Thursday, October 1, 2015

CNN, Don Lemon, Interview With Donald Trump – Along With A Warning….

The media want to see Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, brought out onto the campaign trail. There is a historical reference here that bears repeating and warning. The media don’t do this unless they fully intend to utilize the spouse of their target in a concerted effort to marginalize the candidate.

Who is Ben Carson’s wife? Who is Marco Rubio’s wife? Where is the story on Carly Fiorina’s husband or Jeb Bush’s wife?

Why are none of the other candidates being asked the same or similar questions? The answer lies within two words “Sarah Palin”.

The Park Row and Madison Avenue conscripts have failed to gain any traction with direct attacks against Donald Trump. Wall Street, via the RNC/GOPe Rovian “Operation Hummingbird” can only do so much from the perimeter; they need an inside attack to exponentially assist their cause. This is simply how they roll.