Thursday, October 1, 2015

FLASHBACK: Gov. Mitt Romney replied it was Russia and carefully explained why. Barack Obama in true Saul Alinsky fashion ridiculed Romney by stating, “Governor, the 80s are calling they want their foreign policy back.”

To think a Russian three-star general delivered a message to the U.S. Ambassador in Baghdad Iraq — yep, a senior Russian general is in Iraq — to cease flight operations in Syria...

Of course the liberal progressive left will drink the kool-aid of the “Obama has Putin right where he wants him” mentality. But here is Putin’s power play: he has allied with the Iranians who will now become a regional economic, military, and soon nuclear power in the Middle East. Russia has decided it will side with the Shiite hegemony which will force the Sunni hand – they’re not just going to sit back and watch this Greek tragedy unfold.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait are seriously concerned with these developments. Turkey and Qatar will continue to provide their covert support to Sunni Islamists groups, namely ISIS. However, the dominant non-Middle Eastern entity is now becoming Russia. Folks, say what you will, but there is a global conflagration forming — yes, a World War. That is not fear mongering. That is the truth. Evil looks for voids to fill, Obama has given it a very big one. And that is his legacy, and will be the main exhibit in his presidential library.

The dismissive ridicule of three years ago has given rise to the enemy. When someone as skilled in the art of psychological warfare as Vladimir Putin knows his global opponent is indecisive and bases his existence on soaring rhetoric, he knows he has the high ground. The question now becomes, are our troops in Iraq capable enough to protect themselves or has Obama placed them in an untenable position? We do not need them trying to fight their way out like the Greek mercenaries led by Xenophon had to do. And understand this, the Russians have deployed surface to air missile defense systems — for what? Neither the Syrian rebels nor ISIS has an air force. But we do.