Wednesday, June 15, 2016

CAGOP Talking Point


The California Budget is being voted on today at 3 PM and once again the Democrats are doing their best to make living in California harder on ALL. Below is where the budget stands.

  • Driving to work or dropping your kids off at school? Expect to pay more to register your vehicle now with a “fee” increase.
  • Don’t expect your roads to get better – transportation funding has been ignored in this budget because Democrats want you to pay more in taxes on every paycheck and at every pump #FixOurRoads
  • Democrats are choosing to spend money on Government office buildings instead of statewide infrastructure (like roads and water storage) to the tune of $1.3 billion.
  • Democrats are prepared to continue throwing money at a program that’s failure continues to endanger Californians.
$4.7 million in permanent, ongoing funding is proposed for the Armed Prohibited Persons System
Kamala Harris was supposed to oversee the removal of guns from prohibited persons (felons, people with a history of domestic violence, and others with severe mental illness) in her role as Attorney General and has failed to do so. She has been far too focused on campaigning.
The Democrats are pushing through laws, exorbitant spending, and fees that hurt our families, young professionals, and the elderly – pushing the middle class to bear the brunt of liberal ideals.


  • Dems are making more regulations for you and your family to follow and they can’t even keep themselves out of trouble.
  • Democrats that are elected have no fear of reprisal from their Party or their leaders – as the majority party they continue to sweep problems under the rug, pretending that their actions are excusable.
  • They have abused the trust that the people placed in them.
  • From the top of the ticket to the bottom, the corruption in the Democrat Party is inexcusable.

The Saga Continues:

  • Democrat Ron Calderon plead guilty to mail fraud in plea deal
The Democrat Leader in the Senate – Kevin de Leon said: “This closes a sad chapter in the Senate’s history. We move on.”
§ Writing off the level of corruption as a “sad chapter” doesn’t adequately address the seriousness of the crimes committed by these Democrat elected officials. Democrats have done nothing to try to stem the corruption. Instead Democrats are attempting to give them the ability to vote while serving time for their felonies!