Tuesday, February 1, 2005


PROBLEM: We have learned recently, Congressman Mike Thompson with the support of Senators Boxer and Feinstein, has introduced House Resolution 233, the so-called “Northern California Wildneress Act”. This would restrict public access to thousands of acres of public lands in Northern California. It would increase wilderness acreage in Del Norte and Siskiyou Counties by 39,000 acres.

This area already has 152,000 acres of public land under lock and key. Opposing this extraordinarily harmful measure is Republican State Senator Aanestad. Mr. Aanestad represents this area. The Senator has forwarded a letter of opposition to Republican Congressman Richard Pombo, Chairman of the House Resource Committee. Mr. Pombo is Republican State Senator Aanestad, who represents this area.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Express your opposition by contacting Congressman Thompson and Senators Boxer and Feinstein. Also express your concerns to Congressman Pombo at r.pombo@mail.house.gov.

RESIGNATION: John Danforth, US Ambassador to the United Nations, is resigning and there is an organization pushing for the selection of magazine editor and conservative icon, Steve Forbes. The organization “Move America Forward”, wants someone to represent the US at the UN who is smart, tough, and not afraid to fight the Anti-American zealots at the UN. I personally spent time with and was on the payroll of Mr. Forbes during his Presidential bid and cannot think of a better choice. He is a brilliant man who loves America and would be an outstanding person reresenting us at the UN. To get an idea of how M r. Forb es feels about the UN, read “Steve Forbes: Expel Murderous UN From New York.” http:/www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2004/12/27/164711.shtml

SUGGESTED ACTION: E-mail President Bush and Vice President Cheney and let them know you want
someone of the caliber of Mr. Forbes to be fighting for American interests at the UN. president@whitehouse.gov and vice.president@whitehouse.gov VEE SORENSON

Humboldt Republican Women Federated welcomes Lori Metheny

Lori Ann Metheny is the new chairman of the Humboldt County Republican Central Committee. Prior
to relocating to Humboldt County, she served as Chairman of the Tehama County Republican Central
Committee (2000 to 2003).

Lori Ann Metheny has worked actively on many local, state and federal campaigns and attended the
swearing-in and inaugural ceremonies of George W. Bush in 2001 and again in 2005.

With experience in corporate administration, fiscal planning, and human resources management,
Metheny has taught as an adjunct faculty member for Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Community College. She
also managed the American Red Cross in Tehama County as their Chief Executive Officer.

She has been an active community member and brings a wealth of experience to her new area.
Lori Metheny lives in Arcata, is married to Mitch Metheny, and has two children

President’s Message - February 2005

As I considered ideas for this month’s message, one theme kept presenting itself.

Everywhere I looked or listened, there it was, being abused. Senators Kennedy, Pelosi, and Byrd disgraced themselves shamefully with their lack of it d uring Dr. Rice’s confirmation hearing. The so-called “main stream med ia” likewise demonstrated their utter disregard for it leading up to, and after, the historic elections in Iraq. And as I graded final assignments and completed first semester report cards, it was painfully missing for some of my students.

On the other hand, the rest of my students were right on target. Many commentators on Fox News exhibited a healthy respect for it during and after the Iraqi election. And the doom and gloom whiners in Congress were outshined by others who respect this most valuable of traits. Have you guessed what it is?....... It is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! Isn’t it time we all stood up for it and confronted the abuse of it at every turn? No longer should we remain quiet. OUR man is in the White House and the hearts and minds of most, yes, most Americans, agree with him. President Bush, just like President Reagan before him, is making tough decisions to make our nation and world safer, restore common sense and decency throughout our land. As knowledgeable Republicans, it is our personal responsibility to share our message with those who are yet uninformed. Can we do it in a blue county in a blue state? Yes, we can! And if we succeed, history will be a more pleasant subject to teach in the future!

What was it like to attend the swearing-in and inaugural ceremonies of George W. Bush in 2001 and again in 2005? Sheryl Fearrien

How can we Republicans best get the word out here in Humboldt County? Our speaker, Lori Metheny, the new chairman of the Humboldt County Republican Central Committee, will share her experiences and expertise and inspire us at our next meeting on Friday, February 18th.

Don't miss it! Let’s keep the momentum going. Sheryl Fearrien
Date: Our next meeting on Friday, February 18, 2005
Time: 11:30am
Place: Samoa Cookhouse
Price: Full Meal $ 10.67 + tip Soup/Salad/Bread $7.4 5 + tip
Information: Call Eileen (442-4834) for reservations if not contacted by Telephone Committee.
Speaker: Lori Metheny