Friday, November 5, 2010

California Legislation

The State of California is killing the economy and stifling job creation. How? Recently $2.05 billion was taken by the state that could have created 198,000 full and part time jobs. We are made to think our state is running out of money, but we are a rich state. The misappropriation of tax dollars is the real culprit. We pay billions in taxes, but it is never enough for those at the political trough in Sacramento. Those elected and living off taxpayers don’t seem to care and spend as though they prefer a Depression and no growth in jobs

Rep. Bilbray, R-Solana Beach and chairman of the Immigration Reform Caucus, said recently, “Historically we’ve asked about citizenship on the long form of the census questionnaire. There is no reason we can’t be asking in the short form.”

The bigger concern is the lack of Feds enforcing the current immigration laws. Census takers ask about the number of TV’s and bathrooms in your house, so why not ask if you are here legally? Apparently the Democrats are afraid of an honest Census.

Robbers use guns to steal. Government uses fraud against people and companies to steal. In Contra Costa, the government used the Assessors office to get between $50-$100 million extra from Chevron. This is not a technical mistake, this is corruption.

Wonder what other firms have values added to their property so government could have more money?

This is a scandal being treated as an administrative action. Time for real investigator to find the thieves.
(From Stephen Frank’s California Political News and Views)

How many of you want to bet money that investigators will investigate? by Vee Sorenso