Monday, July 29, 2013

Detroit is not a story of the principles of the Democrat party run wild. Democrats hate crime as much as Republicans. Unions hate crime as much as entrepreneurs.

Detroit is a story of a city — once a great city, the city my father was born in — in which gangsters have basically taken over and they are almost all black. Who gets hurt by this? Not the rich people in Grosse Pointe. Not Ben Stein in Idaho. But the decent black people who have lost a city they thought was their home. No one talks about it. It’s as if race had zero to do with it and it is a story all about race. - ben Stein/American Spectator

We never tell the truth about race any longer in this country. Sad. We will never get anything done about our domestic problems until we recognize the unspeakable pain black people have suffered here, first at the hands of slave owners and overseers, and then at the hands of white racists — and now at the hands, the bloody hands, of black gang bangers. Dr. Dre put it well. The gang bangers, said he, are worse than the Klan. It’s not the GOP who are weighing down black people. It’s not the liberals. It’s gangsters and no one talks about it except to glorify it — which is nauseating.

You will search for the truth in the New York Times your whole life and never find it. Who are we helping by hiding the truth?

...There is way too much violence in the black community. It’s almost an ongoing terrorism — directed mostly at other blacks. Has Mr. Obama ever even mentioned it? Black gang violence is terrorism. Will Mr. Obama or any politician ever say it?