Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mission Accomplished

We're pleased to showcase our web presence. When we launched this new site, the Humboldt GOP had no web presence at all. Humboldt Republican Women had a minimal web presence. Today, we are the number one hit on Google in both cases, we are very visible, easy to find and chock full of information, indicating a dynamic and healthy Republican group in Humboldt County.

So, even if you can't remember the website, just Google Humboldt Republican Women, and Humboldt Republicans. We're here, we're on Facebook, and we're even on Twitter.

It makes it easy to network with other Republican Women clubs, and with each other. So share this - let people know how to find us. ◼ HRWF and HumboldtGOP are sister sites, working together.

Google Humboldt Republican

Google Humboldt

We've also recently added Humboldt Young Republicans. (They're also on Facebook)