Sunday, June 12, 2016

Many American cities are dominated by far Left activists, and this works well for influencing local city politics, but when it comes to rural America, the exurbs, and many suburbs, the Left is getting crushed electorally. Democrats are losing county council seats, state senate and representative seats, and congressional seats all over the country in areas outside of our biggest cities, and the Left cannot tolerate this loss of power.

What happened yesterday is another example of why Americans are mad and aren’t going to take it anymore. It is the sellout of principles by Republican Senators that created the backlash that produced Donald Trump. Voters believe that Trump won’t sell them out.

Here are the circumstances. Obama, further unconstitutionally extending the powers of the Federal Government into areas it was never intended to function in, has decided that wealthy suburbs don’t have enough Democrat votes. Democrats have power and influence in urban areas, but they are losing power in the suburbs and exurbs. Democrat local officials in the non-urban areas are losing elections to Republican local candidates. The Democrats perceive this as a problem for the future and want to fix it by putting more Democrat votes in the suburban and exurban areas.

Obama is instituting a new rule to put low-income housing in middle and upper-middle class neighborhoods to change the voter demographics.

Senator Mike Lee introduced a measure in the Senate to defund and stop implementation of this terrible rule. Instead of jumping on board, as they should have, a bunch of sell-out Republicans, afraid of being labeled racist and pro-wealthy, supported an alternative bill offered by Senator Susan Collins which does nothing to defund or stop the implementation of the rule.

Are Republicans angry at the “Establishment?” You bet. This is why Trump.

...Here’s what happened. The Obama administration has been quietly pushing a new rule, which would effectively build low-income housing in middle and upper middle-class neighborhoods. The rule goes by the name Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing or AFFH and, shockingly, stipulates that not only are people entitled to government subsidized housing but that people are entitled to government subsidized housing in neighborhoods which the government chooses, regardless of the wishes of the residents of those neighborhoods.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the far Left is hell-bent on decimating the American cities they monopolistically run and then transplanting those failed policies into prosperous American neighborhoods, some sell-outs within the Republican Party have decided that they are going to play along.