Saturday, March 20, 2021

Congratulations Humboldt County, you are going to hold your governor accountable! - Thank you!

By: Mark Meuser


Tonight (3/19/21), the Secretary of State released the numbers for the Recall of Gavin Newsom. While the report was released today, this is for the signatures received by the 58 county registrar of voters as of March 11th.
Total signatures in the possession of the 58 counties as of March 11th -- 1,834,771
Total signatures checked (verified) by the 58 county registrar of voters as of March 11th -- 1,454,710
*** remember, the county registrar of voters have 30 days to verify signatures from the date they receive them.
Total number of valid signatures by the 58 county registrar of voters as of March 11th -- 1,188,073.
Total percentage of valid signatures that have been verified by the 58 county registrar of voters as of March 11th -- 81.67%
Total signatures in the county registrar of voters that they still need to run through the verifying process as of March 11th -- 380,061.
Should these 380,061 signatures be verified at 81.67%, that means that there are an additional 310,395 valid signatures already in the 58 counties registrar of voters possession that will show up on the next report.
That means as of March 11th there are approximately 1,498,468 valid signatures for the recall. Since the magic number to initiate a recall is 1,495,709 ... it appears that on the next report by the Secretary of State, the time clock for the Recall will be started.
Remember, that the Recall had until March 17th to turn in signatures. It appears that over 330,000 additional signatures were turned in between March 11th and March 17th. If those signatures are verified at over 81.67%, that will be an addition 260,000+ signatures -- in football terms, that is called piling on.
Congratulations California, you are going to hold your governor accountable.
I wanted to give a special shout out to the top five counties who turned in the most signatures (as of March 11th) compared to their voter registration:
5. Siskiyou
4. Calaveras
3. Tuolumne
2. Amador
1. Lassen

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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