Tuesday, May 15, 2018

White women are becoming the new white men.

Whites are racists and don't even know it, or so says an increasingly accepted body of academic opinion based on a cornball arcade game exercise. With President Trump in office, it's time to dismantle the funding and policy infrastructure that relies on this quack academic theory.

The "Implicit Association Test" -- where subjects respond positively or negatively to a series of pictures and words, including ones touching on race -- was cooked up by academics, but became the foundation for media narratives and government policy during the Obama administration.

"Across America, Whites are Biased and Don't Even Know It," blared the Washington Post. "You May be More Racist Than You Think," said a CNN story. "Is Everybody a Little Bit Racist?", asked the New York Times.

You already know what the Times' answer is without reading the story....