We are here to help Republican candidates get elected. We volunteer our time and efforts to find, promote and support Republican candidates for partisan and non-partisan offices. We are here to offer assistance and advice.

Helpful Links:
California Secretary of State
Candidate Information at the Secretary of State site
Federal Election Commission (FEC) Contribution Limits
Interactive map: See your new California legislative and congressional districts - Sacramento Bee
Smart Voter, HUMBOLDT
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Remember: California now has a "Top Two" Primary: Under the new Top Two system, all candidates for Congress, statewide executive offices, and the California Legislature are listed on the same ballot regardless of their party preference. You can vote for any candidate. The two candidates receiving the most votes -- no matter what-- move on to the general election. This means there COULD BE two Democrats, or two Republicans facing off in November instead of the usual one Democrat vs. one Republican (or other party)

Links for Candidates:

Political Tweeting: Effective Candidate Support Methods - Commonsense Conscience
Avoid the Retweet Button
Use Campaign Hashtag
Setup Search for Campaign Hashtag
Setup Search for Candidate’s Name
Tweet from Candidate’s Website With Style
Bonus: Setup Google Alert for Candidate’s Name & Tweet
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◼ Ballotpedia: Voting in California: California uses a blanket primary system, meaning that all candidates compete in the same primary election, regardless of party affiliation. The two who receive the most votes then advance to the general election. This also means the primary is an open primary, meaning that citizens do not need to register for a specific party to vote in the primary.

Note: HRWF does not endorse any particular candidate in a Primary Election. We welcome all Republican candidiates to attend our general meetings and distribute literature.

Contact information for Humboldt County boards, city councils and elected officials is included on our GET INVOLVED! page.

A History of Leadership - Women and the GOP - from NFRW