Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Obama speaks of “dangerous currents” and “brutal networks of terror” and then urged against “imposing order by force.” So how exactly does one deal with terrorists, “dangerous currents” and such?

Obama’s speech to the United Nations had a hidden message for our enemies - Allen West

Islamic terrorists don’t see strength, they see weakness in America. The unicorns and green pastures rhetoric of Obama make him feel good — but everyone else must suffer the consequences. And again, revisionist history: who was it that caused a vacuum to be created in Libya? I don’t recall the international community outsourcing its air and maritime power to a bunch of Islamic jihadists in Libya — that was Barack Obama, and no one else.

I’ve always told folks not to listen to a Barack Obama speech, get the transcript and read the words. I’ve just shared with you a few pertinent quotes from Obama’s Monday U.N. General Assembly speech. Ask yourself, if you’re Putin, Rouhani, Khamenei, Jinping, or Lil’ Kim — along with the collection of Islamic jihadists — what do you think their assessment of the speech is? After all, that’s all who matters, as the enemy has the final vote.