we’ll never know as it will be difficult, if not impossible, to repair the damage and restore the Republican brand. Thus the odds of Republicans gaining seats in any of the next four election cycles (thanks to redistricting in 2022) are now in doubt. And for what? So Republicans can now adopt the losing argument that they voted for increased fuel costs to save taxpayers from even higher prices? What ordinary voting taxpayer is going to buy that argument?

Can a president without a party govern?

...From the start of his unconventional campaign two years ago, Trump has been more of a populist than a Republican, from his combative style to his protectionist stance on trade. His ability to reach voters drawn by his personal appeal rather than his party affiliation has been a source of his political strength and possibility in a nation where allegiance to both Republicans and Democrats has eroded.

But the most disruptive week of a disruptive presidency is testing whether other elected Republicans will continue to back him up, and whether he can govern if they don't.

Trump, whose tenure already has worn out use of the word "unprecedented," is ignoring some lessons of history about what presidents need to do to get things done....