Sunday, January 22, 2017

Donald Trump's report card: Straight A's for Inaugural Address

This marks our first Weekly Report Card for new President Trump and it starts with a bang. Both of our professors, coming at Trump from opposite sides, give 45th President of the United States an A....

John Zogby: ...In his first official act as president, his Inaugural Address, he hit his speech out of the park. He has declared a revolution, a new spirit of patriotism, an inclusiveness that was missing during his campaign. "When we are patriotic we all bleed the same blood," he said.

He has redefined America's role in the world and called for a new global contract — 'America First.' We will assist our allies when it is in U.S. interests. In the process, he has raised expectations for delivery on his goals. But for now, he was clear and visionary. He gave a talk that will debated and certainly remembered.