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Why does Homeland Security need 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition?

The Department of Homeland Security has purchased 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition- that is not a typo -- during the last six months. This includes 450 million rounds of .40 hollow point, 200 million rounds of .223 rifle ammunition, and 176,000 rounds of .308 168-grain hollow point boat tail (HPBT) that is used almost exclusively as ammo for sniper rifles. - Lee DeCovnick/American Thinker


This week, Breitbart News offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who produced the infamous 2003 tapes of Barack Obama at an event honoring Palestinian anti-Israel radical Rashid Khalidi. - Ben Shapiro/Breitbart

And today, James Rainey of the Los Angeles Times took to his keyboard today to write a diatribe defending the Times’ refusal to make public those tapes. While Rainey gives several justifications for not releasing the tape itself – guarding the source of the tape being the most prevalent – he offers no justification for why the Times refuses to offer even a complete transcript of that evening’s events....

Rainey rips the “Khalidi video mythology … which [Breitbart News] speculates will lay bare the ugly back story of Obama’s disdain of Israel … and his effusive support of Mideast radicals. Such fantastical thinking is rife not just on but across the conservative Interwebs.” There is nothing fantastical about suggesting that the reason that the Times didn’t originally report Obama’s words at the event, or the more radical words of the evening, was to protect their beloved presidential candidate. Given the Times’ track record of Obama defense, it’s the only rational conclusion to draw....

The truth behind the 'Khalidi video' and why it's not for sale - James Rainey/LA Times
In the case of the Khalidi video, the unnamed source agreed to share the illuminating bit of video evidence with Wallsten, but only with the understanding that the reporter could not reproduce or rebroadcast the images. The journalist had to make a decision: Do I agree to that condition and get to see evidence that no other reporter has seen of Obama meeting with Palestinian Americans? Or do I insist on a full public release of the video, with the likely outcome that the source would share nothing?

Wallsten pushed for the release of the video but when the source would not agree, Wallsten agreed to accept more limited access to the recording. He agreed not to reveal his source nor share the video with anyone else.

Department of Justice uses Media Matters to Smear Media Outlets

Reportage and analysis form Megyn Kelly, James Rosen, Jay Sekulow. Via Conservative Videos

Why Did White House Take So Long To Admit Terrorism in Benghazi?

...Finally, a week later, the obvious has been addressed by Jay Carney at the White House and Mathew Olsen, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, who both now admit that the deadly acts against United States Ambassador to Libya Christopher Steven and three other Americans were indeed an act of terrorism, obviously committed on 9-11.... - Washington CBS Local
STORY FALLS APART... - Eli Lake/Daily Beast
'Every' WH claim was wrong... - Stephen F. Hayes/Weekly Standard
Senate GOP furious WH gave fuller briefing to NYTIMES... - Alexander Bolton/The Hill

Senators say they were rebuffed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when they pressed for more information about the attack that killed U.S. envoy Christopher Stephens in Libya.
“That is the most useless, worthless briefing I have attended in a long time,” Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) told reporters after the closed-door session.

GOP lawmakers were incensed to find many of the details they tried to learn Thursday were in a front-page article in The Times the following morning.

“I was very disappointed in the briefing yesterday, too. The bottom line is, we asked questions like, ‘How many people were at the Benghazi consulate?’ You pick up The New York Times and you get a blow-by-blow description of what supposedly went on,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Ex-SEALs, gaming maven among Benghazi dead -

A few hours earlier, Smith had posted, "assuming we don't die tonight. We saw one of our 'police' that guard the compound taking pictures," he recounted.

BACKFIRE: Medicare Bills Rise as Hospital Records Turn Electronic...

When the federal government began providing billions of dollars in incentives to push hospitals and physicians to use electronic medical and billing records, the goal was not only to improve efficiency and patient safety, but also to reduce health care costs. - NYT

But, in reality, the move to electronic health records may be contributing to billions of dollars in higher costs for Medicare, private insurers and patients by making it easier for hospitals and physicians to bill more for their services, whether or not they provide additional care....

Some states are waking up. Virginia pulled out when Governor Bob McDonnell was elected. Georgia, Indiana, Utah, South Carolina, and others have begun the effort to extricate themselves.

Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and Obama’s Federal School Curriculum - Mary Grabar/Trevor Loudon

Three years after the Department of Education announced a contest called Race-to-the-Top for $4.35 billion in stimulus funds, some parents, teachers, governors, and citizen and public policy groups are coming to an awful realization about the likely outcomes:
A national curriculum called Common Core
Regionalism, or the replacement of local governments by federally appointed bureaucrats
A leveling of all schools to one, low national standard, and a redistribution of education funds among school districts
An effective federal tracking of all students
The loss of the option of avoiding the national curriculum and tests through private school and home school
How was it that 48 governors entered Race-to-the-Top without knowing outcomes?

It was one of the many “crises” exploited by the Obama administration. While the public was focused on a series of radical moves coming in rapid-fire succession, like the health care bill and proposed trials and imprisonment of 9/11 terrorists on domestic soil, governors, worried about keeping school doors open, signed on. Many politicians and pundits praised Obama on this singular issue, repeating the official rhetoric about raising standards.

“Race to the Top” required that states commit to yet-to-be-written Common Core standards in math and English/Language Arts (ELA). Today, Common Core has the support of Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, and was included in the platform of the Democratic National Convention. It was embraced by former Republican Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, much to the consternation of Tea Party groups, who see this as an unconstitutional federal takeover of education. The Republican Party is divided....

The feds’ announcement echoes Common Core’s emphasis on personalized learning and leveling of achievement through technology and collaboration (the “21st century skills”). Common Core emphasizes “in-depth” reading of short passages, rather than long fictional or historical narratives. The Publisher’s Criteria reveal that a focus on short texts will equalize outcomes. Text selection guide B mandates that “all students (including those who are behind) have extensive opportunities to encounter grade-level complex text” through “supplementary opportunities.” The strategy of gathering students into groups to collaborate on short passages ensures that no one advances beyond others....

Editorial: Hot debate set for a hot U.S. House seat

In one of the most closely watched congressional races in the nation, U.S. Rep. Dan Lungren, a Republican from Gold River, faces off again against Dr. Ami Bera, a Democrat, this time for the redrawn 7th Congressional District. - By the Editorial Board/Sacramento Bee

The stakes are enormous – both for the 7th District and the balance of power in Washington. Republicans are vying to control both houses of Congress and the White House. While that may be ambitious, they certainly don't want to let Democrats knock off incumbents and narrow their majority in the U.S. House.

...this debate could be pivotal, especially if both politicians are forced to break from their sound bites and engage with each other on their clear policy differences. Will the veteran politician, Lungren, teach Bera the finer points of debate technique? Or will Bera exceed expectations and put Lungren on the defensive?

If you are a voter in the 7th District, we urge you to tune in....

FOLLOW THE DEBATE: The Sacramento Bee will stream the debate live at 3 p.m. Tuesday on ◼

News 10 and Capital Public Radio will also stream the debate live on their websites. On Wednesday, The Bee will publish a story on the debate, News10 will air the debate at 9 a.m. and Capital Public Radio will broadcast it at 10 a.m. on "Insight."

It does pay to get on Twitter. Every voice counts. And yes, Twitter is a political battlespace. Get on it. - Michelle Malkin

Granny’s Guide to Twitter - Dan Collins at Twitchy

A GREAT Tutorial if you are thinking of getting your feet wet.

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Our CFRW state conference is coming up!
CFRW Capitol Update Friday, VOTING GUIDE (Prop 34)
NFRW Capital Connection (Prop 33)
CFRW changes official ballot position on Prop 31 to OPPOSE!
CFRW Capitol Update Friday, September 07, 2012 (Prop 32)
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It does pay to get on Twitter. Every voice counts. And yes, Twitter is a political battlespace. Get on it. - Michelle Malkin

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Our CFRW state conference is coming up!

CFRW Conference: Pep Rally! Get Excited for November!

Join us October 19-21 at the Downtown Fresno Holiday Inn for an exciting and educational time while we prepare for the final countdown to Election Day! We have a jam-packed conference and you won’t want to miss it!

Friday afternoon we will have a propositions workshop given by our CFRW Advocate Allison Olson, then Friday night we have the exciting Ambassador’s event at a dinner theater viewing “Singing in the Rain!” ◼ To rsvp for that event, please click HERE and rsvp by Monday, September 24th.

Saturday will be filled with our “ramp up” to Election Day! Our banquet speaker will be John Fund (invited), author and conservative columnist for the Wall Street Journal and editor of The American Spectator. He is ready to get us fired up to elect Mitt Romney!

For more information and to register for our Fall Conference, please ◼ CLICK HERE.

Three times a year, the California State Federation, CFRW, prepares workshops, conferences and board meetings to continue our goal of educating our membership. Each Conference-Board of Directors' Meeting is planned by the Vice-President from each region. Normally, the first one of the year is held in the South and, if it is before the CRP's reorganization meeting, the Board of Directors, Presidents of Unit Clubs, Region Directors have an opportunity to vote to endorse the candidates for CRP offices. The 2nd workshop/conference and meeting is held in conjuntion with CFRW's Advocacy Day. This one is always held in Sacramento and is therefore prepared by the VicePresident North. Finally, Central Division holds the Fall Conference.

All are always invited and encouraged to attend board Meetings, conferences and conventions. For all members these activities add not only to their knowledge of how the Federation works, but allows them to meet individuals throughout the state who can work with all of us at the Club level.

CFRW Board of Directors and Conference Meeting
October 19 - 21, 2012
Fresno, CA
Holiday Inn - Fresno Downtown
1055 Van Ness Avenue
Fresno, CA 93721
Reservation deadline for hotel is September 28, 2012

Registration Packet & Tentative Agenda printable PDF(click here)
CFRW Registration Form only printable PDF (click here)
California Federation of Republican Women
Carol Hadley, President - Allison Olson, CFRW Advocate

CFRW Capitol Update Friday, VOTING GUIDE

NO on Prop 34!

The CFRW OPPOSES Prop 34which would eliminate the death penalty. There have been 13 people executed in California since 1978. There are currently 725 inmates on death row. The voters have approved the death penalty, so why aren’t we using it? There are costs associated with repealing the death penalty that the supporters of Prop 34 did not consider, and those costs are dangerous. If Prop 34 passes, the status of 725 death row inmates would become prisoners with life without parole (or LWOP) and integrated into the general LWOP prison community. This would create a very dangerous environment in our prisons, for our prison guards, wardens, and other prisoners. The people on death row are not your common criminal. Gangs form in prisons and their crimes do not stop just because they are off the streets. Californians will be paying for these prisoner’s lifetime housing and health benefits while they continue their crime sprees. There are also many studies that find the death penalty actually deters murders, such as a study done at the University of Colorado by Professor Mocan. Also, the threat of the death penalty is a very powerful tool for our state’s District Attorneys, especially in solving murders and finding victims’ bodies. The system needs fixing, but this is not the solution. NO on PROP 34

CFRW Proposition Positions

Many members have been asking for talking points for each proposition that they can use in engaging voters. Please see below or click on each proposition below to access our short talking points for our ballot positions. You or anyone can also access this information on our homepage at ◼ Thank you!
Prop 30 - NO
Prop 31 - NO
Prop 32 - YES
Prop 33 - YES
Prop 34 - NO
Prop 35 - YES
Prop 36 - NO
Prop 37 - NO
Prop 38 - NO
Prop 39 - NO
Prop 40 YES

For all the props and their talking points on one PDF document, ◼ CLICK HERE.

Prop 30 - NO
◼ This prop would raise our sales tax to 7.5%, already the highest in the country, for 4 years
◼ It increases personal income taxes for top earners making $250,000 yearly and above for 7 years, driving them out of the state
◼ Governor Brown is using “bully budgeting” by threatening the voters, “vote for this tax increase or I’ll cut education!”
◼ The revenues from this proposition are not guaranteed, in fact could change significantly year to year and come in far below projections
◼ Governor Brown claims that the revenues would be used for “education”, but reality is that there is no guarantee or requirement that the revenue be allocated for education funding

Prop 31 - NO
◼ 31 has some merits- a 2 year budget cycle and bills required to be in print for 72 hours before a vote. But that is where the merits end.
◼ Prop 31 would create a “pay-go” system where legislators would fudge the numbers and create fantasy spending cuts that never materialize. The “pay- go” requirement of $25 million would lead to programs costing $24.9 million so as to circumvent the obligation.
◼ Prop 31 is written so poorly and contradictory that it will lead to lawsuits and confusion.
◼ It creates “Community Strategic Action Plans” where localities and regions can override state law and regulations. This also allows localities to “tax pool” their property tax revenues, which will inevitably lead to litigation.

Prop 32 - YES
◼ Prop 32 will ban both corporate and union contributions to state and local candidates, ban contributions by government contractors to the politicians who control contracts awarded to them, and ban automatic deductions by corporations, unions, and government employees’ wages to be used for politics.
◼ Union members will still be able to give for political purposes, but they have to give voluntarily each year, in writing.
◼ In 2010, the corporations and unions gave state politicians $48 million. If Prop 32 passes it will significantly limit the power of the unions in California.
◼ Implements reforms evenhandedly, applying each provision to both corporations and unions: These fair and simple reforms reduce the influence of special interests across the board.

Prop 33 - YES
◼ Corrects a flaw in a previous auto insurance coverage law, where if a consumer had a lapse in coverage, for any reason, the insurance company could increase their prices.
◼ With Prop33, if your lapse of coverage was because you served in the military, you are or were unemployed, or if the lapse was only for 90 days, then they cannot increase your prices. You will still qualify for the “continuous coverage” discount offered by auto insurance companies.

Prop 34 - NO
◼ Californians voted for the death penalty in 1978 and since then numerous public opinion polls have shown overwhelming support for the death penalty.
◼ If Prop 34 passes, the 725 death row inmates would become prisoners with life without parole (or LWOP) and integrated into the general LWOP prison community. This would create a very dangerous environment in our prisons, for our prison guards, wardens, and even other prisoners.
◼ The threat of the death penalty is not only a proved, scientific deterrence of crime, but it is also an important tool to assist our state’s District Attorneys in facilitating solving murders or finding victims’ bodies.

Prop 35 - YES
◼ 35 would increase prison terms for human traffickers, require convicted sex traffickers to register as sex offenders, require all registered sex offenders to disclose their internet accounts and activity.
◼ It would require criminal fines from convicted human traffickers to pay for services to help victims and mandate law enforcement training on human trafficking.
◼ The FBI cites three California cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego) as high intensity child sex trafficking areas. Prop 35 would help to protect women and children from this exploitation.

Prop 36 - NO
◼ Prop 36 narrows the Three Strikes Law to provide that its penalties for a third strike (25 years in prison to life in prison) only apply if third strike or a previous strike was for a “serious or violent” felony. The voters opposed a similar bill in 2004, they should do the same in 2012!
◼ When voters approved the Three Strikes law in 1994, our state’s crime rate fell and continues to remain low because of the current law.
◼ If passed, Prop 36 would allow 3,000 criminals to appeal for reduced sentences. Criminals so dangerous that a jury convicted them, a Judge imposed a 25-to-life prison sentence, and criminals so dangerous that their legal appeals were denied.
◼ These same criminals would be allowed to ask a different judge to set them free and worse yet, some of these same criminals would be released WITHOUT ANY PAROLE OR SUPERVISION.

Prop 37 - NO
◼ Prop 37 is billed as “The Right to Know” your food is genetically engineered, but it was written by trial lawyers with the “right to sue” in mind.
◼ Prop 37 would force state bureaucrats to administer complex requirements by monitoring tens of thousands of food labels and tens of thousands of grocery stores, retail outlets, distributors, farms and food companies. This is going to drive up food costs and leave these businesses (especially small businesses) susceptible to costly litigation.
◼ Prop 37 is full of absurd exemptions that make no sense. It requires special labels on soy milk, but exempts cow milk. Tofu requires a label, but meat, poultry, eggs and dairy are exempt. Juice requires a label but alcohol is exempt. Food sold in grocery stores requires a label, but the same food sold in restaurants is exempt.
◼ Food imported from China and other foreign countries are exempt if sellers simply claim their products are “GE” (genetically engineered) free.

Prop 38 - NO
◼ Prop 38 increases personal income tax rates on annual earnings over $7,316 using sliding scale from .4% for lowest individual earners to 2.2% for individuals earning over $2.5 million, for twelve years.
◼ This will drive our top income earners, those providing jobs for the rest of us, out of the state.
◼ Prop 38 would throw $120 billion in new tax dollars into a new unaccountable state bureaucracy.
◼ Prop 38 targets small businesses that file their taxes as individuals and not as corporations. Even businesses that make as little as $30,000 would see their taxes raised.
◼ Hidden in the fine print is a mandate that prohibits any changes to the law until 2024, even in the case of waste, fraud, or abuse.

Prop 39 - NO
◼ Prop 39 requires multistate businesses to calculate their California income tax liability based on the percentage of their sales in California. It repeals existing law giving multistate businesses an option to choose a tax liability formula that provides favorable tax treatment for businesses with property and payroll outside California. This would send profitable businesses out of California in droves. Businesses that provide jobs for most middle class Californians would have no incentives to do business here and would leave.
◼ It would then dedicate $550 million annually for five years from anticipated increase in revenue for the purpose of funding projects that create energy efficiency and clean energy jobs in California.
◼ What proponents don’t realize that if Prop 39 passes, there won’t be any significant revenue to provide for their new clean, green jobs. Because businesses just won’t do business in California.

Prop 40 YES
◼ A “YES” vote means that the state Senate district maps would remain as the Citizen’s Redistricting Commission drew them.
◼ Prop 40 holds politicians accountable with the lines drawn by the independent citizen’s commission. They are no longer guaranteed reelection and are accountable to the voters.
◼ A “NO” vote would reject the senate district maps as drawn by the CRC and a California Supreme Court established committee would redraw the lines. This would cost the taxpayers $500,000 and counties would have costs of $500,000 statewide in order to develop new precinct maps and other election related material.
Disclaimer: The Capitol Update is an activity of the CFRW Advocate's Office. The update is for information only. CFRW official positions on legislation are stated immediately preceding the stated legislation or immediately following the stated legislation in this report.

View this article online: - LOGIN REQUIRED, (No we still don't know why.)

The Silent Threat

Image source

The U.S. remains woefully undefended from missile attack. Will JLENS survive sequestration? - Peter Hannaford/American Spectator 9.21.12

Riots over the Middle East and South Asia get everyone's attention, but a clear and present danger to the United States homeland exists that virtually no one is talking about and for which we have no defense: missile attack.

A Russian military officials says the recent covert visit of one of their submarines to the Gulf of Mexico proves that they could, without difficulty, launch a missile high over the U.S. that could trigger the explosion of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) bomb that would shut down virtually all electrical and electronic activity in a large swath of the nation. There would be no radiation, no deaths -- "only" economic paralysis and chaos.

Add Iran and North Korea to the list of potential launchers of such a weapon.

While we have worked for months to develop missile defense capabilities in Europe to protect against a possible Iranian attack there, we have only tested such systems from bases in California and Alaska. Nothing is ready to deploy and given the threat of "sequestration" of large amounts of defense funds, that situation is unlikely to change.

While Congress and the Administration stew and stall over the sequestration issue, the danger is both clear and present and there is something we can do to protect the U.S. homeland from such attacks. It is called the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netter Sensor. That mouthful is shortened to JLENS.

The Army developed JLENS to detect, identify, track and engage multiple hostile targets, including low-flying cruise missiles, as well as those launched from submarines and merchant vessels. The threat is that such attacks might involve EMP, chemical or biological weapons.

JLENS is deceptively simple, consisting of two lighter-than-air ships that lift to 10,000 feet (or more) both a fire-control and surveillance radar from where they detect potentially hostile targets at ranges of more than 200 miles. It gives field commanders considerable advance warning of threats. The system was tested successfully last April at the Utah Test and Training Range, destroying a simulated hostile cruise missile with a Patriot missile.

Development of JLENS has involved an investment of $2 billion so far. The next step is to answer requests from combat commands for this system by testing it again in the field to fine-tune it. Congress appropriated $40.3 million for such a test; however, before it could be conducted, the Department of Defense asked Congress to allow these funds to be reprogrammed for other purposes, presumably including budget balancing in the face of sequestration.

Since its creation in the 1950s, the Committee on the Present Danger has focused on the changing nature of threats to the United States. With the potential threat to the U.S. homeland increasing daily, the Committee has written to the Secretary of Defense to urge him to withdraw the request to reprogram the funds so that development of JLENS can proceed. Its cost, in the greater scheme of things, is low when measured against the nature and growth of the threat to our homeland.
Mr. Hannaford is member of the board of directors
of the Committee on the Present Danger.

Stevens Video: Dancing With Corpses, Dancing in Blood

Things have gone way beyond two cultures. Now, we are talking about two different worlds, perhaps parallel or alternate universes. - Israel National News

Movie Critics? An article for Hillary's inquiry group to review. Discussion at Lucianne

Unanswered questions
about the attack in Libya
- Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post

Unanswered Question about Attack in Libya, Will we find out the White House flat out lied tonight or tomorrow night? Discussion at Lucianne

Dispute over nature of Libya attack continues; Witness tells CBS there was no protest

Muslim Rage and the Lost Dignity of the West - Roger Kaplan/American Spectator

Prominent NJ Imam Says America Should Bring First Amendment In Line With Sharia Law And Outlaw Blasphemy…

Pipe dream. - Weasel Zippers

...Qatanani’s statements make it appear that, in so many words, the cleric is advocating for the U.S. to operate by sharia law – the religious law of Islam – when it comes to freedom of speech as it relates to Islam. If so, it would seem to echo comments in a previous report on TheBlaze outlining Islamists’ “10-year plan” to make slandering Islam unlawful on an international level.

American freedom versus Islamic freedom

One of the most revealing insights made by the controversial faith leader came when he juxtaposed American freedom with the type of freedom permitted under sharia law.

The imam acknowledged that observant Muslims view freedom only through the lens of that which is permitted by the Quran and Sunnah, the two sacred texts of Islam, and is therefore much different from the way Americans view freedom.

“They [Muslims] think our [American] freedoms are too much,” Qatanani said. “The freedom of the American people is so different from their [Muslims'] freedoms. We believe freedoms have limits and rules, otherwise we will get people into trouble…Freedom according to Islam must be according to the Quran and Sunnah. You can do [anything] you like within the teachings of these two resources. This is the difference and main reason [for the conflict]....”

"By His Own Admission"

Excellent new RNC ad goes after Obama’s admission that he can’t fix Washington - The Right Scoop

Show your support for America's Comeback Team with the Romney-Ryan photo button!


Romney Can Still Overcome Obama's Dishonest, Divisive Campaign

link - Mort Zuckerman/US News & World Report

Romney Releases 2011 Tax Returns, Voluntarily paid more than required

Romney Releases 2011 Tax Returns; Paid $1.9 Million on $13.7 in Income...donated $4,020,772 to charity - Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard ◼ Via Drudge
Doubles rate of Obamas' giving - Washington Times

Voluntarily paid more than required...

Romney gave 40% of his 2011 income to charity — and declined to take the full charitable deduction they were entitled to. - Althouse

Paging Harry Reid - Michelle Malkin

Over the summer, Harry Reid claimed that a number of people had told him that Mitt Romney didn’t pay any taxes for a decade. By now those “people” have probably since returned to where they came from: deep inside Harry’s imagination, where the cowboy poets recite in harmony and the pomegranate trees cry out for Thorazine. But just in case those “people” are still passing similar information to Senator Reid (and Nancy Pelosi for that matter), this is something he’ll want to completely ignore:


So Much for Obama's 'Reset' With Muslims -

Back in 2009, Barack Obama gave a much-lauded speech in Cairo promising a "new beginning" between the US and the Muslim world, based on "mutual respect." Charles Krauthammer found that "curious, as over the previous 20 years, America had six times committed its military forces on behalf of oppressed Muslims," he writes in the Washington Post. "But no matter. Obama had come to remonstrate and restrain the hyperpower." Ever since, we've seen "policies of accommodation and concession" designed to win Muslim hearts and minds.

Muslim protesters burn an American flag during a protest against an
anti-Islam film produced in the United States in Makassar, South
Sulawesi province, Indonesia, Sept, 21, 2012.   (AP Photo/Abbas Sandji)

Obama’s Shaky Libya Narrative - Eli Lake/Daily Beast

Ten days after the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, the White House’s official story about the incident appears to be falling apart.

AP: Benghazi consulate attack was led by 50 masked men using “military tactics”

Romney ads: Okay, if you want to talk about killing jobs, let’s talk about the war on coal


In Ohio especially, people are watching real, productive jobs go by the wayside in real time, thanks to the regulatory noblesse oblige of the Obama administration in directing us lesser coal-consumers towards more acceptable, “sustainable” energy forms. - HotAir

Mitt Romney winning 301 electoral votes as projected by polling data

If the election were held today (9/21) Mitt Romney would win 301 electoral votes while Barack Obama would win in states worth 221 electoral votes. Michigan, worth 16 electoral votes, is too close to call.

The Rasmussen Reports Presidential Daily Tracking poll... shows President Obama leading over Mitt Romney by a 46 percent to 45 percent margin. The new Gallup Tracking poll released today shows the race tied at 47 percent for each candidate. Today's release of the QStarNews Daily Tracking Poll shows a 55 percent to 45 percent lead for Mitt Romney. An Associated Press/GfK poll released yesterday, based on a balanced sample showed Obama leading Romney 47 percent to 46 percent. These are the most accurate and least skewed polls among those currently included in the Real Clear Politics average of presidential polls. The average of these four polls would put the race at 48.3 Romney and 46.3 Obama. That is within the margin of error or a tie. Leaving out the QstarNews poll, the average of the other three is a tie.


Foreign policy debacles. A broken economy. Soaring gas prices. Shattered promise atop shattered promise. Class warfare.

...some of Tinsel Town's prettiest people, including Jessica Alba and "Avengers" star Scarlett Johansson, are pledging allegiance - not to the U.S., but to their oh, so wonderful leader.

NFRW Capital Connection

NFRW President Attends Attorney Training for Election Day

NFRW President Rae Chornenky, a member of the National Republican Lawyer's Association, recently attended the NRLA election day training. Attorneys in the DC area may be deployed across Virginia and even across the country if the need arises.

The importance of getting out the vote and of volunteering to work the polls was emphasized. It is very important that we make certain balloting statutes and regulations are followed at every voting location.

Legal issues that may arise and infractions of election laws must be reported immediately and the attorneys were trained in addressing any such issue.

First Lady Barbara Bush Recognizes the NFRW for Promoting Literacy

In recognition of the literacy committee's Barbara Bush Literacy Program, the former first lady wrote a letter acknowledging the NFRW and the literacy committee's efforts to promote reading and learning. Stating that "NFRW members are making a meaningful difference to parents and children in their home communities," Mrs. Bush looks forward "to a continued partnership in our efforts to help moms, dads and children achieve a better life."

According to the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, 76% of the families that participate in the foundation's program have fewer than ten books in their home when they join. After enrolling, 85% of the families had more than ten books in their homes, an increase of 63%.

To get more involved in promoting literacy this month, check out ◼ the NFRW's Education and Literacy facebook page, and the project ideas for literacy month on ◼ the NFRW website. Some ideas include holding a book drive to distribute to local literacy programs, childcare centers, prisons, and shelters; ordering magazine subscriptions and braille books for senior centers; conducting GED testing in jails and prisons; starting a library in a small town, etc.

“He can’t do it. His slogan was ‘Yes, we can.’ His slogan now is ‘No, I can’t.’ This is time for a new president.”

Romney: Obama’s new slogan is ‘no, I can’t’ - Joel Gehrke/Washington Examiner @Joelmentum

Mitt Romney pounced on President Obama’s comment that he “can’t change Washington from the inside” by noting the difference between that remark and the promise of Obama’s 2008 campaign.

“The President today threw in the white flag of surrender again,” Romney said during a Florida campaign stop. “He said he can’t change Washington from inside. He can only change it from outside. Well, we’re going to give him that chance in November. He’s going outside.”

Obama made the comment at a Univision town hall today. “The most important lesson I’ve learned is, you can’t change Washington from the inside,” he said. “You can only change it from the outside.”

“We’ll get the job done from the inside – Republicans and Democrats will come together,” Romney continued today. “He can’t do it. His slogan was ‘Yes, we can.’ His slogan now is ‘No, I can’t.’ This is time for a new president.”

Barack Obama Just Lost the Election - Doug Ross
Obama refuses to admit that he broke his promise to Hispanic voters - Joel Gehrke/Washington Examiner @Joelmentum

President Obama refused to admit that he broke his 2008 promise to get an immigration bill passed in his first year in office, as he blamed Republicans and the economy for thwarting him and maintained that he “did not make a promise that I would get everything done 100 percent when I was elected.”

“I want you first of all to acknowledge that you did not keep your promise,” the Univision town hall moderator told Obama today.

“That was before the economy was on the verge of collapse,” Obama replied. “That took up a huge amount of time in the first year.” He also said he “did not expect” Republicans to oppose his immigration proposals unanimously. “I’m happy to take responsibility for being naive,” he said, even though Democrats had a supermajority in the Senate and did not need a single Republican vote to pass a bill

FIRST SERIOUS INTERVIEW: PRESSED ON FAILURES BY UNIVISION" Obama still blames video for Libya attack? - Reid J. Epstein/Politico

Asked why the United States was not better prepared, with better security at its embassies on the Sept. 11 anniversary, Obama responded by repeating the admonitions about not tolerating violence, but continued to discuss the incident in the context of the controversial video depicting scenes from the life of Mohammed.

Obama slammed on Fast and Furious in Spanish-language TV interview: Shouldn’t you ‘fire’ Holder? [VIDEO] - Matthew Boyle/Daily Caller

Student asks president for advice -- on how to find a job! - Weekly Standard

Smartest President evah? NOT!! Watch Obama do an incoherent tap dance when asked some tough, direct questions: - Larry Johnson/No Quarter

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Democrats are set to adjourn the Senate after three years of not passing a budget and with no plans to avert a fiscal cliff. - Tony Lee/Breitbart's BIG Government

And on the 1,240th day since Senate Democrats adopted a budget, Republican leaders in the Senate on Thursday assailed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Democrats for their failures, promising to pass a budget if voters put them in the majority after November.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the ranking member on the Budget Committee, said “this nation has never faced a more difficult financial challenge” than it current “deep systemic demographic problems.”

“They need to be addressed yet today marks the 1,240th day since the Democratic Leadership in the Senate adopted a budget,” Sessions said. “For three years in a time of financial crises, the Senate’s Democratic majority has failed to comply with the United States code that requires us to bring up a budget and bring it to the floor of the United States Senate.”

Sessions said the Democrats’ failure was “a colossal failure of leadership” and “a failure of fundamental responsibility.” He declared that such a failure makes Democrats “unable to be able to ask to be returned to leadership.”

...Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) later took to the Senate floor and accused the Republican Senators of “hubris.”


This is what CNN's Erin Burnett censored - Atlas Shrugs

The media is lying

Why is the media ignoring and lying about - The Blaze

"Dear Daughter"

Truth is the Ultimate Gaffe

Gaffe, a word that temporarily came to be associated with political misstatements, has returned to its origins as a social faux pas, such as saying something at a dinner party that everyone knows to be true, but that know mustn't be said out loud. - Daniel Greenfield/Sultan Knish

...Did Obama skip presidential intelligence briefings on the most serious national security threats for a week before September 11? Did the Benghazi consulate lack basic security in a city where Islamist militias were running rampant and attacks on foreign diplomats had already taken place? Was the entire situation a result of an illegal war fought by Obama under false pretenses that armed Islamist militias and set them loose to persecute Libyan Sufis and seize half of Mali? Did Obama sleep through the beginning of the largest wave of attacks on America during his term while partying in Vegas?

Such inconvenient truths can only be met by accusing their teller of committing the horrible gaffe of politicizing the formerly apolitical and bipartisan arena of unilateral wars and the violence arising from them-- an area that the Democrats decided was off-limits ever since they stopped criticizing such wars and began fighting them four years ago.

Has the Israeli-Palestinian peace process dragged on for twenty years without a single gleam of hope? The official position is that the Israelis, who brought in Arafat from the cold, gave him a state and pleaded with him to make a deal, are to blame. The inconvenient truth is that Arafat and his cronies never stopped the terror because it was the only thing they knew how to do and it was the only reason that anyone gave them the time of day. And the inconvenient truth is another gaffe.

In a state of national and international disaster, the worst possible gaffe is telling the truth about the state of affairs we are in. These gaffes disturb the party-goers signing up to work for non-profits and watching cheerful reports about the Arab Spring and the economic recovery while the ship sinks around them. And the party men and women react to it with the outraged demeanor of spoiled children.

A gaffe occurs when Mitt Romney talks about a real problem. It's the real part, more than anything else, that is the problem. Reality has no place in the hysterical media feed from an imaginary world as unreal as anything that Communist apparatchiks or Nazi propagandists were broadcasting to their people in the dying days of their regimes....

The gaffe is that the emperor is naked. The gaffe is that the smartest man in America, the technocrat in chief, stumbles onto the Letterman set, which looks almost as fake as he does, and can't even name the size of the national debt. And who cares anyway except that it's big and getting bigger. No one is supposed to even bring that up, harsh the mellow and bring the party down. That's another gaffe right there.

The Obama Flag & Blood On The Wall

...that upper image is, unexpectedly, a sale item... - Smitty at The Other McCain
New Obama Flag Looks Eerily Like Blood-Stained Walls at Benghazi Consulate - Gateway Pundit

You can purchase your O-flag at the ◼ Obama Campaign website for $35

"Amazed nobody at Obama HQ noticed this, especially with all the hand-stuff." - Althouse

Obama's Creepy Cult of Personality - IBD

He of the Greek columns, fake presidential seal and snaps of cultish hand signals now has his own "American" flag. - at Lucianne

"The Least We Can Do"

Mitt Romney

Nearly 6 million Americans — significantly more than first estimated— will face a tax penalty under Obama's health overhaul, Most would be in the middle class.

SURPRISE: OBAMACARE TAX TO HIT 6 MILLION, MOSTLY MIDDLE CLASS... The new estimate amounts to an inconvenient fact for the administration, a reminder of what critics see as broken promises. - AP
$1.8 trillion shock: Regs cost 20 times more than estimate - Paul Bedard/Washington Examiner

Current federal regulations plus those coming under Obamacare will cost American taxpayers and businesses $1.8 trillion annually, more than twenty times the $88 billion the administration estimates, according to a new roundup provided to Secrets from the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute.

And it could grow, warned the author of the report, Clyde Wayne Crews, a CEI vice president.

Complying with Health and Human Services Department requirements alone, he revealed, costs $184 billion a year, yet regulators are still drafting the rules for the 2,400-page Obamacare law that kicks into gear in 2014.

REPORT: Never an Anti-American Protest in Benghazi, Only a Planned Attack

CBS reports this morning that witnesses are saying "that there was never an anti-American protest outside of the consulate [in Benghazi, Libya]. Instead, they say, it came under planned attack. That is in direct contradiction to the administration's account of the incident." - Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard

"What's clear," the CBS reporter concludes, "is that the public won't get a detailed account of what happened until after the election."

In the months leading up to his death, Chris Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya, worried about constant security threats in Benghazi and mentioned that his name was on an al Qaeda hit list, a source familiar with his thinking told CNN. - CNN

California allows complete voter registration online

California elections officials hope to make signing up to vote easier than ever through an online registration system that launched Wednesday. - AP via Times-Standard

Secretary of State Debra Bowen called the new process “great news for democracy.” She was joined by state lawmakers and voter advocates in Sacramento to announce the web feature, which is being made available for the first time ahead of the November election.

Supporters say it will help more than 6 million Californians who are qualified but have not registered. Republicans had opposed the bill that created complete online registration, saying the change could lead to voter fraud and additional costs.

Humboldt County Registrar of Voters Carolyn Crnich said she is anxious to see how the new online registration system will work out.

”If it means more voters in Humboldt County are actually going to be registered and voting then that's a good thing,” she said. “We will just have to wait and see if that is what happens.”

Under the new law, applicants can fill out a form online through the secretary of state's website or at . The application, which will include date of birth and the last four digits of the Social Security number, will be checked against their driver's license or the state identification card kept by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

If the information matches, an electronic image of the applicant's DMV signature will be added to the application at the end of the process.

If no signature is on file with the DMV, applicants will have to print out the form and mail the completed version to their county elections office. That essentially is the same process in place now.

”Today, the Internet replaces the mailbox for thousands of Californians wishing to register to vote,” Bowen said during a news conference.

She stressed that completing an online application does not lead to automatic registration. The information still has to be verified by county elections officials before an applicant is added to the voter rolls.

Local: Write-in candidate enters Eureka council race; Bean looks to compete with Atkins, Bonino for Ward 2 seat

The race for Eureka's 2nd Ward council seat has grown by one, with Charlie Bean officially announcing his candidacy. - Kaci Poor/The Times-Standard

Bean will be running against incumbent Linda Atkins and Humboldt State employee Joe Bonino in the November election.

”As a disabled, unemployed member of this community, I feel that I can offer a unique perspective for Ward 2 that the other candidates do not have,” Bean said in an interview Wednesday. “I feel that it is the council's job to represent me, and others like me. I can help to do that.”

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When Romney Leads Obama

In at least four recent instances, specific actions by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney have moved President Barack Obama in a new, different direction. It's a trend worth noting, showing that Romney's positions have (at least some times) helped shaped Obama's. - Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard

1. ...(O)n September 13, it was reported that Romney would begin to receive his own daily intelligence briefing. Since then (Friday September 14, Monday September 17, and Tuesday September 18), President Obama has received his presidential daily briefing....

2. Likewise, after Mitt Romney called on China to devalue its currency last week, President Obama followed suit. "US President Barack Obama's ambassador to China renewed calls Thursday for Beijing to let its currency appreciate further after Republican challenger Mitt Romney pressed for a harder line," AFP reported. "Ambassador Gary Locke said that he would ‘not engage in political debates’ but said that the US position ‘is very clear and has been very consistent’ in urging China to reform its exchange rate system. ‘We know that the currency is still undervalued,’ Locke said at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace during a visit to Washington...."

3.) After Romney knocked the U.S. embassy in Cairo for apologizing for offensive speech, Obama did the same....

4.) And when Romney visited parts of Louisiana that had been hit by Hurricane Isaac last month, President Obama did the same a few days later....

Secretary of State: 4K noncitizens on voter rolls

One day after being sued over a controversial ballot box citizenship question, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said Tuesday there are an estimated 4,000 noncitizens on Michigan's voter rolls. - Chad Livengood/Detroit News

The estimate is based on the state's access to citizenship information for one-fifth of the population, Johnson said, adding the federal government won't give her access to more citizenship data.

Johnson said the results of a "very tedious" analysis of 58,000 driver's licenses and state-issued identification cards found 963 noncitizens registered to vote....

Romney: My Campaign Is About The 100 Percent

Romney has about had enough of the numbers parsing and has decided that his message henceforth is going to be that he is about the 100% of Americans. And I like it. I’m so tired of the divisive labels, statistics and so forth that candidates use. - The Right Scoop

Jerry Brown signs bill targeting abuses of disability access law Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation designed to limit what advocates say is an abuse of disability access lawsuits, his office said this afternoon

Senate Bill 1186, by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, and Republican Sen. Bob Dutton of Rancho Cucamonga, will reduce potential damages for disability access violations from a minimum of $4,000 to as little as $1,000 if the defendant corrects violations quickly. - Sacramento Bee

The bill enjoyed bipartisan support but was opposed by Disability Rights California.


Romney's answer to editorial - USA Today

Since our founding, America has promoted personal responsibility, the dignity of work and the value of education. Those values made our nation the hope of the earth and our economy the envy of the world.

Efforts that promote hard work and personal responsibility over government dependency make America strong. When the economy is growing and Americans are working, everyone involved has a shared sense of achievement, not to mention the basic sense of pride that comes with the paycheck they earn.

However, over the past four years, those kinds of opportunities have been in short supply. We're experiencing the worst recovery since the Great Depression. Unemployment has been above 8% for 43 straight months; 47 million Americans are on food stamps. Nearly one in six Americans now live in poverty.

My experience has taught me that government works best when it creates the space for individuals and families to pursue success and achieve great things ... [and that economic] freedom is the only force that has consistently succeeded in creating sustained prosperity and lifting people out of poverty.

Efforts that promote hard work and personal responsibility over government dependency make America strong. When the economy is growing and Americans are working, everyone involved has a shared sense of achievement, not to mention the basic sense of pride that comes with the paycheck they earn.

However, over the past four years, those kinds of opportunities have been in short supply. We're experiencing the worst recovery since the Great Depression. Unemployment has been above 8% for 43 straight months; 47 million Americans are on food stamps. Nearly one in six Americans now live in poverty.

Under President Obama, we have a stagnant economy that fosters government dependency. My policies will create a growing economy that fosters upward mobility.

Government has a role to play here. Right now, our nation's citizens do need help from government. But it is a very different kind of help than what President Obama wants to provide.

My experience has taught me that government works best when it creates the space for individuals and families to pursue success and achieve great things. Economic freedom is the only force that has consistently succeeded in creating sustained prosperity and lifting people out of poverty. It is why our economy rose to rival those of the world's leading powers -- and has long since surpassed them all.

The dreamers and the entrepreneurs, not government, built this economy, and they can once again make it strong.

My course for the American economy will encourage private investment and personal freedom. Instead of creating a web of dependency, I will pursue policies that grow our economy and lift Americans out of poverty.

My five-point plan will deliver the economic recovery we've all been waiting for and the jobs millions of Americans still need. This can be more than our hope; it can be our future. And it can start this November with your vote.
Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate for president.


Yesterday, CBS/NYT released its latest Quinnipiac poll of Colorado, Virginia and Wisconsin. - Mike Flynn/Breitbart

With the exception of CO, the polls had heavy Democrat skews, so the head-to-head match-ups aren't particularly informative. What was telling though was the differences in enthusiasm between the two parties.

In all three states, a majority of Republicans say they are more enthusiastic about voting this year, compared to about a third of Democrats who are. In Colorado and Virginia, GOP voters are more enthusiastic than Democrats by a 15 point margin. In Wisconsin, GOP enthusiasm outpaces Democrats by 16 points.

Particularly interesting is that GOP voters have become more enthusiastic about voting in the past month. GOP enthusiasm has increased 9 points in CO, 10 points in WI and 12 points in VA. Democrat enthusiasm, meanwhile has increased only modestly; 5 points in VA, 4 in WI and 10 in CO (from a very low 28% of Democrats who were more enthusiastic about voting).


Iran ships arms, personnel to Syria -- via Iraq - Reuters
Iran has been using civilian aircraft to fly military personnel and large quantities of weapons across Iraqi airspace to Syria to aid President Bashar al-Assad in his attempt to crush an 18-month uprising against his government, according to a Western intelligence report seen by Reuters.
Israel stages largest snap exercise in years
Obama, Under Pressure, Gives Up iPad for Live Intel Briefings - Breitbart

Gave Entertainment Mag Interview on Peak Day of Protests - Breitbart
New information reveals President Barack Obama conducted interviews with entertainment magazines and posed for a photo spread last Friday as American embassies burned and 21 countries erupted into anti-American protests.

Instead of spending precious time dealing with the developing crisis in the Mid East and with his foreign policy scheme in a total freefall, on Friday morning, September 14, Obama was giving an interview to the entertainment magazine People en EspaƱol and participating in a photo session with photographer Omar Cruz.

This interview was not on his public schedule and was hidden from the public.
Friday, September 14th was the same day that four flag-draped coffins of those killed at the U.S. Libyan embassy arrived at Andrews Air Force base.

The interview came to public attention when individuals who work for the magazine tweeted about their visit after the event was over.
Administration misled public on two Libya embassy heroes; Ex-Navy Seals weren't part of ambassador's security team - Washington Guardian

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We're pleased to showcase our web presence. When we launched this new site, the Humboldt GOP had no web presence at all. Humboldt Republican Women had a minimal web presence. Today, we are the number one hit on Google in both cases, we are very visible, easy to find and chock full of information, indicating a dynamic and healthy Republican group in Humboldt County.

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"This is NOT what we voted for"

'Non-partisan' author of 'non-partisan' pro-tax-hike CRS report outed as DNC & Obama donor

A Failure to Disclose: ‘Nonpartisan’ Obama Donor Authors Pro-Tax-Hike Report - Andrew Stiles/Washington Free Beacon

Vote in the poll - at the link

Link: Vote HERE - CNBC


"In short, you didn’t build that, you don’t own that. You owe all to the merciful, life giving state."

Journo-tool Matt Yglesias: Ownership is a myth, property belongs to The State - Twitchy

◼ TODAY'S MUST READ: Why Liberals Hate You - The Other McCain

Top 10 Things Obama Should Be Doing Instead of Hobnobbing With Jay-Z, Beyonce, Letterman

From finding a plan to decrease the number of Americans on food stamps to meeting with Netanyahu and giving us specifics on his plan to create jobs, here are the top 10 things President Obama should be doing instead of hobnobbing with Jay-Z, Beyonce and Letterman. -

1. Get An Intelligence Briefing
National Security Council Spokesman Tommy Vietor Dismissed Concerns That Obama Is Skipping His Daily Intelligence Briefings As “Not Particularly Interesting Or Useful.” ”I asked National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor about the findings, and whether there were any instances where the president attended the intelligence meeting that were not on his public schedule. Vietor did not dispute the numbers, but said the fact that the president, during a time of war, does not attend his daily intelligence meeting on a daily basis is ‘not particularly interesting or useful.’ He says that the president read his PDB every day, and he disagreed with the suggestion that there is any difference whatsoever between simply reading the briefing book and having an interactive discussion of its contents with top national security and intelligence officials where the president can probe assumptions and ask questions. ‘I actually don’t agree at all,’ Vietor told me in an e-mail, ‘The president gets the information he needs from the intelligence community each day.’” (Mark Thiessen, Op-Ed, ◼ “Why Is Obama Skipping More Than Half Of His Daily Intelligence Meetings?,” - The Washington Post, 9/10/12)

2. Tell Americans How He’s Going To Get Nearly 47 Million Americans Off Food Stamps
“A Record 46.7 Million Americans Received Food Stamps In June…” “A record 46.7 million Americans received food stamps in June, up 0.4 percent from the previous month, the government said. Participation was 3.3 percent higher than a year earlier and has remained higher than 46 million all year as the unemployment rate has stagnated just above 8 percent. New jobless numbers will be released Sept. 7.” (Alan Bjera, ◼ “Food-Stamp Use Climbed To Record 46.7 Million In June, U.S. Says,” - Bloomberg, 9/4/12)

3. Come Up With A Plan To Reduce The Number Of Americans Living In Poverty
In 2011, 46.2 Million People Lived In Poverty – Nearly One In Six Americans. “About 46.2 million people, or nearly 1 in 6, were in poverty. That is not statistically different from the 15.1 percent who were impoverished in 2010.” (“Census Bureau: Poverty Rate Remains At 15 Percent,” The Associated Press, 9/12/12)

“The Ranks Of America’s Poor Remained Stuck At Record Levels…” “The ranks of America’s poor remained stuck at record levels, although dwindling unemployment benefits and modest job gains helped stave off what experts had predicted would be the fourth rise in a row in the poverty rate.” (Hope Yen, ◼ “US Poverty Rate Unchanged; Record Numbers Persist,” - The Associated Press, 9/12/12)

4. Meet With His Jobs Council
Obama Has Not Met With His Jobs Council In Six Months Because He Has Got “A Lot On His Plate.” REPORTER: “So there’s no reason they [the Jobs Council] haven’t met publicly?” WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY JAY CARNEY: ◼ “No, there’s no specific reason except the President’s obviously got a lot on his plate.” - (White House Press Conference, Washington, D.C., 7/18/12)

5. Explain Why The Vice President Of The United States Would Cite The China’s State-Run News Agency To Attack Governor Romney Or For Anything For That Matter
Vice President Biden Cited The Chinese State-Run News Agency In An Attack On Governor Romney. BIDEN: “And we’re not the only ones who think it’s laughable. I seldom ever quote from the Chinese—official Chinese news agency. Seriously, this is what the Chinese government news agency said, and I quote: ‘it’s rather ironic that a considerable portion of this China battering politician’s wealth was actually obtained by doing business with Chinese companies before he entered politics’ end of quote.” (Vice President Joe Biden, Remarks, Burlington, Iowa, 9/17/12) ◼ Click Here To Watch

6. Meet With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
In unusual snub, Obama to avoid meeting Netanyahu: In a highly unusual rebuff to a close ally, the White House said on Tuesday that President Barack Obama would not meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a U.S. visit later this month, as tensions escalated over how to deal with Iran’s nuclear program. The apparent snub, coupled with Netanyahu’s sharpened demands for a tougher U.S. line against Iran, threatened to plunge U.S.-Israeli relations into crisis and add pressure on Obama in the final stretch of a tight presidential election campaign. An Israeli official, who declined to be identified, said the White House had refused Netanyahu’s request to meet Obama when the Israeli leader visits the United States to attend the U.N. General Assembly, telling the Israelis, “The president’s schedule will not permit that.” (Matt Spetalnick and Allyn Fisher-Ilan, ◼ “In Unusual Snub, Obama To Avoid Meeting With Netanyahu,” - Reuters, 09/12/12)

7. Declare China A Currency Manipulator
In May 2012, The Treasury Department Said That China “Did Not Meet The Definition Of A Currency Manipulator Under Its Standards.” ”The Treasury Department on Friday once again declined to name China a currency manipulator despite bipartisan calls for action from Congress. Treasury noted that China’s currency has appreciated against the dollar since June 2010, and said it did not meet the definition of a currency manipulator under its standards.” (Julian Pecquet, ◼ “Treasury: China Not Manipulating Currency,” - The Hill ’s “Global Affairs” Blog , 05/25/12)

8. Provide A Detailed Plan For What He Is Going To Do To Create Middle Class Jobs
“Forget Concerns About Obama’s Campaign Message — To One Group Of Sober-Sounding Operatives, The Real Problem Is That He Doesn’t Have A Sharp Enough Policy Vision.” (Alexander Burns and John F. Harris, ◼ “Second-Guessing President Obama,” - Politico, 6/14/12)

Obama’s DNC Speech “Included Nothing New In The Way Of Policy Initiatives Or Fresh Approaches To Job Creation.” “The poor report from the Labor Department took on added significance for Obama after a convention acceptance speech that received decidedly mixed reviews — even from sympathetic Democrats in Charlotte — and included nothing new in the way of policy initiatives or fresh approaches to job creation.” (Ben White, ◼ “Jobs Report Challenges Obama’s Economic Message,” - Politico, 9/7/12)

9. Provide A Plan That Actually Balances The Budget At Any Point In The Future
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Admitted The Administration Doesn’t Have “A Definitive Solution” To Our Long-Term Budget Imbalance. REP. PAUL RYAN: “Because we got 10,000 people retiring every day, and healthcare costs going up…” TREASURY SECRETARY TIMOTHY GEITHNER: “That’s right. We have millions of Americans retiring every day, and that will drive substantially the rate of growth of healthcare costs. You are right to say we’re not coming before you today to say we have a definitive solution to that long-term problem. What we do know is, we don’t like yours.” (Testimony Before The House Committee On The Budget, U.S. House Of Representatives, 2/16/12)

10. End The War On Coal That Cost 1,200 Jobs Just Today
This Morning, Alpha Natural Resources Announced It Is Eliminating 1,200 Jobs, Nearly A Tenth Of Its Work Force. ”Coal producer Alpha Natural Resources said Tuesday it’s cutting production by 16 million tons and eliminating 1,200 jobs companywide, including 400 with the immediate closing of eight mines in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. The mine shutdowns start Tuesday, while the rest of the layoffs will be completed by the end of the first quarter after Alpha fulfills current sales obligations, Chief Executive Officer Kevin Crutchfield said. In all, the layoffs amount to nearly a tenth of Alpha’s 13,000-person work force.” (Vicki Smith, ◼ “Alpha Closing 8 Mines, Cutting 1,200 Jobs In All,” - The Associated Press, 9/18/12)

Letterman Tells Obama 'You Haven't Seen Me Naked'

Speaking to the 47%: The $105,000 champagne tower featured at Obama fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z and Beyonce - Toby Harnden

President Barack Obama attended a fundraiser at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in Manhattan that featured a champagne tower of 350 bottles worth $105,000 - more than twice the median household income of an American family.

The tower of $300-a-bottle Armand de Brignac Brut Gold, known as 'Ace of Spades' because of its label, is a permanent fixture at the club.

'It’s floor-to-ceiling gold bottles in the entire space,' a 40/40 representative told the New York Post. 'It’s beautiful—breathtaking. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in.'

The median income for an American family was $51,413 in 2011.