Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Drama of Obamacare

How quickly it gave way to melodrama and now farce. - Ron Ross/American Spectator

One thing that is incontrovertible about Obamacare — its brief history has been nothing if not dramatic. The plot is full of twist, turns, subterfuge, and villainy. As time goes on, the drama builds. How will this story end? Will it implode on itself? If it does, what happens then?

...It is hard to think of any government entitlement program being repealed ever. On the other hand, Obamacare is so badly conceived and designed, so internally inconsistent and hare-brained, that it is impossible to imagine how it will ever come anywhere close to being workable. The authors of Obamacare behaved as though a complete overhaul of one-sixth of the economy was no more complicated than changing a light bulb. Obamacare is naively ambitious beyond all imagining. This time the government may have bitten off more than it can chew.

Many observers believe the law’s architects always knew it could not work. Obamacare could just be a way station on the road to a more complete takeover of the health care industry such as the so-called “single payer” idea. Statists like Obama want the government to have total responsibility for the citizenry’s health.

It could well be that Obama, Pelosi, and Harry Reid knew from the beginning that Obamacare was doomed. After the inevitable catastrophe they can then say that a partial takeover was not successful but a complete takeover would be.

Will voters buy that line of reasoning? It’s another part of the suspense that will keep many of us on the edges of our seats....