Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dan Roberts: "I would be honored to have your vote for Congress."

Washington is broken and the permanent political class - from both parties - has failed us.

I'm asking for your vote because I'm not a politician - I'm a small businessman who knows the value of a dollar, and I'm a Vietnam combat veteran who abhors war and demands we end the aimless war in Afghanistan now.

Moreover, I'm an experienced financial manager - I know how to call the bluff of the Wall Street crooks and hold them accountable for their greed and recklessness.

The country I fought for is in crisis because of endless debt, endless wars and endless Wall Street greed. Someone needs to confront them all, but we all know the political class won't challenge the status quo.

I'm not taking special interest money and I'm not running to 'play ball' in Washington. I'm running to hold Washington accountable in way that the political class won’t.

So join me - let's take our country back from the permanent political class, fix our country's problems and right the ship. It's long past time we take a stand.

Because of my 26 years as owner manager of a small financial firm I know about raising capital, business formation and job creation. Let me lead the way to economic recovery for the Second District.

I pledge to support the District’s visions toward protecting the environment at the same time putting our younger generation back to work.

Give me your vote and mandate and I will pledge to include on my staff a top democrat to politically balance our approach to legislation. My Campaign is very much a post partisan appeal to the voters. We need the best ideas forged from the crucible of debate to change directions and provide new solutions to what seems to be intractable obstacles toward economic recovery in this district.

I am a proven leader for consumer protection and fair dealing as an elected member of Financial Regulating Agency (FINRA) Small Firms Board and past president of the San Francisco Better Business Bureau.

I would be honored to have your vote for Congress.

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