Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Democratic Party Has Ruined California. But not Californians Like Me

...The problem isn’t the state, but the Democrats along with the greedy rapacious public sector union lobby, the welfare queens, and let's not forget the illegal aliens who are over running, invading our state. Hunter has the wrong attitude about California, even if he was only kidding. Still, his biting hatred for the disgusting communism overrunning the state of California is not original with him. John Stossel suggested that California should secede, and at least three groups have sought to place a #Calexit initiative on the ballot. Two other initiatives want to create a “New California” or split the state up into three parts.

To all you cynics out there, California is worth fighting for, and President Trump is proving that. California was and still is the true heartbeat of the Trump movement. Before Trump had declared his candidacy, patriots lined up outside of Murrieta in 2014 and turned away the buses still with illegal aliens. Breitbart News is based in California, which helped showcase the awful, unconscionable murder of Kate Steinle in sanctuary city San Francisco. Stephen Miller, the outspoken policy advisor on illegal immigration, comes from the People’s Republic of Santa Monica, and many of the conservative policy wonks making the case for protecting our borders and our culture learned from the best at Claremont-McKenna college … in California.....

Let us also not forget that to this day, Californians have exposed treasonous DACA meetings hosted by our elected officials, and we have shut down lawless Attorney General Xavier Becerra three times. From 15 Californians who stood up against 25,000 George Soros puppets at LAX airport just nine days after Trump’s inauguration, Californians across the state are now fighting back, reminding the country that we are Americans who love our country, but definitely do not trust our government. There are millions of citizens in California who are still Americans, regardless of their political affiliation.