Friday, August 2, 2013

America’s ‘Dangerous Slide’: On the Wrong Side in the Middle East

Could you ever imagine that the leading American newspaper would openly advocate siding with radical Islamist forces in the Middle East against all of America’s allies and friends, and with eyes wide open, with full awareness that the radicals seek to overthrow them? Well, the day has come. - Barry Rubin/PJMedia

How has the argument for this strategy, which the Obama administration is already pursuing, been made? A New York Times July 30 editorial titled ◼ "Egypt’s Dangerous Slide" advocates a real catastrophe for the United States. Amazingly, it should take an informed person less than five minutes to deconstruct this, the Obama administration’s Middle East policy; but be wary that if you do this — even once — you will be ineligible for 95 percent of mass media and academic jobs.

...As for “good intentions”? May I remind you that Obama did not have good intentions at all. Just like any British or American imperialist in some previous century, Obama has sought to overthrow the regime and replace it with a Muslim Brotherhood, and thus inevitably a Sharia regime. How’s that for “good intentions”?

If Obama wanted to rebuild trust — as opposed to protecting the Brotherhood’s interests — he would rebuild trust with the Egyptian army and people by supporting the new government, rather than seek to empower an anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-Semitic, anti-American, homophobic, genocidal, anti-woman, totalitarian-destined regime.