Thursday, December 31, 2015

░H░A░P░P░Y░ ░N░E░W░ ░Y░E░A░R░


$6 billion property tax hike is a direct assault on Prop 13: "Poverty plan offers a wealth of bad ideas."

ISIS plotting ‘to slaughter thousands’ in 2016 in bid to spark huge final battle with West.

State Dept. releases nearly 9,000 pages of Hillary Clinton emails

Donald Trump: 'Women don't like Hillary'

A happy ending for this beached whale, towed out to sea from the coast of Iquique in northern Chile.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rubio: NSA spying on Israel "might be worse" than reported

Did the White House Use the NSA to Spy on Congress about the Iran Deal?

Secret Service agents: Hillary is a nightmare to work with

“Good morning, ma’am,” a member of the uniformed Secret Service once greeted Hillary Clinton.

“F— off,” she replied.

That exchange is one among many that active and retired Secret Service agents shared with Ronald Kessler, author of “First Family Detail,” a compelling look at the intrepid personnel who shield America’s presidents and their families — and those whom they guard....

“When in public, Hillary smiles and acts graciously,” Kessler explains. “As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident.”

He adds: “Hillary Clinton can make Richard Nixon look like Mahatma Gandhi.”

...Secret Service “agents consider being assigned to her detail a form of punishment,” Kessler concludes. “In fact, agents say being on Hillary Clinton’s detail is the worst duty assignment in the Secret Service.”

After studying the Secret Service and its relationships with dozens of presidents, vice presidents and their families, Ronald Kessler’s astonishment at Hillary Clinton’s inhumanity should reverberate in every American’s head.

As he told me: “No one would hire such a person to work at a McDonald’s, and yet she is being considered for president of the United States.”

NEW DETAILS: Man charged with arson in southwest Houston mosque fire

Investigators also cited in court records say they identified Moore as the suspect via surveillance video from a pharmacy adjacent to the mosque. Claims by law enforcement in court records show the suspect was seen walking quickly from the mosque shortly before smoke erupted from the building.

Police allege during a search of Moore's home that they recovered a backpack and clothing that appeared to be the same items seen in the surveillance video from the time of the fire, court records show.

Police also say they found a single charcoal lighter -- which appears to have been sold as a pair -- at Moore's home. In addition, they allege a charcoal lighter found at scene matched the one found at Moore's home using markers and stamped numbers on the containers, records show.

Authorities say in those court papers that they took computers, tablets, cell phones, and other electronic devices for forensic testing from the Moore's home.

Sex, Lies, Clinton and Trump

The Donald — you'll be surprised to hear if you've been living on Pluto — has been firing back, sweeping Mr. Hillary, now supposedly about to stump for his wife, into the fray.

"You look at whether it's Monica Lewinsky or Paula Jones or many of them," Trump said on NBC's TODAY. "That certainly will be fair game. Certainly if they play the woman's card with respect to me, that will be fair game."

In recent days, the GOP front-runner has been highlighting the former president's affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, saying that Bill Clinton has a pattern of "abuse of women."

The 15 biggest scandals of 2015:

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Rand Paul: Doing surgeries in Paducah KY w/ Dr. Barbara Bowers

Monday, December 28, 2015

“If he’s so afraid of guns, then I’m not going to surround him with armed state policemen.”

Welcome to the future of space flight.

NYT Scrubs Details From Article About An Obama Off-The-Record Meeting

“I really wanted [San Bernardino Terrost Attack] to just be another, you know, crazy white dude, and not really some Muslims”…

More from the New York Post:
The cleric acting as spokesman for the San Bernardino mosque where terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook worshipped claims he barely knew Farook and didn’t know his terrorist wife at all. But phone records and other evidence uncovered by federal investigators cast suspicion on his story.

The FBI has questioned the cleric, Roshan Zamir Abbassi, about his phone communications with Farook — including a flurry of at least 38 messages over a two-week span in June, coinciding with the deadly Muslim terrorist attack on two military sites in Chattanooga, Tenn.
And then there’s this. Abbassi reportedly posted anti-American comments on Facebook and there was a nutter conspiracy video on the mosque’s webpage suggesting that the attack was a “false flag conspiracy” and that Farook and Malik were “patsies”:
Abbassi recently posted a message on Facebook condemning the United States and other Western nations for their Mideast policies, arguing they are equally guilty of violence to achieve political and religious goals. His mosque’s Web page features a video claiming that the San Bernardino shooting was carried out by the US government in a “false flag conspiracy,” and that Farook and Malik were “patsies” assassinated “by government-sponsored perpetrators.”

“When that thing happened in France, we were sitting there going, ‘Oh, my God, these terrorists!’ And I can’t even tell you how much that day the thing that happened in San Bernardino — I was in Hawaii — how much I really wanted that to just be another, you know, crazy white dude, and not really some Muslims, because it’s like: ‘Oh, shit. It’s here. And it’s here in another kind of way.’ Now, okay, it happened on an Army base and it happened somewhere else. But now? It’s like they have a legitimate reason now to look at your Muslim neighbor, friend, whatever in another way. And they become the new young black men.”

The Palestinians Descend Deeper Into Depravity

While American eyes are rightly fixed on ISIS, Palestine’s so-called “Stabbing Intifada” continues. For those unfamiliar with the latest twist in Palestinian terror tactics, Israel is beset by a spate of apparently spontaneous stabbing attacks, where (mostly) young Palestinians grab kitchen knives or other sharp objects and do their best to stab or hack to death as many Jews as possible. The Washington Post has the chilling details:
Young Palestinians with kitchen knives are waging a ceaseless campaign of near-suicidal violence that Israeli leaders are calling “a new kind of terrorism.” There were three attacks on Christmas Eve — two stabbings and one car ramming. There have been about 120 attacks and attempted assaults by Palestinians against Israelis since early October, an average of more than one a day. At least 20 Israelis have been killed; more than 80 Palestinians have been shot dead by security forces and armed civilians during the assaults. There is a numbing repetition to the news: knife-wielding Palestinian at a military checkpoint or bus stop shot dead at the scene — or “neutralized,” as the Israeli media call it. Many of the assaults or their aftermaths have been captured on cellphone videos....

Hillary, post 9/11, said “Ban All Muslims”: Now she’s trying to HIDE THE VIDEO


Post-9/11: 'We have to do whatever it takes to keep our people safe'

While now claiming Donald Trump is the personification of an ISIS recruiting poster and having Tweeted last month that Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism, Hillary Clinton was telling a different story post-9/11.

In fact, she once called for profiling Muslims and doing "whatever it takes to keep our people safe."

That's what she told ABC's Sam Donaldson in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Donaldson asked: "Let's talk about American life now, though. What happens in the future from the standpoint of the question of security versus relaxation or giving up some of the freedoms that we've enjoyed in this country? How far do we go, for instance, on airline security?"

Clinton responded: "Well, I think everyone recognizes we have to tighten security. We have to do whatever it takes to keep our people safe."

Donaldson asked: "Including profiling, senator?"

Clinton answered: "I think we have to do whatever it takes, Sam. And I believe that, you know, Tuesday changed everything. Tuesday was a day that America has never, ever had to experience. And I hope to heaven that we never have to again. But we are in a war situation, and we're going to have to do things people do in times of war. I just heard your interview with the mayor, and I think he's right to look at examples in history like the Battle of Britain. Many of us have been studying what others did to carry on. And we know that we have to make tradeoffs in convenience, in our freedom of movement, without undercutting or losing our way of life and our values, which I really want to make America special and great. And we can't ever let anyone undermine that."

Yeah, I'm sure Ambassador Stevens wasn't too happy w Hillary's theories about self- defense either.

Gallery: A few of California's new laws - On January 1st, Students Won’t Have to Pass High School to Receive Diploma

SB 172: High school seniors will receive their diploma whether or not they pass or even take an exit exam; the law also applies retroactively to students who have graduated since 2004...

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tragic news out of Texas.

Daniel Pearl-Brutally Murdered (Beheaded) Ten Years Ago Today

Trump fires back: Hillary bullied women to hide Bill's "sexist secrets"

She had no campaign funds to report, and Mathur has previously described the issue as a paperwork snafu. Nonetheless, “we still believe that rules are rules,” Feckner said. Read more here:

CalPERS board member stripped of leadership posts for campaign finance infractions

The FPPC is fining Priya Mathur for failing to file four campaign finance statements in connection with her recent successful bid for re-election to the CalPERS board....

Celebrate the new year by coming to CPAC!

Sunday Funnies

It’s time for everyone except Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and Christie to drop out

Saturday, December 26, 2015

#ISIS says it's permissible to take the organs of living non-Muslims

Queen's Christmas Day message:

‘Four Times Greater Than Solyndra’: DOE Drops 1,200 Pages Of Heavily Redacted Docs On Green Energy Loans

Marco Rubio's "Out With The Old, In With The New" Iowa bus tour

Serena Williams wins AP Female Athlete of Year for 4th time

Muslim barred from visiting Disneyland listed THIS as his job on Facebook: ‘supervisor at Taliban and leader at al-Qaeda’.

With Donald Trump proposing a ban on Muslims entering the UK, the left is desperate for sob stories like this. Except this one backfired rather quickly, as the Daily Mail reported: - The Analytical Economist/Allen West
However, it has since emerged that a Facebook page claiming links to radical Islamist groups was set up by someone who has lived at the family’s postal address, according to ITV News.

The account, which includes information suggesting it may have been published as a joke, was in the name of Hamza Hussain – a first name shared by Mr Mahmood’s 18-year-old son. It reportedly lists the job titles ‘supervisor at Taliban and leader at al-Qaeda’.

When asked about the account, Mr Mahmood believed hackers may have been to blame, adding: ‘That could be anything, maybe a mistake.’

...It has also been suggested the move by US authorities could be due to Mr Mahmood’s brother having been refused entry to Israel eight years ago, but no official explanation has been given by the US Embassy.
Ed Straker at The American Thinker pointed out that the Facebook account in question also posted a photo of an FBI logo with the phrase “Federal Bureau of Islam” underneath it. It seems unlikely that someone would be oblivious to a hacker uploading photos on their Facebook account.

That’s not the only suspicious thing about Mahmood’s family, as reported by Breitbart:
It has now been revealed that his relative in California, Muhammad Mahmood, prayed at the same mosque as U.S.-born terrorist Syed Farook and his Pakistani born wife Tashfeen – believed to be the Tablighi Jamaat-run Dar Al Uloom Islamiyah mosque....

Bowe Bergdahl reveals in new "Serial" podcast that Taliban wanted to know if Obama is "gay"

Trump gets the best Christmas gift of all: Proving his haters wrong

Heavily redacted Clinton Benghazi emails released on Christmas eve:

Capitol Update: Monday, December 21, 2015

President's Message

I can’t believe this will be my last President’s Message. The past two years have gone by so quickly but they have been two of the most memorable years of my life. I have had the opportunity to travel across California speaking to so many outstanding clubs and making so any new wonderful friends. It has been a privilege to serve as your CFRW President these past two years.

Our theme has been Working Together to Make a Difference and I have been so pleased to see so many of our clubs working together. That is the only way we can be successful in electing our Republican candidates and also the only way we can grow our clubs. We are a very unique organization and we need to remember we are not only a political organization, we are also a sisterhood and we are here to help each other and work with each other. What ever we do we work hard for the success of our clubs, our Federation, California and America, not our own personal power!

I want to thank each of our hard working Executive Committee members and Board of Directors. Without your support we would not have been successful these past two years. We had informative and exciting Board of Directors meetings, workshops and a very successful Biennial Convention. We are so proud of all the clubs and members who donated to our CFRW Project, the All- Terrain Track Chair Project. When we first decided to have a CFRW Project we thought it might take us two years to donate one chair but with your help we were able to donate two chairs and we are hoping to do one more chair next year. Our clubs helped to stop the super majority in Sacramento and elected more Republicans in 2014, our membership outreach chairs continue to engage more Republican women from different backgrounds so CFRW can represent the great diversity that is California. We were thrilled that two of our nominees won NFRW Awards, one for the Dorothy Kabis Internship and one for the Betty Rendel Scholarship. Thanks to all of your hard work CFRW was also very successful at the NFRW Biennial Convention winning the Outstanding State Campaign Award, the Campaign Volunteer Award for our 265,466 volunteer hours and once again we are a State of Excellence. I had the privilege to be one of the five finalists for the 2015 Ronald Reagan Leadership Award. Over the past two years we had more members attending the NFRW Board of Directors meetings and we also had many more members and guests attending the Convention in Phoenix.

I was thrilled to be asked to serve as the NFRW Membership Committee Chair by NFRW President elect Carrie Almond and I am excited about helping our clubs continue to grow.

I want to congratulate all the 2016-2017 Executive Committee Officers and wish them all the very best! I know President Elect Shirley Mark will do an outstanding job as President and I am looking forward to two very successful and exciting years.

Without the support and encouragement from so many members I would never have had the privilege to serve as your CFRW President . Thank you for all you have done the past two years to make CFRW an even stronger organization.

Best Wishes to you and your family: A Very Merry Christmas & A Very Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year

Thank you for all you do,

Club Spotlight


Over the past two years I have submitted an addition to our “Capitol Update” spotlighting clubs from the three divisions that have been successful in recruiting and maintaining their memberships. We are fortunate to have strong leaders that have led their clubs to achieve above and beyond their goals. Thank you to all the president s from CFRW who sent me articles that I could use in the “Spotlight A Club” It is a great advantage to have this sharing of ideas and tools to grow a successful club Thank you ladies of CFRW.

Congratulations to the following clubs from southern, central and northern divisions that will receive “Break Your Record” vinyl records to literally break at our CFRW Conference, February 26-28, at Rancho Cordova in Sacramento. It is important that all clubs winning awards be there to break some vinyl records and accept their awards.

SOUTHERN DIVISION: Asian American, Carlsbad, Channel Islands RWF, Chula Vista- Bonita, Conejo Valley, Costa Mesa, Diamond Bar, East Pasadena, East Valley, Encino Oaks, Escondido, Garden Grove, Grand Terrace, Hemet/Jacinto Valley, Hi Desert, Intermountain, La Habra, Lakeside, Long Beach, Navajo Canyon, North Los Angeles, Oceanside, Orange, Pat Nixon, Puente Hills, Rancho La Habra, Rancho Mirage, Resenda/Tarzana, Riverside, Rossmoor-Los Alamitos, San Clemente Area, San Fernando Valley, Santa Barbara RWF, Santa Monica, Seal Beach, Simi Valley, Temecula Valley, Thousand Oaks, Tustin Area, Valley Center, Westlake Village, Woodland Hills.

NORTHERN DIVISION: Auburn Area, East Contra Costa, Georgetown Divide, Glen county, Humboldt, Marin, Monterey Peninsula, Napa Vintage, Nevada County, Nob Hill, Novato, Oroville, Piedmont Area, Sacramento, Silicon Valley, Siskiyou County, Sonoma, South Lake Tahoe, Tehama County, Tule Basin, West Valley.

CENTRAL DIVISION: Alta Division, Atascadero, Bakersfield, Blossom Trail, Delta Central, Estero Bay, Fresno County and City, Inyo County, Madera, Merced County, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Southeastern Tulare County, Tulare, Visalia.

I value the friendships that I have gained during the years that I have been in the federation, and look forward to working with you in the future. It has been a rewarding experience serving as your CFRW Membership Promotion Chair for 2014-2015. I will still be available to speak at your club and help you with membership campaigns.

Thank you CFRW President Roseann Slonsky-Breault for allowing me to be the Membership Promotion Chair. I will treasure my experience. I am grateful.

Wishing you all the best for 2016!

Gaylon Kastner-CFRW membership Promotion Chair 2014-2015


The Capitol Update will take a Christmas/New Year's break and return January 8th. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Hundreds of millions of your tax $ went to an Afghan Air force that never got off the ground. Watch Sunday on @FullMeasureNews

Hundreds of undocumented families to be deported in large-scale raids

WATCH: Cruz fields trivia questions during interview

Anonymous takes credit for massive cyberattack on Turkey

Friday, December 25, 2015

Candidates share family photos in Christmas messages

For the first time since 1977, a full "Cold Moon" rises on Christmas Night

Merry Christmas

Angels We Have Heard on High

- The Piano Guys, Peter Hollens and David Archuleta

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santa Gets a Ticket for...

Hallelujah- Lindsey Stirling

- #aSaviorIsBorn

NORAD Santa Tracker


RESPECT: 16000 Kurdish WOMEN stayed behind to fight ISIS, While millions of fighting age Syrian/Iraqi men fled to EU

Christmas classic: Why George W. Bush never left D.C. until the day after Christmas

Rand Paul marks #Festivus with airing of grievances against 2016 GOP field

Days before Christmas, imprisoned Iranian pastor gets a miracle

GQ's Worst Person of the Year #5 is... Hillary Clinton?

Post-Christmas storm to slam central US with flooding, severe weather and snow

"You don’t train someone for all of those years of medical school and residency, particularly people who want to help others optimize their physical and psychological health, and then have them run a claims-processing operation for insurance companies.”

Harry Reid’s home state dealt a lethal blow Tuesday to rooftop solar power

In Venezuela: Maduro is trying to invalidate the Venezuelan elections he just lost

Fox looks to limit next GOP debate to six candidates:

WaPo Cartoonist Depicts Cruz Kids as Monkeys. Media Blame Cruz

This right here is the answer to Bernie Sanders' view that capitalism creates too many types of deodorant.

Wait–Did Hillary Just Say Obamacare Hurts Workers?

The war room at the Republican National Committee found this interesting exchange between Hillary Clinton and a voter at a campaign event in Iowa City December 16, where the former first lady seems to admit that Obamacare is partially to blame for creating scores of part-time employees. In other words, President Obama’s signature domestic achievement is hurting businesses and workers.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jars Of Clay - "Drummer Boy"

Bill Kristol: If Trump Is Nominated, 'We'll Have to Start' a New Party...

Bottom line : @HillaryClinton brought up a video about @realDonaldTrump. That video doesn't exist. @HillaryClinton lied. End of story.

Student Loan Subsidies Cause Almost All of the Increase in Tuition

Bernie memes

Iranian hackers infiltrated the control system of a small dam less than 20 miles from New York City two years ago, sparking concerns that reached to the White House, according to former and current U.S. officials and experts familiar with the previously undisclosed incident.

CHILLING – AT 9:19 A.M. ET: The president says we must keep terrorism in perspective. Okay, Field Marshal Obama, how about providing some perspective on this. From The Wall Street Journal: 0 William Katz/Urgent Agenda via Instapundit

The breach came amid attacks by hackers linked to Iran’s government against the websites of U.S. banks, and just a few years after American spies had damaged an Iranian nuclear facility with a sophisticated computer worm called Stuxnet. In October 2012, then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called out Iran’s hacking, prompting fears of cyberwar.

The still-classified dam intrusion illustrates a top concern for U.S. officials as they enter an age of digital state-on-state conflict. America’s power grid, factories, pipelines, bridges and dams—all prime targets for digital armies—are sitting largely unprotected on the Internet. And, unlike in a traditional war, it is sometimes difficult to know whether or where an opponent has struck. In the case of the dam hack, federal investigators initially thought the target might have been a much larger dam in Oregon....

Poll: @MarcoRubio tops @HillaryClinton in general election, only Republican to beat her

TRUMP: We don't have time for this. We have to WORK. Obama plays MORE golf than Tiger Woods

Monday, December 21, 2015

SO THIS CRUZ AD CAME OUT YESTERDAY & already has over 700,000 views on YouTube!

Then, the backlash:

Winter Solstice, Dec 22--the shortest day of the year.

Now the days will be gradually getting longer, which means spring is on its way!

Don't forget to see where Santa is going to be Thursday night! (HS)

Sarah McLachlan "O Little Town Of Bethlehem"

"Something Congress can agree to: Fully repealing the ‘Cadillac tax’"

Gas in Massachusetts down to $2 per gallon

Trump expands lead

ABC's #DemDebate was the least-watched of the 2016 presidential race

Ted Cruz Is Blowing the Doors Off in Iowa

There are stunning shifts in the responses among Democrats: 45 percent favor banning Muslims if Trump’s name is not mentioned, yet when the plan is identified as Trump’s, support drops to 25 percent.

SHOCK POLL: Look who supports Trump’s Muslim Ban NOW - The Analytical Economist/Allen West

Among Republicans, views hold steady: 71 percent favor it when attributed to Trump vs. 72 percent for the generic proposal.”

Only Republican voters actually bothered to think independently of Party lines, supporting the plan regardless of if they knew whose idea it was.

Democrats on the other hand were split on the issue. It seems like they don’t actually mind the policy, they just don’t like Trump.