Monday, July 8, 2013

John Kerry's Yacht and Benghazi

The Obama administration is probably hoping that you missed a few stories over the long holiday weekend. The first is the major Obamacare delay, which we'll continue to cover in depth. The other is more likely to escape additional scrutiny. - Townhall

Let's stipulate: Americans shouldn't begrudge our political leaders some R&R over a holiday weekend, and I think some conservatives go overboard in their criticisms of the Obamas' vacations. But when your job description is America's top diplomat, you simply must abandon your rest and relaxation plans when one of the most vital countries in the Middle East is undergoing a real-time tectonic shift with American interests at stake. You most certainly should not be off on your yacht or kayaking....

A minor embarrassment, at worst. (Although a strong argument can be made that he should have canceled his vacation altogether based on the severity of the events on the ground -- including the death of a US citizen, and the removal of American diplomats from Cairo). Instead, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki -- a highly partisan Obama campaign retread in the mold of Stephanie Cutter -- categorically and repeatedly denied that Kerry was ever on his yacht during the events in Cairo:

Only when contradictory photographic evidence emerged did State come clean with the public:

Which brings us to the real point, via Twitter's NumbersMuncher, and reinforced by Brit Hume:

Another friendly reminder: The Hillary/Kerry State Department is embroiled in other serious scandals beyond Benghazi, involving covering-up and stymieing potentially damaging investigations into malfeasance. Can we believe anything Psaki says about any of them?