Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chavez Out In Venezuela? UPDATED: No.

Oh wow. Tanks in streets via Chavez in Venezuela [PHOTO] Matthew Boyle ‏@mboyle1

Venezuelan voting goes into overtime 'due to lines'... - AP via Drudge
Divided nation... - Reuters

Venezuela's presidential election looked headed for a close finish on Sunday with Hugo Chavez facing an unprecedented challenge to his socialist rule from a young rival tapping into discontent over crime and cronyism.

An energetic campaign by centrist state governor Henrique Capriles, 40, has united the opposition and turned him into its best chance in 14 years to unseat the popular president and take the reins of South America's leading oil exporter.

AK47s on the streets... - Guardian
Wait begins... - Breitbart

Electoral officials gave no indication of when they might begin releasing first returns. Exit polling is forbidden in Venezuela.

Daniel in Venezuela
As World Awaits Venezuela Presidential Results, Tanks Enter Caracas - Zerohedge

While the world awaits with bated breath to find out if Hugo Chavez has lost the first "presidential" election in 14 years (an outcome with major implications for the crude market), which according to the latest exit polls he was trailing 48.1% to 51.3% to challenger Henrique Capriles, Diebold post-processing and hanging chad pro forma-ing notwithstanding, the question is what happens if there is a peaceful overthrow at the helm of the Latin American commodities powerhouse. And we use the term "peaceful" loosely: because the twitter stream is currently abuzz with a picture of tanks in Venezuela's capital as seen (above.) Hopefully they are merely waiting in line at the drive thru for the latest BK value meal and nothing more.

Breaking: Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez scored a comfortable victory over his challenger Henrique Capriles. - WALL ST. JOURNAL