Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Opinion: Democrats revealed on MLK Day they hold only the illusion of inclusion

...After Hillary Clinton's surprising defeat in the presidential election, there's been significant discussion about whether Democrats has become too reliant on identity politics. While a la carte appeals to specific demographic groups may or may not remain a winning electoral strategy, the Left, both before and after the election, has increasingly taken a pernicious step further, demanding full progressive purity in no uncertain terms.

It's why the concept of a black Republican can be discussed openly as though it's an impossible phenomena, and why women who hold pro-life views, much less vote for the GOP, are seen as having sold out the sisterhood. There is an illusion of inclusion on the Left, where flyover country is routinely castigated for being narrow-minded while those living on the coasts are compelled to adhere strictly to the values of social justice and wealth redistribution.

Incapable of detecting the irony, the modern Democratic Party is a paradox, wielding high-minded claims of diversity and heavy-handed clamps on dissent.