Friday, October 12, 2012

Get Out the Vote in the Last 25 Days Before the Election

In the final stretch before election day, there are Get Out the Vote initiatives that are easy to get involved in. The NFRW has made GOTV post cards available on our website that are easy to print out and send to your neighbors. Sending these out reminds people to vote Republican on November 6. You can put your club name in the box on the bottom left corner so the recipients can know to contact your club if they would like more information. (You need your NFRW password to sign in)

If you don't have time to visit your local Romney headquarters to participate in phone banking, the Romney campaign has launched a program that allows people to make phone calls from home, from their own phones. To set up an account to make phone calls, go to the Romney website's ◼ call from home page where you will be prompted to form a username and password. You will then be taken to your account page where you can watch a tutorial on how to use the phone from home system, and then click on the "begin calling" tab. You will enter the number of the phone you are using, which will not be shared on the caller ID of the person you are calling. One at a time, you will be given a voter name and number to call, as well as scripts for a live pickup or a voice mail. You can either dial the number yourself or click "call now" for the website to connect the call on your phone. To read a thorough description of this process, ◼ click here.

In the final weeks before the November election, it is crucial to motivate people to vote. According to The Kitchen Cabinet data, 18% of people who think they are registered to vote are not. Registration deadlines vary by state, and some deadlines are fast approaching. You can check your registration status and the status of an eligible voter you know here. If you know of someone who is eligible to vote and is not registered, you are given the option of sending them an email to encourage their registration. Check out everything you need to know about voting in your state, including registration deadlines here. Every vote counts!

NFRW Joins With the Palladian View for Victory in November

NFRW members may join the efforts of the Palladian View team of committeed Republican women to join with them in our shared effort to take our country back. We must commit all of our resources to make certain the States listed below turn from blue to red to ensure Barack Obama is a one-term president.

Palladian View is mobilizing a team of 100 Republican women from around the country to go door-to-door getting out the vote for Romney-Ryan and the Republican ticket in three battleground states: North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia.
Travel to NC: October 3, Block Walking: October 4-6
Travel to FL: October 17, Block Walking: October 18-23
Travel to VA: October 24, Block Walking: October 25-28
Volunteer to participate by going online to ◼ Palladian View and clicking on "Victory With Palladian View" in the upper right hand corner.

Together, Republican women can effectively organize the grassroots to positively impact the election and take back our country.