Friday, August 2, 2013

The Attack in Benghazi: Worth Investigating After All

CNN reports that dozens of CIA agents were on the ground there -- and that they're being pressured to keep quiet. Why? - Conor Friedersdorf/The Atlantic @CONOR64

Suddenly it is imperative that Congress investigate details surrounding the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens. I've never felt that way before. But ◼ Drew Griffin's scoop changed my mind....

To be clear, it isn't at all certain that the CIA was secretly funneling Libyan weapons to Syria, long before Congress "lifted its hurdles" on arming Syrian rebels. But if CNN's report is correct, the CIA is at minimum trying to hide something huge from Congress, something that CIA agents might otherwise want to reveal -- itself a reason for Congress to press hard for information. And if speculation about moving weapons is grounded in anything substantive, that would be an additional reason to investigate what the CIA is doing in Libya. Dozens of CIA agents were apparently on the ground in Benghazi, Libya last September.

What I want to know is why.

CNN Nails it On Benghazi - Larry Johnson/No Quarter What the CIA is doing in this case is unprecedented. I have spoken with two friends, both former Chiefs of Station, and they told me, long before this story hit the wires, of the same thing. It is up to Congress to get to the bottom of this. At least CNN, Fox and Sheryl Attkisson at CBS are doing their part to protect our democracy. ◼ ‘Benghazi lies matter’: Glenn Beck’s making a list of falsehoods about Libya - Twitchy