Monday, November 6, 2017

"We need to wake up the Republican establishment."

“I think the cultural elite in this country is trying to nullify this election. It’s imperative that we win this fight. That’s why you see in the media today, and Drudge the last couple of days, I’m taking a very aggressive stance. And a very aggressive stance is to make sure that the Republican Party understands something, that Donald Trump was a blunt force instrument that wreaked havoc on the Clinton machine. There is no other candidate, and they had some incredibly qualified people, there is no other candidate that could have done to the Clintons what Donald Trump did,” said Bannon during a brief address at the private University Club.

“His galvanizing this movement put us 20 years ahead of where we’d be if he hadn’t come. He’s a very imperfect person. He’s the first to admit that, but he’s our president and if we back down from this fight, if we roll over from this fight, if we give up on this fight, we’re going to waste something that is very precious to this country because I got to tell you, there’s going to be a fight to nullify every election from here on in,” added the former White House counselor in comments participants provided to Secrets.