Monday, September 17, 2012

CFRW Capitol Update: Prop 33: YES

Prop 33: SUPPORT

The CFRW supports Prop 33. It corrects a flaw in a previous auto insurance coverage proposition, where if there was a lapse in coverage, for any reason, the insurance company could increase their prices. With this prop, a Californian would still be eligible for the “continuous coverage” discount if a lapse in coverage was for military service, for a loss of employment, or if the lapse was less than 90 days. This proposition would allow for more Californians to qualify for the “continuous coverage” discount for costly auto insurance. Prop 33 is short and to the point. For these reasons, the CFRW SUPPORTS Prop 33. Be sure to read the Capitol Update each week for in-depth analysis of each of the propositions.

Prop 31 Reconsideration: OPPOSE

The CFRW Voting Body has reconsidered our official CFRW position on Proposition 31. After reevaluating, our Voting Body decided to change our official position from “No position” to “OPPOSE.” The reality with Prop 31 is that there are good aspects to the prop, but there are really terrible aspects as well.

And we believe that the bad aspects outweigh the good. While Prop 31 has merits- It establishes a two year budget cycle. It requires the legislature to have ALL bills in print for 72 hours before a vote. There is a “pay-go” of $25 million, meaning that the legislature cannot create expenditures of $25 million or more unless an offsetting revenue source or spending cut is identified. But even the merits of Prop 31 would create a problem with the current California Legislature. A “pay-go” system only works with a responsible legislature. In California this could create programs costing $24.9 million, or fudging numbers on spending cuts, or projected revenue for the pay-go falling short. Prop 31 also calls for performance reviews for all state agencies. While this may be very necessary for California, this will create a large bureaucracy in order to over-see this large undertaking. Prop 31 would allow the Governor to cut unilaterally in a declared fiscal emergency if the legislature fails to act. This may seem like a good idea, but it gives the governor far too much power. The proposition also allows local governments to create “Community Strategic Action Plans”, allowing them to override state law or regulations and tailor them to their local needs. It would also allow localities to “tax share” and pool their tax receipts from local governments. This will create litigation galore and won’t actually help local government govern successfully. Worst of all, this is a constitutional amendment, and in California, ballot box budgeting written into our constitution has historically done more harm than good. Prop 98 (K-12 education funding) is a perfect example. California does not need another bad constitutional amendment. Prop 31 is over 8,000 words of convoluting constitutional changes and unnecessary regional governance. The CFRW OPPOSES PROP 31.

Romney/Ryan Project

The National Romney Team needs California for Romney to assist in a very simple Project: Phone from Home. This project will assist in guaranteeing Romney victory in November. Help us make calls using our online phone from home system. It’s easy to do and all you need is a phone, a computer/iPad and an Internet connection. Identifying supporters and turning them out to vote in Battleground States is critical to our success in November. With the phone from home program you can call any time that is convenient for you.

To get started on the phone from home program supporters just need to create a “My Mitt” account on our website: ◼ CLICK HERE. Once you create your account and login you’ll see the option to phone from home and brief instructions on how the system works. There is also a short video that you can watch to see how everything works. Again it’s a very simple system to use.

There is no cost to the Volunteer Caller.

The following are specific instructions, answering any questions you might have. Begin calling today, don’t delay! Election Day, November 6th is fast approaching.

CLICK HERE for PDF instructions

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